Rudolph the Red Meat Ruminant


Back home after bushfires. Fires were contained to coastal National Parks. 8000 hectares burnt.

I had a wonderful ribeye steak last night. Seared on the stove top in a cast iron dish, then baked for 20 minutes in the oven. I have been eating bacon, smoked salmon, eggs, and beef. One glass of home-made red wine for my father-in-law’s 89th birthday (he made the wine).

Have been up and down (south-to-north) to the city for various trips that are not to do with work. That is interesting because it turns out that the driving in-of-itself is quite stressful.

I have been seeing a physiotherapist weekly to work on shoulder joint mobility and that is helping. I had xrays and ultrasound done on my shoulder and will follow that up with the doctor next week.

Was able to see a medical doctor who is a bit less mainstream than my GP, unfortunately she, instead of wanting to match my symptoms to pharmaceuticals, wanted to match my symptoms to supplements and did not ask about my diet. It shows there are a spectrum of “functional medicine” (upmarket chiropractors?) practitioners as there are good and bad doctors.

The joint pain gets better with holiday rest. So i get active and out in the sunshine. Then wake up the next day and pain level square one.

I have started on a CBD oil trial and will be consulting with a nurse practitioner about nutrition this Friday (now that I am an accepted client at the Wellness practice). So, I’ll go and see what she has to say.

In my own research, I am still interested in the Paleo-Keto Diet (PKD), and a few forays found the increased ketones were beneficial. But am also interested in looking further into the GAPS protocol. Starts with “meat soup”. That sounds like a hashtag #meatsoup

(Karen) #183

@FrankoBear o good to hear you are safe and back home. So sad its cost the national park :sleepy:

@Shinita thank you o am glad you like the colour of the walls … such a dilemma choosing a colour as so many to choose from and so many variations on each one. O wanted a Mediterranean feel… Nice warm colours that change with different lighting. This result was pot luck, serendipity :slightly_smiling_face: i am also loving the planter against it too, I chose the contrast colour deliberately. Just need to get some big plants and trees in now x


This was some wonderful great chat on the board. So many offering their experiences and what it takes as we manuever thru our carnivore times and at different levels of time on plan.

your planter looks so good :slight_smile: and it is near that access door on your patio. I am super happy work is handling your going back in fine form, setting you up to do well on return. Love it!

Loved your post!! Your ‘new set point’ will take alot of time, more than we wanna give it. Our bodies have to truly learn to live with our weight loss, finish off all healing and be the best it can be, then it resets back down and then you truly might start leaning out more without having ‘to do anything dramatic’. But what we all know is key…we won’t be our ol’ 21 yr old selves anymore LOL I had to come to terms with that darn but the key has to be a health focus overall. Plus one benefit I found on ZC is I did lose the bulk of my lbs I wanted gone, like you I want those last lbs gone too but in the end of it all, I have to focus on the good zc I got right now. I get to eat and eat SO darn well every darn day and there is no rollercoaster crazy thru it all like I had before, plus I know it is long term sustainable for me and I feel SO FREE on ZC and in the final end in my little ol’ brain, I can’t compromise that over the scale anymore. But just let ZC and time works it magic :slight_smile: You sure are walking a win/win Healther and I am so happy for you to be there in a good place :wink:

yikes more of those hocky puck chicken legs LOL
I won’t waste meat either like you and others. I at least attempt to eat as much of whatever I ruined too and in the end, it can be an icky meal but hey it still is a meal.

That is what I do when I want added butter fat out of my life to keep my eating days leaner. I cut the meat fat from a steak, chop up finer, render it down in the pan a bit and then slap in my steak.

You are SO RIGHT the needle is changing on ‘what is zc and what is carnivore’ and KEY to it all is ONE must do the plan for real. One can’t ‘add in those extras to the left and right’ too darn much. We can’t…yet alot of times you read people are doing just that.

Simpler and just meat and watch that added dairy in the form of butter or cheese or sour cream etc. is key to our success.

We all know it, Zero Carb…Don’t Tweak It’ LOL

Which come Jan. is why I am pulling back. I am not adding butter to my steaks. I am not eating my salami and cheese and other processed stuff I use for a crutch meal cause I was too tired to fry another steak.

My little Jan. experiment on me is a simple one. BACK TO REAL CARNIVORE and tighten down the hatches and watch how I cook my meats and follow what my body asks for in fat and hunger levels.

Good post Azi, enjoyed reading it.

sounds like those city trips are on your last nerve :slight_smile: I am the same, more time goes on more I hate driving in tough situations also. I feel ya on that.

Your PKD interest will be wild to watch and see how you do and what you decide to eat and all that if you adopt into it.

I don’t have time to check your GAPS info right now but will get to it and see what it entails. Meat soup is first, hmm. Can’t be all bad HA

------------------I ate 2 NY Strip steaks yesterday. Yum. My body wanted them and they were good. But not enough. About 2 lbs. I then hit later in the day some salami and cheese to round me out. AND THIS IS exactly what I am stopping come January :slight_smile: I am stocking freezer with steaks galore, burger and some chicken and I am STICKING to meat and not doing the processed filler food dance. Taking that out of the equation. I wish I had another darn steak to fry up and eat but darn it, I had no steak, chicken or pork defrosted after I ate my 2 steaks I did defrost for the day…and then I checked and my hubby attacked my few burgers I had in there and ate them on me LOL So I slurped down the salami and some chunk cheddar cheese and that is the 2 things I know are going bye bye come Jan.

Tighten up ZC. Clean up to simple meat. Get off those tads of small extras that squeaked in. Watch all eating out as usual but even tighter again. Focus new year is me and zc! ZC AND ME! Weeee…

Enjoyed reading it all on the thread :slight_smile:

(Daisy) #185

That is definitely the danger zone for me too!!


Yep, that’s definitely more meat than what I eat… And I not only prefer fattier meat but the volume goes down a lot as it loses most of the water in it. Looking at the photos, I eat probably the densest and least meat here, yours are juicier.
Of course I have some eggs but that’s not much. And when I add my 786kcal/100g pork jowl (according to the label, they are obviously different, some is almost pure fat tissue while others have nice meat), my food volume may do unusual things…

I don’t know the volume of my food, though, or the weight, on a normal day (another fun thing to do!)… But it’s super tiny even with my eggs. I remember my past when eating half a pot of food (2 liters?) was a normal meal sometimes… And I had multiple meals.
1kg meat, roasted is so tiny compared to that but I only went that far once in my life.

I know I can get satiated with 300g dense food, I had such days. It’s usually more, of course but never really much. My stomach simply never reaches its maximal capacity but I rarely did that even on my carby, veggie-rich woe. I liked fatty, dense food too much but I have my calorie limit per meal :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I just popped in, sorry, it’s the monthly group fast so I will be carnivore today. Even if I will need food (possible, I did my workout as I regenerated quickly!!! I never do that! but now I did!), I will stick to pork and eggs and nothing else. I like that especially that Alvaro needs the leftover lean stuff I got bored of so I get out my pork shoulder roast from the freezer. Mmmm. It’s safe if I don’t add other fats and I do OMAD anyway.

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@FrankoBear You’ll end up being a guinea pig for various adaptations of diets. Thanks for taking one for the team! Glad you’re back home and safe. Will be very cool if CBD can help.

(Daisy) #188

Omad today: leftover crispy (ok… burnt) chuck roast (I’ve been burning everything lately!), bacon/feta omelette, frozen raw beef liver and bone broth jello. I made this bone broth Monday and my trash can food had made me sick to my stomach. So I had taken a couple hours and gone to bed. This made my broth cook on warm for an extra probably 3 hours. It made a much darker, bolder tasting broth. I think I will be doing this from now on. The flavor was so much deeper!! That was a happy accident! Still doing pretty well on omad. Weight had been consistently dropping for a few days, but as I knew it would, it leveled out this morning. My sleep has been all over the place this week. Last night I woke up several times in bed but I’m trying to remember if I actually got OUT of bed and I really don’t think I did! That never ever ever happens! I’ve been really cold at night the last few nights. Last night I went to bed in very fuzzy socks because I just was too cold for the second night in a row. The problem is I can’t sleep in socks! That’s why I kept waking. Finally removed them in the middle of the night :joy:.
image image


Sounds unnatural to me but may be an interesting experiment… Though… I never understood this “start with fat/protein” as my normal food has both and I can’t separate them. Or if I do, it sucks. My body prefers 65-70% days and meals and bites. Okay, I can do different bites but not many in row… If I like something lean, I always pair it up with something fattier or else it feels wrong…
Whatever, I will try fat first once or twice :slight_smile: I am pretty sure it just results in massive overeating or lower protein for me but one can never know, I had some odd experiences with fat in extreme circumstances (like fat and egg fast).

Possibly true for most in normal circumstances, I don’t know but it doesn’t matter to me when I want to lose. I never lose fat eating tons of fat as no need for getting energy out of my reserves then.

And I never would have gained fat without all the fat I ate. The main culprit was carbs, indeed but I never could eat enough carbs to massively overeat without the help of fat. High-carbs, (probably very) high-fat, that did the trick, very slowly but it did. Too bad I never tracked back then but I wasn’t ever shy with fat, that’s sure and with all the carbs, I needed way more anyway. And I never minimized added fat and that can get out of hand easily…

But in my family gaining and losing fat is mostly about calories anyway.
Maintenance is another matter entirely, I am not interested in that yet as whatever I do, I maintain anyway… Hopefully I won’t have problems in the future either but I probably will need to eat okay most of the time and I am on board with that.

But these all have very little carbs… I am aware that some people practically drink coffee flavored cream but even that isn’t very carby… Is there something I didn’t notice/know about or it’s a few grams of carbs does bad things to the sensitive ones? People can’t even drink many of those monster coffees as those would take up a too big part of their food intake…

@Karen18: I like the Mediterranean feel myself :slight_smile: And I like nice, warm yellows anyway. If it’s a wall, I am usually torn between some nice yellow and some nice desaturated brown. My room has both :slight_smile: My bathroom has yellow, some weird desaturated brown but it works - and some reddish brown, it’s so great but would be too warm for bigger surfaces, the bathroom is tiny. Once I have read these colors shouldn’t be in an adult’s bathroom. Well, I couldn’t care less if this is what I love! :smiley:

Today I didn’t eat so I tracked Alvaro’s food instead. It’s an unusually carby day, it happens but must be rare. 400g carbs, oh my god, it’s probably the highest I ever tracker for him (for either of us, of course)… Well better him than me. Not like it’s in my possibilities. BUT it seems his meat eating upped his protein intake (big surprise I know :D)… It’s almost as high as mine on an unusually low-cal day… His fat was lowish too and he would gain fat eating like this everyday. But he wouldn’t do that.

Almost 26 hours since my last meal… I forgot about the monthly group fast, it’s fortunate I had 2 meaty and calorie rich days and they sustain me for some while. I am quite fine at this point.
I did my workout too as my muscles regenerated surprisingly quickly. It seems even that can’t trigger hunger anymore.

(Linda ) #190

But the fat we eat doesn’t get stored as fat it lingers in our blood til we burn it off …which is why most ppl see their ldl rise on carnivore and keto…
It’s the carbs we eat that get stored as fat so yes even those tiny bits in dairy and condiments and meats / fruits start to add up if we don’t watch them because once the proteins and fats get broken down the carbs are no longer part of the protein or fat so they can be sent to the fat cells.

But he is one of the only carnivores that I’ve seen tell us that those carbs do matter and although most carnivores acknowledge dairy can and will stall alot of ppl, he is saying its not the dairy causing it unless your body has intolerance to it… as much as its the carbs in it…ppl drink milk thinking it’s healthy but again it’s higher in carbs than cream is.
Everytime I gained weight on carnivore I can point to the times I over indulge in cheese…
I dont have all the answers but I’m prepared to try a different approach and see if it makes a difference the high lean protein days did not work for me just made me eat constantly and it makes sense to me that if my body was trying to get fat to burn and im feeding it lean meat then it’s going to keep sending me the hungry food signal til I give it the fats it’s demanding lol…


But the fat keeps my calories high so the carbs can get stored… Still not good.
And people store fat on very low-carb too, it’s just not common, it seems. Animals eat fatty stuff to store fat (except the ones who focus on sugar like hummingbirds. some can do some big travel for a tiny thing that can die of hunger in a few hours normally, that’s why they sleep in torpor. and those animals manage to lay eggs and stay extant! it’s almost as impressive as pandas staying alive… but I mostly know about eating nuts and whatnots? they have some carbs too I am aware…), maybe that’s different somehow, I don’t know.

I definitely won’t care about my carnivore carbs… I watch my fat intake. But I eat little carbs anyway, dairy has both carbs and not satiating fat for me so I minimize it. Eating not much fat is way harder.

Milk is special, it’s very easy to drink a liter of it in one sitting and what good would that do? But even in tiny amounts, it’s just too much water and sugar, cream feels better to me. I doubt many carnivores would drink milk, too sugary. But each to their own, surely some people are fine with it. I can’t afford all the sugar and calories and see no point in drinking milk anyway. I am an adult person with a small energy need and a pretty okay woe, why would I drink milk…?

Cheese often has no carbs. But it’s not satiating (to me) so if I could eat much of it, it would stall me.

Of course we need some fat. You eat more than you did when you was hungry and I try to minimize it hoping I won’t go over 250g often… :smiley: Sometimes I inevitably will, it’s me…
(But once I really will try to eat it with abandon. It’s hard as I minimize it since a decade and can’t really stop even if I try. But if I will have an established mostly OMAD carnivore, I will try. I need my protein too and I have my limits per meal so it can’t be too wild if I try… I guess. Nope, it still sounds scary but I build up my courage and self-confidence.)

I got hungry and I had OMAD today. It was so great, I sooooooo appreciate OMAD when the alternative is fasting and I am already hungry :smiley: I enjoyed even my lean items :smiley:
It was a smallish but not super tiny meal. Eggs (with extra whites), leaner and fattier pork, I opened a pack of ham (2 different kinds of sugar, crazy. too smoky too but otherwise nice!), even ate some chicken liver (don’t wanna see any in the next month or two).
34% protein :smiley: I don’t often see such a number, I ate quite low protein today (compared to my normal) but low-cal too so this happened. My fat is almost an all time low despite my fatty items (I had more leaner items, of course).
Meanwhile Alvaro had 17% protein, probably way over his need and above my intake for today as well. 10% is probably enough for him (his calorie intake is pretty fixed, IDK how he does it but he automatically eats similar amounts every day. my body is skilled as well but not to that extent) but possibly just barely and I like when it’s higher.
Percentages are soooo not informative but I like to look at them for fun sometimes.

(Linda ) #192

Yes but if the fats not being stored as body fat that means it’s your other calories that are being used to make body fat im guessing that’s why cywes always tells me he doesn’t care about my calories …the more I dig deeper and read the drs and vets who are over 10 yrs in the more sense it makes to me…
It’s the times I loosen up and step back towards keto then I start gaining which supports that it is in deed the extra carbs I introduce or the processed products like moon cheese that does me in… it might not seem much to me at the time but when it’s all broken down to sugar it raises my bs and Insulin…

So I think for me im going to go heavy fat at the start of my meal and then eat leaner parts…In January if it comes in a packet I won’t eat it I’ll cut back any condiments that are not a spice …
The plan is to get back the loss of hunger like in keto…and see if that works…I will try to keep my carnivore carbs low that doesn’t mean I’ll cut all carbs I’ll still eat eggs and shrimp and cream or sour cream but def not all in the same day…

Todays food was lamb belly and picanha


this is key for alot of people. Lean eating days usually should never be forced. Took me into about year 3 before I started eating alot lighter and did very well on some chicken breasts only with maybe a 1/2 lb. burger…some days I ate very light but it was ALL my body asked for! It was never an on demand by me experimenting. SO IF we wait changes come but sometimes, darn it, they take a long time to come into effect and diff. times for each of us.

When we ‘feel off’ cause we experiment on ourselves it is a very fast wake up call to get off the experiment or switch it up for better calmness on plan.

Dairy in true fairness on this plan is not a real zc ‘food’ actually but many of us keep it in. It really was meat only :slight_smile: But so many did ok on dairy and got great results that many just kept it but it is a processed man made food…so like ya said, that ‘needle’ swings alot but ZC is meat only really. The old ‘beef and water’ type meal plan.

You will be fine, like me, like KD and all of us. We all will find our best way forward and how it suits us best. But in truth on ZC our best way is just meat and water and we can’t truly walk away from those simple truths. They do work the best. I always need to remember this cause I do my best on just simple real meats, fish and fowl and seafood and after that, I don’t do as well so…time for me to smarter up now again too LOL


desperately searching good beef sales and darn none are around right now. even our standing prime rib roasts stayed high without a decent sale. nope. I can wait for lower costs and boy do I hope they DO come LOL I shall see

today is leftover pork ribs I made last night. not thrilled with them. not fatty. I kinda thought they were good ones but upon cooking they just dried out mostly and not a fan. But WILL eat them, I am like KD, I am eating them and using them in my body no matter what, HA

then defrosting a nice steak for second meal tonight.

I have been researching my brain thru the zc years where I do best. It is always start the day with a honkin’ big 1.5 lb. beef steak. Then second meal can be ‘anything’ really cause once I set that big azz steak into my body, I thrive thru the day and food becomes 0 focus on second meal and I am just ‘in my best darn place’ I ever am on ZC…so yea I know my Jan. experiment on me. Beef first meal always, maybe a leaner cut sometimes with my bit of experimenting I wanna do but beef will always be first. Second meal I will fluctuate a bit on lean chicken or pork or seafood but it will ALWAYS be REAL meat. Gone is the sausages and salami :slight_smile: Back to absolute carnivore basics for me where I flourish actually.

OK I got a set plan in my brain. Simple carnivore, real meat proteins only and ‘play’ just a tiny bit with fat/lean content in my day. Sounds simple enough to me cause heck I did that for alot of years just like that in a way and did fine. Cool…onward I go :slight_smile:

(Daisy) #195

Sounds like you are getting super mentally prepared for January @Fangs!

Today was bacon/feta omelette, lamb steak, 2 flanken ribs, and bone broth jello. I wanted to get my calories up a little because yesterday was pretty low, yet I was still up on the scale. This is why I hate the scale and she’s going back to the corner where she belongs! I allowed myself to get on it every day for the last week and it’s fun to watch it go down but it always, without fail stalls out after a few days, then goes back up. No matter what I do. I want to say I don’t care, but it’s honestly really frustrating. I do all the “things” I’m supposed to do. I watch these people on carnivore drop to skin and bones, which is not my desire by any means, but I just bounce around the same 5 lbs no matter what. I easily have 20 pounds of fat still on my body to lose, so it’s not like my body needs to hold onto it for health. But it is what it is and I am getting closer and closer to accepting it. I think I’m at a level of body acceptance and then I have a day like today when I realize I’m not quite there. But no worries, I will stay the course, keep eating the glorious meat, and feeling good inside my body, knowing some day soon I’ll truly feel good on the outside too. I just needed to vent, now I’m good.

Scale will not be touched for awhile and I will just focus on getting through the next 2 weeks. I likely will not omad next week. I have a church thing Sunday night, it is soup and cookies and they’ve recently added charcuterie. I would love to say I’m not going to eat any charcuterie, but we all know better lol. Then my boss invited all of the local managers under her to lunch on Monday. It is a very Italian local restaurant and literally nothing carnivore friendly, so it will be a be a keto meal. I will probably eat a nice carnivore meal before going, then order the steak salad that I have already planned to order (and called the restaurant to ask about :joy:). Eat the toppings and pick around at the salad. I have my digestive enzymes that I will take, so hopefully will alleviate any stomach distress. Then I have my family’s Christmas get together the following Sunday (day after Christmas). It is Italian themed, but my family has already discussed just eating before we go because my family is weird. But I will probably politely nibble on some ham and stuff when I’m there. So yeah, I just need to survive :joy:
image image

(Robin) #196

YES to all of this. :vulcan_salute:


You will survive :slight_smile: Once ZC and locked into it and want this plan ya pick around foods, nibble here and there thru the crazy and just be sure to eat before ALL the time big when ya know any crazy food is coming at ya for whatever issue! I know I do it just like that LOL

Oh yea KD I am going all in.

I got off ‘strict carni’ and I am going back. But my change is not just beef and water. I am ALL fresh animal/ocean and I am dropping processed and dropping dairy for a bit. I KNOW changes are gonna come, will be interesting to see what.

ZC I know I can get sloppy in food with nibbles at restaurants and processed in life and eating a tad off and not eating enough then I rely on cheese sometimes and just stupid newbie mistakes. BACK TO EAT THE MEAT proteins and not look back.

I feel I need this right now :slight_smile:

When I see it happening, the little stupid things, I require the backward all in ZC tight as can be and darn it suits me so well actually so I have no worries on doing just what I am gonna do :sunny:

Your scale, not only in corner, INSIDE far corner in your deepest closet, don’t even look at that thing! But yes when we want goals changed and we watch others we lose out in the mental game easily. Comparison to other’s will literally be the thief of your joy and journey so don’t do it, but darn we see it all out there and it is hard to ‘do just us’ as we need. I feel ya on that!!

(Robin) #198

Oh Fangs… that last paragraph needs to be etched in stone!


oh yea 90% of my trouble was reading other’s experiences and their goals they hit ‘so darn easy’ and I got more F’d up in my crazy to match what other results people got.

believe me I was a train wreck in following others progress til the day when I hit ZC and all the ZC people said DO YOU and don’t ever compare to another and DO the damn plan as it is guided and once I did that, I got my life back and off the dieting misery rollercoaster for sure.

I tell ya this walk into health is hard as hell sometimes HA and can be for years.

I watched 600 lb life tv show last night. Guy got Dr Now’s menu and then he said he read online that allowing 1 cheat day per week was what was required for people to make a health change and not be deprived or fail. In fact this 750 plus lb. guy said alot of info on WHY this cheat day was so important and more. WAS SCARY to hear all that he said in truth which he never even got the program going. Never lost a lb. But in the end all those excuses and more, OH YEA I walked them also but I learned thru them, difference between those who learn thru mistake and move forward or those who wallow. I don’t wallow, it ain’t me.

But hard, yes it all is. First thing when I saw don’t compare ever to another in full truths on their journey is when I focused ON ME only and found success actually. Eye opening for me.

I KNOW WE all are walking this stuff! Alot of hard facts to face.


It makes no sense. Calories matter. And good luck to my body storing my 0-80g carbs a day :smiley: I never gain on low-carb, just lose fat when I managed not overeating fat.
If only the carbs get stored then one shouldn’t eat HCHF if they can’t keep their calories down enough, it makes sense. But if I eat a ton of food every day, I probably still can gain, I don’t know, I don’t care as maintenance is the easiest, default thing for my body, I want to lose fat. So I must limit my fat intake, there is no way around it. Keeping my carbs very low has various benefits (a big one is that it lowers my fat intake) so I do that too.

If you experience adding some more carbs works against you, don’t do that. I am aware it’s not nearly as simple for everyone.
I never had any such problems with carbs or anything else I suppose (except maybe extreme stress but I only had that once in the last decade) as long as I kept my calories low (it’s a very hard thing with carbs for me but it was easy with only 80g net. my actual energy need matters too). But losing fat, I need everything right for that at this point. I can’t really argue with my own body, it has most of the power.

(I overtalked this, right?)

It’s amazing what a small and seemingly well-timed carnivore-ish meal with the right ingredients can do. My small OMAD still lasts. It’s almost 5pm and I definitely don’t feel hunger yet.
I made the usual pork skin-pork-egg frikadellers again, with more spice than last time, Alvaro says they were good. I probably will eat my share later today. And the last piece of lean pork is roasting while I have fattier pork roast as well. I always keep enough ready to eat meat at hand now, I finally learned from my mistakes, my reality vs somewhat logical but a bit too optimistic predictions…

I decided pork shoulders aren’t so great for me. I prefer leaner but not too lean meat - with visible fat with it. Not very fatty meat with visible fat. So it’s not just the fat percentage but the distribution as well. I want pork chuck again (and usually), only the best sales can make me buy shoulders. It’s not bad. But I want my chuck too.

I have my January plan but I do the basics the same. NOFUSS, one meal a day (dinner) if I can pull it off (second and maybe third dinner if I can’t), 3 eggs first and then maybe a pound of meat…? (It will be easier with some nice marbled pork chuck as I surely love that enough to eat much of it in one sitting. Maybe not every day though). And then more eggs or meat if needed. Very very tiny processed meat and dairy. I don’t want to play with leanness, I decided (surely I will on some days) as I already experienced that very fatty doesn’t work, lean doesn’t work and my taste want a somewhat fatty meat anyway. So, pork chuck for me, usually. It’s just perfect from all viewpoint.

Oh, family Christmas! My SO’s Mom who is basically my Mom too (she is the one with diabetes, obesity and various other health problems) suddenly (they said she must wait for long but nope, they called that hurry, they are doing it now) got a hip replacement! It’s good news, hopefully it will help her eventually but now she barely can move, poor thing.
So… We will cook for Christmas! So I don’t need to worry about the usual Christmas dinner (I didn’t anyway), it will be good. Somewhat. We probably will do all the usual stuff, I just bring my pork and if she wants, [spoiler]the traditional Christmas rolls but without added sugar :smiley: Even poor Alvaro had more than enough of that lately. I bring other sweets too, most of them for her so they will be quite low-carb. But I will see what we can do with the always-the-same menu… And I don’t know if she uses sugar in the salad (probably, it’s one that uses mayonnaise, I pretty much ignored it since years but considering it was one of the lowest-carb items, it wasn’t easy without my own food), we won’t.

I still didn’t bake my Christmas things but I start it today. With the total carby one as it won’t tempt me (especially that they are to become decorated gifts).[/spoiler]

Christmas or not, I try to behave and if I can’t stay away, at least I use the blur.

Well… I did that when I lost fat… But

  1. I never called them cheat days. I don’t cheat anyone.
  2. It doesn’t mean I ate whatever I saw… I just made it higher-calorie and probably with less restrictions?
    But it was easy for me as I didn’t give up anything important for low-carb, I only gained though it (and lost fat). It was so great.

One cheat day a week, what an idiotic idea, using it for everyone, I mean. It may be okay for many people but horrible for others. There are things we just should avoid for month and maybe our addiction goes away, others should be forgotten for good… ONE DAY a week? I can ruin the previous 6 with a bad day, no challenge… Even if I keep my NOFUSS and it actually helps a lot.

There was the super idiotic thing I only heard about on this forum. Where you only can eat carby food ONE HOUR a day.
Frightening. One hour is enough to eat zillion carbs if one is that type but if one chooses such a stupid diet, they probably are (it still may work for some but probably not most people and not all the time. it’s not a bad idea for me for a very short term if I can’t avoid carbs. better once than all day - but the one time still isn’t about going full blown crazy). And then they stuff their face with carbs for an hour. That’s not pretty.
And even they manage to keep it low-ish compared to their normal, the carbs may haunt them for the rest of the day. I talk from experience. Some people feel the effect the next day. And it must be mentally bad too, waiting for the free hour and then eating everything they wanted… Who came up with this “brilliant” idea? It sounds horrible at first glance and the more I think about it, the worse it looks.


they don’t. Not on ZC!

TO ALL-----------
so we are not controlled ever on ZC thru kcal intake, our minds think this is a thing thru the crazy evolution of dieting.

you won’t gain ever, yes you might while healing and changing body contents thru hormones and more TO THAT reset natural body, but in the end there are 5’2 women out there who are pillars of ZC eating 3K to 4K per day and aren’t actively doing exercise to death to burn anything.

thing is this is a per journey and one that ZC gives guidelines.

eat the darn meat, all you want, all you can handle, and IF THE BODY thru time says I want leaner then eat leaner, LISTEN to the healing is what this ZC plan will always and ONLY be about :slight_smile: but no one will ever be on another’s timeline for what it takes for our own personal bodies.

so…one big key thing we say in ZC land is ‘Keep the Faith’ and it can be earlier for some or yrs into it for some but if one does it, changes come and we know.

So this is how zc happens. eat the plan and stop the other dieting info crazy out there and listen only to what the body wants and will direct in its time.

Yet so many can never do this plan or ever grasp on the concept unless one does it…so…guesses on it all are useless for others wondering people all in carni do so well…cause they haven’t done it longer term and all in for what it takes. Some get results fast, others have to wait alot of time but ALL IN carni is key.

there is never an option for that ya know. All in or forget carnivore and all it gives to those who do it.

sorry but it boils down to that mostly.

One who goes into carnivore ‘controlled’ thru whatever old thoughts doesn’t have a prayer in learning real zc. Truth again.

One either commits and learns this zc plan and goes all in or wallow in the entire crazy ol’ thinking of dieting and manipulation one can’t win, you can’t win that on zc for sure mostly, just eat as one requires! :slight_smile: In truth it never gets simpler than that but another can’t ever see the cheats, the extras, the just this times, or the added so if one does ZC all in and for real, life changes but never on a timeline one might want!

OK ALL just a chat on this.

ZC is not kcal controlled ever and should never be. WHEN longer on plan we can play a bit and experiment but if a person thinks one can control ZC in a big way, carni ain’t for them :slight_smile: