DEC 2020 Maintenance Check-In


Finally the last month of this year. 2020 has not been my favorite year of this century or the last for that matter.

I hope everyone is well and figuring out how to have a holiday season that can bring you some happiness.

I am struggling with a reoccurring bounce over my goal weight. It just keeps happening. I am looking at doing more fasting and trying some of the more strict keto meal plans that are online. I think this is related to my stress levels and the fact that the fires in my state kicked off my sinus infection, which is lingering after the fires have died down. So going at it with everything I can think of to do. I do not like my current situation so I’m making some plans.

Nov. 2020 Maintenance Check-In

After my “carni November” that had some definitely not carni days too but I am pleased and actually got what I wanted in the first 2, very proper weeks… My weight stayed 72 kg. And it turned out, I can eat the usual amount of food on carnivore too (I had some short undereating times before and I actually had some low-calorie days. followed by very different ones).
I got a bit more active so hopefully I gained some muscles, surely not much but I appreciate every extra grams :smiley:

I expect I maintain in December as always. But one can always hope in losing… :smiley: (I have “normal weight” but the higher end.) I won’t put extra effort into it so it probably won’t happen. But my goal is eating well and feeling great. My mind feel more awake and more in the mood to do things even in the morning now (and I am NOT a morning person, to put it very very lightly), even on gloomy days in row (and I thought I require solar energy to function even remotely okay)! It’s new, keto never gave me that, only my newer, carnivore-ish woe.

(Jennibc) #3

I don’t how well you sleep at night but poor sleep can raise your response to glucose. I listened to a very interesting podcast the other night on the Diet Doctor - Casey Means was his guest. She talks about how we are all different in our responses to certain foods. But also how certain factors can affect those responses.

She recommends using a continuous glucose monitor which is really outside my budget, but I am going to take levels after everything I eat for the next several days. I am sure my fingers will be bruised but I will only do it for a few days!

(Robin) #4

There are so many ways to cope and or struggle through difficult times. Each of us seems to be hard wired to react in certain ways. Some of us eat. Some of us can’t eat. Some organize and clean. Some stop showering. Some get sore necks or down in the back. Some start exercising. Some retreat to the sheets. So… go easy on yourself. These are tough times. Maybe resist monitoring and measuring your progress. Instead, applaud your willingness to participate in your own well being. You’re getting there. You got this.

(Jane) #5

152.6 this morning so 3 lbs over my max goal weight but my jeans still fit - just not as lose as when I was in the high 140’s.

I am doing a 36-hr fast a couple of times a month so that is helping me maintain instead of gaining more. I miss my 72-hr fasts I did when I was traveling and on my own without colleagues - I feel I could reset my plateaued weight back to the 140’s like I did last year… but not sure I have the dsicipline to fast while my husband is eating around me.

Just surpasssed my thrd year anniversary on keto! I started after Thanksgiving in 2017 and navigated Christmas and the neighborhood New Year’s Eve party while just starting out and not being fat-adapted or able to fast yet.


Happy 3 year anniversary.

(Jane) #7

Thanks. The support here has been fantastic and is a large part of my success. Normally I would gave gained it back, gotten depressed and ate my way into 10 more pounds above the weight I gained back.

(Central Florida Bob ) #8

Congratulations on the three year ketoversary, @Janie!

I’m just checking, saying hi to all. Currently at hour 28 of what will be 42-ish hour fast. Lately, I’ve been sticking with one fast about that long, starting Wednesday night and ending Friday around 11 to noon. It works well when my schedule of workouts is normal. I’m having some cold fingers, but it has been cold for Florida, with the inside temperature being in the upper 60s.

I didn’t fast on Thanksgiving, but staying 100% keto was easy. I convinced my brother (T2D) to give keto a try last year and he has gotten off all his diabetic meds, including insulin! Dinner was at his house and he knows how to do keto.

(Jane) #9

Wonderful news on your brother! Good for him and for you pointing him in the right direction and setting an example.

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

Oh that is excellent news. That is why the 2Dudes started the resources they have created. IT WORKS!!!

(Doug) #11

I’m fasting too, Bob, but I wasn’t feeling light-headed until I read that - it’s just so good. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Central Florida Bob ) #12

Thanks, everyone!

It’s wonderful to see my big brother doing so much better. He’s also dropped about 60 pounds. He’ll be 70 in early February and is better off than he was 10 years ago. He had diabetic neuropathy in his feet and I sent him a video from Dr. Sarah Hallberg saying they have seen that reverse in patients, but it’s not always and can take over a year to start. We’re hopeful.

I think Dr. Westman says something like 2/3 of type 2 diabetics reduce their medications on his plan and 40% get off all of them.

I’m always cautious about saying keto is a miracle but when you see things like this, it sure seems like it.

(Edith) #13

I finally got my brother to follow keto. He has very bad psoriatic arthritis, but the psoriasis is really terrible.

Well, on keto, the psoriasis, which is all over his body, including the bottoms of his feet, is slowly clearing up. This time of the year, the forced air heating and no sunshine, makes his psoriasis worse. But this year his psoriasis is still improving. I’m very excited for him.

(Central Florida Bob ) #14

Very interesting, @VirginiaEdie. I guess I hadn’t heard of keto for psoriatic arthritis, but fantastic to hear he’s getting better.

(Edith) #15

Well, it’s autoimmune and keto does seem to help with autoimmune problems.

Yes, he was quite miserable, but can’t afford the medications. Diet is cheap. :grinning:

(KCKO, KCFO) #16

Brenda Zorn has a post on here somewhere talking about her neuropathy healing up. Took about 3 yrs. I think she said. Sorry I don’t have a link handy for it but searching the forums should bring it up for you if interested.

Yea, not a miracle maker, but sure does allow a lot of things to heal for a lot of people.

(Trudy) #17

December sees me another couple of kg heavier, nearly 3kg above maintenance weight now. Despite my best intentions I’ve gone wayward. I can’t seem to find my commitment to fast. Although I’ve remained keto the “treats” and alcohol have played a big role in this additional weight. Need to refocus.

(KCKO, KCFO) #18

(Liz ) #19

FWIW my 86 year old mom had totally numb feet when she started keto in January of 2018, now she has almost full feeling back. There was some pain as nerves did what they had to do but now her feet rarely hurt!

(KCKO, KCFO) #20

Here is the latest thread for the Maintenance Check-In: