October 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)


Yes Sir, I have no issues with shorter Fast either, or (IF). I always just considered them like extended OMAD’s when not much longer than 24hrs. But though I do see them more as OMAD overall, I do and have always consider anything beyond 24hrs. more prone to actual Fasting, opposed to Intermittent Fasting. (But that’s just how I like to view Fasting for myself) But I do find that even the smaller Fast, seem to really help my digestion overall which is always a major plus and I just feel better. :slight_smile:

Actually I’m just passed 47 hrs. presently, and will eat something very shortly. So no more then 48 hrs. when I break. But the way I’m feeling, I would have no problem just carrying on. It’s just I’m trying not to go over-board being I’m just putting Fasting back in the mix here lately. But used to really enjoy Fasting all the work week, or 120 hrs. from Sunday nights dinner to Friday. I will do one soon though. :slight_smile:


To me, OMAD and skipping a day (along with the nights) are very very different. 26 hours? It’s normal OMAD, I just eat a tad later, big deal. But skipping my usual eating time, that’s serious. It’s harder on me, I need to be prepared, usually… Even if I am not hungry, it’s very very odd to skip my meal. Even my body gives me little nudges but that’s not always a problem (if it is, I eat, of course). But mentally… I really cling to my meals.
I can skip lunch (it has its difficulty but I practiced and it’s not particularly hard unless I cooked something exciting just before) but dinner too? No wonder it’s extremely rare in my life and mostly happens on ZornFast when I get extra push and I plan it…

If I skip a day, it’s automatically over 40 hours as I always wake up very satiated (unless I went to bed hungry but I don’t do that) so I never eat in the morning. I may eat late but not in the times when EF has any chance.

As time passes, my body gets farther from the idea of eating but mentally it’s too hard so I don’t know how I ever will go over 48 hours… I need to evolve first or just change for those days… :wink: Well I don’t need badly to do even EF… I am happy with OMAD/TMAD.

(Bob M) #23

Agree with you two. I personally have struggled since the pandemic began with 36 hour fasts (my normal length when I make it overnight). Part of this is because (pre-pandemic) I was able to pick up my kids late in the evening from some event, and I could stay at work until I picked them up. When you get home after 8pm, and you go to bed after 9pm, it makes it easier to hit 36 hours.

But when the kids are home all the time, it’s hard not to eat with them. They are back to doing some events later, but I haven’t figured out the timing to fast 36 hours.

So, I’m only doing OMAD, say 22 hours fasting. I’ve done that M, W this week. Might try Friday too. Otherwise, 2MAD.

(Jane Srygley) #24

Hey fasters!

Doing my all day Thursday fast-28 hours but actually more like 32 because after 8pm last night all I did was take my pills around midnight. I’ll break it at 4am tomorrow morning.

@Shinita I went from 32 hour fasts right to a 72 hour fast! I really amazed myself. I may do it again after Christmas this year as I am not one to stay on Keto regardless of the occasion and I’ll definitely need some reparation at that point!

KCFO :heart:

(KCKO, KCFO) #25

I have posted this month’s Zornfast thread, since the outage happened around it last month. Wanted to get it up and running. If you don’t know what a Zornfast is, it was a monthly group fasting started by @Brenda Zorn even before the forums existed. It is the 3rd Thursday to Sunday of each month. Come and join us for extended fasting support.

(Allie) #26

So I’m at the end of a week with no structure, back to work tomorrow :weary: and just over an hour into my regular 36 hour fast to start the week off. I don’t know how this will go. Work has been hellish apparently, the last week I’ve been home settling my adorable puppy in, so I’ll be walking back into a sh1tstorm… as well as leaving my Bertie puppy for the first time :pensive:


Good luck with it all, Allie. I know the feeling, and I’ve had one of those days, pretty much every day the past 3-4 weeks. But hoping it dies down here shortly. … Hope the new Puppy is doing well. :dog:

(Allie) #28

New puppy is fabulous Dave, actually amazing. I really don’t want to have to get back to work and leave him… but puppy food to buy, etc.

I hope your days get better soon :heart:


Thanks, I’m sure they will. :slight_smile: … You have any pics of the New Pup on here? Love to see it.

(Allie) #30

Yes Dave, in my accountability thread :grinning:


Currently over 21 hours and finding it a breeze… normally drink black coffee when fasting, but not feeling it today so green tea instead, and sparkling water.


He’s extremely cute Allie, and I really love his colors. I’ve always liked brindles, but have never owned one. But mostly because I never came across any that were available. I’ve been thinking about getting another Male, and Alaskan Malamute is one I’ve been looking into. Beautiful Pup indeed. :slight_smile:

I’m planning some Fasting this week as well and will probably start after today. Trying to enjoy the rest of this Holiday weekend, but have spent most the time setting up staff to work the pumping stations. But it’s blown through faster then expected, so at least they can enjoy the day now. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #32

Going to start a 36-hr fast with hubby after dinner tomorrow night. I’ll be breaking mine as the Zorn fasters are just getting started so hopefully someone will be fasting with me on Wednesday.

If not I will post here anyway with my Keto Mojo numbers :slightly_smiling_face:

(Allie) #33

I’m cold, really cold… not even air con aiming at me kind of cold now even though I’m at work.

Be leaving work in 15 mins so will be able to get home and cuddle my puppy, with heating on! :cold_face:


My SO has 12 hours days too lately, coming home at 6:30pm… I am not happy about it, it’s too much for him but at least it triggers longer fasts… I still felt the need to break my fast at 4:30pm today but still, it’s something. I only had a single proper meal with a tiny one earlier.
I could have wait but I did that before and it doesn’t feel okay. I wasn’t hungry, just felt a need to refuel - even though I checked my energy and I obviously was okay. I didn’t get weak, just… Odd. And I know that if I ignore this feeling (it’s not very hard if I leave the kitchen and do something), I will be super tired mentally somehow… And my meal won’t be satisfying. I don’t know why I have this but I like to feel right. So if I feel I better break my fast, I do even without hunger and appetite and any weakness. My urges tend to be not strongly correlated, to put it lightly.

I do Zornfast, of course :slight_smile: I start at the normal time and we will see.

(Elaine Patterson) #35

Go easy on the fasting. I re-initiated Keto 3 months ago, down additional 20 pounds, and 7 days a week workouts. All was going well with 24 hour fasts. So, why not try a 72 hour fast, I asked myself. Well at 48 hours my blood sugar dropped, I am diet controlled diabetic. I was forced to eat, because I was down to BS 52. There is when the trouble began. I then have gained 4 pounds, and my blood sugars have shot up above normal. It is as if my body has markedly reacted and metabolism slowed. Not sure if I should fast again, or what to do to correct this situation.


Oh, I personally have no issues whilst Fasting. I’ve been Fasting for a couple years now & have never had any issues associated with it. … If anything my only issue would be that I usually want to Fast too often at times. - But after some time I simply just start missing a good meal, but not from being hungry itself, and I normally break just whenever. I also don’t Fast more then 120 hrs. (5 days), which is the self-imposed limit I set on myself back before I even started any extended Fasting.


Hunger is tricky for me. I have times without any and it’s especially hard for me to get hungry when well-fasted… At 24 hours, I just feel my mealtime passed but there’s usually no hunger. It varies around 48 hours… But then it’s just too long and my body doesn’t bother, at least it feels so, I actually very rarely fasted for that long but as time passes, I feel my body gets farther and farther from the idea of eating. I still can feel certain urges, of course but it doesn’t feel like hunger, usually. After some days, at least. On my only long fast, I got back my hunger after 120 hours. I am curious what would happen now that I am fat adapted.

I can’t imagine how people fast for weeks… But as I haven’t enough fat for that anyway and I am not that type, I won’t. But I plant to do 72 hours at some point. I just miss my meals too much so I don’t force it. It’s totally mental, I think. I would need some strong determination… Maybe it will happen on some day :slight_smile:


So I have found myself in the middle of an accidental fast. Yesterday I just wasn’t hungry so decided to do a quick fast. Now today it’s 3pm and I’m still not hungry so I think I’ll go til tomorrow noon for a total of 48 hours. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll extend it another day? The easiest fasts are the ones that aren’t planned :blush:


Similarly here… Presently at 44.5 hrs. and not sure if I will eat something later tonight or not?

Edit… Ended up breaking at 46.5 hrs.


Well, in 20 minutes it will have been 72 hours. Haven’t been able to fast like this in over a year. I attribute it to finally getting my chronic insulin down and actually burning fat for a change. Will eat for a couple days and then have another go.