Recipe for homemade ghee

(Allie) #1

(Alex ) #2

I was actually looking at something very similar a few days ago, basically just boil, and skim off the foam / strain?

(Allie) #3

Basically but not quite.

(Jane) #4

Thanks for posting this. Ghee is crazy expensive so I am going to try this.

(Alex ) #5

I’ve got 3 sticks of butter sat there currently unused in the fridge, I have a home made cloth straining device I’ve just knocked up (mum is going to kill me for butchering her kitchen wares!!) - going to give this a go today/tomorrow.

I have Bulletproof Coffee on the mind made with ghee - energy hit!!!

(Alex ) #6

Primitive, but I have high hopes it will do the trick for straining!!!

(Jane) #7

I will NEVER buy ghee again! This took all of 15 minutes to make. Was an 8-oz block of fancy unsalted European butter that had been in the fridge for a while. Made a half pint.

I’ll pick up some more fresh unsalted for Thanksgiving cooking and whatever is left over will make some more ghee.

(Jane) #8

I actually strained mine a couple of times after folding my cheesecloth into additional layers.

Easy peasy!

(Alex ) #9

Here’s mine! Had to do a few extra runs through the cloth but I think that was a success to be honest.

Keto geek!!! Will report back on flavour and energy hit in due course :grin:

Mine WAS a mixture of salted and unsalted (same brand) but I actually wanted the salted flavour for use.

(Allie) #10

Looks like it will work

(Jane) #11

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #12

I’m fasting and this thread makes me want to make ghee anyway. Pictures are all lovely and ghee is expensive.

(Alex ) #13

i have to be honest, I’ve had it today with BPC coffee, and although the taste is `acquired’ - the energy hit from it is bloody awesome!

I’m on a zero carb day today, hovering around 800 calories in so far, the ghee is a game changer, I am definitely making more.

Takes about an hour for it to hit, then I’m on a bit of an energy high! I did a 15 minute workout earlier, and was going to have some eggs cooked in the ghee after, but the ghee BPC just blunted my hunger so well, I didnt bother.

(Allie) #14

Made more last night. I think I may have slightly over-cooked it as it has a slight caramel type smell to it now, but was just fine in my coffee :heart_eyes:

(it's official - I'm forked) #15

Yeah, same as mine from the other week. Except I overcooked mine even more :slight_smile:

(Allie) #16

I’ve been using my slightly over done ghee all week now and am finding I actually prefer it to the store bought ghee I have in the cupboard. It smells like caramel and has a different consistency to the store bought version, but I think in future I’ll be deliberately recreating it :grinning:

(Jane) #17

Mine has a slightly “browned butter” flavor to it, so probably not as done as yours but definitely more flavor than commercial ghee. And I agree - I like it better.

And the texture is a bit grainier but once it melts it doesn’t matter.

I found a 2-lb roll of butter on sale and going to use it to make more ghee once I use up the jar I made. That should work out to a QUART of ghee for $8 :star_struck:

(Alex ) #18

I finished mine off yesterday in some cooking. definitely prefer my coffee made with butter & coconut oil rather than the ghee, it just gives a more milky/creamy texture and flavour to it, but I do love the versatility of the ghee in that it was nice and soft!

I reckon I could feel a genuine energy hit from hit, about an hour after having 1-2 tablespoons, I was really buzzing!

Definitely making more once I have a few sticks of butter in.

(Alex ) #19

Tried a Version 2 - completely screwed it up and it’s ended up almost black!

Made the stupid mistake of also trying to strain it into a plastic protein shaker, which melted instantly!

Absolutely fucked the whole thing.

So it now has the consistency of ghee, but is near black, and smells like butterscotch - is this still safe to consume???

(Allie) #20

Mine smelt like butterscotch and it was lovely. I’d be a bit worried about the melted plastic though…