September 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Hi all.

Posting in this thread for the first time because I’m something of a fasting newbie and want to challenge myself with regard to my current TRE/IF protocol (do we have formal definitions here regarding the difference?). Anyway, I’ve just done over 100 consecutive days of TRE varying between 12:12 and 19:5, but I’ve never voluntarily pushed myself to only OMAD or anything longer, so that’s where I’m headed next.

For me, longer windows seem much more of a mental challenge than a physical one - I haven’t really struggled with hunger, but I do really struggle with the idea of not having any dinner or going to bed on a completely empty stomach. The familiar, structured routine of preparing and eating meals at least gives me something constructive to do of an evening, when lockdown life is already pretty damn boring. Guess I need a distracting hobby!


Wife and I are both doing a 36 hour fast today + another 36 hour fast on Wednesday. Good times.

(Bob M) #25

Well, I did OMAD on Monday, trying for that today and Friday. The kids are home in the evening, and I’m have a hard time sitting down with them and doing nothing while the family has dinner.

The oldest will start dance lessons soon, though, and these are better because I can stay at work later, get home later, and make it quickly to bed.

(Michael) #26

Well, September 8th passed and I forgot last week was when I was going to fast, and then I got busy at work too so probably good I waited until this week. Going to start my 5-8 day fast today, I guess I am about 17 hours in now then. Wife has tried to join me in two fasts. She did 24.0001 hours once and said her two days was up :slight_smile: She is planning on doing a full 48 hours with me this time, but I expect she will round up from 24.01 to 48 hours again and claim two days :wink: . Last months extended fast I got real tired on day 5 and stayed wiped out for the remainder. I hope I am closer to being fat adapted by now (if not maybe there?) and that I will have more energy than last time. The hunger is a minor inconvenience for me, the fatigue was literally crippling, so we’ll see how this EF goes.

(Jane) #27

For the fat-adapted the mental part of fasting seems to be harder than the physical.

I still get hungry when I do 36-72 hr fasts but it is not the same hunger I felt eating a SAD diet and it comes in “waves” (usually around my normal meal times) and then goes away. More “waves” the first day then less and less the longer I fast. A little pink salt crystals under the tongue helps with the hunger also.

I LOVE the quiet empty feeling I have when I wake up after a full day of fasting.

You will also be surprised at how much more time you have on your hand not planning meals, cooking, eating and washing dishes - better have something else lined up ahead of time!

I would recommend trying a 36-hr fast. Eat dinner, then start your fast, nothing the next day and on Day 2 break whenever you feel like you need to. Breakfast (36 hrs) or go until mid-morning or lunch for a few more hours.

My husband usually takes it easy when he is fasting but I like to stay busy. A day filled with online meetings is a perfect distraction for me.

Everyone is different so you have to find what works for you. Some people fast and still cook dinner for their family, whcih impresses the hell out of me because I can’t fast and smell food. I can look at it all day long but the smell gets to me. My husband’s limit is 36-40 hrs so when I want to do a longer fast he goes out to eat lunch and dinner.

(Bob M) #28

That’s probably an indication you should consider bailing on the fast. When I was fasting a ton, I had times when I had a difficult time concentrating. My job is basically concentration, so I can’t not be able to concentrate. I had to bail at least once because of this. I think one time I had to work on projects where mental acuity wasn’t necessary.

On the other hand, I’ve hit day 4 or so where I suddenly felt great.

I’ve only made it 5.5 days, though. I started getting dizzy when standing. Now, that was early in my fasting, and I don’t think I took in enough salt and minerals back then.

But now I limit my fasts to starting Sunday night and ending Friday morning. That’s mainly so I can enjoy the weekend with the family, though.

As for my own fasting, I made it two days (Monday and Wednesday) of OMAD, which lately is about all I can do. Next week, I may try a 36 hour, as I do think there’s a benefit to making it overnight.

Two weeks from now, I’m going for a long fast. We’ll see what happens. Hoping for 4.5 days.


Meanwhile I can’t imagine not eating when hungry :smiley: Cooking actually helps with fasting, my mind get food joy! Smells are fine if I am satiated. And if I am hungry, I eat anyway. But I don’t make my top favs for my SO when I plan a fast. I have my limits though they get farther and farther as time passes.

Yes, I rarely do EF but I can cook even then. Shopping makes me hungry though (or my 45 hour fast made me hungry back then… but no, shopping has that effect on me anyway).

But things may change in the future. Staying close to carnivore changed my hunger signs (I frequently have a cute barely hunger now and that isn’t annoying, not urging me to eat. I still get hungry every day at this point but I started to skip lunches again, now and then. it’s a start!) and I don’t know what happened but lately I lost the biggest part of my food addiction. I still am very interested in food, I cook and plan though just rarely experiment… But eating isn’t as interesting anymore.
I still like to eat, I ate dinner today because I worked hard on something and got tired and eating was just so logical… But I needed more fuel anyway, I just didn’t feel it yet.

I still do IF only, maybe I need a tiiiiny push somehow…

I am so boring, wishing for a slightly longer fast but never pulling it out…

(Michael) #30

Just past 70 hours into this fast. I was able to sleep both of the past two nights, so this fast is already off to a much better start than my last EF. I did one hour of weight lifting at hour 36, and I plan to do another hour tomorrow morning at hour 84 or so. If I last long enough, I will complete my last weight lifting workout of this fast at 108 hours or so. I will not work out again until I have refed copious protein, but I will probably work out shortly afterwards :slight_smile: Net scoop though, energy is good and no issues (I will admit, I was fine for hunger but I am hungry now…still, really a minor inconvenience).
Last time I did the EF I had daily salt intakes of 1/2 to 1 teaspoon minimum per day. This time around, at least so far, I am supplementing with 1/4 teaspoon of both Magnesium Aspartate and Tricalcium Phosphate and just a sprinkle of salt. So far, the morning bathroom trips have been much better with the reduced salt intake. TBH, I am a bit surprised. Of course, I have not felt dizzy or light headed yet, and if I do, I will up my salt intake immediately.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, wife did well, she joined me for 36 hours before tapping out (her longest ever, so good for her). She ate and went to bed already at 6:30 pm due to fatigue. Not sure if I will encourage her to fast with me anymore, she seems to not respond very well. Still, it’s nice to get support on my own journey regardless.

(Michael) #31

I am not sure of your level of activity, but if you are only fasting for 2 days or less, you could try a major workout instead of eating one day and tire yourself out so much you go right to bed until the next day. When you wake up, eat ravenously :slight_smile:


Yep, I foresee this as my problem! I’m such a creature of habit - I really need to work on building alternative/better habits.

I think this would be a lot easier if I were busy; I can easily forget about eating when I’m hard at work. Unfortunately, my working hours are rather reduced of late, so as a lady of leisure I have too much time on my hands, which leads to boredom and potential mischief…

(Bob M) #33

Have you had issues with sleep? Sometimes when fasting, my sleep is great. Other times, I get up super early (though I’m usually not tired), which I think is hormones. Usually, for 36 hours, it’s great. It’s the 3rd or 4th night’s sleep that can get wacky.

(Michael) #34

I have fasted for 69 hours, 72 hours, 247 hours and my current fast. So while not a large sample size, yes, I have trouble sleeping 50-60% of the night when fasting. And it also seems that every hour of sleep I fall short, compares to 3 hours missing on a normal day.
Last night was not a good sleep for me, so I hope tonight is better. I worked out just an hour ago, so that may help. No food and no sleep makes Jack a dull boy.


I never have sleep problems when I happen to fast longer (little experience but still…) but I never ever did workouts without eating soon after. It’s better to my peace of mind (I don’t even like to have a lowish-cal day when I do a workout) but I know I am a bit paranoid about my tiny muscles… But I always got hungry after a workout anyway on my original, carbier keto. It seems it’s a bit different now but I never tried to fast afterwards… I know my body should handle it, we weren’t spoiled during evolution and while I am a modern human, I still should be okay enough but there are the mental things… But they can change.

(Michael) #36

Hour 121. Hunger has been minimal, way better than last EF. I got a good sleep last night and spent 3 hours working hard outside today (muscles are now very sore and tired). Going to go to bed early tonight and hope I get another good nights sleep. It is clear my previous 10 day EF made a VERY big difference in my metabolic state. My glucose is through the floor compared to before. During my 10 day fast my lowest glucose was 3.7 (hit it 3 times in evening measurements) and tonight I hit 2.9 (GKI=0.59) with other measurements of 3.0 and 3.3 in the last few evenings.
Supplemented with Magnesium Aspartate, Disodium Phosphate, Tricalcium Phosphate and a few pinches of Sodium Chloride today. I think I will supplement with some zinc picolinate and 300 mg of benfotiamine in addition to others and put on the CGM on Tuesday with a plan to break my fast around hour 160-170 depending on that day. This fast has been so much easier than the last, I am half tempted to make it 14 days instead of 7, but I think probably not (I am tempted though!). I think I will add in one more workout on Monday if possible then as well.

(Bob M) #37

When I started longer fasts (3.5-5.5 days), I would exercise up to twice during that time. Not sure how I did that. Now, when I fast, I do no exercise. I’m lucky if I can make it the entire time without exercise. I don’t think I would do exercise now. I can barely get through the fasting, for reasons I can’t figure out.

Like @Shinita, though, exercise makes me hungry. Fasting the day after I exercise is very difficult for me now, and that’s the day after. I’m lucky for OMAD those days.

It didn’t used to be that way, but after 5 years or so of fasting, things have changed.


I don’t work out on the EF (3-5 days) but I have done weights on the 36 hour fasts, generally around hour 24. It gives me a nice combo of endorphins actually.

(Bob M) #39

I agree with that. When I do 36 hour fasts, I’ll start say Tuesday after I eat my last meal, won’t eat on Wednesday, then work out at about 6 am Thursday, about 1:10-1:20. Get to work, eat around 10 am. Ends up around 36 hours, or at least that’s what I call it.

I generally have a very good workout.

4-5 years ago, I did these twice per week. Now, I’m lucky to do one per every few weeks.

Anyway, I’m shooting for OMAD Tuesday and Thursday. Have my wife’s family coming in for a wedding on Friday, so that will be it for this week. (No one has to know I’m fasting during the day, as I can eat with them at night. I may eat a lot though…:wink:)

Next week, I’m going to try for a 4.5 day fast. Will report back for that.

(Jane) #40

Started a 65-hr fast after dinner last night. Hubby will be joining me tomorrow for a 36-40 hr fast.


(Jane) #41

21 hours in and doing well. Hubby was kind and made him a low-carb wrap with leftover tri tip beef. Didn’t heat anything up so no smells to trigger my hunger and he ate it in the other room. He will go out to eat dinner tonight and then will join me tomorrow not eating.


We are planning a 36-hour fast tomorrow.