OCT 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Michael) #41

I am 51 years old, but otherwise, not too much. 15 old guys (no women allowed this weekend) all acting like college students again for one weekend. Lot’s of drinking, drugs, video games and food.


So… then they appear to be pretty much the same then! :smile: Have a great time.


Being busy doesn’t really matter to me. I am at home, surrounded with food, even cooking and baking… It has close to nothing to do with my fasting. It’s all about my satiationg/hunger levels and sometimes mood.

I am food addicted so of course I watch food videos at any part of my fasting :smiley: It’s fine except it’s pancakes, I am quite passionate about them :smiley: Cooking and baking are interesting as they may help - or not at all. Double edged swords, those - or it’s all about timing…?
When I am in my natural fasting window, well-fasted, it’s close to impossible to tempt me. It’s just not that time.
Skipping lunch was often hard (so it often didn’t happen as I don’t do hard things regarding my eating) because I tend to start to develop some soft hunger at 2.30-3pm when my SO comes home, I cook just before and sit down to the kitchen table… I must be very satiated not to get tempted. And I don’t resist food temptations so if I get tempted, that’s it. Today was very easy but I went to my tiny walk/run anyway, it was brilliant sunshine! So little of it lately.

OMAD is zillion times easier than EF for me as my body has problems with skipping meals. OMAD is more like combining my 2 natural meals (at least in the past) into 2. No matter how many meals I had or how much carbs I ate, I had 2 proper sized meals and optionally a few smaller ones.

Eating small meals are surely not my thing!!! :smiley:
To make things better, I will eat my fill on my OMAD meal in the near future. Now I can eat well on most days that way I guess. I had times when carnivore often triggered many tiny meals, I barely could do IF then and sometimes I couldn’t. But those times are over.
I could only do OMAD for several days if I ate big meals and not small ones. It was quite annoying that when I first tried OMAD, my meals got significantly smaller than my usual first meals… :smiley: But I am fine now.

But not eating? No, I need fuel, I get dizzy and weak and my upset body starts to take away things like balance, vision and whatnot, I never played with that so my experience is tiny but I had some scary moments. I probably would be fine if I just wouldn’t budge but I like to feel as good as possible all the time… And keeping all the important functions of my body.
I still have some chance here and there so I will push a bit more but if I feel I have to eat, I eat.
OMAD is just my wish and it seems to be the best idea but if I have my intended OMAD at 5 and gets hungry again and again, I just do 5MAD, I don’t force these things! (I probably never did 5MAD when I started to eat 5… I usually eat well at that time… 3MAD is possible but 5…?)

I am fine now, had my OMAD (I hope). I have some serious food aversion now so it’s hard to find something I am willing to eat but I managed it.

Fasting is easier for me after eating a lot for a while. Makes sense to me, my body had its full and can handle fasting better… It’s one reason why fasting is easiest (very automatic) after my carby days… These are tiny fasts, of course, the craziest carby sugar-poisoning overeating day (that I never do anymore. I think. I will see after December) couldn’t trigger an EF… I only had those in my HCHF days, very occasionally. As some little break I suppose.

So next week when I do my best to do a 48 hour or longer fast, I start my fast after a very very serious OMAD meal. I eat as much as I can. I should start to plan that meal but I have enough experiences to have some vague idea about it :wink:

(Michael) #44

I find in general the more I eat (which if it becomes a lot means more often as well), the hungrier I am and the harder it is to avoid eating early the next day. While if I get into a rhythm of skipping breakfast, or not eating until 3 pm and end up eating less for the day, the next day I am not as hungry in the morning. So perhaps it is more a function of when then how much, but if I only eat two meals a day, I tend to TRE for much longer.


Little past 60 hrs. and if it wasn’t the weekend coming tomorrow would just keep going. But I don’t like to Fast on weekends, and after seeing that the weather is showing rains Saturday night, I’m thinking of maybe gong to bed early tonight & getting up early to possibly hunt in the morning before the rains set in. - So I dropped a Top Sirloin in the Sous Vide last night at 5:30pm, so will get a 24 hr. soak time for later on tonight, I also decided to bring something in for lunch, so will break in another 4 hours or so.


Ended up breaking shortly after 64 hrs.

(KCKO, KCFO) #47

Nice fasting.


Almost OMAD with a few bites 2 hours earlier… I am fine with it.
Not the vaguest idea how much I ate but I feel super full now. Maybe more than ideal but it’s pleasant :slight_smile: I just wouldn’t wanna run or even walk now :smiley: But I am tired too.
No plans for the weekend but I think I am ready for anything. I wasn’t hungry today but the subtle weakness came and it seemed a good idea to eat properly, I even broke my fast earlier and I usually need to finish such things.

I really should get my act together, next week is my oh-so-planned (hopefully) 48+ hour fast!


It’s been nice getting in some Fasting here lately, and I might try starting to do at least one ever week or so for a bit. (Maybe at least a 2 or 3 day). Plus, I’m planning to put some hunting time in, so I will be in the woods more and not at home anyhow. Plus, the weekend after Thanksgiving all the gunners start to blast away, with two weeks of shotgun and two weeks Black Powder. Deer go in vanishing mode. :slight_smile:

Plus, I sorta lose desire to get out there as much afterwards, being it’s most wet and cold. And though I don’t mind hunting in it, walking a mile from my house through mostly muddy fields is not all that fun.

(Bob M) #50

Not everyone has to fast. I’ve seen a lot of people who get benefits from time-restricted eating (which is what you’re doing anyway). I try to fast because I think it gets insulin down quite a bit. The lowest fasting insulin I’ve recorded is when I was fasting a ton. I also think (hope?) it has some anti-cancer effects.


Of course not everyone has to fast! I was always against forced fasting and the idea that a ketoer must do some kind of fasting.

But I need fasting.
OMAD isn’t good enough at all (and I can’t stick to it yet anyway) and I have multiple reasons for EF.

(KCKO, KCFO) #52

Very true.

I just found TRE didn’t get me to my goal. Once I started to add fasting in, I got to my goal and have been able to maintain it without any serious issues until this Jan. I do have a few extra lbs. I am working on getting off, but I did not do my usual lose 30+ and then gain it all back with some more. I used to think I would die if I fasted but once I tried it, I miss it if I don’t do some each month. I enjoy putting more attention on other things in life besides meals and food prep.


I always wondered if one was to get to their weight goal, and stay there long enough until they get their ‘reset’ as I’ve heard others speak on. If they could then maybe keep both Fasting and IF in play & could possibly re-adjust meal types to re-incorporate some things that they could somewhat control via said Fasting and meal times? Not saying go back to eating a bunch of junk, etc. Just wondering if Fasting & IF alone would offset one who might boost daily carb some, allowing them to still maintain their weight.

Opposed to someone who doesn’t Fast or do IF is my point. Just wondering how much effect those two things alone would have overall, or if it’s ever been studied? Which of course would also depend on the subjects used. Their issues, or non-issues, with their weight gain’s/loses over the years, etc.

I also started another Fast just 90 minutes ago. I have some things scheduled for the end of the week, so I just wanted to start early this week. So started after lunch.

(KCKO, KCFO) #54

I did that. I’m in yr. 4 of maintenance just added some stress lbs. after Jan. 6, which are coming off, eating a tad more strict keto (20g). For the last 4 yrs. I found I could maintain easily even having some days as much as 100 gr. of carbs. I stay in the 25-50 gr. range mostly. Very rarely do I have a less than 20 gr. carb day. I did a lot of IFing and plenty of EX fasting as well. But there were long stretches of time when IFing was the only fasting I was doing, usually 16/8 or 18/6 eating windows.

Some simply can not fast, and for them eating stricter keto seems to be the only way, hundreds of those postings in the forums. We just have to do our own thing. For me that is some fasting.


Yeah, I was wondering. I know I’ve heard of some folks who Fast quite often, but also don’t do LC, and seem to be in pretty good shape. So I know Fasting itself can be a game changer. And I have heard a lot of others mention bumping up carbs, just to start gaining weight back, which depending on what or how they were doing things, could effect different folks differently. … And yep, there’s some that also say they just can’t Fast, no matter what. So I’m glad I’m not one of them. I would goes days without eating, even in my younger years, when I too was still eating the SAD way everyone was.

Thanks again for the info. I was just wondering, and by no means would want to go back to that way of eating, or expect to start throwing junk back in. But simply upping carbs some, and that can be from the more Keto-Friendly stuff. :slight_smile:


Presently right at 31 hrs, and still debating my schedule for the end of this week. Wife and I are actually having that conversation as I type this.


Just passed 43 hrs. feeling fine as usual, but still need to work out when I will break. I’ve actually been up since 2:30am & already up 5 hours & just getting to work. :crazy_face: … Can’t say it’s the Fasting, because I actually do this quite a lot. If I wake to use the restroom or something, I don’t always go back to sleep. But was pretty much wide awake when I got up earlier, so could be related? I did try, lying in bed for 75 minutes just listening to music. But finally just got up at 3:45am and got dressed.

(Bob M) #58

To me, there has always been something “special” about fasting 24+ hours, overnight. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s different from OMAD, by a lot. Planning for this tomorrow.

I also feel a 3-5 day fast every so often is a good thing (sorry, Dr. Phinney!). I’m trying to get back to doing these every few months. Planning one soon.

The lowest fasting insulin I ever got (while not actually fasting), I got while in a phase where I was fasting a ton. I assume that’s a benefit.


Well, my dilemma presently is that I really wanted to get in a longer Fast for this one, but with the busy plans I have scheduled for this week/weekend I’m not sure what would be best presently. - Since I will be getting up 4-4:30am for a few days starting Thursday, would rather break when I’m not heading out.

If I break tonight…
Tuesday Evening… It would only be 54 hrs.

Wednesday Evening… It would be 78 hrs.

Thursday, I will not break since I’m hunting the day. :bow_and_arrow: :deer:

Friday Evening… probably can’t break again, since I have to be up at 4am, and at work by 5:30am for our Annual Snow Dry Run. But will be off at 2pm, so could possibly Hunt the afternoon? So doubtful, since I would miss Hunting the evening if I did break, and would be at 126 hrs. already at this point.

Saturday… Yep, Hunting again, so nope, not happening…

Sunday… If I decided to skip Hunting altogether, I could break around Noon I guess, which would have me just at 168 hrs. (Or 7 days) Which would take me beyond my self-imposed limit of 5 days (120 hrs.) that I’ve always followed… :man_shrugging: Dunno - Will have to see how it works out.

(Bob M) #60

I always wanted to do a 7 day fast…if only to say I lasted a week. (I’m not sure there’s that much of a difference between say 4.5 days and 7, but who knows?) The weekend for me is tough, as I want to spend the time with the family. Pumpkin carving this weekend, for instance.

Good luck, and let us know.