Checking in, saying hi, it's been ages

(Jennibc) #1

Howdy all,
I hope everyone one is surviving 2020. I haven’t been on here in ages, but thought I’d check in to say howdy. I am still doing Keto (for the most part. Most days I am in ketosis although my carbs are higher than 20 net) I am still maintaining my goal weight that I hit in October of 2019. I am actually about a pound less right now. I manage to stay within two pounds of it either side. To me that’s acceptable since I am tall. Anyway, I am having no problem sticking with this two and half years into it.

I am so glad I found this lifestyle a few years back because I believe it has kept me from falling into the depths of despair these past eight months.

Hang in there everyone and have a happy holiday season!

(Jane) #2

Thanks for checking in and being a role model for maintenance!

I’ve been shaving off a few extra pounds I put on this year due to drastic changes in my work and travel… but we’re talking less than 10 lbs and I am coming up on 3 years of keto so I am HAPPY. In the past this year would = 40 lbs.

And I am jealous of your height!!! 7 lbs on a 5’ 2” frame is a LOT

(Laurie) #3

Hi @Jennibc . I do remember you. Thank you for letting us know how you’re doing. Great that you’ve maintained your goal weight! Best wishes.

(Jennibc) #4

Thanks! I’ve been trying to spend less time on line, it tends to become a time suck for me. I have been trying to stay busy getting long neglected projects done around the house and with my much better mental energy (Thanks Keto!) I am doing an online course. I am still stunned that people think this is not a long term lifestyle change. It really hasn’t been hard for my whole family to stick with it.

(Jennibc) #5

It’s only two pounds either way, but even when I go from the two pounds under to the two pounds over (so delta of 4) I can tell on my 5’7.5 frame (used to be 5’8 but I am shrinking apparently!) If I went up 7 I’d be up a size!

(Bob M) #6

Same here. I’m getting shorter!!


Well done. We have a monthly thread for those who are maintaining. Come join us anytime.
Here is the current one: