Made ghee today. Which may or may not have worked

(Running from stupidity) #1

So, I like making ghee, it’s good fun.

Start with the basics - butter. Kerrygold happened to be on special a while back and so I bought some, but realistically it’s no better than our supermarket butter, which is slightly cheaper than the KG was even at 50 percent off.

Butter does look good…

Still looks good

Skimming out the foam. If you’re good, you can use a spoon. I waste far too much that way, though, so I’ve found this very-fine strainer to be excellent.

And, at this point, I think I’ve cooked it for too long. #thatbrown

I use a nut bag I bought off Amazon to strain it with. Works great.

This is the sludge that’s left after pouring it through the nut bag.

Looks like I cooked it for too long. Can’t test it, though, as I’m fasting until lunchtime tomorrow. #kindastupid

Recipe for homemade ghee
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(Eric - NSV count!) #2

A bit dark. It goes from light brown to dark really fast. I haven’t made it in some time. I buy Amish butter in 3lb blocks. Not sure what I pay but is is far cheaper than KG and just as good.

(Running from stupidity) #3

It’s now a more dirty brown/caramel colour. I was cleaning the kitchen and missed it as it turned. I’ll see how it has turned out at lunch tomorrow.

I buy Amish butter in 3lb blocks. Not sure what I pay but is is far cheaper than KG and just as good.

Good butter is awesome.

(Allie) #4

I’ve found my slow cooker works well if I just heat it until it’s totally melted then let it cool naturally. As it cooled the milk solids and fat separate completely with the milk solids going to the bottom - I just poked a hole in the solid fat and drained the milky liquids out of it. This was my first batch which worked really well. Second batch I did in a pan by heating, skimming and draining - much more work for the same results.

(Running from stupidity) #5

I like cooking it for a while to get it really nutty and caramelly, but it’s obviously a very fine line…

(Jo O) #6

It should be fine.
All you did was take it to the brown butter stage. It should have a nice carmel flavor. Just add some salt to taste.

(Running from stupidity) #7

Yeah, just what I was saying to my wife earlier. I’m about 12 hours away from being able try it :slight_smile:

(Diane) #8

I love browned butter on veggies, especially broccoli.

(Running from stupidity) #9

I think I’ll need to make some ghee as well.


(Diane) #10

You’ve inspired me to go get some butter at Costco today and make some ghee myself! I’ve been considering the “experiment” for awhile now.

(Running from stupidity) #11

It’s super easy, but it helps if you watch it closely towards the end :slight_smile:

(Diane) #12

Good to know!!

(Allie) #13

It is so much cheaper and easier than buying ready made ghee, and I think it tastes better too as my store bought ghee has a strange smell / taste to it.

(Jo O) #14

Also, I wouldn’t bother skimming the foam on top. Most of it will collapse to the bottom in the browning stage.
So the only real work is scrapping all the burnt solids on the bottom of the pan.

FYI, I did a huge batch. And canned them in sterilized quart size mason jars. Because the ghee was so hot, it sealed well without a water bath. Granted this is NOT a recommended preservation technique by the agricultural extension office. But it seems to work for me.

(Allie) #15

Mason jars for me too, but also in the fridge once cooled.

(KCKO, KCFO) #16

Allie, thanks for posting this, I haven’t gotten around to making ghee yet, but this slow cooker method sound great. I did it on the stove with double boiler method back in the day, but it is way too much bother now.

(KCKO, KCFO) #17

Ah, Beurre noisette. Make Beurre noir sauce by adding some capers, parsley, and lemon. delicious on fish or chicken.

(Todd Batitis) #19

I have been doing a lot of pecan halves lately and trying different versions (coconut oil, KG butter, Nanak Ghee) and found that I really love the browning that comes with the butter compared to the ghee.

I haven’t tried it on veggies though but I can see where that would be really good… and since I am not making brown butter noodles anymore… :slight_smile:

(Todd Batitis) #20

I might have to look into this. I buy the KG from Costco as well as the Ghee and even at that I can’t believe that the cost is cheaper for me. It is certainly something for me to look into when the rest of this ghee is gone though. It is a lot though so it will be a while. :slight_smile:

(Running from stupidity) #21


Yeah, “overshoot” :slight_smile:

I used that the first couple of times, but this nutmilk bag is a lot finer, and then I just put it through the washing machine and it’s good to go next time (and your clothes smell like ghee #winwin).