NOV 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(KCKO, KCFO) #81

Did you try having some salt for the headache? . I get them occasionally, and salt always does the job for me.


Never tried, lack of salt is super rare in my life and that makes me dizzy… It’s probably not that as I have a headache every day since many days but well, it can’t hurt to have some so thanks, I do it now! :smiley:


Something helped a bit (more calmness or the salt, who knows? dizziness arrived too) but I still was quite unwell, not like a bit before, mentally but physically too. Okay so that’s when I should break my fast… So I did.

26 hours, it’s still longer than anything in the last quite several months… And I really did well, I waited until I clearly wasn’t okay without food (I still doubt my body had real problems but it’s stubborn if it’s about its daily food).

So I am pleased. Not very much, I really wanted EF, not OMAD but if I do this waiting until I more or less comfortably can (my body is okay with early dinner OMAD lately, not every day but often), I am sure there comes a day when I will be fine with a fasting day. I can’t do it purely by will but some days surely will be okay for that eventually. I probably could have done it before too, now and then but I started eating way before I really needed food most of the time. At least this is my hypothesis.

There are so, so many benefits of doing dinner OMAD by default and my body stopped having a problem with that… I hope I finally can do it most of the time.

(Robin) #84

I try very hard to not look at other’s accomplishments like fasting as a personal challenge… which is my go-to thinking. I guess I am competitive? Anyway, I do IF 18/6 every day and feel no need to go further. But if I run into a snag of some sort, I might consider it. Never say never.


I always was competitive but not if it’s about fasting… It’s obvious we need and can do different things and sometimes we shouldn’t force things and it’s better to stop…

I don’t care about others (even though I can’t help to notice people here usually make long times), I just want to do a fasting day for reasons :smiley: I am supposed to be able to do it, I could do it before…

But I am actually fine if I just make honest attempts. And don’t eat way before any sign of hunger or need for food ALL the time. I had those periods and they don’t suit me.
Right now, I badly need OMAD on most days, it’s a total mess otherwise. I still am way too good at overeating unless I eat properly with the right timing.

(Robert) #86

Well done. That’s similar to my earlier fasts and it’ll be even better once you figure it out. In my current fast I got some pain in my lower back. It took awhile for me to realise that there was an issue with dehydration during fasting so now taking way more water, and has made a difference. Curiously my desire for salt has gone way down, not sure why? My last EF was really difficult. That time I kept up magnesium and salt, potassium but it was hard going, tougher than at other times. This time I’ve gone without everything except a tiny amount of salt and water and it’s been relatively smooth going. Counterintuitive! I still felt sluggish the first three days though but that’s probably because I stopped the coffee too.


Anyone up for a Fasting Friday with me? Planning to make it till Saturday morning.

(Jane) #88

Not fasting today but here to cheer you on!


In the end, yesterday was 22/2, well it’s not bad… :smiley: I barely had meat and my first meal ended up at 1000 kcal and my body just can’t accept that. So I went up to 1900 again… Finished at 11:45pm so no wonder I was borderline hungry at noon already, for some reason my body is like that. But it was nothing serious or troublesome and it went away. Then I baked pizza or something similar, I don’t consider it real pizza, I can’t do that. just baked thin bread dough with stuff on it. I made a tiny Vegemite one and a tiny fish one, both for my SO of course. Then I sat at the table looking at non-edible things while he ate them and some exotic candy as well.
It was at 3:30pm when I really felt the need to eat but I made everything I wanted to eat first and even made a shot. And when I reached that point, my hunger just went away again. So it’s 5:20pm now and I feel satiated. The food is on the table and the cats are outside for its safety (they are outside cats but they are inside a lot when it’s cold outside. they behave very well, they don’t even have a litter box but they don’t need it).

I don’t know what will happen but it’s almost sure I will have my OMAD meal at some point. Not yet.

Oh. Did I promise I won’t write about food next time I come here or that was the monthly thread? Sorry I forgot and I don’t want to delete this comment now.

I feel a bit off. I always feel a bit less alive when I am still fasting after 5-6pm. Though I had a bad week, maybe it’s not the lack of eating in the usual early dinner time…? I don’t know. I know eating would solve this but I really, really don’t feel like to eat now. But maybe I should at the first sign of serious hunger, after all…? I am uncertain as I am not used to not eating when I feel I should, I usually do it way earlier. And I didn’t force anything, I just cooked and skipped lunch as I know I should… And my state changed. But this off feeling is probably a warning sign… I think I will eat soon. Carnivore-ish OMAD is still a good thing in my books!

(Robert) #90

Nice going and good to hear! Could it be that magnesium and potassium supplementation during an EF is making it harder to go the distance? Just wondering because I haven’t supplemented with anything except a little salt and water this time, and I am finding it much easier…


Can’t really say that any of the supplementation bothered me in any way, outside of the helping with the cramping? Especially with not making things harder for me to go longer. Thankfully, since I started, I’ve never really had any issues with Fasting, and it has always come quite easy for me. But truth be told, I was also doing IF/EF for many years before switching to this WOE… I just didn’t know that I was. Even when eating a SAD I just wouldn’t be hungry most times and forego eating, sometimes days. But when I did eat, it was of course the wrong types of foods. So I think this really helped me with the switch since I started Fasting naturally just 7 weeks into this WOE. I simply skipped meals when not hungry, and it is something I’ve mentioned here many times. I don’t hardly ever get hungry anymore? Sure, I get an urge or desire to eat something nice here and there, (Since I like a good meal) but never the ‘Man, I’m really hungry’ feel. I haven’t had that since starting Keto back in early 2018. It’s surely a good thing I know, but I do miss that feeling to a degree. Some took that to mean I miss carbs and that’s not the case.

So yep, if I Fast for 3 or more days, I will sometimes start getting those leg/calf/foot cramping. (But not always thankfully) Nowadays, I just take some large granular SeaSalt, and this usually does the trick. I find they are easier to take with water, and you don’t have that strong salt taste. Plus I like using it in my foods too. … But I also set a 5 day limit on Fasting for myself, way back before I did any Fast beyond a few days. Though I’m not saying I won’t ever do a longer one, just never felt the need to do one beyond that? Can’t really say why, just thought it was a nice round number (120 hrs.) but did do a lot of reading and research for my first year and half into this WOE, and that wasn’t only about the type of Keto foods themselves, but research on Fasting also. And I think my decision to limit it to 5 days, could have been influenced by my findings? Just don’t recall ever seeing any information that suggested Fasting beyond this point to be more beneficial, and to be honest, I do start missing a nice meal for the most part.

So, again, SeaSalt is all I’m using these days myself, and that’s only if I start getting any cramping after a few days. I don’t take anything normally, and for the record, I myself only do Water Only Fast. It’s just how I started and stuck with it. So I’m not getting any additional sodium, or anything else from say broth as some do while they Fast. … Just mentioning it, since I only consume water for Fasting, since that for me seems to reap the most benefits from the Fast itself. (That’s just my opinion & what works for me)

:slight_smile: :+1:


Hi All! It’s been a while but today is day 1 of an EF - hope to go for at least 5 days.
I have neglected the keto way of life for the last year and obviously don’t feel my best. Lowish energy, bloated, retaining water, etc. hope this fast will kick me back on the Keto path :slight_smile:

Currently only 20hrs in so nothing to report yet :wink:

Happy fasting !

(Robin) #93

Get it, girl!

(Butter Withaspoon) #94

How did you go? Did it feel familiar?


Day 2 at the moment… don’t feel miserable yet :sweat_smile:


It’s the morning of day 3.

Lost about 3kg so far - obviously mostly water weight but stupidly enough still motivating to me. In my mind I’m very skinny now, but all my pants are still uncomfortable tight :joy:

Physically, I feel fine so far, not even hungry… but the mind is trying to convince me that eating would be a great idea. Trying to stay strong.

Happy fasting !

(Robin) #97

hang in there!


Currently 91 hours in… boredom is definitely here :joy:

The scale showed 4.5kg lost this morning. I’m surprised the scale keeps going down but not complaining.

Did some shopping for breaking my fast tomorrow - it will be slow cooked chicken finsihed under the grill and a simple salad


Wow! You do so well!

Meanwhile I am unable to go back to OMAD but it’s like weekends, my SO is at home and it’s harder to fast that way, it doesn’t matter if I am borderline satiated, I easily eat even then.

But as time passes, I do it better. I lasted until 3pm yesterday, today… We will see. It’s not even 2pm and I made food for me already but I am still fine (no wonder after so many quite seriously overeating days though it’s not that simple in my life).

It would be superb to be able to skip days. My average energy intake is too huge and I can’t bring it down easily and even if I can, it’s very short term. 0 cal days would help with it and my body would be in peace, it’s useful sometimes. Oh well. I am not there yet.
Even my curiosity isn’t enough. I wonder what my super stable weight could do. I doubt I would lose much in a few days, that’s not my style and the fat-loss couldn’t be more than 1 kg anyway as my energy need is that small (as it’s quite common). But it would be interesting to see, I like numbers sometimes.

I don’t even dare to go to the annual wild goose seeing (it’s annual for the town, I only was once there but it was fun) without food tomorrow as we will be back late. I probably would survive quite well but I don’t trust myself without packed food when I get hungry. Maybe I could keep it carnivore but only using items I like to eat in tiny amounts (processed stuff). So I bring my food, just to be safe. But I do my best not to touch it, eating a big meal while walking/standing in the cold isn’t my thing.

I am sorry I talk about food again but of course. Fasting is just some time between meals, rarely interesting to me (blissful while I am perfectly satiated, healing when I am too satiated but not an active thing I could write about), only EF attempts are a tad different but I rarely am good enough to do that. Oh, Mondays, they are for EF attempts if I can bring myself to that.

So I have modest goals again. Mostly OMAD and maybe some 24-26 hours fasts. And the Monday thing.


I ate nothing today. I was away looking at 64000 migrating geese on a not too far away big pond, I got a horrible headache that made me even nauseous and I never got hungry anyway. So I just skipped this day and had no problem with it, food didn’t even cross my mind, I really didn’t need it.

Why can’t I have this normally? Oh well.