DEC 2021 Monthly Group Fast (Dec. 15th-18th)


Wow, look out the New Year is heading our way very quickly.

This is the monthly group fast for everyone who likes support while fasting, doesn’t matter if you have never fasted before or do it regularly, you are welcome here.

Be kind and stay positive
Blur out specific foods mentioned
Ask questions
Answer questions
Encourage each other
Share your victories and your concerns
Have a good time doing it.
Keep Calm and Fast On

NOV 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)
NOV 2021 Monthly Group Fast (Nov. 17-20th)
(Tim Cee) #2

Planning to join


I found this quote over on Daisy’s site. We can easily sub the word Fasting for Keto and it is still so true.

(Michael) #4

Will probably join in, most likely.




Oh another month passed? I didn’t notice.

We will see. I don’t seem to do even OMAD now but maybe it gets normalized…? Maybe I can pull off EF? I don’t know. I will make some attempt for sure, thanks to put this thread up in time. My previous days matter a lot. (And I get reminded of Scylla and Charybdis as so many times… Carnivore is a two-edged sword regarding fasting. My satiation gets… stronger…? Sometimes easier, sometimes longer term, the two tends to be opposites. Very easy satiation? I must eat many meals a day. I want big meals with long term perfect satiation even for OMAD and I still couldn’t figure out what is the right, sure method for it. My only sure method for OMAD involves lots of carbs :frowning: OR stuffing myself with well chosen items but I can eat a ton from non-satiating ones so that might be not so great and feels unnatural too.

How do you get ready for a fast, to make the chances high? Especially people who can’t or doesn’t want to be just “strong” (I am both). I need being satiated and satisfied for long if I want to do a not very tiny fast. So I always go for a big last meal on an OMAD day. The bigger my meal, the longer the satiation effect if other factors are similar. But there are probably zillion factors I don’t even know about or can’t control, well I shouldn’t worry about them as they happen as happen.

I think I will very well-fed when I start (not neglecting any of my 2 staples for a while, I get hungrier then as I miss the neglected item. at least it seems so), mentally prepared and we will see. I will have a good plan for OMAD meals but I try to do EF.

Good luck, everyone!

(Michael) #7

The issue with that video, is that his advice is for people who want to lose weight and do not have an abnormal RMR. I do not fast to lose weight, and in fact I want to keep my metabolism high, so I SHOULD eat extra to ramp my metabolism back up and put back my lost weight/calories after a fast. Even if I was trying to lose weight, I disagree with the approach of using TRE to reduce calories. Reducing insulin would be sufficient for those with a reasonable RMR and eating the same calories but with TRE should help one lose weight regardless.


It is just a newer video by him.

As usual, take what you need from it and leave the rest. I personally am hoping to drop a few lbs. that keep coming back this year. I am in year 4 of maintenance and don’t want to keep those.


I will be starting my fast after dinner tonight. I am looking around the house for a project that I can do while fasting.

What do you plan to do to stay the course?


I am such a scatterbrain, I completely forgot about the fast… It’s good I don’t have anything in big need to eat… I didn’t do some special last meal as I wasn’t aware but I think I am well-fed and ready enough!

So I started my fast at 17:35pm today (I broke my daily fast a bit after 17pm)… Good to know! :smiley:

If nothing else, this group fast will ensure that I won’t have my usual (again :frowning: ) night meal today, yay! That wouldn’t be nice.

Oh I will think about food all the time for sure, as always, certain things never change… I think I will start my Christmas baking, that gives me food joy and possibly stress and things to do :smiley: As those must be pretty! And I need to paint some of my pet rocks. And I have some DIY plans as well. And it’s time to put up the Christmas decoration. The stair railing has them up for the longest and I already cleaned and repainted the railing.

Until I am satiated, it doesn’t matter, I surely won’t be tempted.
I am kind of determined and used to being a weeee bit hungry sometimes so I can use that when some borderline hunger comes because my body misses its meal.
And then things will get tougher and nothing helps but hopefully it will be in the more distant future.

If things get a bit miserable but food won’t be totally needed, I may come and whine here? But I try to do it in some fun way, possibly with painted rock photos so it won’t be obvious whining? :smiley:

I should draw too, a lot. And design and do steps needed to make a YT channel together with a friend or two. We have big plans.
I never get bored as there are so many things to do and learn and everything.

(Tim Cee) #11

Fasting since dinner Monday.
Starting weight 202lbs. Picked up 8lbs since the end of my previous fast. I don’t have a specific number of days in mind, but I won’t fast beyond dec 23rd. One thing I intend to do differently this time is to use a fat bomb to try to keep going if I start to feel badly.

(Michael) #12

Planning on fasting all of 15, 16, 17 and 18th with refeed sometime on the 19th. Should be around 100 hour fast in total. Time to defrost the freezer and start making bone broth tomorrow :slight_smile:


My muscles made a super unusual quick recover so I could do my full body workout today, after only one day of rest. I never ever did it on a fasting day so I am curious what would happen. I surely won’t try hard, I am pretty paranoid if it’s about my precious tiny muscles…
In the past, I broke my fast a little time after workout as I got hungry. I don’t have this anymore but can I fast until tomorrow afternoon at least? We will see.

I don’t need to cook today as my SO has leftovers.

Only 20.5 hour this far so I am very satiated, nothing unusual yet. I expect lunchtime being okay as it’s normal nowadays (I always am in the kitchen then, sitting at the table, drinking my hot water… sometimes coffee or tea, I don’t do a proper water fast now, maybe next time)… But around 22-23 hours things may start to get more challenging. Yay :smiley:
I am determined now and I really, really need to use a tiiiiiiny bit willpower regarding different parts of my life. I never liked to use any if it’s about food and I definitely don’t want to use much but a tiny little push may be useful.

I think I am not fully satisfied anymore (I hope no one will be annoyed if I write about the changes in my state, it’s very interesting for me as I usually ignore the super tiny, not urging enough ones and then I eat, often way before any hunger. nowadays I am a bit better but not every day)… My other urges are off though (hunger, appetite, need for fuel according to my overly dramatic body (when I am fine but my body wants food and I start to lose my faculties. my mind is a bit dramatic too but sometimes I temporarily lose part of my balance and my vision, it’s NO fun. but normally it’s a slight dizziness and weakness, I always eat in the next hour when it happens), and all the mental things from missing food to my rebellious self acting up (but it never interfered with fasts I think. it’s about food choices when I break the fast) and even compulsions, my most bitter enemies regarding eating.
My stomach growled too, sometimes it does it this early but as it has nothing to do with hunger (no idea why people thing it has. maybe they get hungry at the same time, I get it, rarely but it happens to me as well but I often see this as a 100% sure way to know that someone is very hungry and needs food. nope), it doesn’t matter. I always ignore all signs of my stomach anyway but it very rarely does anything beyond the very occasional and short growling. In extremely rare cases it’s noticeably empty but that has nothing to do with my decision making either. My stomach works as it should so we don’t need to communicate much.

Oh yep, that’s what I do when fasting gets challenged. Analyze my body and mind and think about things. As it’s interesting.

You others have more bold plans but I suppose you are way more used to EF than me. I don’t even want to go beyond 72 hours but that’s a not very realistic goal already. I could do it, sure, I have a healthy, well-fed body with 40lbs extra fat but if my body wants food, it gets food. I only am determined to say no to the not really important urges.
As usual, I would be quite happy with 48 hours.
But OMAD is better than my average too. That’s the minimum and I am sure I will have that as it’s not too hard, I just tend not to resist the tiniest urgest of any kind.
But I don’t wanna talk about my lackings. I want to study my physical and mental changes on a subtly enforced fast (so, when I do a honest, serious attempt).

Maybe writing isn’t the best, maybe it’s the passing of time (it’s my old lunchtime now. not very old so it has its effect but maybe it’s tied to me anyway as I liked that time and felt it right all my life until lately) and maybe my workout. I feel some hunger now. Zero urge to eat though so I suppose this tiny thing will pass. It happens lately.

21 hours. Slight dizziness. My body can’t be serious, it’s only 21 hours… Maybe I should focus on something else :smiley: Sometimes when I really, really focus on food and hunger, I trigger things. Not seriously though and sometimes it helps…

I have the water I cooked beef tongue, that’s similar to broth. I avoid it as such things always trigger a meal in my case. But it sounds good for breaking my fast eventually… After a longer time (even if it’s 24-48 hours) my body gets a bit disconnected from eating, my appetite is often negative and starting with liquid is nicer, easier.

(Tim Cee) #14

I got my COVID booster and my flu shot yesterday. Arm is sore, no other issues. Fasting is going great.


25 hours soon, my SO had his 3rd and last meal already.

Physically I am okay though I definitely feel something slightly off. Very subtle dizziness…? My body tends to produce this when mealtime came and gone. Unless it makes things much worse, of course so I am lucky today :stuck_out_tongue:

Mentally… I missed the idea of eating a bit… Unusual, slightly uncomfortable, thinking about not eating all day is almost scary… But it’s very minimal at this point.

So I am fine but the next hours will be interesting.

I started to bake as I missed playing with food… But it was too little, I have mixed dry things to add to a few other items, I never complicate these things much. I drink a lot, I do that anyway but I am sure that I do it more just because I miss consuming things a bit.

I even tracked my SO’s daily food as I can’t do it with mine (not like I miss it, tracking is tiresome but I am curious about his macros, it was ages ago I tracked his day). Unusual day for him, circa 400g carbs (oh. my. god. he can handle it but he is usually way lower) and way less fat than my average (or his). Plenty of protein though, yay! Not my level, of course but still, better than in the past.

Now I should do something creative.

Should I blur out protein and carbs too? Food, meal? These are all so vague I usually don’t.

Hunger came and while it was slight, it was stubborn and annoying and I couldn’t focus on anything as usual when I am hungry. So I ate after 27 hour, as little as I possibly could without making things worse. I am not displeased, I did what I could. I was lucky my hunger didn’t came earlier but no way I stand that.

I don’t expect this small meal to last long but we will see, I obviously start again :slight_smile: My hopes are for a fasting Friday but it doesn’t mean I don’t try to last as long as I comfortably can tomorrow!

(KCKO, KCFO) #16

Good idea Tim. You do you, whatever will help you make it thru. And a big high five to you for getting booster and flu shots.

I often go as long as I can, refeed, and dive right back in so I can keep going until the time I want to really end my Ex fast.

Shinita, lots of good projects to work on. personally I would not do any holiday baking. I could stand to surf for new recipes but baking them probably wouldn’t work out well for me. I find doing genealogy research very distracting so I do a lot of that, spent most of the high winds day doing that today. Didn’t think about food at all

Michael, I hope to make it till end of day on the 18th. I made beef bone and meat broth/stock just before I started, so I will have something good to break my fast then.

Just hitting the 24 hr. mark here.

Anyone else using Life to track your fasting or some other program for that matter?



I think about food almost all the time and it’s fine. Making food is quite important for me when fasting unless I am away, well that’s the easiest. We people are obviously different regarding these things. I only can fast until I am not hungry, then I need food. My wriggle room is tiny but I do what I can and I believe if I fast until it’s comfortable every day, it will help in the long run and even until I get some longer fast, I will eat less this way and I badly need that. Going low-carb a decade ago helped, fat adaptation helped more and carnivore is great too, at least with the right food choices but I should do the timing right too. And push myself a wee bit if it’s about deciding when to break my fast. Not doing it when the tiniest, not important urge appear. It may still be too early for that.
I often decide to wait until things get uncomfortable but normally I just can’t do that yet (often but not often enough), that’s where these group fasts help as they give me a little extra determination and I make my tiny fasting muscles stronger. But I need to practice more often. I get better just slowly. First I skipped lunch here and there, then I came up with my NOFUSS idea (no food until sunset :smiley: it’s winter here now but I changed it in my mind to 5pm, that’s a nice time for my first meal, it’s late enough to have a good chance at OMAD too)… And now it’s EASY to do it on most days (weekends are more difficult, usually plain impossible. being alone at home is perfect for fasting for me)! On the group fast, I can last even longer… It’s a smaller and smaller jump to skip the whole day… I hope this helps to make more EF possible. But if not that, at least OMAD will happen more often. I am not very choosy at this point and know that theory and determination is nice but if I don’t feel okay without food, that’s it.

But tomorrow I really focus on my art. Including baking, of course but mostly drawing and rock painting. Today I had my workout, tomorrow I should go for a walk, I neglected it today (I disliked the weather - not sunny. I am spoiled, we have so many sunny days - and that there is slowly melting snow everywhere). I avoided doing it in the afternoon, that is almost a sure way to make me hungry and weak for some reason. Why is it worse than my workout I can’t imagine.

(Michael) #18

Just hitting 24 hours here myself. I had a lot of bones and I apparently was not letting them simmer long enough. I have since read at least 12 hours to leech out the calcium and other minerals, so I am going to do a full 24 hours with them before I give them to the dog to chew on some more (if he will still want them then? not sure).
I am confident I will make it into the 19th, but I appreciate the support. When are you thinking of breaking yours @collaroygal?

(Tim Cee) #19

Some recommend not to give dogs cooked bones because when they are cooked they can splinter and poke the dogs insides. My uncle had a dog that died that way. Raw bones from large animals tend to shave and chip instead of splinter. Of course maybe if dog is used to what you give it’s okay?


The hours aren’t numerous (not even 20 as I ate my last bites very late) but it’s 5:40pm and I AM FINE. A bit hungry so it probably will be another OMAD. But I am fine at the moment.
Nothing extremely unusual but after my single small meal yesterday? I am impressed.