OCT. 2020 Weight Maintenance Check In


New month, new thread.

Hope all the Maintenance Crew members are staying healthy and enjoying our WOE.

I am battling a lb. that keeps taking me over my goal weight. This happened around this time last year, so I am starting to suspect it is the tomatoes and raspberries being in season. I am cutting back on both, will freeze more berries and make sauces from the tomatoes.

SEPT. 2020 Weight Maintenance Check In
(Edith) #2

I dropped about five pounds when I switched to carnivore last month. Then three pounds suddenly popped back on.

I’m going off Diet Coke (for the 50th time.) It will be Interesting to see if that is what made the difference.


Kinking diet Pepsi to the curb about 15 yrs. ago helped me a lot in more than weight gain/loss areas. Kick that diet Coke out of your life for good, you won’t regret it.

(Edith) #4

Well, yeah! You were drinking Diet Pepsi. Diet Coke tastes much better and is therefore harder to quit. :joy:


I stopped drinking coke decades ago. Buts let’s make peace not cola wars. :v::v::v:


I remember Coke… Maybe 4 years ago I tried some, after several low-carb years (I started with cutting out added sugar, among others)… It was totally undrinkably sweet, of course (it was sugary but it doesn’t matter, sweeteners are just as sweet and horrible tasting on top). But Coke was better than Pepsi when I could handle the sugar :smiley: And I usually avoided both as I almost always was health conscious even when it wasn’t that very apparent looking at my woe. I lacked knowledge and was blind to options.

I am probably 72kg, I forgot to weigh today but it was the case some days ago, my time memory is bad.
My goal is losing fat as always and probably it will happen at some point already unlike in the last several years. Not necessarily this month but I see a chance for that. I find weight gain absolutely unrealistic now.

It’s grape season in my garden (on my terrace. I step out and see grapes. very good ones). Not a big danger to me (grapes are way too sweet since ages) especially right now (as I tasted them before :smiley: too sweet) so I continue my carnivore-ish days, it’s my 2nd… It’s not that bad from me in fruit season…

(Edith) #7

I was just joking. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

(Pete A) #8

I lost 10 pounds suddenly the last 3 weeks.I hadn’t weighed myself until today, and losing that much wasnt exactly my intention, but I’ve been good in the gym and did cut calories…

It’s not exactly welcome as I got a bad stomach flu Monday, which involved major vomiting and much loss of appetite. A couple of days of almost fasting, but starting to turn around today. I want to feel better and stronger and get back to my program, and also get Covid tested. I dont want to be a lower weight or lose LBM.

Carrying on.


@VirginiaEdie, I used to be a huge coke drinker (see what I did there). When I started keto, I found it really easy to give up coke.

But I didn’t drink Diet Coke. Do you think it’s harder to quit Diet Coke, because of the Aspartame, or Sucralose sweeteners?

I just did a little bit of searching on Diet Coke, and came across this article. I can’t vouch for the validity of every point, but it was still pretty interesting; especially if just of few of the points were accurate.

(Trudy) #10

Thanks as always for this thread.

I’m happily maintaining, 61.2kg, maintenance weight 63kg. Within 3kg either way and I’m content. Really need to find some motivation for fitness soon though. KCKO team!

(Jane) #11

151.4 after hitting more than 100k steps on my vacation and lots of elevation change in the national park’s rocky mountains.

Not happy to not be in the 140’s but was 155-157 before vacation and my jeans were getting snug. Back to fitting well again and happier with myself now. Too much sitting in front of a computer the past 6 months working from home. And some comfort eating. No binging and no sugar - just too many starchy veggies.

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

Janie, hope you enjoyed RMNP. Hope the smoke didn’t get to you. I live about an hour away and the smoke has been bad, first from fires on the edge of the park then winds blew in Washington state smoke followed by the current WY grass fires smoke. 2020, the year that just keeps on giving us crap.

Glad you saw some good results, congrats.

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

Pete, the stomach flu is probably the cause of such a dip, surely when you get back to normal, you will see a bounce back to a more reasonable level.

(Jane) #14

I did! First day we were there it was smokey then cleared out some the next day. We rented a car and visited RMNP, Yellowstone and Mt Ranier in Washington state. Gorgeous vistas, waterfalls and fun hiking.

(KCKO, KCFO) #15

Lucky for me we got no apples this year. Only the berries and tomatoes along with lettuce and zuckes. I only eat apples and pears in their season. I freeze our berries for winter time treats.

(Pete A) #16

Could be, I do hope so.


I freeze and can my fruits but my SO eats them up in the end, well, mostly, I do taste them :wink:
Both apple and pear season is at least a few months long but to me, apple season is July (summer apples, I have 2 little trees) and in the end of October when we buy a lot of apples as we barely have any compared to my SO’s needs. Pear season is August when we have Williams pears, my favorite (insanely sweet but I find a way). But these fruits are not significant in my life anymore, they don’t worth it like raspberries, sour cherries or banana. Or my number one fruit, lemon, too bad I need to buy that but it’s true for banana too…
My daily frozen berry eating is in the past. But I still like to talk and think about fruits :wink: Quince season is almost here! Mmm, nice smelling fruit and pretty too. It’s very nice I can enjoy my fruits without eating them. And I have a smallish quince tree and it won’t have very many fruits this year. I can appreciate that, we don’t need much and I have no room left to put new jars…
And quince isn’t my last fruit in the year…

(KCKO, KCFO) #18

Can not remember the last time I had a banana. Soooo long ago and I really don’t miss them, thought I would but nope.

Some berries, apple or pear, or any of the citrus family and I am fine. Wish we could grow citrus here but that isn’t possible. When there are local peaches, I have them from time to time But they are iffy around here, most years late frost makes them rare and expensive. I don’t eat fruits unless they are in season except for my frozen berries. I do eat those all year round.

(KCKO, KCFO) #19

Nov. thread is up.