Rudolph the Red Meat Ruminant


Here is December Carnivore thread. Ready to roll.

Chat out any goals you have or any changes you want to handle or just chat how great life is on this lifestyle :slight_smile:

Dec. is closing out this year and into a New Year we go.

For today I got this small NY Strip I am defrosting. only .72lb. so I will team up with peel and eat shrimp.

Second meal I have leftover roasted chicken. I cooked a roaster for the family and I have some nice meat leftover to just chow down tonight for second meal later.


Let’s have a wonderful December, ZC Style!!


This month is the start of summer here. Lots of sunshine and outdoor activity. And lots of beach. It’s time to rebuild some health away from the city and while on holidays. Best not to let the nutrition guards down during the season of feasting and feast on the best nutritious foods available.

(Edith) #3

I was in the mood for steak yesterday and bought some grass fed New York strips that were on sale. They sure were pretty, but they were terrible. Unfortunately, I have another 12 ounces to finish up tonight. I wish you better luck with your steak. :grinning:


Right On!

ahh, doesn’t that just irk the heck outta ya :wink: You think you got this delish steak and then you hit a bad one and it just deflates me when that happens! Polish it off and think good steak thoughts for the future. You know when in doubt, buy filet mignon. Pricey but almost 100% of the time ya get a great one so it is kinda that one cut that is almost foolproof.

(Marianne) #5

Lucky you! :sob: Here in the Northeast (US), we won’t see any reasonable temperatures again until May. Love the four seasons, but winter is definitely too long.

(Daisy) #6

Omad today was 2 goat chops. Very different taste, but good. Paired with eggs and then had some bone broth jello about 30 minutes later.
image image

Edit: was still hungry so had some sirloin kabobs.

Edit again, did not omad today, was so hungry today! Had 3/4 of this shrimp. image

(Bob M) #7

I went to Coscto in the US and got some NY strips (which have some odd terminology there), as they were “only” $10/pound. The regular ribeyes were $15/pound and the prime ribeyes were about or over $20/pound.

Also bought some eye of round at 5 or 6 $/pound. This is why a lot of my lunches are made with roasts like eye of round, top round, bottom round, as they are way cheaper.


These photos make me almost hungry… And I ate SO WELL today!

I just popped in, I talk about goals and meals tomorrow. I plan twin days, almost the exact same meal tomorrow than today!

I still focus on my usual $1.5/lbs meat (so good!) but it surely will go up a bit (with quality too) when the pig farm offers piglets again… I won’t want a tiny piglet again, I make sure the freezer can hold a normal one (well the part I don’t roast right away). Last year they had many normal piglets and a tiny for us. They had a range and we chose the lowest possible weight while everyone else the bigger ones… It was a nice piglet just INSANELY fatty (and Alv ate all the leaner parts so I ate super much fat, very tasty fat though and I rendered the smoothest nicest lard ever).

And of course, shrimps and salmon for Christmas for a change! Along with the piglet, I need my calories and the exotic stuff won’t be much, just a taste.
(The tradition is piglet for New Year’s Eve but last time we got it way earlier. To marinade or what but I don’t overcomplicate my life or add anything but salt to my pig roasts. It was fabulous and crispy? Chrunchy? Tiny piglet was all skin! And fat. And a little meat and bones. No regrets but it was so fatty :D)

It will be a very porky December for me for sure.

(Karen) #9

Ate the last of the breast of lamb … more fat than meat on the bones and couldn’t eat it. Cheese and a bit more cheese. Then I had one of the 2 pk burgers with bacon, hoping the salt from the bacon would make it more palatable but it didn’t :unamused: must remember not to buy them again. They are just a real cheap option when I get them from The Company shop but that doesn’t necessarily make them tasty. Very bland and I am really being good at not adding any extra salt. I have the steak defrosted in fridge but that will have to wait till tomorrow as I really don’t feel like any more to eat. Not done much today to work up an appetite. Just self isolating to make sure I haven’t got covid and pass it on to anyone. I did write a few Xmas cards though which is really good for me because most years I don’t get round to doing them and then I feel bad cos a whole load arrive in the post for me lol.

Goals for December… hmmm I suppose just carry on the way I am doing. I would love to cut out the cheese but I just feel I need something that takes the bland fat taste away after eating meat. Must have a good think about how i can take the blandness away, perhaps I could go back to spices. I may try that for a bit of perhaps a marinade of sorts except mostly I can’t be bothered to wait long to get cooking lol


I wonder if it’s possible I got a slight nausea because I overdid fat a little? Hard to tell, I surely will have 200+ g fat meals again though it’s not my plan, I ate a bit much today (but I never got hungry again and it’s a big thing if I have my only meal around 3pm)… But it was good :wink: I can’t help that my pork jowl expired a few days ago so I ate pork shoulders and LOTS of almost pure fat tissue… :smiley: I was hungry and the pork shoulders felt a bit lean after only the insides were left… No regrets but maybe I will be a tad more careful next time.
Normally I pair the fatty stuff with lean things but at least I experimented :smiley: 82% fat for today, nice. (Or something different, fat content of my meat is always a mystery. But it was fatty for sure.)

Photos will come tomorrow but if I am here anyway, I write about my goals. It’s very modest as it’s December that isn’t usually my keto month.

As many carni days as comfortably possible :smiley: Strict ones if I can, i.e. no dairy. Today I had maybe 2g butter in my coffee. I plan to drink less coffee, now I only have 1-2 along with my meals, I got used to it in November though I had wilder coffee days too… I have a very tasty one now.

I plan OMAD and my body always want big meals so it’s quite natural. But if my mealsize drops too much, it will change.

(Michael) #11

I got a phone call from a butcher today. He said “I got what I think you ordered. I cannot tell if it is pancreas or spleen though, it is long and thin. I told him it must be spleen. When I picked it up, he convinced me to buy the largest pair of bull testicles I have seen so far. Looks like my breakfast is planned for tomorrow now, spleen , testicles and I will need to finish off the pork belly

Today I started with a bit of liver and beef kidney with pork belly. Tonight will be pork belly with beef heart, cheese and then later I will try blanched almonds. I may continue to post pictures of this months carnivore meals if they are appreciated, but I will skip photos with my nuts in any meal.

(Vic) #12


Pork shoulder piece (585g/1.3 pounds) - for 2 days this time.

I started my lunch like this but I will make a proper photo tomorrow with everything I ate (there was way more pork jowl, a little beef tongue and 6 eggs):

Still quite satiated 10 hours later, no wonder. These things are satiating in proper (big for others) amounts! :smiley:

It was quite tasty but I must say I prefer when my pork jowl is a bit meatier. It’s always mostly fat but this is a bit much. So I mostly used it in my scrambled eggs, it works great there.


What are you eating there Vic? Is it abalone?


@Shinita, your photos are beautifully lit. At first I thought that pork shoulder was a small roasted game bird. I was hoping someone had bagged a partridge. Wishful thinking had my vision clouded.

In that 12 days of Christmas song not once are crab legs, or any type of seafood mentioned. I’m beginning to think it is actually not a carnivore menu song.

Is NY strip = ”New Year Strip? Might be good to hold that word combo in readiness for the January 2022 challenge? The word “strip” has so many meanings to explore for a carnivore.


It’s easier to eat more meat when it’s freshly cooked. With summery weather I am eating cold meat leftovers and I wonder if it is the cold fat that shuts off appetite?

I have not any access to reindeer here. There is a slight possibility for some on Christmas Day if the roof traps work, but I have to fight off an obese man with a big white beard yelling, “poacher!” Well, I’d prefer roast. Is sous vide a form of poaching? All Santa’s reindeer are female. Did you read that? It’s because they retained their antlers into winter.

I’ve been eating 250g streaky bacon cooked with 4 pasture fed eggs for NoFUN breakfast while I’m up here in the city for my last week of work for the year. I bought about 800g of roast beef and pork mixed that with some duck liver pate and that’s working for evening meals for a few days. The cheese has been eased. That has taken over a month to achieve. Two coffees per day with cream. Cheese down, cream gone up. Thus nature balances itself.


New Year Strip :clown_face:

I bet you are thrilled you won’t have to be on the road and can settle at home and enjoy your wonderful beachy life!

I am like you. Hot meat I can easily eat alot more, something so comforting in melty fatty meats and not sure if it is the cold fat for me that I tend to munch less, but I know hot meats are a massive preference for me :slight_smile:


Are you home for this holiday season or out traveling for work?
Your food pics are wonderful!!

-------------------I ate chicken first. So I ate leftover cold chicken. It was good. I ate it first cause I knew I was eating it cold and I wanted my ‘hot new year strip’ steak for dinner. Hot is comforting, feels more like a real meal to me for some reason, lol

then I had some salami slices with my chicken.
steak for second meal

today I have to hit the store for bread for the family. hubby is complaining there is no darn bread in the house…big deal…but yea I will go get him some. Hope when I hit the little store down the road that they have pork country ribs. I need a few packs!

edited to say, I am reading some really tough sad and frantic posts out on the board truly. I thank the heavens every day for the healing and metabolic change that ‘good ol’ eating well’ everyday on my lifestyle has given me. I realize taking nutrition to a physical level clears up so much ‘manipulative and desperate dieting’ out there out of my life.
Just thoughts, just things I went thru as others have but damn, I ain’t fooling myself, I LOVE LOVE MY ZC LIFESTYLE to the point of reading this other stuff makes me just cringe and wish others would ‘see and feel’ it too but again, we all must walk our walk as it goes down. I know I had to do it :slight_smile: But I wouldn’t go back to the insanity of any of it come heck or highwater, ZC strong and carnivore I continue forward! I found me and what it takes to eat every day so well and function so fine and get all those health improvements and I am forever grateful for those who came before me in this lifestyle and their info and more! Just a reflective moment for me :slight_smile: I am SO out of the dieting stupidity out there!


Wow, thanks. I got borderline passable (and I have really lucky shots sometimes ;)) when I realized I can use the kitchen lamp even during the day. I realized the little soft not direct light from outside and the warm light from above are good together. Well these last photos weren’t like that, maybe the roast but it got almost no natural light. But I think the roast has all or most of the credits, roasts look good :smiley: And I like roast them well :slight_smile: Even so, the inside was pink here and there - so I fried some pieces and roasted the half of it more…

I rarely have that problem though I prefer tender soft warm fat myself, fresh roasts are the best! But I really love cold fatty meat as well. And the pork jowl (boiled, covered with paprika, eaten always cold except when I put some into my scrambled eggs) is especially wonderful. I ate 114g of it yesterday (I never try to eat much, in the contrary, it just happens) and it barely had meat this time so it was way less tempting than usual. But I didn’t eat it alone but with pork shoulder roast, the too lean parts!

My house doesn’t even have a chimney :slight_smile:

But what if they aren’t females just magical reindeers? We can’t just suppose things based on real reindeers!


All of Santa’s reindeer are genderfluid

(Robin) #19

@fangs and @FrankoBear I think the point is what do they identify as…

(Edith) #20

Cold fat certainly shuts off my appetite. It’s possible I would lose that last 3 kg if I ate my meat cold.

Tsk, tsk, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of decreasing your cheese comsumption?