No more eggs!


Okay, so I might usually love eggs and avocado but I’m seriously growing tired of them at breakfast. I was usually a toast (brown, seeded) or cereal (bran) girl but obviously those are now off limits.

What alternatives are there? I really want a bowl of cereal!

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@amwassil These pics all look delicious!

@Ummj I know my suggestion below might not sound particularly helpful at first, but one reason you may have lost your taste for the eggs is that you’re not really all that hungry at breakfast the way you used to be. The craving for cereal may have more to do with habit (and a sense of “loss” fora comfort food) than your real hunger at this stage. You’re only a month into keto and your eating habits are undergoing serious changes.

So here’s a thought… consider skipping breakfast and waiting to eat until lunchtime :wink:

I’ll bet those same eggs will seem a lot more delicious around noon, just a few hours later.

If so, it wasn’t the eggs, it was your body adjusting to keto and telling you that it’s not necessary to eat first thing in the morning. That’s what happens to many (most?) of us as we become fat-adapted.

If you still don’t want to eat eggs by that first meal around lunchtime, then okay… yup, you’re sick of eggs! :slight_smile:


Thank you :blush:


That’s actually really interesting, I’m going to test that theory out. I made a post yesterday saying how hungry I’ve been, but thinking about it , it’s mainly after lunch time and toward dinner that I’ve been getting pretty ravenous. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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So many ways to make eggs and so many items that can jazz them up. Some breakfast meat might be nice too.

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I agree it’s a very plausible explanation. I fully get not being hungry in the morning and as @SomeGuy says, the better fat adapted over time, the less hungry you’ll feel in the morning.

I have another suggestion. You don’t mention whether or not you drink coffee, so if not just ignore. My first meal of the day is ‘keto coffee’, lots of it (like 1 liter lots!). Here I am with Bubba. I use my plain old countertop Procter Silex blender with a one liter mason jar to make it. My keto coffee is a mix of whipping cream and several other fats and whey powders in proportion to my keto ratios. Hence, I call it ‘keto coffee’ - not a fat bomb, which it very definitely is not. It takes a while to prepare, so that gives me time to get up, get moving, get puttering in the kitchen and eventually enjoy my brew.

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The thing is…Ummj is a nursing mom, so I don’t think that we should be telling her to eat less is all, she is feeding herself and her baby.

Either wise I would be giving the same advice, but she is a nursing mom.

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Excellent point! I managed to lose track of that essential fact.

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You can eat anything for “breakfast”, including steak, chicken, fish, “lunch meat” (sliced meat, deli meat, etc.), cheese, etc. In fact, deli meat and cheese is common in certain locations in Europe. There’s yogurt, leftovers, etc.


I don’t generally eat breakfast, but on the rare occasion that I do and don’t want eggs, I find I have really enjoyed a tuna melt (sans bread of course). Shrug

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Thanks but I’m not keen on meat in the morning and I feel like I’ve tried every variation of eggs, mushrooms, cheese, avocado, avocado boats :nauseated_face:, omelette, scrambled, fried; you name it I’ve made it!

I’d like a cold breakfast really.


Oh I love coffee, I couldn’t live without it. I’ve been having cream in it instead of milk. I don’t take sweeteners or anything. To be honest even the cream added feels sacrilege. We really love our freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee. I don’t think I could add anything else to it as it really would take away my enjoyment of the coffee flavours. I could not face a day without it!

Thanks for the idea though.


Yoghurt is definite appealing but there isn’t really anything I could eat it with…maybe a couple of strawberries or blue berries. I’ll probably try something like that.


Oh my gosh you’re so sweet remembering that I’m a nursing mama. To be honest I really do forget this sometimes as my milk supply has been plentiful thank God.

I’ll see how I get on but I do actually think there might be some mornings where skipping my breakfast and just having water and coffee would be fine.

Thanks for remembering xxxx


I’ll look into that. Thanks.


Turkey bacon (or real bacon), sausages (check the ingredients), chicken breast (has less meaty flavors), full fat yogurt maybe with some unsweetened coconut and a few berries (also love cultured creme fraiche). Most days I skip breakfast and have just coffee with or without cream. If I need a little something I might have some nuts or seeds, maybe a beef stivk or some cheese.


Thank you x

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Also, macadamia nuts (if you can find and afford them) are a good option to up the fat content. Otherwise, like you, I can’t find much to add to yogurt.