Here is our new thread for carnivore chat :slight_smile:

Any small goals or how to handle upcoming holiday times, or just chat while you cruise along for the month, we can discuss it all.

I just went with a basic no veg Nov. cause I just couldn’t find a good way to put meat noshin’ into the title :clown_face:

And we are off…a wonderful zero carb Nov. to all!



Tonight it’s cold. Winter is hanging on. It has been a lovely one.

I’m cooking in an oven on a stove on a wood fire. This is a lamb leg. I’m starting it off in some beef suet. I could hear these lambs bleating in the night. The fox would come and the ewes would alarm baa. They were on the property next door. I’d help my farmer who helped their neighbour and they would get lamb butchered on the property. I’m going to eat roast lamb and some mackerel tonight. This morning was a 3 egg omelette with 30g Jarlsberg. 2 coffees 2 hours apart. I had a 3 hour nap this afternoon instead of working.


I tell ya FB that is the lifestyle when one needs it…rest and relax and chill out. Being early retired for me was weird, I didn’t know how to relax but believe me, more years I do this the more I ‘get the hell out of the rat race’ inch by inch. I enjoy days I do nothing and to me, nothing might be horrible for another to read, but hey, I worked hard, now my nothing is super something to me :slight_smile:

Great pic.

----------------SO I AM just gonna chug along thru Nov in zc style.

I got 4 lbs. of big chicken wings in the oven.
Yup, no clue on it all but I want them and cooking them I am :slight_smile:

not sure for later food but I do have shrimp and some burger meat so I am covered.

ROCK ON NOV and all of us hopefully will gain tons of ZC Zen clarity!!

(Linda ) #4

November for me will just a continuation…this is how I eat now I don’t really think about carbs food anymore I enjoy this lifestyle it’s so easy …I like it’s simplicity…
I hear ppl say how hard and restrictive it is …its not like that for me im truely greatful… I’m not out there wanting ice-cream or candy or anything really I’m just thinking about how much my next steak might cost lol…or when bone in rib eye will be on sale for Thanksgiving
I’ve dropped snacking for the most part and pork rinds is no longer a crutch to lean on…I still use spices on some meats but sometimes just salt to taste like on steaks…if im eating lean I’ve learned to just eat plain shrimp…my diet cokes are a thing of the past I don’t even want one and I’ve had some this whole time in the fridge so hubby will drink that up…if I want carbonated it’s just mineral or no calorie no sweetners types.
Weight is just kind of bouncing up and down but …im truely trying to just not allow that to bother me I don’t seem to be constantly gaining anymore so its more 1lb down 1lb up repeat…

(Karen) #5

HAPPY November and 1 year on from starting this woe. I think I have done pretty well, not had any problems with it and not missed anything carby. So will just carry on carrying on :slightly_smiling_face:

Not doing very well tracking … got too much out of the habit … hey ho

Brunch was chicken n cheese about 1pm ish… lost track of time as my line manager paid a carebear visit.

Had a bit more cheese this afternoon as it was cold and wet and I didn’t fancy going out and sitting doing not a lot means i tend to snack on that cheese more!

Dinner was 2 salmon fillets that I over cooked a tad bit … or maybe the bland taste was because i should have got them out the freezer some time back. I do have some stuff in there that has been in a bit too long!

I got a steak out too that I was going to have with the salmon but that was before it was defrosted and turned out to be 2 fillets! I am full now with a horrid taste in my mouth!


I put back the wifi card into my computer and try to behave.
BUT it’s November and it’s exciting! :smiley: This one comment must be longer.

I had a pretty miserable little day so I went for some comfort food and comfort drink… So ate super early, after noon.
I started tracking again but I am not sure about it… The tiny soup meat doesn’t feel much at all but it’s allegedly very many calories… But tracking is never reliable regarding not very lean meat anyway. And part of the fat is wrong as I used them up before or Alvaro ate it in his part of the soup… He only ate the soup, not the meat.
But if my tracking has anything to do with reality, I overate right away at lunch (I know why and it won’t be a problem in the near future)… :smiley: Oh well. It’s good I only had a snack later! (I never had any problem with snacks so I won’t start that now, I just almost never do small meals. I was totally satiated so simply was unable to eat much therefore the snack. I just drank a coffee, actually, against a very tiny headache and anyway, it felt nice… And then tried some rabbit from my soup but only a few bites were possible.)
Very inactive day… And tomorrow will be rainy, it seems. Today was just a bit cold, October was nice and warm but the coldness arrived. No frost yet though.

Water only until my first meal, I did that :slight_smile:

That’s about my day.
So, it’s November again… Last year was my first carni November attempt… I had no fresh meat at all, just processed, very salty, smoked pork and liver as I remember… And it was still easy despite the very low meat amount. Oh yeah, still early times so I barely ate from my viewpoint. Therefore I lost fat but then accident and stress gain came, well I want to lose that weight already.

I changed a lot since despite I had very many off days. Summer and autumn have fruit seasons. We still have them but I don’t care, it’s November and my body wants carnivore anyway.

My goal is some nice, strict in my world carnivore. Proper carnivore, not the -ish thing I actually prefer as I saw zero point in being more strict. It’s just a tiny challenge and some balancing out after the last several months. My January-April will be -ish, probably. Not every day, I don’t eat my tiny extras if I don’t desire them and I lose interest quickly or gain them very occasionally. In the first times, I liked my tiny juicy vegetable with rich meat dishes, now I don’t even think about such things most of the time and if I do, I usually still feel no pull.

But I wanted to talk about my November. I thought I can do no dairy right away in the end but I realized 2 sponge cakes has a tiny quark and oh well, I enjoy myself for a tiny bit then, my scrambled eggs became way too spicy and flavorful anyway, some sour cream was welcomed. But it’s just the first 2 days then I do no dairy until I can without any hardships. I probably can do a longer time on it now.

I plan some “perfect” days. I call the no plant days like this. I mean it: no coffee, tea, spices and condiments, processed meat… Due to the last one I only can pull it off on my properly meaty days when I have a big roast after some lower-meat times.

It seems my body is very hooked on only one proper meal a day so I don’t even try anything, do whatever feels easiest. I expect many OMAD days with the occasional TMAD.

I do whatever I can regarding the water only November challenge. I didn’t do it today for valid reasons but I will make a more serious attempt later. My main goal is almost no coffee and only water until my first meal (and in my fasting window). It will be already huge from me who typically drinks coffees all day…
Even if I eat dairy, no cream for me this month. I don’t want cheese either but it’s convenient to have 10g on my already not dairyless days like today… I conserve my energy and focus to use for more important things.

I ate a bit more. No wonder, noon is extremely early for my main meal…
I forgot the write my food today:

Duck-rabbit soup with meat.
Scrambled eggs with very much processed meat and sour cream.
A few sponge cakes, a boiled egg, some more sausage (as it was in the scrambled eggs too) and 2 slices of cheese.
2 coffees with egg and butter.

I think I take a break from these very spicy, fatty sausages…

(Amy the Silly Sausage 🌭) #7

Happy no Veg November. My goal for this month is to do Carni to the absolute best of my ability. No carb days. I just had 4 in a row and I feel AWFUL!!! :scream: I don’t even think it’s worth it at all… I feel sluggish and retaining fluid. But I will just focus on how great I’ll feel once I’m back in ketosis. So that’s my goal… no carbs at all this month. Another goal is to cut down on my coffee and drink WAY more water…

(Daisy) #8

Ok I’m committing to coming back! It’s been a crazy couple months and an even crazier couple days. Work has been a roller coaster, my family had the Rona and we still have weird side effects, plus a million other things. I just hit a deer last night and totaled my car… but on a positive note I am getting my smell back finally! I wasn’t hungry tonight at all but I smelled the bacon I was cooking!!! So I ate a bunch of it. Otherwise I had lamb burger for breakfast with bone broth. And for lunch I had a bunch of chicken topped with Parmesan garlic butter. I am going to be mostly eating beef and eggs after today for the month of November. I just picked up our new cow today, so have 2 freezers completely stuffed with mostly beef!
image image image image

image image

(Michael) #9

Started off today by finishing about half a cow tongue with 100 g of liver cooked in beef tongue fat.

Made pork ribs and ate the whole thing an hour ago. Somehow still hungry, so I will top the day off with bacon and eggs in a bit.

(Amy the Silly Sausage 🌭) #10

@Ketodaisy Sorry your family had the virus… Yes it’s certainly not fun!!! Your food looks and sounds so good… parmesan garlic butter on chicken sounds nice… :grinning: I have roasted garlic sauce… for my beef and chicken… But I bought sour cream the other day for the first time in ages and I forgot how much I love it…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Daisy) #11

Ooh how do you make that?? Yum!

(Amy the Silly Sausage 🌭) #12

@Ketodaisy Oh I don’t make it, I just buy it…:sweat_smile: I am a very slack lazy cook… But it was certainly a find. Here’s a picture of it… Screenshot_20211102-121102_Chrome Screenshot_20211102-121111_Chrome I just use a teeny dab, most of the time I don’t even need 15ml… But it’s just so creamy and full of flavour. My goal in the end is to try to be as Carni as possible but I do have a weakness for condiments… So this is perfect at the moment…


Ouch. Poor deer, poor car, poor you… :cry:
But after looking at the photos, not so poor you :smiley: Of course it’s not so simple, we humans are so complicated… Losing the car would be pure tragedy to us, we spent a lot on it last year when multiple things decided to go wrong at the same time, that wasn’t pretty… Our water pump died too just then… But now everything is in order and we have AC heating, it works well.

I don’t even know what is pepper sauce, well my herring in tin included some pepper sauce once but it wasn’t even that color… Someone must like pepper sauce! :smiley:

@KetoKoala: Oh this is new to me… What does it contains? Surely not much garlic as that is very very carby and this thing isn’t. I see, lots of fat… I don’t like fatty sauces, that’s why I am a mayo hater (more like just avoid it like the plague, it’s so easy to do) despite being a huge egg lover.
Garlic… I have so much garlic (compared to the speed we eat it), I will tell Alvaro to eat it somehow, I don’t ever use it myself. He used to put into his spinach dish but since I take almost all the freezer space for meat and other things, we have close to no space for vegetables there and he never feels some sudden desire to buy and cook it…

I looked at my numbers from yesterday (the Very Unrealiable Ones. soup meat is odd to me especially when I do things with the fat in it), 175g protein… Meat above a pound but it felt very little, soup meat is just some little nothing to me if it’s just fowl and rabbit… But I ate a very high amount of processed meat (155g).

I still feel zero desire towards my pork roast. I surely could eat it but I am fine with eggs and light boiled meat from the soup. I only put some pork belly into my scrambled eggs. I have a scrambled eggs phase :slight_smile: No way I can keep my protein in the adequate range, soup doesn’t allow that. But it’s fine and I even had a workout.


You are doing so well in carnivore, not a doubt about that!
That up a lb and down a lb, never fear, one day that 1 lb sticks and just slowly we keep changing, plus always remember, your body composition will change, leaner and meaner at a higher weight on this type of plan…so I think you are doing fab! Nice not to want the carby junk isn’t it? Such a pleasure from old dieting days when we just craved but denied and starved and then caved LOL

I am the same on freezer stuff. It is really important to rotate and get that older frozen stuff and eat it before it stays in there too long. I am actively ‘eating down’ my older supply before stocking back up. You sound like you are improving well K! Happy for you!

yup it is Nov. again and it is good to read your body is calling for Carnivore :slight_smile: Eat up well and enjoy the month!

HI B! Glad you are back and doing well. It is great you are going carnivore for this month…yea 4 days on carbs would send me into the hospital now HAHA but once you cut back and get that zc control you will feel so much better! Rock on!!

THAT WAS too much WOW to read in one paragraph…from your car wreck to your family being ill and you are busy I am sure jumping thru hoops…I say you find a day to relax in there somewhere LOL Sorry on that car wreck, thankfully you sound OK so that is great. Cars can be replaced :slight_smile: we can’t lose you :sunny:

That freezer stuffed is a carnivore’s dream for sure. I bet you have that feeling of full security with all that meat, eat up and enjoy!!

nice food pic. I also was one to ‘top off’ with bacon and eggs, now it mostly is just bacon as that final push when a tad bit hungry. Those darn eggs just do nothing for me at all. Like eating air but bacon, bacon is such a satisfier to me :slight_smile:

--------------------OK I AM SO OVER CHICKEN WINGS! :astonished::clown_face:

I had my fill. I was hounding down the wings and at 1/2 eaten of that big pack I said…DONE! I got 1/2 of that big ol’ pack in the fridge, already cooked, so yes I will finish them off and my body is saying YOU DO NOT want another chicken wing for a long time.

No clue why I jumped on them so much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I did enjoy them like crazy but now that is over. I found my draw went out the window on them.

Today I got a 1 lb. pork roast tenderloin to fry up later.
second meal, not sure? I do have some burgers I can defrost and have at the ready which is safest thing to do…yea burger meat probably tonight.

I feel very ----hmmm----blah. Like not in a bad way. Just blah on food. Like I am in a zone of maybe being so nourished that I have plateau’d out in some way on ‘needing’ this or that meat maybe? I truly don’t know but it is a feeling I had before on ZC and here it is again. I kinda actually miss my ravenous, inhale a ribeye and enjoy the heck out of it days. I kinda want them back :slight_smile: I still got no food yelling at me right now, wings have flew the coop right now, so will just eat up what is around til I get a new focus. I am hoping that new focus IS back on my nice steaks, will just wait and see.

Strong Nov. Carnivore everyone!!

(Edith) #15

If it was enough to total your car, it was probably enough to give your body a good rattling. I hope you are feeling okay.


Hubby woulda put that thing in the truck…but alot of times you aren’t allowed to take the deer from a wreck. But around here, yea the cops are easy to hand it over for the freezer actually, we are the boonies :slight_smile: but not sure if alot of other state laws would allow it.


IDK how cars work but Alvaro totalled the car of the one who hit him and the guy had no injuries… I suppose only the front got wrecked, it was enough for the car but saved the human…

(Vic) #18

I’ve been in this groep for 1 year now.

Time to celebrate

(Michael) #19

Nice pics folks.

I overdid my food today, but I started with beef kidneys, beef heart and some bone marrow for fat. It was ok, but I forgot and waaaayyy overcooked them.

I have a freezer full of organs, so expect this month to be organuary for me. May have some organ meat everyday even.


Today I really couldn’t wait anymore at 13:40 (I wouldn’t say I was properly hungry but I felt uncomfortable not eating if it makes sense. I didn’t even know I have such a thing as well…) so ate. Probably much. And then I missed something so I had a few more meals. I surely ate over my energy need again, my very unrealiable tracking gave similar numbers to yesterday, 175g protein and similar amount of fat…
I really want to go back to OMAD already, eating over and over isn’t nice and I would never lose any fat this way anyway, never did. (Not like I often ate this much on carnivore :D)

I had scrambled eggs with pork belly, the leftover duck+rabbit soup with a duck neck, roasted pork and rabbit (I put the soup rabbit into the oven pan along with the already roasted but not colorful enough pork, just for a tiny while!), some pork jowl and 2 boiled eggs.

It was so long ago I ate this strict and my pork is a bit too lean, I need to make something more interesting with it. I probably mix it with the fattiest part of pork jowl, use a lot of sausage spice and some eggs…

But I am quite satiated now, finally.
Tomorrow will be the 3rd day, things probably get calmed down, they always do at that point. When I focus on meat more, I tend to eat much for a while and it’s the same with coming back to carnivore.

My appetite is very low but it doesn’t matter, does it? I still don’t really feel much hunger just a very tiny one with this uncomfortable feeling that compels me to eat.
(And on the “CICO site” where I do my tracking, a woman wrote into the “what is your method?” thread that she counts calories and keep it below 1200 kcal. I can’t even comprehend. I can’t keep mine below 2000 now and I do my best woe for eating little… And many people do that… Oh well. )

I try to bring a photo tomorrow, it was ages ago I last made a shot. But my food is sooo not new and it makes me not motivated. Except my pork belly scrambled eggs and that is a pretty dish :wink: Hopefully tomorrow will be sunshine, for the photo and for me, today was rainy-gloomy.

The car is at the mechanic, it will be expensive for us though not as much as last time (it was 2 years ago, I wrote it wrong, didn’t I… but it seems to be so very close… did I miss a year?). But Alvaro can’t use it the whole week, poor one must walk and run more than an hour every day (a bit more than 1 hour if he runs everywhere, muddy uphills) and it’s a tiny bit much but really not fun at all if the weather will be bad. As he only can make meals that interfere with his running (the screwed-on lid isn’t perfect), I will make all his breakfasts for the remaining workdays. Not hard to do.

I need to buy some meat soon as I have very little and no raw stuff, I hope there will be some nice day for me to go to the village…