Recipe for homemade ghee

(Alex ) #21

I think most of that went down the sink (hopes) the protein shaker was literally above the sink hole and it all disappeared as I was pouring (along with the plastic sieve I was straining it with) - I put the rest straight into a glass jar through the cloth.

Such a nob! Although to be fair, it was fine using this method of straining last time! Clearly way hotter.

I’ve restrained it with a metal sieve, and put it in the fridge, seems a shame to waste 3 bars of Kerrygold.

Reckon the burned butter will be ok?

(Alex ) #22

there’s another thread on here; this is is exactly what I have in terms of colour… I think I’m going to keep it and try it in my coffee!

(mags) #23

Let us know how it goes. I’ve just got into ghee making and I love it. I have been making mine in a slow cooker but need to try stove top to try the caramel flavour.

(Allie) #24

Mine was really nice, so much so that I tried to recreate it but Tesco own brand butter doesn’t seem to burn as well :joy:

(Bob Johnson) #25

Please, correct me if I’m wrong. Isnt Ghee just clarified butter? Is there a difference? I know I’ve made clarified butter for different recipes, don’t recall why it was needed, probably due to water content otherwise.

(Allie) #26

Yes it’s clarified butter but tastes very different. I prefer it to butter.

(Bob Johnson) #27

Looks like i’ll be making some as well. How stable is the shelf life if it had added flavors? Garlic comes to mind. Maybe onion as well. Maybe even some jalapeños? Wait! Jalapeño and garlic! /woot

(Allie) #28

I really don’t know but may have to find out now you’ve mentioned it :joy: plain ghee is stable at room temperature.

(Bob Johnson) #29

I left one out!


(mags) #30

I’m afraid I can’t keep it long enough to worry about shelf life!

(Allie) #31

Same here, I get through it tablespoons at a time :joy:

(mags) #32

My latest obsession. Boiled egg and soldiers. The soldiers are crisp streaky bacon and I add a knob of ghee (well several) to each egg. :yum:

(Allie) #33

Have you tried frying halloumi chips in ghee and using them as souldiers? If not, you may want to…

(it's official - I'm forked) #34

Boiling fat is hot :slight_smile:

Which is also a good reminder - be really careful doing this, it’s easy to get bad burns from fat.

Yeah, that was mine, and it is fine. I was dong about 20 things in the kitchen and let it go a LITTLE too far.

Makes for good meal descriptions, though.

(Alex ) #35

I threw it away, just wasn’t sure about the flavour after letting it solidify in the fridge!

I’ve made another batch now, but with cheaper butter, I’m really gutted I wasted the Kerrygold :roll_eyes:

(Alex ) #36


(it's official - I'm forked) #37

Kerrygold is about the same as our store-brand butter down here, so I don’t bother with it, given it’s twice the price (unless it’s on special for half off, which is when I bought some to try it :slight_smile:

(mags) #38

No I’d never thought of that. Thanks for the idea. Just cut up and shallow fry or do you roll them in something first?

(Allie) #39

I just cut them and fry them until each side is crispy and brown @Magsymaybe

(mags) #40

I’m working away and fasting for 3 days. Have been torturing myself googling haloumi chips. Home tonight and stopping off at Tesco on the way home. Mouth watering about my breakfast tomorrow. Challenge will be not to eat when I get back!