Need Advice on Upping Fat

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I’ll get back to you on the snacks. Yes, you can subtract the fiber. I didn’t like cronometer, but I use carb manager. I’ll get the link later.

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Some people do, but I too prefer black coffee, so I’ve never tried it myself.

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You are most welcome to steal it. I don’t mind a bit. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. The overwhelming majority of my carbs are from veggies… good carbs. Just try to avoid veggies that grow below the ground like carrots and potatoes. Rice/grain is another one to try to avoid. Starch isn’t the villain that sugar is but if our aim is to lose weight, starch can complicate the process.

Hard for me to say. I’m biased toward cronometer since it’s the only tracker I’ve used. I really like that I can share my data there for the Mercola study and Grassroots health. There’s an option in your profile to share the data and my hope is that my success will help better inform the public about keto. While I think keto is becoming more visible, it still has a ways to go before it’s credible as sustainable and safe. Keto gets a lot of bad press that originates from ignorance and interest groups that stand to lose profits if keto goes mainstream.

Yes you can. Net carbs is what slightly more than half the people in the forum use to measure their diet. It does allows us to eat more veggies. I can say from experience that both do work for me. Here’s a link to a poll where people discuss why they prefer one over the other.

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Corned beef, especially all the fatty cap you might trim off and meat scraps chopped up. Finely diced onion and plenty of salt and white pepper and msg if you’re not harboring a food prejudice against it like many have about nitrates. This is all to taste. I like to process a portion of it in a food processor to really mince some of it into a paste and then mix it all back together. This gives some bond to it so it’s not just a bunch of chopped up stuff and will cook into a patty. I then use diced daikon radish or red radishes chopped up as the “potatoes”. I fry them on their own first and they will brown up like potatoes and loose much of their pungent flavor. Then I mix those with the other stuff and put what I want back in the pan to fry. No extra oil is needed if you put in a fair amount of cap fat into the mix. It keeps for several days refrigerated in a container so you can fry it up fresh next time.

Some possible things to add; bell peppers, mushrooms, celery, oregano or whatever you might think is a good idea. If you’re opposed to radishes try cauliflower but radishes really do mellow with cooking. Not a fan of them raw but cooked is cool. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Are you eating avocados? An ounce of nuts if you like? Sour cream? Taking fish oil?

Nitrate in meats like bacon has been demonized as much as fat. Nitrate is completely natural and our bodies manufacture it as well as it being in lots of veggies at higher amounts than you’ll find in bacon. Celery is a huge source of nitrates and is used for so called “uncured” bacon and ham. It’s really cured as much as any bacon but they can’t call it cured if it doesn’t have sodium nitrate salts in it. Don’t fear the bacon!:bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:.

Best luck to you for ketogenic success :cowboy_hat_face:

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If you use coconut cream instead of coconut milk that will seriously up your calories and fat content.

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I have never tried to intentionally increase fat, I just stopped avoiding it. There are lots of great recipes and sauces that have pretty much always been around that have fallen out of favor because of fat-avoidance.

SOOO many veggies that you may not have liked before taste wonderful when prepared with a little fat - sauteed in olive oil, butter, or a combination. Or with melted butter poured over them. Or in a creamy casserole or gratin-type dish. Or cooked with meat, pork, or bacon. Plenty of full-fat salad dressings too. Stir-fried riced cauliflower or broccoli. Mashed cauliflower with butter, cream cheese, and asiago. Cook your greens with salt pork or fatback.

Don’t choose the leanest cuts of meat. Ok to do the 70/30 or 80/20 ground beef. Skin-on chicken. Dark meat chicken instead of chicken breast meat. Turkey or pork sausage. Fatty fish like salmon.

Really just go back to a 1960s diet minus the bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, and sweets and you’re there.

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John - wow, this is good stuff. So true. One recipe that my wife and I both love, and that can stand to be tweaked a lot of ways:

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And a serial killer, based on all the people who have died as a result.:cry: