No Weight loss what's wrong

(Jim) #1

Ok 16 weeks on this diet, No weight loss no less in body mass, no bread, no sugar , not pizza, no fast food. All > What type of exercise does everyone do? Do most people exercise on the “diet”?
So what are doing wrong net carbs do not exceed 20 per day

(John) #2

So based on your prior posts:

At 6 weeks, you had lost 12 pounds (2 pounds a week, excellent results). At 2 months, you had lost 10 pounds, and at 16 weeks, you have lost no weight. So you gained back the initial 12 pound loss?

What exactly are you eating, drinking, how much of it, and what is the timing of your food intake? Clearly SOMETHING is different about your situation and most everyone else.

(Full Metal Keto) #3

@JohnH I think he’s just yanking our chain. :cowboy_hat_face: