NOV 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #1

This thread is for all EF and IF fasters for support during the month of November.


OCT 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)
Post fast blues
(Jane) #2

I am starting an ~ 64-hr fast tonight after dinner. I was going to fast every other week but hubby wants to fast this week and not turning down the opportunity to forego planning, cooking, dish cleanup, etc.



Thanks for getting this thread going, Janie.

I’m doing some refeeding. Will be doing another 36+hr. fast later this week.


Starting my first fast of November tonight after dinner. Probably just going to do a 36 hour to kick off the week.

(Robin) #5

I’m sticking with my 16/8 IF every day.
Good luck everyone!


Yay, not everyone does EF :smiley:
I surely don’t (as I can’t :frowning: ), I try to go back to OMAD already, it will be okay now that I am at home alone until 3am again… My body is so on board with OMAD that my super early carni lunch after noon was quite big yesterday… So OMAD is my modest goal for November, with the occasional TMAD day but maybe I can do OMAD longer than ever…? We will see.
I will go for EF again at the monthly group fast - unless it happens automatically, one can never know, it just never happened since many years. But I often eat before hunger arrives, I plan to make a more serious than ever attempt to avoid it. I just forget or something? And temptation very easily triggers some baby hunger at the right time (around lunchtime. I am not used to eating only later yet).

(Jane) #7

I do both (mostly). Usually my eating time frame is between 11 am and 5 pm, so 18/6 but sometimes I want breakfast and so I eat it as long as I have fresh hen eggs. They are molting so only getting 0-2 a day but eventually they build up enough for me and hubby to have breakfast.

I started my 60+ hour fast last night after dinner. Taking my 17-year old kitty to the vet tomorrow… he had a cyst on his nose that started draining and is now infected and looks pretty bad, although he is eating, drinking and using the litter box like normal. But… if we get bad news and have to put him down I will break my fast for sure.

(Robin) #8

Oh no…. So sorry about your sweet old cat. 17 years is a gift. Fingers crossed for you.

(Jane) #9

Thanks - never had a cat live that long. He doesn’t have any other health issues so if he can beat this infection we should have him around a bit longer. If not, then we have a spot picked out in the fenced garden for him and will lay him to rest in his blankie and his plushie stuffed snake. I used to wrap it around a chair leg when we would leave and he would pull it out into the middle of the room and yowl when we got hiome to get praise for his “prize”. Too funny. He sleeps most of the day so he got to where he didn’t notice it so I stopped doing it.

I will be very sad but he has lived a long SPOILED life and given us hours of smiles and pleasure.

(Jane) #10

21 hours in and doing pretty good - no real hunger yet but it’s been a busy morning in online meetings working from home.

(Jane) #11

46.5 hours and mourning the loss of my kitty, but don’t feel like cooking or eating so just going to keep on fasting like I planned. Will break tomorrow mid-morning when my hubby breaks so will be around 64 hours.


So sorry to hear about your Kitty, Jane. Always hard to lose any of our fur-family members. I’m sure she had a great life with ya’ll.

(Jane) #13

Broke this morning at just under 64 hours, so good fast

(Bob M) #14

That is sad about the loss of your cat. My mother’s cat is on her last legs, too, but she inexplicably keeps going.

I was able to make it about 36 hours, with a body weight workout of about 1 hour, 15 minutes starting at about the 32 hour point. I had a really good workout.

My workouts after 32 hours of fasting seem to be better than when I eat the evening before. I’m not sure why.

At most, I’ll have two more weeks to fast sometime in those weeks. The whole family will be here for Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll plan a 4.5 day fast the week after Thanksgiving?

Good luck to all this week!

(KCKO, KCFO) #15

Started a 36+ hr. fast last night after dinner. I will just fast til I feel I need to eat something. So not sure how long it will last, as long as I hit the 36th hr. I will be fine with it.

@Janie sorry for the loss of your furry friend.


RIP kitty… At least she has a good spoiled life with a good owner, the vast majority of animals aren’t that lucky!

I am finally managed to back to OMAD. Yesterday I was so super hungry, ate all day, surely 2 times as much as I “should have” (but it couldn’t be helped)… So today it was easy to do OMAD and I was quite satiated all day, some twinge at 2pm, broke my fast around 3 (my hunger pretty much went away by then but it would have come back and I prefer eating my SO when I kinda need food anyway… maybe I will change it later)… I am pleased. I except nice OMAD days from now on, it went so smoothly until I messed it up for some reason. It’s easy to change tracks, my body works that way but now it probably will be fine until I don’t start to undereat.

I am looking forward to figure out if I can do OMAD longer term! :slight_smile: And if it helps with my planned EF on the monthly group fast!
I have these phases, sometimes I consider OMAD being most important than very low-carb (as a focus. I automatically eat quite low-carb most of the time), sometimes not… Now OMAD seems to be quite important and it probably will be even more so in December when I surely will have carbier days for various reasons. At least carbs make OMAD ridiculously easy unless I mess it up, one never knows that with carbs. But dinner OMAD should be very safe and nice and it should solves my focus problems or how I should call what and how much to eat. Fasting is super easy (as long as I feel content but it’s a long time on OMAD, that’s why I do it) and even I can handle a single meal I suppose. Multiple ones are loads trickier!
The occasional EF would be totally awesome but I need to be patient for now.

(Robert) #17

I eat once a day most, but not all the time when I’m on my two week FIFO roster. I work in hot, arid remote mine sites and this seems to be the best for energy. Also I crave salt. Save for the occasional nut or avo, sticking to meat, butter and Greek yoghurt gets me thru. I leave the veggies for when I’m back in town. I’ve had some great two day fasts, not sure why 3 days just haven’t been my thing lately…


Welcome, and please make sure to ‘Blur’ your mentions of any Foods in the Fasting threads. For the record, it doesn’t bother me one bit, and hell, I even cook meals and make recipes up whilst Fasting. But it was asked some years back to Blur any food mentions in any of the Fasting threads, so we do.

That being said, and for the record, I’ve yet to hear anyone mention that they honestly don’t ‘un-blur’ these selections that are hidden anyway. :smile: I think it may be too much to not see what was said, but hey, we still blur them just in case. Some do say the mentioning of foods can cause them to want to eat, which negates the thread being dedicated to discussions and updates on fellow Fasting folks.

Thanks… :+1:

I’ve blurred your food mentions above, but if you are un-familiar with this, just highlight the text you want to blur, and click on the sprocket on the right of the tools. This also works for pictures too.


Sometimes I wonder if it’s okay for me talk about eating here :smiley: I blur the items, of course if I talk about those details at all. But I just can’t talk about much fasting. Fasting is simple, easy, I don’t want to eat so I don’t. The eating is the tricky part and as I do OMAD, I do that every day…

My second OMAD day in row unless I go crazy at night but I ate so, so well, as much as I comfortably could, it should work…
Today I actually refused to eat until my SO arrived home, hunger or not. I was lucky, I had hunger sometimes but nothing I can’t ignore (not exactly ignore, I whined a bit in my mind and then came online to get distracted, it worked like a charm :smiley: when I raked leaves afterwards, I just whined but it was only a few minutes). If my body means business, I don’t last 5 minutes… But I really, really wanted OMAD to stay in my life, it works way better than anything else right now. If the price is maybe 15 minutes of hunger, not nice but nothing I can’t handle (as I had no appetite, just some normal hunger. it helps a lot), so be it. Just for today. I definitely don’t want this often but when it’s new, some enforcing may be needed.
I got my first baby hunger and stomach growling at 19 hours. It was nothing, no annoyance and I never cared about growling, be it accompanied with hunger or not. It rarely comes in the first day, though. It lasted for a few minutes.
It got stronger at 21 hours but internet addiction makes wonders so I felt it for a short time only, it got bad at 22 and I ate soon after.
It’s some very uncharacteristic self-discipline for me… Even with no appetite. But I can get stubborn when I know what is good for me. I never want to go much further than this. Well-fastedness is usually quite okay for me but I have my limits, obviously. I was active in the morning, maybe that had an effect…

Food mentions never bothered me but now I have a model on my drawing table (it’s a too big table, my keyboard is on top of it too when I don’t use it): a nice-smelling, interestingly shaped quince! :smiley: Still nothing, of course but the smell is nice, mmm.

(Robin) #20

You do realize this makes me want to write a post with only food words, right?