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Love it. What my dad would call “snazzy”!


Don’t you be doing TOO much work you hard worker :slight_smile:

Very nice new car! I bet you are gonna enjoy it alot! Sweet ride!

I also did not like eating 3 times a day. I got myself to 2 finally and boy that just suits me best. 3 times is too annoying to want food in my day, 2 is that perfect fit, I feel ya on that!!

--------------Keeping it simple

My NY Strip steak yesterday was so delish. I got one of those super good steaks and I was in heaven eating it!

Tonight I am getting dragged out to some Japanese restaurant.
Good thing is they got steak and shrimp I can have from their grill…opt for no sauces and no extras so at least I can get that and be carnivore good.

first meal before going…got 3 regular cut pork chops. Will eat those and then do the steak and shrimp tonight eating out.

Still got some mild cravings but my zone is becoming all focus on zc again…I don’t like blips like this darn it, but some situations get rough. I read in another thread, someone said…it is hard being a carboholic in a carboholic world…boy ain’t that the truth! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::flushed:

Holding zc and moving forward!!

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I am very much the same with 2mad instead of 3. 2 fits in to my day very well and it does at work too. I don’t think I will ever be able or even want to go back to 3. I like not eating till between 11 & 1, ( or 2 even) then eating between 3 & 6. Means I am not so rigid with eating to set times. I know me very well and I know if I set it to times, I have to keep to it no matter what then that just becomes very unsociable whereas I can keep to these pockets of time, even at work when we can’t guarantee getting a proper break.


yea I so agree. We hit most normal issues with going out or an event etc. where we can fit in and if we don’t, who cares, we do ourselves :slight_smile: good post!


It has to be in the list of possible causes. I had not thought until this prompt to discuss it with the doctor. In 3 visits he is yet to ask about what I’m eating.

To be honest I currently find it hard to think and concentrate. But I’ll list some observations on a morning mindful body scan so I’ve got them recorded. Starting at my head…

  • tinnitus, high pitched like a constant dental drill experienced not in my ears but in the centre of my skull mainly, but at times is like surround sound
  • brain fog, poor memory, difficulty finding words, frontal lobe headache during the night but not now as I scan
  • occasionally sneezing like spring time allergy sneeze
  • red face that flares and subsides at the moment just a bit itchy mainly around eyes
  • excessive crusty and flaky ear wax with itch canals
  • sandy eyes with slightly sticky lids
  • rapid dental calculus accumulation mainly on lower front teeth despite twice daily brushing and interdental flossing (no teeth pain at the moment)
  • 2 x small white deposits in my lower lip. Looks like pimple head but I picked at one last night and it was hard material like a salt crystal
  • right shoulder pain as per a ‘frozen shoulder’ reduced range of motion
  • both lower arms weak, aching and stiffness from elbows to finger tips along muscle tissue and tendon planes and paths mainly on the tops of my arms
  • specifically left elbow on the lateral side - I have to find out the specific localising anatomy, but now that I’m scanning it feels sore outside of the joint in the tissues around the joint
  • right elbow is similar but has a general ache rather than direct soreness on movement
  • both wrists aching sore
  • general stiffness in both hands and more focussed pain in an injured finger tip joint that got sprained (wrapped in dog leash) months ago
  • I’m taking typing breaks as the aches increase as I use my hands and I get shooting pains between my hands and elbows
  • I will note that areas that I had physical day-to-day injuries in early August are areas of specific chronic localised ache type pain currently - finger tip, shoulder and ankle
  • I have a slight heartache, not like a country song, more like a central chest pain ( don’t panic, this is not unusual) it is there and minor on this scan. At other times …

Hang on, Billie is vomiting, I better go and see if she has been eating kangaroo poo again and be the clean up crew. Billie is the Labrador.

It’s ok, it was mainly grass.

But that interrupted the scan. That has been a useful exercise for me though. Oxalate dumping could definitely be in the mix. But does it last 3 months? Maybe there is the added factor of the vaccination coincidence that may have added some extra immune stimulation? Some of these itchy symptoms resemble hay fever, which I never really suffered from before.

Can’t remember, but where is coffee on the oxalate scale? I know black tea is high on there.

Eating on plan. Currently in not eating morning phase of standard 2MAD pattern like Karen described in her post. Mental body scan done before any morning medications. Feeling better over this week in the fresh air and spring sunshine of the countryside.

Apologies for using the thread as a self diagnostic tool experiment.

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I’ll try to send you the list of symptoms from the TLO group. It may be a series of screen shots. Many, if not all of your symptoms are on the list.


Not sure organ meat everyday is safe.

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Best quote of the day from @FrankoBear:
“Hang on, Billie is vomiting, I better go and see if she has been eating kangaroo poo again…”

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Todays food was steak for 1st meal …dinner was steak with mushrooms,and bacon in cream sauce but I could not even eat half of it… gave the remaing lot my husband to take to work…now I’ve got heart burn lol…that will teach me…
I really can’t stray far from carnivore or I suffer in some form lol…so that kind of keeps me on the straight and narrow path…

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Vent all you want, someone may just come up with the answer x you are such a mystery though and I do hope for your sake that the answers come sooner rather than later. Xxx sending a big but not tight hug to you cos I am sure you can do with one.

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Unproductive day and maybe a forced rest @Fangs lol
I had not slept well so had got up later than usual and watched my morning programme went outside about half 12 and put down sheeting to protect slabs got paint and brush and it started to drizzle! So had to abandon finishing the,wall :frowning:

Brunch was chicken n cheese in better.
Made stock from chicken carcasses which was anice drink
Dinner was oven baked spiced chicken wings.

And I had some cheese here and there
Meeting up with Raymond about 1pm in town and will get an omelette whilst out. . Forecast is rain today x

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@FrankoBear from all of my experience in researching (and by researching I mean talking to LOTS of people!) the :syringe: and c-19 side effects most often have been taking previous issues (injuries/illnesses/autoimmune) and mega amplifying them. It seems that most of your symptoms appear to be autoimmune and past injury related, so this would make sense that they have now returned/amplified after getting it. Some people are having minor relief from going through a detox protocol (carnivore, red light therapy, and a bunch of things that I can’t remember but will try to find out for you!). I will see what I can find and let you know!

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Food yesterday was a t-bone and eggs for breakfast (and bone broth jello) and a huge flank steak for lunch/dinner! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
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Eating today was NOFUN. 2 x black coffee, 2nd with cream. Breakfast at 12:30pm was 3 egg omelette cooked in tallow and bacon fat, 2 bacon rashers, 45g Jarlsberg cheese.

Had a walk at the beach with Labrador Billie, Mrs Bear was enjoying a coffee catch-up with the girls in the village after teaching two yoga classes. The walk went fine with my bear feet in the sand and ocean.

Have been working at the computer today. trying to catch up with some work left by the wayside when I couldn’t function a few days ago. Mentally was able to do the work required without generating a headache. Unfortunately no creativity nor debate of ideas, just getting stuff done grind.

Tonight before sunset, had three pieces fried halloumi, some small cubes of Manchego cheese (both sheeps’ milk cheeses), then some pan fried lambs ribs (the last of the shared bounty from Farmer Jamie and Farmer Toni). The ribs were cooked over a wood fire. The evenings are still cool but beautiful. If only I could bottle this light.

We installed an artificial breeding tube for a rare species of black cockatoo in a tree that we planted 23 years ago. The black cockatoos are in decline due to habitat loss. So we hope to help them out.

I have a pan full of fried lambs ribs cooling on the bench and they can be eaten tomorrow. I find the ribs of cattle and sheep that are well fed on the local pasture have an incredibly satiating amount of fat and type of fat. Satiety is a welcome comfort. And feeling comfortable is a great stress relief.


@Azi, I so feel you when we eat out and get who knows what in our meals :slight_smile: even a little can do the heartburn for me also. Hope you are enjoying your trip!!

TOLD YA, haha…you watch pushing yourself, plus you are on new meds ya know, you need that acclimation time for your body to reset ya with what you are dealing with but do always sound in great spirits!!

You vent away and chat away cause just like others said, someone might read and say AH HA and next thing ya know you worked out some issues, so chat is a good thing, might take some time and annoying posts and more etc. but ya never know, so yes chat away.
And I like keeping tabs on my internet friend :slight_smile: I want to hear you are doing better or if have some issues maybe someone can help!! Always wishing you the best.

But like KD said it could be autoimmune delay from that shot and with some oxalate dumping in between and all…combo symptoms, but it also ‘sounds like some allergic’ reaction kinda deal too in some way to me. Kinda like are you doing anything different that could be allergy related, like new soap or aftershave or something you truly changed up when ya got more icky?? Just a guess but all things have to be checked on :slight_smile: One thing you might want to take…an anti-histamine pill. Just an over the counter like Benadryl but the non-sleepy form and see if you get a tad of relief in any way?

Good thing is your appetite is holding so that ‘to me personally’ means you ‘ain’t all that bad’ cause one thing I always say to myself, if sicky icky and I eat I am alive and needing food and doing ok…if one goes off their feed…then ya got troubles, so happy you are enjoying food and doing ok on that mark.

Billie eatin’ Kang poo…omgosh :astonished:

--------------So my Japanese steak and shrimp were less than stellar and they came with a faint sauce on them, probably made on the same grill or wok or whatever with the other saucy foods…asked for plain but I could tell, said to waiter this tastes very sweet and he said, no that is plain and I was like, hmmm, only ate a little and pushed around plate mostly and boxed it for kid to eat as leftovers. I wasn’t into it!!

My pork chops were fab I cooked at home. Got me another pack defrosting for dinner meal, got me a small NY Strip for first meal later.

All zc going well.

ROCK OUT NOV. everyone and I can’t wait to SEE ALL the food meat pics we are gonna enjoy over Thanksgiving for those who partake. A definite meat holiday for us carnivores!

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give it up Vic…what is in the bowl…is that egg yolk, just doesn’t seem like a cheese to me…now I am curious :slight_smile:

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Chicken, raw egg yolk and cooked egg white.
1 small spoon of Mayonnaise.