OK that is sounding good :slight_smile: Cool, I would inhale that!

(Robin) #162

I know you call that a NO FUN day, yet you managed to make it sound lovely:
…”Walking barefoot in the sand and ocean”. “Ribs cooked over a wood fire.” “If only I could bottle this light.”

I often wish I knew more about member’s lives and where they live…. Many of you read like like a good book.
Really… sat here wishing I had a bid’s eye view. Thanks.

(Michael) #163

Missed a few meals.

Wednesday evening I ate pork loin, salmon and beef liver.

Thursday afternoon I ate pork loin, salmon and sheep spleen.

Thursday evening I ate bacon eggs and liver

This morning I started making beef Thymus. Here are the cooking pictures. After soak pre cook

After cooking drying and pressing

After deep fry in pork fat

And finally after separating and storing for 3 sides later, here was my breakfast at around 4 pm

Thymus definitely one of favourite along with tongue. Both soooo good.

Will be having bacon and eggs with cheese for dinner, so I will forego any more pictures today.

(Daisy) #164

Yes it’s my favorite too!! Really hard to get here though.

Today’s meals looked very similar to yesterday! With the addition of some very freezer burned liver :joy:
image image image image

(Linda ) #165

Todays meals for me was steak and bacon for meal one and bottom round roast for meal 2 and a couple cups of coffee

(Karen) #166

Could have sworn i had posted yesterday lol …

Anyway a much more productive day. Woke early and got up and did 50 flights of stair runs. They felt good and eased my achy back just fine. Had a bath and as the rain that was forecast had not arrived I went and finished painting the base coat on the new wall. Looking pretty good if I do say so myself… done a good job but breeze block doesn’t half soak up the paint! After midday I went on bus to local town and met Raymond and had a spot of lunch, which reminds me now why I didn’t post yesterday!!! I had a cheese omelette which I would ordinarily have on its own but decided to have 2 sausages with it. Oh Lord I they didn’t sit well… note to self don’t eat cheapo sausages ever again! For the rest of the day and evening and into the night I was belching very loudly and tummy felt bloated :astonished:

Picked up prescription from pharmacy, couldn’t collect it till after 330pm which is why I was in town for the whole afternoon… my timing management had to go out the window a bit so I knew I would start feeling groggy and woozy which I did, just a tad bit.

I still ate a bit of food early evening, I had some chicken kind of hoping it would help me to go to the loo to relieve the bloating, it did , abit. Also had to resort to tummy settlers.

My nights are always restless and wakeful so to wake very early this morning and be well awake was not what I was hoping for. It was about 5.30am and I never got back to sleep after. I rested in bed till about 8am just reading the posts on here and a few other bits on my phone and got up about 7.30. Stripped the bed, did 60 flights of stair runs, had a bath and put fresh bedding on and got ready for my daughter. She has picked me up and taken me to CrossFit… just watching again today and then we are off to DIY store to get me some more paint for extension walls. I bought some but changed my mind about the colour since painting the shed a pale yellow and mauve … I think the colour I originally got will clash :roll_eyes: hey ho what else have I got to spend my money on… cant drive so nit buying petrol, got loads of meat in freezer lol and not dancing so may as well get that paint sorted!


could be med changes in ya and other crap with stress from knowing your issues and more so you just keep on! Keep on til the new you emerges and it will with better health actually :slight_smile: Time is super important for all our changes ALL of us gotta deal!!!

No driving, yikes I forgot that issue with your med stuff…has to be hard on that one! Stress right there HA

--------------------SO I am doing 3 regular pork chops later and having some burgers with cheese as second meal. Done.

Keeping it as simple as I can and weirdo thing is I hit beef again for a blip and NOW ALL I want is that darn pork again. I thank every day my chicken wing obsession is SO over :wink:

Keeping it easy and plain and eat exactly as I want every day. AND I eat every day vs. the poor souls who think that 5 days no eating on some fast etc. is the way to ‘lose a lb’ at all costs…omg I can’t even GO back to that archaic thinking ever, once here learning truths on nutrition one can eat every darn day and get results to the ultimate! I love my ZC plan to the max also :slight_smile: and will sing it thru each day I am on this Earth :flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It is me and what I require!

(Karen) #168

@Fangs tbh I am uber cool with not being able to use the car, I quite enjoy the fact that it makes me walk the shorter journeys where I would normally take the car.
The battery is flat anyway and I will have to buy a new one before getting it back on the road… it was on its way out a while back but a few longer trips cranked it up a tad bit.

Well today went very nicely. My daughter got me to the DIY store and helped me choose the colour fir the walls, how many variations of one colour can you get ??? My head was starting to grog up just glad Sian was there to help! So I am hoping for nice weather tomorrow to get the new wall done first.

Sian made me a couple of lamb chops when we got back to her house followed by some cheese and I have just finished off one of the cooked chickens I had in fridge with cheese and butter plus a cup of chicken stock.

(Linda ) #169

This morning first meal was steak …I really love that picanha steak. I been buying it up every couple od days…had to cook lunch for hubby made him chicken thighs today cooked extra for me for my 2nd meal I cooked 3 but it was only able to eat two.

(Robin) #170

You have a great attitude.

(Daisy) #171

I adore picanha! Sadly can only get it when I go to the Brazilian steakhouse. No one here sells it and my butcher is an uncultured swine :joy:.

This morning I had a couple sausage links my daughter had left. Made some fried eggs but they stuck in the pan and became scrambled eggs :joy:. Ate these things and the bone broth jello while the ground pork was cooking. I had pulled it out of the freezer because it’s one of oldest things in the freezer. I am not tolerating pork very well these days, but you also know my no waste policy :joy:. I ate half of it and fed the other half to the chickens. Then for dinner I had everything on the board. The raw beef liver and the raw round steak with raw bone marrow. I’m babysitting my 3 year old niece today and she took a bite of the liver and the raw steak!

image image image image image


@robintemplin you are lovely. I enjoy your energy.

NoFUN = No Food Until Noon. It’s an eating, or specifically a not-eating acronym. Like WOE is Way Of Eating because diet, in human nutrition vernacular, is a dirty word. Don’t ever let Fangsy catch you typing that word.

This morning there is a warm but lively wind. The sky is cerulean indicating we are on the cusp between the aboriginal seasons of Kambarang and Birak. The peppermint trees are animated in a graceful dance.They are covered in tenacious white blossom. The wind is from the summer a few weeks away. I got the watering done early. I’m up and out of bed early. Showing that things are getting better here.

In these longer days it feels wonderful to eat at or before sunset with a couple of hours before bed. It is so stomach comfortable. Last night’s meal was 4 cold, fatty lamb ribs, 4 pieces pan-fried halloumi (sheep’s) cheese, fresh carbonated rain water. Food cooked on the woodfire stove as there is still an evening chill. If I haven’t mentioned yesterday’s afternoon breakfast that was 3 pasture fed eggs omelette, pink salt, 45g Jarlsberg cheese, 2 rashers of bacon. That gets cooked on the electric stove top in the middle of the day powered by our off-grid system. That food rhythm and menu has served me well this past week. If I look back, last weekend I was disabled unwell. This week I feel I am getting better.

But as Fangsy will tell you, nothing stays the same, and that variation, while on plan is a good thing (just look at @Naghite Michael’s amazing mix of carnivore foods, and @Carnivoor Vic always dishes up a surprise). I think the carnivore Zero Carbohydrate plan is interesting in that it is easy to start due to its surprising simplicity and satiety, but then can become deliciously diverse in discovering the variety from the community. I’m hankering for some seafood; ‘surf and hoof’ (used to be turf). — Surf’n’Hoof September 2022?

(Michael) #173

I have decided to explore some seafood options and made both oysters and mussels today, ate some of each and optioned off some for the next two days. First time both making and eating them. Followed up with a beef ribeye.

Got a bit of a surprise deal today so I had sheep cheeks for first time as well as previous side of thymus, and cheddar cheese with Salmon.

Three first timers for me just today. I have another new item planned for tomorrow with other offals, so should be very diverse and unique day.

(Robin) #174

@FrankoBear How kind! I always look forward to your posts. You are a joy to read. A wordsmith with a keen sense of humor. Nice.

(Vic) #175


so glad you can walk to some stores etc. You must be in a more populated area? I am very rural. For me to walk to anything type of store would take forever LOL Someone would find me dead along the side of the road like roadkill in the end. Happy you are adapting well thru that!!

What? Are we talking the word ‘diet’ here? Yea I do not like that word, every time one says diet everyone thinks you are on some controlled nasty vicious ‘diet’ and diet just means what ya eat in your daily life but darn it never comes across like that anymore. Diet is a bad 4 letter word now HA

I am super duper happy you are on the improve!! It is great to say you are feeling more yourself and maybe it is just time and good living with that wonderful homestead you have and nice life that will bring you around soon. Just rest, eat well, see where it all goes.

Surf n Hoof!! :clown_face: I am sure we can find a good place in a month for that title :sunny:

----------------ate up 3 pork chops yesterday. very delish.
couple of nice cheeseburger patties

today I got a hankering for some breakfast link sausage
pair up with some taylor ham

got a nice pack of pork country ribs to cook today
probably will be that big pack in 2 meals, if I flip it up a bit it will be pork and more beef burgers.

Keeping it simple and easy. Not wanting to think much on my food. I am finding the more I think about food the more I am wanting to eat crap. I got an evil carb monster inside that is trying to find excuses to be reborn. I won’t ever let that happen…so simple, easy, eat very good and move forward. No backward motion :slight_smile:

Carnivore on strong guys!!


Slay that monster, @Fangs - you’re doing great.


heading into year 5 and I am so much more controlled and a ‘normal carnivore’ now but darn, every now and then ya know.

I am not totally safe tho ever. Carb monsters are real for those like me who are so carb sensitive, you give me an inch and I take 50 miles before I can even pretend to try to control myself :slight_smile: I have learned the hard way that I can’t even give myself that inch!

But I have standard things to say to myself tho to get thru the weirdo times I hit every now and then. Like go eat a lb. of bacon :slight_smile: What can ever be wrong with that? :wink:


Just a short one (considering it’s me and much time passed, at least), I really try not to come to the forum but I actually wish to reduce my few hours per day in the kitchen too… I just can’t seem to spend little time there.

I quickly run out of the little pork I had and I didn’t even want more. I ate this and that, not carnivore but I can’t go very far as I need my usual items. We never ate this many eggs in a week I think :smiley: I had liver, turkey soup and processed meat just no proper, satiating meat.

But we went to the city so it’s good again. it was amazing, I found very unusually good sales.
$1.42/pound for some pork shoulders, I didn’t know one can buy pork this cheap… I bought a single piece as my freezer hasn’t so much space now, about 11 pounds, cute slab, I had to cut it into multiple ones before I froze it :smiley:
The almost expired beef was maybe $2.2? Never saw it that cheap and the meat always worked even bought that late so… And I bought some veal, I never ever ate veal I think… The price was the same as for the cheapest beef cut, well that definitely went up in the last months… So I have a little ruminant meat now again, it was so long ago I ate some…

I barely buy dairy nowadays but I couldn’t resist a huge sale on low-fat quark… I find normal quark too low-fat already (but it’s nothing some extra fat can’t help) but I was curious, I only tried low-fat quark once in my life before. This is 0.2% fat. Oh my god. It’s surprisingly edible just insanely sour. I love sour dairy but it needs other things to eat along with it :slight_smile: I wondered if I could try a PSMF meal (a PSMF day as one meal) and see how many minutes I last afterwards, maybe I could do 1 hour before I grabbed my fattiest items in the fridge. Me and low-fat starvation just doesn’t mix. But I like experiments and if I survived egg fast for 9 hours and HCLF (fatphobic version as I wanted only one day in my life to be HCLF so went for the extreme abomination version) for a day, I will survive a super low-fat tiny meal too. People talk too much about PSMF on this forum and I have to try despite me being super incompatible with it and quite against it. It’s just a meal, not a whole day!

Alvaro made turkey curry, not my thing when I have pork so he can have most of it.
His mom made chicken when we visited… One chicken leg each, it was okay but I got so hungry afterwards…
If I want proper food, I must make it. And it’s so easy… I don’t want a big roast yet (after my 2 days with pork) so Monday will be “this and that” as my normal lower-meat days (I got out some fried chicken liver from the fridge and I may eat some fish spread with sponge cakes).

So nothing interesting just great prices and VEAL… Maybe I will eat the veal first, I am curious and it’s not much at all. The biggest pork shoulders piece (for the roast) is so big that my actual appetite for roast isn’t enough. So that comes later.


The surf is calm today. So, it was a nice morning for a swim at the beach.

There are more full-feeling things than eating.

Best quote of the day, anyone?