On day 5 and frustrated

(Jimmy) #1

It’s been 4 days of strict adherence, no cheating, under 20g carbs and I’ve lost only half a pound. It’s a bit deflating. I recently lost almost 20 lbs by calorie counting and working out and had plateaued which is why I’m trying Keto. I guess I was assuming it would kick in right away.

I’ve done some reading today and perhaps I’m eating too much protein and not enough fat?
My keto test strip shows “moderate” so I’m not there yet.

Any tips or comments are welcome. I’m not considering quitting, just want to know what I can do better.
Tomorrow I’ll start the fasting.

(Allie) #2

Best not to start fasting until you have your macros right and are fat adapted.

(Stacy Blanchard) #3

Try a new diet technique called patience. It can take time for your body to get in the groove. Is weight loss your only goal? As far as fasting, I am probably in the minority. I started fasting and then broke my fast by starting keto. If you feel like you want to fast and can, then do it. The one thing I was not mindful enough with at the beginning was salt, potassium and magnesium.

(Alec) #4

Let us know what you’re eating and we can advise. But only 4 days? Give it time. This is not a quick fix diet. This is a long fix for life way of eating.

(Jimmy) #5

Thanks all. I’m feeling better as the day goes on. I think I probably ate too much too the first few days. I will update as I continue.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #6

Wait, don’t restrict calories to a deficit. You need to fuel the adaptation process.

(Roy D Rushing Jr ) #7

Yeah, Day 5 is way too early to be frustrated. Keep at it for about 4 more weeks and then come back and update this thread. You’ll probably have a different outlook then. I know the thought of having all that time still to go is distressing when you want results yesterday, but it’s just what you have to do.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #8

Also if you’re coming from a calorie restrictive diet, you probably slowed your metabolism down, thus the plateau. It’s going to take some time to build it back up again, which is why you should definately NOT calorie restrict now.

(Katie) #9

I recommend not even beginning to think about being frustrated until 4-6 weeks after starting. Keto feels so different and is such a shock to the body. Just focus on fat-adaptation and eating healthy, nutritious, whole foods. Do not stress yourself out when your body is already undergoing stress from the big way-of-eating change :slight_smile:

(Chris W) #10

@J_A-M has some excellent beginners tips

It can take several days just to get to ketosis esp if you are coming from high carbs. The things needed to get to ketosis are, low carb intake(check) reducing blood glucose(probably check) reducing liver glycogen(can take a day or two at first) and low insulin which can be tricky esp if you are T2D or have IR.
Eating too much protein is possible, eat as much fat as you can at first which is often not enough for most people. It takes a little adjustment to get all the fat in the first few days.
Eat to protein to your macro level and if you are still hungry finish off with fat.
I recommend everyone eat to there maintain macros for the first few weeks, your body once ketogenisis starts will need extra energy and its best to not restrict calories. Get it through your head right now that is not the right way to do this WOE eating to satiety or full is really best at first. Calorie restriction will lower BMR and shut down a lot of the functions you really want to be moving at full speed, its a good way to feel like crap, be cold, and get sick.
Weight loss may not happen right of way, take pictures, take measurements, things will start to change, but also healing is happening and that can take some time as well.
It typically takes about 2 weeks for most people to be come keto adapted were they are making enough ketones that your body has spare. Add another 5-7 weeks for fat adaption were you start using the fat directly at most cells and the liver does not have to do all the work anymore.

Keep Calm and keto on

(Katie ) #11

Did it take you 4 days to put all the weight on?
No. Keto is not a miracle cure. It’s hard work.
Not everyone loses weight in the first few weeks, sometimes it ramps up in the third or fourth, others like myself haven’t lost anything for the last 4 weeks.
Patience is key.

(Vivienne Clampitt) #12

It has taken me nearly 3 months to lose weight, inches maybe but not weight loss. Probably doesn’t help that I only needed to lose a few pounds anyway. But IF has helped me lose around 4 pounds this week. BUT I haven’t been ready to fast until recently, about 8 weeks into this WoE.
Patience is definitely required!


unless I missed it, but I did not see what staring frame size and weight you are. The heavier you are the sooner you will see the reduction. I like to think the process is one of eating the correct foods, getting healthy and as a result of proper feeding then extra pounds will fall off. We have been trained to reduce to reduce, I have found the exact opposite,

(Mon) #14

I’m just going to leave this here along with some encouragement. You can do this :muscle:

(Vivienne Clampitt) #15

So totally agree!


I’m just starting too! It’s super hard at first and I’d love to start a kind of additional support group. I started a youtube channel and hoping people will be able to share their experiences there as well. Here’s the link to my first video if you’re at all interested and need a little face to face support. I find it super helpful to watch videos of others who are going through the same thing as motivation


Your weight fluctuates within a 4 pound window due to water. That means you could adhere strictly to a regimen and very easily see a 3 pound gain after 4 days.

To smooth out the variations and discover the underlying trend, you can track your weight at Trendweight

(Jimmy) #18

So it’s been about 2 and a half weeks and although I haven’t lost much weight, I feel great and committed to the keto life change. I’m getting leaner somehow, clothes are fitting better even though I’m only a few pounds down.
I haven’t cheated at all, or felt the need to, but I have been drinking a bit more (vodka) due to the World Cup. (I’m English). I wonder if that’s slowed down the weight loss?

I’m also confused by the keto test strips. I know this must sound stupid, but do I want a dark strip or light?

(LeeAnn Brooks) #19

Yes, the vodka will slow you down and slow down the fat adaptation process. Anytime you ingest alcohol, your body prioritizes metabolizing it before burning anything else.
Not that I’m telling you not to have it, but it’s a choice that will slow down the process.

As far as the strips go, color doesn’t matter as they aren’t always accurate anyway. Just seeing pink letsnyou know you are producing ketones. That’s really all that matters at this point.

(Michelle) #20

I agree with @Anniegirl9 about the vodka. I had to go cold turkey with wine when i started keto and after a week took up bourbon. That significantly slowed my fat loss. I’ve decided to quit drinking during the week to see how that affects my weight loss.