Nov. 2020 Maintenance Check-In


Wow, another month, another thread.

I see a lot of comments on the threads about gains, some are big others are smaller.

I personally am fighting off 2 lbs. that I keep adding and then dropping, all within about a week. So I guess I can find peace with that. Sure glad it isn’t 20 lbs or kgs. like some of the posters are struggling with during this pandemic. I am starting to really miss my friends at the fitness center. Mine had reopened with classes by appt. to limit the attendees. My husband asked me to still stay at home and see how that goes. Well, a couple of days ago, they closed down. They had reopened about mid Sept. Glad I listened to DH on that one.

I hope this finds all of you and your families COVID free.

Checking in, saying hi, it's been ages
OCT. 2020 Weight Maintenance Check In
(Pete A) #2

Happy to gain back around 6 pounds since I lost a bunch with a stomach flu. Definetly have my strength and appetite back and am killing it in the gym!

Keto-ing on…

(Central Florida Bob ) #3

Somewhere a couple of weeks ago, I realized I hadn’t said hi on the October check-in, so this month I’ll be early!

Back in September, I tried adding one day a week of fasting, which usually comes out right around 40 hours between meals. Based on two months of observation, it seems to have stopped the slow weight gain I was having, although it hasn’t really led to more loss. I did a little tracking on a spreadsheet created a linear approximation to the weight change. Found I was gaining about 1/4 pound a week. That stopped and I dropped about five pounds from the peak in that interval.

Still biking about 40 miles/week, still lifting one day a week, although I have pretty much torn up my old workout and do a different one, except for bench presses.

Keto On and Fast On


Hi Guys, glad to hear both of you are doing well.

I am planning on doing a few OMAD fasting protocol days this week. I found something I used to eat now seems to be making take a bounce up, so I want to halt that.


(Trudy) #5

I’ve had a couple of weeks holiday and found some additional KG, remain keto but more frequent eating and lots more booze. Weighed in 63.9kg, still within my 3kg range from 63kg but my waist in thicker. Intend on some 40hr fasts in the lead up to Christmas. Glad everyone is still on target. I personally feel better under 63kg than over, must remember that.


Well done. Best to get right on that extra, I know it so well. :slight_smile: I’m also going to do a tad more longer fasts before the winter feasting begins.

(Jane) #7

153.6 this morning. 3.6 lbs above my max limit but better than the 7-8 lbs a few months ago.

Getting a couple of 36-hr fasts in a month so that is helping

Coming up on 3 years when I went sub-20 carbs then transitioned to keto 6 weeks later (added fat) post-Thanksgiving. So glad to have the support here!


2020 has caused a lot of people to gain some “stressed” poundage. Glad yours is not so much.

Congrats on the 3 yrs. coming up.

(Jennibc) #9

Hey Bob, I am curious when you slowly started gaining weight back. After analyzing did you figure out the culprit? So far so good for me. The only time I gain anything is when I eat at a restaurant (I think it’s the seed oils) but I am back down within a week. If I have the occasional sweet (candy or ice cream) I’ll be up a pound the next day but will be back down the next. It’s very rare that I have either of those but on rare occasion, I will have a treat.

(Central Florida Bob ) #10

No, I never even tried. No records to go through, but 1/4 pound a week is about 900 calories or 130-ish a day. Even with regularly eating two meals a day, that’s not much. I’ve never really tracked what I eat carefully enough to show that. Of course, that assumes it’s spread evenly over the week and not two or three bigger meals during the week.

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

New month, new thread