Pecan (maple) Tart

(Kim Dinis) #1

***amended after some comments :blush:

Here’s my pecan can be maple too tart recipe!
Base (note my pan is small - if your using a 9inch pan then the base maybe too thin and a little crumbly. Perhaps add a third more of each ingredient)
1 cup / 90g of almond flour
30g melted butter
10g truvia
Mix together and flatten out into a pan. Bake in the oven for 10-15 mins until light brown 180°
Leave to cool

1 cup / 90g of chopped pecans
100g butter
70g of Truvia (lots of people think this is too sweet. If you don’t need it that sweet cut the sugar by a third - Brenda tried it that way and it still works well)

Heat a pan, melt the butter and add the Truvia. When it starts to bubble throw in the pecans. Stirring continually.
*optional - for maple add 1tsp of maple extract and 1/8 cup of zero calorie maple syrup.

Pour the filling into the base and leave to set in the fridge.

*optional - melt 2 squares of dark choc and drizzle over the stop and leave to set.

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(Brenda Zorn) #2



I fucking LOVE pecans!!!

(Arlene) #3

If I made this I would stuff my face till it was all gone. My stop button is broken. Glad you can enjoy it.

(Kim Dinis) #4

Haha, its so filling a small slice does the trick!

(LongHaulKeto) #5

Can’t wait to make this!

(Joel Dinis) #6

Yum yum…

(Llewellyn Falco) #7

could you please add the nutritional info as well?

(Brad) #8

Take butter, Erithytol,pecans and melt in some lillys. Make that about once a week.

(LongHaulKeto) #9

Can’t wait to make this! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

(Brenda Zorn) #10

I can’t believe it’s ketogenic!

(Michelle) #11

most all of my bookmarks are Brenda’s awesome recipes!! :clap::grin:

(Michelle) #12

i really want to try this. I don’t have a pan like this at all. Do they make these in disposable versions?

(Brenda Zorn) #13

This is @Kimmy’s recipe.

And you could use any shallow baking pan the size of a small pie tin. Even a disposable one.

(Michelle) #14

yep, thanks for correcting me!! I scrolled up and saw that. Thank you @Kimmy for posting this. I love pecans too, so need to make this one day.

How do people come up with these recipes?? I’ve never been a cook, but I’m amazed at what people put together. One sure NSV for me is that I’m now “cooking” for myself!! :+1:

(Arlene) #15

Some of us just seem to enjoy creating delicious food. Others can’t be bothered to do anything beyond opening a box or a can and stuffing it in the microwave.
I believe in eating delicious food. For me, it’s a waste of my time and effort to make something “so-so”. Where my sister only buys veggies that are already cut and washed for her, I prefer to buy the freshest, whole veggies, including actual whole heads of lettuce, versus the bagged garbage. Food is important to me. I guess that makes me a “foodie”.

(LongHaulKeto) #16

So beautiful!!

(Rhiannon ) #17

I made this last night.


Note: I didn’t use any sweetener in the crust and it was amazing.
I added coconut oil to the filling for some added fat.

Thank you Kimmy!!!

(Kim Dinis) #18

Glad you liked it! Good call in the coconut oil!!

(Brenda Zorn) #19

I made your tart. It was FANFUCKING TASTIC!!!
More sweet than I needed though. I made it for a dinner party at the 2KetoDudes party house here in Breck on Friday, and used 1/4 less.
Still very sweet BUT everybody still loved it.
Today I will make it one more time for the last 2KetoDudes party house dinner.
I plan to HALVE the sweetener from your original recipe.
I’ll let you know how it goes.
@carl (Carl Franklin) wants to give this recipe on a podcast soon. He may already have (he recorded two new ones this weekend).
Credit will be given to you. We are wowed by your recipe!!!

(Beth) #20

I made it last night and didn’t have enough crust for the pan I used. I guess that means I should have made it thinner (because there didn’t seem to be a shortage of the pecan mixture). Also, the crust really fell apart on me. My intuition says having a thinner crust wouldn’t help that problem, but my intuition has been wrong before… Thanks for the recipe! I was thinking these could be done in mini tart/muffin pans to be little two bite pecan tarts.