OCT 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Thanks, Shinita. She’s getting there, albeit slowly.


Yay! Good luck for both of you!
My SO doesn’t like to skip his daily 3 meals and only does it for some huge reason (like losing fat or not having enough food. potential fasting benefits or the challenge don’t interest him). But he can skip one meal without becoming very miserable (as I would be if I was properly hungry and didn’t eat right away) if life brings that… It happened with breakfast a few times and he has 8-9, sometimes 10 hours between his breakfast and lunch on a weekday. When losing fat, he skips his 3rd meal. He is the one who can just be hungry without eating and I am the one with slightly better fasting skills and a desire to skip meals (while being content and not hungry). But if I can eat, I usually eat. If I am hungry, I definitely eat. A nice combination of us would be so great at fasting… But I still hope I can improve at that. I plan a nice little 24 hour fast now. 7 hour is done but I will sleep soon and will be at 15 or something, feeling perfectly satiated. I so love the part after waking up, absolutely no interest in eating, perfect satiation, time to do my exercise… I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have that but of course I couldn’t enjoy this as a kid, I had to eat the breakfast I hated. Though I only have memories about my bigger kid years. I am not among the ones who remember being a few years old. I do remember some important stuff but almost nothing about food despite I very much loved eating (just not in the morning). But I got more food obsessed later and still never dreamed about food (except once). Why can’t I dream more about things I like, I don’t know… Skulls, spiders, bats, vultures, non-avian dinosaurs… I want creative dreams and remembering them more than once a month… :frowning: My SO dreamed a full dystopian novel/movie once…

(Jane) #23

Almost 39 hours is and no hunger - just that empty feeling. Will break tomorrow around lunchtime for ~ 65 hours.

Hubby doing good skipping dinner last night for a bit longer fast than he normally does. He used to barely make it to 36 and this time he will be at 48 hours unless he has to eat something when he gets up tomorrow morning. Will still be 44 hours if he does.


It was only 20.5 hours. My last meal was too small for a longer fast, I already felt its inadequacy a few hours after the meal.
I always need to choose between longer fasting and (potential. I can mess it up, after all) smaller energy intake and I almost always choose the second as I already eat a bit too much… But when I want a longer fast, I eat a big meal :slight_smile:
The only case I don’t need to choose is pulling off an EF but that’s what I have problems with in the last years. But I am hope I am ready to change that. Next week will show it!

(Jane) #25

It’s always a combination of phystical and mental hunger, and sometimes hard to tell the difference.

When my hubby first started fasting he would get up at 5 am since he made his 36-hour fasting goal and immediately go grab some charcuterie out of the fridge. I asked him one time was he really hungry when he woke up? He thought about it a minute and finally said “not really”. He just wanted to eat.

Then he started to wait unti he felt hunger and sometimes it woudl be mid-morning and sometimes lunch, when we normally have our first meal of the day. That stretched it to 42-43 hours. And now he’s doing a 48! Well, he is attempting but if he makes it to bedtime I think he will be fine.


I think I try to wait until proper hunger since months? Couldn’t do it often, I just FORGET!
It’s super hard. I automatically eat when I get tempted or stop being very satiated and it’s lunchtime or my SO is eating… I decide to wait and just forget, it’s maddening.
Because I don’t get hungry enough for an easy bigger meal. Today it was so bad, I was so, so hungry but couldn’t really eat due to negative appetite. Why I have this combo, no idea but it’s bad as I get conflicting urges. Of course I solved it but it was tiring. When I do dinner OMAD, I am hungry enough to eat properly without problems. It’s a tiny soft hunger but stubborn and lasts for a big enough meal.

I sooooo go back to OMAD tomorrow. Unless I forget. No, I won’t. I had enough.

I know the “not hungry but wanna eat” thing… But it doesn’t cause much problems for me… At least on OMAD… And when I go for an EF, I am determined and it’s rare enough so missing a meal doesn’t bother me mentally. It’s up to my body to be cooperative :slight_smile:
Longer term is different, I couldn’t do OMAD for long partially because I felt only one meal too few. But it can be a bit bigger… Still. But there were physical things too. But time got ripe to do it and now I should do it on most days, I think.
I like fasting, it’s very nice as long I feel right but I like eating too… :upside_down_face:

(Jane) #27

We rarely do OMAD - we either eat 2 meals within a 6 hour window or fast. Sometimes I wake up wanting bacon and eggs so we do three meals a day, but on those days I am very strict with my carbs.


I’m just at 19 hrs. myself. … Another long day of walking Levees, so wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, but will probably just forego anything tonight myself. Wife called to check with me earlier, but I told her I would let her know, but it’s doubtful I will eat.

(Jane) #29

47 hours in and cruising along. Hubby already getting nervous and said he might make him an omelet in the morning. Whatever works for him - just glad to have the support! But I told him if he cooked bacon he would be sleeping on the couch!!! :laughing:

BG: 86
BK: 3.3
GKI: 1.4
Boz: 26

Hopefully getting some autophagy going today and on through until lunchtime tomorrow.:recycle:


I dunno Jane… I’d think most folks would sleep on a couch for some Bacon! :smile: :bacon: - But understand what ya mean though.

I’m just coming up on 24 hrs. soon, and yep, decided to roll on and see where it goes myself.

(Jane) #31



Once (probably not just once but I remember one case) my SO made scrambled eggs with lots of sausage, the normal Hungarian kind full with paprika in the morning, that smells quite extensively! It’s good it doesn’t affect me - especially in the morning. No way I would want to eat then (except if I wake up before 6 as that is extreme zombieness and food makes me alive but it’s still bad and I stopped eating then too)! Morning isn’t for eating at all for me.

New day, new chance for OMAD, I am very determined now. And have no appetite anyway. It’s only noon so of course I don’t have any but I am sure it won’t change much in the next several hours.
Last night I just gave up so my number is tiny at the moment but I never cared about that if it’s not an EF. When during the day I eat first (and hopefully last), that’s the interesting thing. I should never eat before 4pm under normal circumstances… Stupid triggering lunchtime. I am fine if I am still perfectly satiated at that point but if I am not… Practice, practice! I would eat if I had serious hunger, sure but no way I get that so early if I ate properly in the previous days.

Sigh. I have this thing, not getting hungry or tempted until 2-6pm, it depends (sometimes not even at 7pm but I rarely wait for that long) and I still can’t have a small eating window with a proper energy intake. Maybe I should go for OMAD, eating big meals… Overeating be damned, it surely couldn’t happen for longer term if I stick to carnivore-ish (+fruits, it’s October, I just can’t not eat fruits, it’s grape season. and a bit jam making season, it’s a tiny heating before we give up and turn on the heater. but it won’t be much this year).
November is my proper carnivore(-ish but I do what I comfortably can) month, I have high hopes for it! I know myself so I don’t expect carnivore OMAD every day (and it probably wouldn’t be good either though I am pretty good at eating much meat in one sitting now) but close…?
Why I can’t hold this 2 simple thing I don’t know but it falls apart regularly and not because I am too strict and need something else. Whatever I do instead, that definitely is way worse.

Sometimes I wonder about people who do fasting. I imagine most of them are that disciplined person I am totally not and they just do it. While I do whatever and hope for a good result :smiley: Okay, I try, I train myself, I decide things… I can’t help things happen and I stop to care or forget :upside_down_face:

But I really need to get my things together. Only my OMAD days feel right nowadays. So I put some effort into making them possible.

Sorry for my psychiatric session all by myself. Or whatever I should call this.

(Jane) #33

Yeah, fasting isn’t for everyone but I find it easy if I can stay busy. I just make up my mind I am going to do it and my stubborness kicks in, which means I ignore the mild hunger pangs. If I truly started to feel unwell I would absolutely listen to my body and break it.

One time I was in Houston where they have fantastic ethnic restaurants as oposed to here where it is bland, fried, carby foods. I was there over a weekend and decided to fast. I was sitting in bed in my hotel room on a Sunday watching American football with all the food commericals. Normally I can look at food all day long but I wasn’t busy and after an hour I couldn’t stand it and went and broke my fast. No biggie. :woman_shrugging:

(Jane) #34

63 hours in, no hunger, feel fine. Will break in a couple of hours at lunchtime. Meetings scheduled too tightly around lunch to go out so hubby will bring me back a Sonic double cheeseburger and I will ditch the buns


(Bob M) #35

Try watching “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” sometime. I stopped watching it, as I got hungry every time.

Made it around 36 hours, with a few back exercises and a bike ride on the trainer. Only about 32 minutes total. Due to having cataract surgery, I’m not supposed to do any heavy lifting until Monday.

As for OMAD, I often think that’s harder than fasting. Particularly if I try to do a reduced calorie OMAD, it’s impossible. I’d rather bite the bullet and fast.

But having to pick up my daughter at dance at 8:15 pm makes it possible. Without that, and having to come home while the family eats dinner, that’s a tough one.

(Jane) #36

I do, too. TMAD or fast for me.

I always say I can look at food or read about food while I am fasting, but I am taking about looking at recipes online or the keto food thread here.

I bet you are right - if I watched food on TV again while fasting I might not make it. We only turn the TV on during football season to watch college and pros - otherwise it stays off. And I dont’ fast on the weekends at home, so not a problem.


Presently coming up on 39.5 hrs. myself. No issues, which is usually the norm for me anyhow.

As to being around or seeing food as a temptation, I’m fortunate that none of that bothers me. … The smells are nice and do make one think of food of course, but a lot times I’ll actually make dinner for the Wife and Son, and still not eat. Or before the Covid restrictions, going out or to someone’s house, them having a meal or just foods set out never bothered me. In fact, for some weird reason, I will sometimes decide to start a Fast whilst cooking? I can’t explain this, but even before switching to this WOE, I at times would decide not to eat after cooking up a bunch of stuff up. … I actually did a lot of OMAD’s back in the day too before eating LC. Which I was told wasn’t good for the metabolism, but well, it happens.


Yesterday was 36 hours for both of us. Broke this morning, feeling great.

(Michael) #39

Doing my first 48 hours fast (have done day less and more, but not just 48 hours) starting today. I need to lower my blood sugars before a cottage party I am going to tomorrow night (smashed my previous high in average glucose yesterday thanks to extremely high protein intake in combination with stress and lack of sleep thanks to stepson being loaded and waking the house up when he stopped by). I suspect this fast will be a breeze considering my background, but heh, who knows…I just got used to eating a LOT of food for the past few days, so it might be harder than I expect.


I actually had to look up ‘cottage’ party, since I read it as ‘college’ party at first. Don’t recall ever hearing the saying before, or if so, don’t remember. Guessing there might be ‘slight’ difference between them?