Rudolph the Red Meat Ruminant

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This is completely what I loveabout ZC. I don’t ever bat an eyelash at my calories. About my fat/protein ratio? - sometimes. I can easily eat 2500-3500 per day and never put on a pound and I know darn well I am not expending that much in energy. It is a glorious thing!

We could be twins! This is exactly how I feel most of the time, but I, too, am slowly coming around to body acceptance and just being happy with my current setpoint. It’s so hard though, when looking at the phenomenal success of others. I think, “Why can’t I eat all the cheese and pork rinds I want and have a six pack of abs?!” :joy: Our health is what is most important, but the vanity sure does creep in.

Well, yesterday I had to take a COVID test for my work and it came back positive. My struggle right now is desiring to eat. One of my symptoms is loss of taste/smell, which makes eating enough meat difficult for me. I know my body is hungry for it, but I just don’t like to eat without being able to taste it. :confused: I’m grateful to have a very mild case otherwise–just a few sniffles, chest congestion and headaches. I’ll take it! My job allows me to work from home in these instances, so it is nice that I’m able to do that instead of just sitting around for the next week or so.


Calories obviously matter and roughly only that matters if it’s about my fat-loss but I don’t care who thinks what at this point.
I never “dieted”, I wrote that already. When I lost fat, I didn’t even track (I just ate as little as I could and it was around 2000 kcal on low-carb, I was satiated all the time as always but this time I could lose fat. until some point). I experienced that I need to eat little to lose, carbs or anything else don’t matter, only calories in my family. Eating little? Always works. Anything else? Never. Clear enough :wink: I still never restricted my calories forcefully, that’s not me, that’s my SO so he is the slim one in the family. He loses fat super quickly if he makes his mind. He never had problems with reaching his desired figure in some (several when he was fat in the beginning) weeks if he was serious. I am the fat one who can’t lose fat due to eating too much (and that’s where a good enough carni OMAD should help if I manage to stick to it long enough. most of the time). And I don’t want to waste food. If I only need some amount, I should eat less and lose fat nicely while spending the least possible amount of food and money while still eating good, enjoyable food.
But my thinking has a little impact on my eating anyway. I eat whatever I like and whatever feels good even afterwards (unless stupid things interfere but I get better at avoiding them). And if I maintain, oh well, I do try other things but no force, ever and health and joy before fat-loss. Though the joy is so important that I pull it off after most good, drastic changes… Whatever my chosen woe is, I enjoy it.

[Why I wrote this? It’s my individual thing and not important for anything else and I know it already.
Sorry. I took out my wifi card from my computer again but I put it back. My addictions are getting worse. My life has no meaning. Okay, I go. The comment continues as I wrote that earlier.]

My calories were wonderfully low today as well :slight_smile: It would be a problem longer term but it’s just for the monthly fast (and my body will start wanting more food again, it always does).

That was my plan. I didn’t eat that as I never manage to stick to the plan.
I only ate one sausage-frikadeller, I ate the scrambled eggs as always… The roast is thigh and shoulders, I started with the very freshly made thigh (I put the defrosted and not colorful enough fatty stuff back to the oven too but it still wasn’t that tempting) and I liked it soooo much that I ate some more and no shoulders. These are the small fattier pieces I cut off from the big slab :smiley:

And I ate 30g sour cream, all alone. It’s like my non-carni food: maybe it’s nice but I barely notice it if I don’t focus and it doesn’t leave me satisfied. Pork roast do.

I baked gingerbread and it was the first time ever I felt zero temptation. More like the opposite. I am not surprised considering the kitchen has an opened packet of coffee-caramel Timtams and I consider them one of the tastiest and loveliest and awesomest excessively sugary sweets in the world (and I never was any good with opened packet of sweets even though it improved in the last years). It doesn’t mean it would make my day better or something. But I wasn’t always that good with compulsions. The compulsion just… Wasn’t there this time. Yay.
Well part of my strength is that I do the monthly fast. Even if I eat, it must be carnivore… -ish, at least.
So I don’t get tempted by other food, it wouldn’t be hedonistic, not like stupid compulsions any time are… But somehow it makes sense to my mind, the not so conscious part as I don’t fully understand it.

I have good food now :slight_smile: I still want pork chuck but I am still more pleased than usual (and I nearly always eat 7-10/10 meals. this was maybe 9.5/10 if I am strict? no wonder I don’t understand why my Christmas main dish should be anything but roasted meat and eggs).

I never really did that on any woe (it was even fun to see my 285g fat days… occasionally. it was with me being automatically careful to some little extent, I didn’t dare to eat fat with abandon since a decade, I was just dreaming about it. I don’t need this much, I just softly desire to go high sometimes, IDK what is wrong with me). I just didn’t lose fat since 9 years or something because I eat too much. And that’s wasteful and I should feel bad about it… But rather lower my too high calorie intake. Feeling bad is not hedonistic but losing fat and showing off my slooooowly improving muscles is :smiley:

But things will happen (almost?) automatically next year so it doesn’t matter much what I think, if I track, it changes little. I will eat little either way so I will slim down. Or I won’t eat so little (but I doubt it. but my body has insane skills at not losing fat) and gain muscle, that’s not so bad either but with 40lbs fat on top… I need to slim down eventually. Not like just being stronger isn’t cool but if I work for my tiny muscles, I totally want to show them off properly…

Still @Redrobins: Oh, I am sad to hear you have Covid and even lost your taste/smell… I can’t even imagine that. Hopefully you will be okay soon!

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You have to go for the colours too like as you are the one living it day in day out. I don’t do boring … i hate grey and dark blues and dark reds I like bright vivid colours but have to get them right … living with it day in day out it has to be something I can live with lol x

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Oh blimey missed a day and now behind with all the posts. Had to skim over them. Sorry I have missed quite a bit.

Yesterday morning I had a phone call from the television researcher for a programme that is on tv regularly early evening. They were filming while I was in Resus and I was chatting for a good 2 hours. I may possibly be on the programme hahahaha we will wait and see. Lol

Took Raymond for an appt at the City hosp as he got a swelling lump under the arm that he had the angiogram in. Anyway seems its just bruising from the microscope that was inserted. He seems a bit better.
I managed to get one planter of bulbs done … isn’t this supposed to be the easy fun bit … give me the painting any day lol.

Today I got straight on with planting more bulbs, fixing feeders and birds nests on the shed and a feeder to the wall outside my kitchen window. Not easy drilling into the wall! Tidied up all the pots of paint and bits that were lying around the kitchen where I had been working over the last few days or so. So a productive day. I am not expecting any birds visiting till I have some trees and shrubs for them to hide in but getting stuff in place. Perhaps I should put a sign above the nests saying ‘vacancies’ :wink:

Eaten chicken steaks and ham n cheese over yesterday and today.


Does anyone have a recipe for beef soup?

GAPS protocol suggests beef with bone or joint, salt, cooked in water. They like to chase the gelatin or bone marrow, as much as the meat.

Beef stock base.

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Many years ago, my dad’s cardiologist put him on a strict diet but told him to have one day a week to eat whatever he wanted. (I can’t recall what the diet was.) But my dad learned pretty quickly that one day of binging left him struggling to get back on the wagon the next day. So he gave it up and was good 24/7. He was an alcoholic (like me eventually too) and it makes sense. No means no means hell no.

(Michael) #208

I am avoiding seeing or reading about meals while fasting, but I did defrost my freezer and placed an order for muscle meats today. Here is my order for fun. The quantities are in kg, and well, you can see the prices to compare - all grass fed/ pasteur raised items except camel and possibly chicken livers.

I ordered a LOT of organ meats from another place 10 beef tongues, 20 cheeks, 10 testicles and a few hearts, kidneys with 10 thymus as well as 20 goose livers. That is all grass fed and arriving in early January. My empty freezer is going to be happy again soon.

(Linda ) #209

Well today I started out with unseasoned picanha 2nd meal was a lamb hock but itwas pre seasoned from walmart…
I’m hoping to go January with completely unseasoned meats… reason being some of the vets say seasoning can cause some ppl to over eat. So time to test it… I’ve also been cooking my beef alot more rare…
So I think I’ll do the 30 days super strict…cutting out all extras and see how that goes


wonderful post! It is so freeing isn’t it :slight_smile: You write great posts Rr!

That shocks me also. I can eat so much and never put on a darn lb. and I sure can’t do that only any other eating plan! I also am going to deal with my fat/protein ratio a bit now. It isn’t even my food, it is me adding a few giant cuts of butter to my steak when frying…that is the kinda thing I actually don’t need!

SO SORRY on the covid thing. But it sounds like your body is handling but darn, taste? Might monkey with you enjoying your meat :frowning: but hope that all clears for you fast!

Glad Raymond is ok!

A possible tv star in our midst? too cool! Great food pics!

Cool. This is what I am doing also. Tightening up those tiny bit of frayed edges. It makes a difference for us to refocus sometimes. Keep it super duper simple. Right on board with you A!

Why are you fasting? ZC doesn’t recommend fasting at all, is this religious event or do you always keep fasting in with your zc lifestyle? It is rare for zc people to do that…just curious :slight_smile:

------------here is a pic of my steak and shrimp from yesterday


I over did my steak a bit while dealing with the shrimp but it was still ok. very tender but darn I like it more rare, but I sure enjoyed all this.

I ate later in the day. Errands out and about got ahead of me and since eating later than normal, I ended up doing OMAD. Rare for me, only 1 meal but of course around 10:30 at night I was hungry. Almost ate up some pork ribs and leftover shrimp but being ‘that late’ I said I can survive easily til the next morning. lol. I did. Woke up not too hungry but I know I will be wanting a nice big steak for my first meal today.

Still having troubles finding good sale prices on steaks right now. Irking me. I need a beef refill for sure in that freezer.

So today is a steak first. Second food will be leftover ribs and shrimp.

I am zc food covered for the day :sunny:

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I found this one

(Daisy) #212

Picanha… :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

Today’s omad was 2 big bone in pork chops, cut into pieces, tossed in butter and Parmesan cheese (fresh), then tossed back in the air fryer for just a minute to get melty. 2 flanken ribs and a bowl of bone broth jello. I’ve been waking up every night at 2 am since I’ve been doing omad. Not to pee, just kind of twitchy. Last night I used some magnesium tallow balm and it helped. I guess I’ll need to go back to magnesium for a little while. Gave myself another nasty burn on Gretel this morning (air fryer). I have so many scars down this arm from her!!! I still love her.
image image


Love this and YOU NAMED your air fryer. just too funny but I like it!

great food pics KD and I know you are doing so well…forward we all go into ZC land!!

Smart to slowly handle your twitchy. I know I hated that back in the day when I had it, just so annoying and that uncomfortable leave me the heck alone type issue…you will get that handled I am sure!


while I KNOW I need to eat the leftover ribs and shrimp in the fridge…defrosting my steaks means I might just eat both and put the other for later HAHA

I can’t wait to eat these!


(Michael) #215

I feel there are benefits from fasting regardless of my diet. The likelihood of being 3000 kcal per day of meat and also running low on available protein is about zero, so if I want to get autophagy I need to fast. I also run at a blood sugar level of “pre-diabetic” while on ZC currently, so improving my insulin resistance will also help me become like most ZC people who do not have to worry about protein and blood sugars (most people it seems). Maybe in a year or so I will not feel the need/benefit from fasting that I currently am getting in both autophagy and insulin resistance.


I can’t read back now but I think about January and the right fattiness of my meat a lot. I changed my mind a bit every day… This monthly fast helps to figure out some potential problems… It’s SO different to do OMAD and it’s even more different to do it on carnivore. Or even close to it. I want leaner meat again as my food intake likes to drop on very low-carb OMAD and I need my protein. And adequate just isn’t enough without very much fat. I like my protein higher.
And it seems I prefer fresh roast. Not always, chuck is awesome (and I hadn’t it since AGES! I don’t even remember) and I have days when I love meat way more than now (typically after lower-meat days) but a freshly made roast has its special charm and it helps eating enough of it with joy even on OMAD.
I got bored of pork shoulder roast today. It seems freezing and defrosting didn’t do good… Chuck is always fine that way, of course. So I couldn’t bring myself to eat much of it. Or from the too lean other pork. And I am not into eggs either… So today was a bit tricky and I couldn’t do carnivore as I just couldn’t eat carnivore food beyond some too early point :frowning: Oh well, it’s still December and still a quite low-carb day, no big deal but I must figure it out until January. (And get pork chuck! Maybe that’s enough.)

Tomorrow we go to city shopping again. I don’t even want to see shops for the rest of the year so I try to buy a lot of meat, my freezer has so much empty space.
I didn’t find a pork chuck sale but it’s not an expensive meat anyway :slight_smile: Pork shoulders are on sale, maybe I buy a little and use it sparingly and smartly.
I buy other kinds of meat too (even processed but it’s for the holidays, I really plan to bring it down to almost zero starting with January… we will see. but it’s already extremely low, 0-10 grams a day is normal when I don’t open a package of pork jowl) but pork is my staple meat and I like that the most.

We will eat lunch/dinner only when we get back and we will do zillion things in the city so it won’t be very early (Alvaro obviously will eat his usual breakfast as he is that type, he never skips breakfast unless forced, he skips dinner to lose fat). Weekend days (especially with shopping) are different for me so it will be interesting to see if I get hungry until then. (Maybe I bring a little roasted meat, just to be safe.)

I better sleep now (I better sleep 2-3 hours ago but I can’t change the past).


Where in the world are you Michael?


In the week before Christmas the local species of Mistletoe erupts in orange blossom. The mistletoe is large. This Western Australian Christmas Tree is about 30ft tall. The tree is out in a hot, dry paddock. Christmas here is a bit weird, a bit upside down. I’m writing these posts procrastinating about writing about seeing the nutritionist yesterday.

Fasting blood glucose this morning = 98mg/dl*; fasting blood ketones = 0.2mmol/L. (*Yesterday morning before nutrition consult FBG = 110mg/dl.)

(Linda ) #219


Well today I ate my food fat first and with no spices…I was reading up on sugar in the blood and we only need a teaspoon which is 4grams so makes sense as to why bear set his carbs so low…if we don’t spike our blood glucose we don’t raise insulin…surprising enough I didn’t eat as much as I have been so will be interesting to keep going…
I may be able to keep coffee in as that was the only thing that would have carbs so well under 5…

(Karen) #220

Yesterday started with just a nice bath did my hair and slapped on a bit of make up and a dress and went dancing in the afternoon with Raymond. My first dance and first longish drive (40 mins to get there ) since the stroke. Had a lovely afternoon doing more socialising than dancing to be truthful however it was good to be there. Everyone so lovely. Ready to rest when I got home having driven back through heavy rush hour traffic. No more dances till after Xmas probably.

First meal wasn’t till 5.45pm med to large rump steak some cheese, cheddar and goats and later a tin of mackeral.


Some fascinating posts in here of late - I’ve enjoyed reading about the different conclusions people are drawing with their food experiments and ideas for January.

I’m feeling a bit better again.

I had stopped eating beef (which I literally ate for every single meal for almost a year) because I had some issues with texture and I really didn’t want it any more. I tried a few times and I didn’t enjoy it. I ate other things - proper joints of meat etc, but I didn’t really feel satisfied.

Then I figured I needed more fat than I was getting because I was obsessed with eating pork crackling - but that meant leaning into less ideal cuts (like bacon). I felt a little better with more fat, but I kept noticing that no matter what volume I ate, I was always ravenous on waking. That’s where I was getting worried about whether I was overeating or undereating, because I was getting mixed signals between the quantity on my plate vs what my body wanted.

Finally got my hands on some 80/20 beef mince, ate 1kg yesterday, and feel absolutely brilliant again.