Rudolph the Red Meat Ruminant

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Ottawa, Ontario. It is capital of Canada if you are not already aware.


Choice of meat aversion can hit us at any time. Into like year 3 I was all about pork and dumped my steaks I lived on and swore I would never leave those behind, oh yea I did but my life was …ribeye all the way baby. Then I went NY strips cause I loved those now but hated before? Then I went into pork again but dumped that longer term and then I went freako ALL about chicken wings LOL

In no time did I truly dump my seafood, I could always incorporate that.

I think that is ‘the body trying to say to us’ it requires ‘this amt of fat/protein ratio’ and less of this or that and we kinda don’t ‘read it right’ in our brains.

I am now into year 5 going back in full on strong all about darn ribeyes and tenderloin and NY Strip steaks. So yes there is crazy flips for us but IF WE just chill thru it we bodily do find the best way to ‘EAT’ forward on zc. Some never have this, some do like us but we got this at all times :slight_smile:

in a small way I thought I was losing my mind on what I adored so much was now not great LOL but in the end, thru reading other’s experiences, again, it is a normal zc progression. That made me feel better.

not a darn thing wrong with this, you go with the meat flow you want now :slight_smile:

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Can you please give me an example of what this would look like?

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I still haven’t sorted my sleep. I put magnesium balm on before I went to bed (before 8pm!) and just tossed and turned the entire night. So that wasn’t helpful at all last night. Omad today was Parmesan chicken wings, a thick New York strip and bone broth jello. Would have had some eggs too, but was nice and full. Tomorrow starts my week of altered food eating. I will play it by ear and stay as on track as possible this week.
image image image image image

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Lovely and thanks for showing me a tree I’ve never seen and would not have guessed to be Mistletoe! Now, stop procrastinating!

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Ah, dancing! I miss it. This is a ridiculous statement, but since I became sober, I no longer go dancing. I can’t think of a place for dancing that doesn’t include a bar. Not that a bar is tempting. But I simply don’t like being around a big group of people who’ve been drinking.

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I don’t do pubs and the places I go the peeps are more interested in dancing than drinking. Yeaterday was a tea dance in a community centre … no alcohol just tea, coffee and always loads of cakes lol of course I don’t ever participate in the latter! I know what you mean about being around drinkers though, if i am ever anywhere at a social (non dancing venue) once they get to the second round of drinks i am off … I can immediately see their persona change and I don’t like it. I am tee total from being an ex alcoholic too though like you I never want any alcohol or feel I am missing out. X

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Pottered around this morning doing odds n sods and then over to my daughters for a cuppa before going to g/c for some more plants… when I got there I realised I had left my phone at my daughters so rushed around picking out plants and hurried back to collect my phone before she went out for a meal at 4pm.

Brunch was a cheese omelette and dinner was a bit of cheddar and a rump steak. Nicely charred on outside and rare on inside. Then I had a few topside slices but want overseen for some reason. Maybe I just wasn’t hungry enough

20211218_185554|374x500 (upload://5I0wbYd52ZgDzfb169TQgzJW94H.jpeg)


Got a ton of meat (compared to my freezer space but it’s not little anyway :D)… I still didn’t cut the big slabs to smaller ones, putting away everything not okay on room temp and cooking something quick was a chore enough after all the shopping, it was way after 3pm and we had no lunch yet and were hungry. I had nausea and later headache all day and even food didn’t chase them away. I so hate eating pills… They are expensive :smiley: And my pride and everything.
So I am suffering a bit now. (But I will take a pill soon :frowning: )

I talked with my almost-Mom.
We will have pork chuck roast for Christmas! :smiley: It was my idea and it was accepted :D. And NO ONE wants the usual super carby traditional rolls, yay! Even the other son takes health and low added sugar seriously now. And poor woman must stay in bed for several weeks and she really doesn’t want to make her already serious obesity worse (and there is the diabetes too). We helped her a little with a few things, watering the zillion pants, washing her feet (she can’t reach them), whatnot. We only were there a little while and she has some other help, of course (what a hermit does when they just throw them out of a hospital right after a hip replacement surgery I wonder) but it still made a difference for her. It won’t be a very nice Christmas for her :frowning: She is very impatient, I understand. She is the type who likes to be somewhat active and obviously it’s a HUGE bother not to be able to move and do trivial things. I can’t even imagine but poor soul!!! But of course, it could be worse. This is temporarily, it will get better. It’s not like getting crippled for life. Or breaking the pelvis, my aunt did that, along with her right wrist and she was hanged from something for long… She couldn’t even LIE in a hospital bed! And suffers from her broken bones since. (Oh my imagination is good at imagining worse things. It doesn’t help much but sometimes it does.)

I bought pork chuck (nice price but it was obvious I get some anyway), pork shoulders (too good sale :D), pork chops and chicken breast for Alvaro, a whole chicken for both of us (soup and roast and joy for the cats, we bought a ton of food for them as well, with these 2 girls it will last very long) and a nice big slab of beef (Alvaro asked if we need it. of course we do, I replied but then he was all for buying a big one and not bothering with some tiny stew, it will be proper sized!).
I am moderately pleased with my supplies, I just know I will need more pork chuck soon :smiley: But first I finish the other leftover pork roasts.
I bought some processed stuff too and a little cheese for myself. It’s not January yet.
Butter was on sale (we almost run out of it. and I like that brand) and so many other things… I got new acrylic paints (silver and gold :smiley: I can mix normal colors from my set of 12 and I already have some very useful ones like cream and tan anyway. my fav is antique brass, it’s brilliant. I like normal metallic colors. but metallic olive green is cool too, I have such a pen), I have enough for a very long time now.

It was so, so long ago that we walked in the hypermarket enjoying seeing all the tings we don’t need… Well, not seeing them but not needing them. It’s a nice feeling, we had it a lot when I went low-carb (Alvaro just stopped eating added sugar, gluten and zillion other things especially overly processed stuff. I was way more hardcore).

I take that pill now, draw more and I really will read back tomorrow. I just can’t spend all my leftover time on that.

(Linda ) #231

So I eat the fat on the picanha first and then I’ll eat the meat…

My 2nd meal yesterday was lamb and you can see how fatty that was ate the fat off the top first and as you can see i didn’t finish it

Then this is the fat sliced off the picanha…
Out of the food above I ate the fat off the three slices of beef and the left over lamb and could only eat one piece of the steak after fat was removed.

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What is piranha?


This is a digital painting I made looking for Christmas themes as we come up to the Summer Solstice (tomorrow). It has a blue banded native bee foraging in coastal honeymyrtle blossom.

The nutritionist is a nurse and a midwife. Most importantly she is a good listener. We had plenty of time to discuss a protocol of diet versus joint pain. After a few days, the pain is already reducing. So, I’ve had quite an active day. The nutritionist is a low carb ketogenic advocate for a low inflammatory diet due to the anti inflammatory effects of ketones in nutritional ketosis.

We worked through my blood tests and discussed various concerns. An slightly elevated uric acid was understood in an increased animal foods diet. It also explains an increased HbA1c due to longer lived red blood cells. Inflammatory markers had already started to drop since I took some recreational leave for summer and started focussing more mindfully on relaxation and mindful carnivore eating.

We differed on our views on dietary fibre. But that led us into a discussion about the gut biome. So, I’ll have a faecal/ gut bacterial DNA test (a form of PCR test, I think). Being a functional nutritionist, she thinks she can fine tune a dietary approach for pain relief goals.

I am taking lots of supplements now. The main one is Cannabis oil. The formulation is in a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. I don’t mind. My sleep has deepened and I feel relaxed, even though I am taking the non-THC formula. There has been a slight appetite rise, but I’m still comfortably 2MAD.

Last night I had a scotch fillet steak but I ate quite a dose of butter with it. I had full fat yogurt afterward.
Noon-time breakfasts are 4 pasture fed chicken eggs, 3 slices middle bacon, or 150g smoked salmon, cooked in butter, bacon fat, or tallow. I’m still looking for some osso bucco beef cuts with central marrow bone to make beef soup.

Supplements, because I’m doing keto-carnivore for a medical reason, are: magnesium citrate, Vitamin B3 nicotinamide, turmeric, glutathione, zinc, CoQ10, quercitin…

(Linda ) #234

Pichana is a cut of beef from the rump of the cow sits on top of the sirloin

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@Karen18 only the most delicious food in existence. I can only get it at Brazilian steakhouses :sob:


I have looked up picanha then I tried to figure out if that cut has the fat in Hungary… It seems it has some but nothing like picanha…? But it’s hard to figure these things out online.

My freezer has problems, I don’t, it seems I need to roast much pork shoulders in the near future, it’s fine, I like that meat again :smiley: I took a tiny break and that was enough. I try not to eat much of it, too fatty for my less simple eating style now. I even dropped OMAD (not like I didn’t eat a second, small meal yesterday). I consider training my fasting muscles here and there important but now some misunderstood part deep in me wants to be FREE! And it’s dangerous as that’s how overeating and off eating happens. So tomorrow I go back to some way stricter woe again, at least for a bit. Even if Alvaro had his last workday in 2021.
But today I am grazing because why not, I almost never do that but I feel so different today… I had soup with poached eggs… I thought about my old planned experiment after high-cal days, eating only eggs if possible… Of course I can’t do it even to SOME extent, like, 10 eggs first. But I had circumstances and reasons, it’s December. So it’s only 2 eggs and I already ate some cold pork shoulder roast. It was great. But I am looking forward to eat several eggs today.

I don’t know how people eat fat first or last, I always eat fat and meat together, I am sensitive to the right ratio! It’s not a very narrow ratio as I gladly eat leaner and fattier cuts but I like my meat with fat veins and marbled pork chuck is the best.
It would be fun to try out all the fattier beef cuts too but I am not there yet. I don’t even find a wide selection in a hypermarket let alone another places, only farms are better at that. As I said a few times, the town butcher hasn’t even any beef unless we go right after opening and we don’t do that. If we see those super expensive cuts in super/hipermarkets, they usually/often aren’t even fatty… I saw so nice pieces online though.
Oh and as I hate tallow and Alvaro is worse, I probably couldn’t handle pure fat on my beef. Marbled is fine, it’s different entwined with meat but fat layer, nope.
Meanwhile pork fat is great but I still want a lot of meat together with it…

(Robin) #237

Wow! Your digital painting is beautiful! (Are there really blue banded bees?)

I still take several supplements too. I may be throwing my money away on some, but if it’s not broken….


fast post busy busy :slight_smile:

hit store early. got 8 NY Strip steaks on ‘kinda low sale’ but not great.
I had to have them so I got them. ALL 8 are for me literally, family ain’t seeing any of those LOL

I finished off pork ribs yesterday and only ate 1/2 of them and threw the rest. Hit total NO want pork ribs. SO over them. OK no biggie. Got hankering for good ol’ chicken breast so I bought a few packs and my brain is thinking beef and chicken.

sounds good to me.

Keeping eating extremely simple and very clean. Feeling very fine!

Carnivore on strong everyone!

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This is not the month for me to be very purposeful in my Carni. We’re in the process of moving and taking everything but heavy furniture over ourselves. So I find myself at 7pm realizing I am starved and sitting in our “new” place with nothing to eat. Most nights have been one trip to a burger joint… double bacon cheeseburger, minus the bun. Actually it’s been working okay, as I have all the energy I need and am not thinking about food. At all.

I was just trying to imagine doing all this work on my old crappy carbby diet. I would not have had the energy. Last night was spent going up and down a ladder to paint. And I simply forgot to eat. We will officially be in on NYE. SO ready to settle in and settle down.


Chicken wings with sausage spice are nice once in a while. not particularly tasty, they are just chicken but paprika makes most things better.
Today I didn’t touch the pork roast next to the wings (I ate my leftover pork roast, don’t worry).

Tomorrow will be a porky day.

Do you guys know the kid book “The littlest yak”? It’s adorable and great until it’s the English version. It seems they managed to find the most horrible translator EVER for the Hungarian one. Butchering logic, the language, changing the meaning while making super bad, painful rhymes where not even the rhythm is right… Cringy.
I found the original to calm me down. And I will translate it better, I just can’t let it stand… Almost anyone knowing proper Hungarian and having a tiny pride and respect could do it better. It’s not like it’s not super hard to do it worse :smiley: I couldn’t even if I tried…
And the original is CUTE. Lovely. Nice rhymes and everything. The art is cool anyway, that’s why we bought the book.

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Best wishes for your move and the next chapter of your life xx