Pain in back hips and butt at day 4 of extendedfast

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Man! I had the exact same thing almost 3 years ago. On day 5 I broke down and took a single ibuprofen… I felt so guilty doing it but it was that or stop the fast. Most horrible pain EVER! It was the worst laying down at night, I had to pace the floor for hours. I cried it was Sooooooo painful!! I think in total I took maybe 5 pills in a 3 or 4 day period. I think it eventually subsided because I don’t remember taking it but for that short time. Started another fast today planning on 17 days. If it happens again I will not hesitate to take an ibuprofen. Did that guy who went to the California fasting clinic ever report back with their theory? I don’t see a response.

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Add one more person who’s experiencing the same symptoms. I found this thread out of desperation in trying to understand if this was normal or not, as I was ready to find a doctor to check me out. The pain came on quite suddenly right at the very beginning of day 4. It was absolutely excruciating and was almost impossible to sit, lay, drive or sleep. Had to prop several pillows all around me to find a pain level that would allow me to fall asleep, and then had to shift my body position constantly. Almost no sleep for 2 days.

For context this was my first fast beyond daily fasting. I consumed only black coffee, green tea, water, and herbal tea during the fast. I had approximately the same amount of coffee as I normally do, 2 cups.

I did add Trace mineral drops to my water as well as Celtic Sea salt, plus some additional magnesium each day. Day one was easy, day two I was very lethargic, day 3 I actually felt okay. Never any hunger pangs. I had a suspicion of potassium deficiency because my trace minerals didn’t have a lot of potassium in them so I added that the day after my pain started. As everyone has described the pain seemed to start in my lower to mid back and radiated downward through the backs of my thighs down to my knees. My primary suspect was the kidneys, perhaps due to the large volume of liquids I was consuming each day. I broke my fast shortly after the pain started as I was afraid it could be a serious problem. The pain level went from a 10 on intensity down to about a 7 after eating and adding potassium. It then slowly dwindled down from there but it would come and go at random. Laying down was the worst, but sitting down was a close second. Going for a walk seemed to help alleviate a little. It mostly subsided after about 3 days of breaking the fast.

I was hoping to find the answer in this long thread but it looks like this is still a mystery to everyone. I thought about the caffeine theory, but I had the same caffeine as usual and I can normally go weeks without any caffeine with no symptoms at all. So I’m reluctant to say that was the cause for me at least. I could see it affecting someone who is more sensitive to caffeine though. The uric acid explanation is interesting and has me thinking. I’ve never had gout so I’m not sure if that was my problem. I would be willing to try the ACV mixture as described though to see if it had any effect. I probably won’t do another fast anytime soon due to the serious impact the pain had on my work schedule, but I will check back here for additional updates hoping that somebody is able to identify the root cause. Thank you to all in this thread for your input and helping me to feel at least somewhat normal.

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I did a 30 day fast a couple years back - same thing… evening of day 3, severe back pains. I couldn’t get comfortable and so I paced, laid on the floor with my legs up, stretched - nothing. I found a home health remedy that used caster oil, with a cloth on your back sealed in cellophane - and it worked!!! I’m looking for that now to find the exact remedy, because I’m on day 4 of a fast and forgot all about it until my back began screaming at me this morning.

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Hi all.
I found this site due to searching for ‘hip, lower back & leg pain’ whilst fasting.
I’m in day 5 now, but the agonising pains started on the evening of the 3rd day. I couldn’t sleep, was pacing the floor, stretched every way possible, but nothing relieved the pains. They were shooting down my legs to my ankles.
I’ve fasted on and off for a couple of years, but only to 48 hours, never a prolonged fast. As always, I get a headache for a few days, could be caffeine withdrawal also. But nothing prepared me for these constant, nagging/searing pains from my hips down.
Last night I started massaging deeply with a heated shiatsu device. It was very painful, but I kept at it most of the evening whilst watching TV… I also took it to bed with me and continued running it over my hips, buttocks, tops ofy legs and lower back. A lot of the searing pain dissipated enough to allow me a good 8 hours sleep.
I woke this morning & could feel it, although a massive reduction in intensity.
I’ve just completed a 40 minute beginner Pilates workout plus a 30 minute specific hip/lower back stretches & targeted exercises. I feel so much better, most of the pain has gone, just slight residual hip flexor pain (which I always suffer from). I believe trigger point massage helped tremendously.
Hope this helps someone as it nearly stopped my fast.

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Hi all
Complete newbie here.

About 6 to 7 weeks ago I decided I needed to change. Menopause meant I just kept putting weight on, mostly round my middle, rest of me is skinny. Bought a blood glucose monitor and my BS was def higher than the norm
Started with one day fast. Did a 3 day fast a couple of weeks later and have just finished 5 day water only fast. Now looking towards more of a kerogeic lifestyle.

My question is around the intense pain I had in my lower back hips and butt. Started at about the 4.5 day mark. So bad that I quit the fast 3hrs short of the 5th 24 hr period. Feel fine now]

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Just curious. Why are people opting to do extended fasts when they seem to cause such discomfort? Are the benefits really any more than simple keto diet or keto with OMAD? What are the benefits that people have experienced with their own eyes?


Oops, somehow I got logged out and replaced with the strange user name above! My question still holds!

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My opinion:

If you could do a real fast like they do in Russian Retreats for two whole weeks; they have demonstrated and documented the reversal of many countless diseases. That’s what you call full blown autophagy and should only be done once a year.

Unlike partial autophagy from time restricted eating and eating what you want and how much you want.

Caloric restriction which is like prolonged fasting can do damage (too much autophagy) if you do it continually and your not diabetic.

If your brave enough to do the cold thermal adaption method and your goal is to burn body fat without restricting any kind of food, you could skip all of the above.


[1] ”…Autophagy includes five phases: initiation, elongation and autophagosome formation, fusion, and autolysosome formation. Macromolecules are targeted to double-membrane vesicles called autophagosomes and then autolysosomes form by fusion with lysosomes. …” …More

[2] The three different types of autophagy: (a) macroautophagy, (b) microautophagy, and (c ) chaperone-mediated autophagy. Mitophagy (d) is a specialized form of macroautophagy, which selectively degrades mitochondria. …” …More

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I have this theory that those getting the pain are relatively lean people. It would be interesting to assemble the statistics here. If you encounter this pain (hips/but/legs around day 4 of a fast), please mention in this thread if you are overweight or lean or something in between.

For me: on day 4 of a water fast I had this pain. It was like my leg bones hurt. It stopped soon after I broke my fast. I am not overweight and not too lean: BMI 22.5 (with a bit more muscle than average).