Off to Goodwill with you

("Everybody's coming home for lunch these days" -- CVB) #1

After a 5 decade long tug-of-war with yo-yo dieting, I finally have the confidence to clean out my closet of clothing I haven’t worn in at least a year, as well as too-baggy clothes.

Here are my XXL+, 42" and over waist pants, and a variety of other clothes that are more like parachutes nowadays. It’s so nice getting rid of fat stores, and clothing stores.

(Regina) #2

Congrats! I’m so happy for you.

(Becca) #3

Congrats on this major NSV!

("Everybody's coming home for lunch these days" -- CVB) #4

As my wife and I transition towards an empty nest (one more in the queue) we’ve been going through the piles of “maybe someday” stuff throughout the house. That includes my closet. I found a large swath of professional attire from my youth that fits again. I love putting on 2-decade old clothes that fit as well, if not better than they did then. Some of you fashionistas may bristle at my wearing 2-decade old clothes. Perhaps I should start a gofundme campaign for those so afflicted?

Relatedly, I stated elsewhere that this is the year I up my professional wardrobe. I stopped at a local Men’s Wearhouse. A rather dapper salesman explained that a single suit starts at $300. This was my reaction:


(Red Fox on the TV show “Sanford and Sons” he was a brilliant comedian, for you youngin’s)

The best NSV’s are the ones you realized were an NSV well after the fact. Like savoring the delicious after-taste from a well-seasoned meal.


20 years is the perfect amount of time. If it isn’t still in style, now it is retro.

But seriously, especially for a suit, or any men’s clothes, 20 year old clothes are fine.

(Carl Keller) #6

You just reminded me that I should probably clean out my closet. I have a half dozen pairs of pants I could get rid of. I might save one pair to remind me of what happens when I eat garbage. I’m just happy I can wear some of my smaller pants and tshirts again and not have people ask me why I am wearing my “little brother’s shirt”. :stuck_out_tongue:


It just occurred to me that I was wearing a 25 year old sweater while I typed this.

(Jennibc) #8

I love my goodwill trips! It’s a symbolic way of promising myself I am never going back. I learned the hard way, if you keep old larger sizes around, you will grow back into them. Last March, the reason I finally resolved to give up sugar was because all of my clothing was getting tight again and I refused to go out and buy the next size up since I’d already purged my closet. That was the last change I could make. I am now down over 30 pounds since March! In the past I would lose 20, keep the jeans around and suddenly in the winter I was wearing the ‘20 pounds heavier’ jeans. Not having larger sizes to fall back on, keeps me motivated!

Additionally on the retro front, I was sporting a fabulous 1990s ensemble (1990s size 12) ! on my birthday back in November because I did keep all of my normal size clothing, promising myself I’d get back there. Sure, I am dressing like Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, but it sure feels great to be back into these things. Next stop my 1980s size 10s.

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #9

While you’re there, go in and maybe pick some new stuff out, if you’re still losing weight. When I was 15 heavier, I had a pants situation, so I ebayed for size 38 pants for work… not a final solution, but got lots of months out of lightly used khakis, that are now too big. As 36 was what I was in college, what I got to at my peak in my previous experience with keto, I think I spend on nice new stuff for 36" waist.

(Jennibc) #10

And how great it is to finally be able to find stuff at goodwill that fits!

(Stylee) #11

I did the same thing around Thanksgiving except mine were put in boxes and left on the sidewalk in front of the homeless shelter, a huge problem where I live. And 7 huge boxes of food I swore off to the Mormon Church food bank. House purging is a side benefit of the keto lifestyle. Now to deal with that bread maker!

(Jennibc) #12

Yep, the rice steamer needed to find a new home a while back. Replace your bread maker with a hot air fryer - you will be able to roast vegetables in record time and make some mighty delicious keto fried chicken without the the mess of deep fat frying and in a fraction of the time that it takes to make in the oven

(Stylee) #13

I put my rice cooker out on the sidewalk with a bunch of other kitchen stuff not needed anymore, it magically disappeared! But my bread maker mixer is too nice to be done with that way, looking to pass it on though. Just wondering if I can use it for keto loaves or something. Maybe mixing fathead pizza dough! I have to experiment before I jettison it!

("Everybody's coming home for lunch these days" -- CVB) #14

So, that’s the thing. My last big “clothes throw-out” was after losing 100 pounds on Jenny Craig. I had similarly “promised” myself, then, I’d never, ever go back to big ole’ me. But I did. Within a year I regained all that weight, and then I needed new clothes.

That’s why I waited this long. I’ve finally found a reliable food regimen that I can sustain over the long haul.

Indeed, you do look fabulous. I’m tapping the skills of my daughter whom is very much a fashionista, to help her dear old dad along. I sent her this picture for her feedback:

"Pants are too baggy, Dad.”

Sigh. Sounds like time for a Goodwill trip.

(Stylee) #15

My problem involved switching from a belt to suspenders to keep my 38-40” pants up with a 36” waist!

(Jennibc) #16

Lookin good! Baggy pants or not!

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #17

“Retro is my personal style.”
That should be our mantra.

Goodwill and other thrift and consignment shops are our friends too. Good value and things have already shrunk, stretch out, been hemmed up, etc. Saves time and money.

And for the guys, a current fashioned tie and maybe a shirt will update any classically cut suite.

(Regina) #18

I loved that show!!! (I’m obviously not a youngin!)

(Deborah ) #19

Me, too! :slight_smile:

(Deborah ) #20


I’ve started a pile of “donation” clothes that are too big now. I’m just so happy to be able to shop for regular sizes instead of plus sizes!!!

I haven’t taken anything to donate just yet. Even though I have no intention of leaving the keto WOE, after many times of up and down and having to rebuy clothes in the past, there’s still that little voice in my head that says, “What if…?”

I think I need to smack that little voice down!