(Robin) #181

Wish this had sound, although I can imagine it. Lucky dog. Lucky man.


I love it. This is the picture I wanna be yet your Billie is living better than me right now :wink: :100:

Take advantage FB of your life and situation all you can, best ya can! I am in the exact process of doing just that and let me tell ya, it is friggin’ great!!

(Karen) #183

@robintemplin thank you, my line manager said same thing to me on Friday when he gave me a welfare phone call, he said he likes chatting to me because I am always cheerful and upbeat … I’m not really but I am trying to be . Decided that however awful it sounds I might not be here tomorrow so I am going to enjoy today … my new moto which I will remind myself of when I am feeling not so cheerful!

@FrankoBear do you write poetry? You have a super lovely way with words, you are definitely more poetic when at your homestead. I think your ailments must be very stress related because you are home now, out of the city, and surrounded by beauty and what looks like calm and tranquility. Love to see Billie in the sea, I love the sea but live quite a distance from it. I was brought up at the seaside as a child, I lived in a house on the promenade and so we had Seaviews from all the frobt and side windows and were quite literally a stones throw from the water. We could cross the road, jump down from the promenade onto the beach and step 10 metres into the sea! There was a fish hut there within reach too and so had fresh fish on a regular basis. I loved the smell of that hut and always wanted to work in a fresh fish shop!

@Fangs yes I do live in a fairly high populated area. I live roughly 7 miles from Nottingham City to one side and about 10 miles to Derby City the otherwise. I have 2 local towns in opposite directions, 1 is about 2 miles the other is 3miles. Raymond lives 4 miles roughly as the crow flies and I can walk that way too. Also on a good bus route both ways, every 5 minutes and a tramline approx 1.5 mile. Of course the downside is that I live on a main road and it gets pretty busy and therefore I can hear the road noise from my garden. That doesn’t bother me much, used to hear the motorbikes and stock cars racing every Sunday but the stadium was knocked down and developed :roll_eyes: also the stables a couple of doors down used to have gymkhanas every Sunday throughout the summer and they would play music quite loudly on a tinny sounding record player and use a megaphone … that was worse than the bikes lol the stables are still there and so I get to see the horses roaming the fields at the back of my house. I can’t grumble, good town links and good cheap shops to get my meat from! I am not sure I could live anywhere that was isolated no matter how tranquil. Love yo drive through remote villages around Britain as they are very quaint and beautiful and I like to admire the houses and gardens but there is no way I would move to one … well at least not for the foreseeable future… never say never lol.

Well last night I had the attack of the bloats again!!! I ended up having to get up and come downstairs to sit for a while and watched a programme on TV before heading back and eventually dropping off again. Then again I woke up flippin early and that was me … done with bed. Did 60 flights of stair runs, then popped out the back and used my new pull up bar that the lovely landscapers erected over my back gate for me :smiley: managed 6 kipping pull ups. Then got set up to paint the colour on the wall. Got that done but I think it needs another coat. Popped out the back gate to where all the garden stuff was stored and picked up all the remaining slate off the ground where it had been left and filled a couple of bags full, I will use them to put in the top of the pots when I have some plants in them. Waste not want not. Wanted to spray paint my charity shop lanterns and started trying to cover the glass with tape to stop them getting paint on, what a faff, then I noticed that the glass just pops out quite easily :roll_eyes: doh!
Left them for a job tomorrow morning.

Sat down eventually about 2pm and had a brew and did a crossword to relax. Had a chicken leg and didn’t fancy anything after that till about 4pm when I had a small amount of goats soft cheese.

Probably eat a bit more chicken later. Thinking the bloats may have been from too much fat … ie from the cheapo sausages 2 days ago and then from the melted cheese and butter when I did the chicken for last nights meal. Any thoughts?

Sorry for long post… you can tell I haven’t had ny company today lol x

(Robin) #184

Thanks @Karen18
And I second your thoughts on @FrankoBear ‘s writing. Books and oxygen are my life force. I especially love good prose… richly descriptive and transportive. I keep several beloved poets within reach for my daily dose of goodwill, optimism and gratitude. I am guessing @FrankoBear has a love affair with the written word, as well.

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GREAT picture. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Linda ) #186

Well as kind of expected chicken just doesn’t hold me for too long so i had two more thighs and cooked up a couple of roasted lamb shanks and ate half of one of those…the other put a side for lunch for my husband…

I went back to buy more lamb shanks but there was none so I bought clothes instead haha …Then I went to another store and they had a huge piece of top sirloin for 5.99 a lb so I grabbed a huge piece was 65 dollars but will break down into quite a few meals of steak…

So with no lamb shanks today will be steak day…

(Michael) #187

Today I went a bit crazy. Started making a few things

Ended up with a large breakfast

In total I had for that meal the Breakfast of Champions

  1. 14 g of grass fed beef liver
  2. 10 g of oysters
  3. 30 g of mussels
  4. 56g of sheep tongue
  5. 10g sheep eyeball
  6. 75 g bull testicle
  7. 210 g Salmon
  8. 112 g of sheep brain
  9. Butter all over the place

Suffice to say I got a lot of my nutrients crossed off from that first meal. Second meal was some 84 g pork loin, 224 g of grass fed ribeye and 56 g of sheep spleen

Needed some more calcium and vit K so I just finished the day with 56 g of smoked aged cheddar.

Like I said, I went a little crazy today, but it was fun.


Wow! That is Carnivore to the max! I really appreciate seeing all these nutritious foods.


Great meat pics on the board!!

Ohh fancy, bus routes LOL We don’t even have a taxi around my area. We don’t have anything cause it was hysterical when my kid said get me this stuff and I said nope, ain’t doing it and she said I will call DoorDash and I laughed so hard. DoorDash and ANY of that other crap is not even close to ever being around us LOL It was too funny. I said you see all this stuff available in bigger towns maybe and of course in cities but not here. She said I can call Uber and go get it and I laughed again, Uber? No one here even knows what that is HA
When we hit Charleston SC for a vacay we took an Uber and oh my she loved it…she now says she is moving to a bigger city cause she wants more life at her doorstep, I said good luck HA

but hey it is great you have such good access for your son and more! When we need society and all it can help us with it is good to have it around.

Keeping it super duper simple.
I need ‘out of my own brain’ and I SO require my trip to the beach over Thanksgiving…I am just so anxious to hit the road and get that change of scenery I must have…plus swinging the detector I might hit some spanish gold, yea, be nice right HAHA

today is easy. I want seafood. Hitting up tuna and a lb. of shrimp and then I got 3/4 lb. burger meat to fry up big old burgers, will add a bit of cheese but might also add bacon :slight_smile: Old time easy favs of mine.

Rock it out, even Nov now seems to be flying by and Dec will hit sooner than we think and then a WHOLE NEW CARNIVORE year for all of us.

(Edith) #190

Could it be from your medication?


I second VE on this…maybe combo stuff going down?
maybe also too much sodium from cheapo sausage and spices in there with salted butter and some cheese has alot of salt…plus meds?

kinda have to find a whole new you in a small way here :wink: but you can get that done I am sure!


4 eggs scrambled with bacon and chorizo. Roast chicken for dinner. Back in the city.


Feel for ya FB…that darn city :frowning:
JUST DO YOU at all times…either resting or reflecting or whatever it takes to make these transitions better for you at any turn!

Slowly think future changes and slowly take your path there as you want it and as how you wanna live…takes time but we all had to walk this path for sure, I know I did!!

(Karen) #194

@VirginiaEdie I suppose you could be right, I hadn’t thought about the meds I am on now. I remember in hospital when they were giving me some meds they also gave me another to counteract any tummy upsets but they stopped them after a couple of days. I am burping again now after some corned beef.

Awake very early again this morning so I was up and stir running and upped it to 70 flights today and out the back for 7 kipping pull ups. Didnt do any wall painting today but I do think it needs another coat. I had a visit from the Occy Therapist again today, this one was for an emotional test. Didnt take long then my GP phoned me this afternoon and said I could start driving again but to take it steady and not get too tired so I have to time mange it like everything in my life at the mo lol. Just need to organise a battery for my car now!

Brunch was chicken n cheese and then dinner was the last of the chicken and just had a small amount of corned beef.

I may not have done any big paint jobs today but I have spray painted the 3 charity shop lanterns ready to hang under the shed eaves and going to put some string lights inside them. The lanterns were yellow, white and red and now all 3 are purple to tie in with the colours of the shed… elderflower (pale yellow) and contrast berry (purple).
I am really enjoying pottering and getting crafty.

Oh and doctor signed me off till 4th Jan so not at work over Christmas Yay !

(Robin) #195

I hope you will share pics… before and after?…. Of your shed and all the other paint projects. You’ve chosen such fun colors. I love using thrift store finds and repurposing them. Those lanterns will be awesome.

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(Linda ) #197

Meals today were bacon and steak for first meal and steak for 2nd… its alot colder here in nebraska so I think my hunger has been increasing .


Gah, 2 days back in the city and back to joint pain symptoms. Last night I was at a film screening, in a cinema no less, there was free soft drinks/sodas and unsalted popcorn popped in industrial seed oils. I haven’t been in a cinema for a few years and the odours were full of memories and toxins. This was one of those cineplex places with 9 cinemas built in the 1980s to industrialise movie going. They haven’t changed the carpet, the carpark was a wasteland. It was fun. There were no food options. Might be easier to say, there was no food. It was an area of the city full of shopping malls and petrol stations. I found a rotisserie whole chicken to try for dinner.

This morning all the joint pains have returned. Particularly at my right ankle, and now my left knee. I’m hobbling around like my 95 year old uncle, and he spent his life in hard physical labour building brick houses.

I’m sick of being tired and tired of being sick. I went to a good market this morning and bought two rump steaks, pasture fed (low-processed) local bacon, a dozen pasture fed eggs, and concentrated organic bone broth. I am taking responsibility for what goes in my body (ha, I sound like a body autonomist - who are currently unpopular in the mainstream). This may scare @Karen18 Karen and make @VirginiaEdie Edith sigh, “finally”, but I am also going to “Ease the Cheese”. Carnivore is no longer about exploring loopholes in the WOE. Stick your head through a loophole, you may end up strangling your goals.

Bacon and eggs here I come!


I wrote this 2 days ago after a random reminisce to the day Mrs. Bear and I eloped in a storm (1999). At the very moment we exchanged vows I made sure to catch her eye and say “Remember this.”

Remember this. Listen.
Remember this moment
We are together
Being together
I hold your hand
You hold my hand
We hold each other
We look at each other
We hear each other
Being together

It looks like poetry. Is it poetry? I dunno. Whatever it is, it is incredibly manly and tough. I keep a visual diary where I draw most days and sometimes write ideas. I have a stack of those things full of this guff. Less dairy, more diary!

(Robin) #200

A true renaissance man. The world needs more. My dad wrote poetry, but called it prose. And he passed that on to me. I begin each day reading Ted Kooser and Jim Harrison. If you haven’t read their book comprised of letters to each other over a year, you need to. To me the secret to their magic, like your vow, is in the power of the small moments made grand for their simplicity. Thanks so much for sharing. (And I knew it! I knew you were a writer!)