NOV 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Robin) #101

Cuz you would die :vulcan_salute:


I don’t mean I wouldn’t eat ALL the time :smiley:

Well I am probably near to 36 hours (I don’t remember when I ate last time just that it was a few bites at night… It still happens especially when my woe isn’t near perfect to begin with), still zero urge to eat, well my insides still feel a bit tender. Very subtle but motivating enough not to eat anything without proper hunger.
I am basically quite fine :slight_smile: And now that I know my body can handle this, I wanna do EF even more :smiley: Just here and there, a short one and not even every week! (Though that would be nice, fasting Mondays…)

(Robin) #103

I am interested in how you’ll end up feeling about the EF and what benefits or challenges you experience. It intrigues me, but so far I have no desire to try it. I guess I‘ll wait until I feel something isn’t working. Since I’m at my goal weight and seem to be able to just coast along on auto pilot these past few months, I don’t feel the need to add or subtract anything. But if I ever attempt an EF, I’ll be better informed.


Due to my very late eating on Friday, I barely did more than 36 hours but it’s something! I could only eat a smallish meal (and I did a lot to eat much, I was satiated after a few bites but that wouldn’t last long so I ignore such things), no idea if I need to have more later but I am quite fine for now.

EF was always a normal, originally automatic thing in my life, it just happened super rarely.
When I went low-carb, I never had such a thing but I still could do it occasionally if I was determined. It’s not easy to get that amount of determination so I often used the help of group fasts. Once a dentist visit triggered EF… But these were all close to 48 hours. I only had a longer one when I was very, very, very determined and lasted 120 hours. Way before long-carb so it was easier to start and somehow I got momentum or something? I imagine I am still similar. I know it’s harder around 24 hours and 48 hours for me but afterwards I am probably disconnected enough from eating and it gets easier for a while? But as I only did it once and I had a special state of mind and not much memories about it, it’s a very weak hypothesis. But as time passes, I really get farther from my normal ways so unless my body throws a temper tantrum or my mind gets paranoid regarding protein and metabolism, it should get easier for a while. I never want to go far, 48-72 hours sound perfect as long as my body can do it without problems.

Now I like this 0 kcal one day, low-cal the next, it surely would be useful for me. I want fat-loss, autophagy and whatever good comes from fasting. I always enjoy not eating as long as I don’t feel a need to eat. I can imagine that doing some short EF multiple times a month would help a lot with my troublesome “eating without any need” too. Even if I like fasting while I feel okay, sometimes I get other urges that I should ignore. I got better at it, sometimes I plan a meal (like today) and I just don’t want it so I postpone eating. It feels good to say no to an already kind of decided meal, I was very bad at that in the past. Even if I didn’t want it when happened, I already planned it so I did it. Just like finishing my plate, no matter if I want that (it always was very easy for me so nothing forceful, merely needless. and I typically ate multiple plates of food so it wasn’t a huge difference. I had times with 6 small bowls of food as the first course). I changed the latter (clearing my plate) years ago, it was interesting. I still have bad compulsions (i.e. they aren’t only irresistible but they trigger something clearly not right) but they require some unusual rare circumstances. I listen to the wishes of my body better now. I listened when it wanted something, not so much when it doesn’t wanted something I set my mind on…

Sometimes I wonder how someone like me can fast :smiley: But it’s simple, I often want fasting, all parts of mine at the same time, I have no other options.

(Robin) #105

“Even if I didn’t want it when happened, I already planned it so I did it.”

@Shinita you just described my previous marriages! :grimacing:

(KCKO, KCFO) #106

The monthly fasting thread is posted, come along with us the 3rd Wed. of each month.

(Bob M) #107

Well, I made about 36 hours, with a workout (body weight, to failure, about 1 hour, 25 minutes) at 5:45 am.

I may have to (re)consider a TKD, as after “carb loading” over the Thanksgiving holiday, even with 32 hours or so fasting, I hit the highest number of repetitions I have recorded for a lot of my exercises. That says to me that my muscles were “fully loaded” with glycogen.

This has happened to me in the past, too, after coming off a week of vacation. I eat higher carb and come back and set new “records” for body weight lifts.

I wonder if this is transient or if it would be better to eat some carbs after exercise to help with that glycogen loading?

May try another 36 hour fast tomorrow. We’ll see, as this tends to be really difficult to fast so soon after this type of exercise for me.