Need Advice on Upping Fat

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I need some advice on upping my fat intake…
I’ve been Keto for about 3 weeks now, and have lost about 5lbs… I’m NOT trying to loose weight. I’m naturally a burner, and am having trouble keeping my weight up (I’m pregnant). My weight is stable at about 135, but I could stand to add a few extra pounds, and will need to maintain weight after baby is here.

I’m not big on eggs, so I’m looking for suggestions for breakfast ideas. Usually I try to have some bacon w/ mozzarella cheese & tomatoes w/ a creamy pesto sauce.

I’m planning to pick up more canned coconut milk so I can make some shakes w/ peanut butter.

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B’fast - bacon, sausages (patty or link), corned beef hash (homemade w/o potatoes), steak, ground beef hash, smoked salmon & cream cheese, cheese sandwich (cheese slice, butter, peanut butter, cheese slice), and so on
Lunch & dinner - any variety of luncheon meat roll ups w generous mayo and cheese, burgers & hot dogs, steak, any other carnivore delight cooked in lard tallow or butter,chicken wings / thighs w skin on - deep fried in tallow or lard!



I can’t believe I started salivating, reading your post!

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No recipe here. I wing it depending on ingredients available. Probably someone has one. Beef hash is kinda like casserole. It has what you have to put in😀

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You might also increase your protein a bit, since you are building a lot of new tissue inside you. Salmon has a lot of fat in it, and so do duck and goose. I love to roast a pork picnic (shoulder joint), and eat off it for days, since it comes with a lovely layer of luscious fat.

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Put cream cheese on bacon and enjoy. Also cream cheese folded into pepperoni is a good one.
Did I mention I eat a lot of cream cheese?


Butter in coffee also helps to fatten things up.

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I had a really hard time getting my fat up when I went keto, so I can really relate! My favorite “fat bomb” is my evening dessert - 1 square of 80% chocolate sandwiched between 2 slices of butter that are thick enough to hold in my fingers. YUM!!!

I put a tablespoon of coconut oil or butter or heavy cream in my coffee twice per day. I put cream cheese or peanut butter on all kinds of things, like celery, or even just on a spoon. If you start experimenting, you’ll find those things that taste really good to you. Sometimes, I just just take a swig of heavy cream right out of the container, as uncouth as that sounds!


I see it now. Thanks! :drooling_face:

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OK. New here and I am having a hard time getting my fats up. Thanks for any suggestions here. I have read what has been already posted, and still having a hard time wrapping my head around drinking heavy cream and eating dark chocolate with butter or cream cheese. It’s hard to untrain the brain that has been told to eat low fat for all these years!

Also I don’t really like organ meats and am not convinced that bacon and other processed meats are actually healthy because of the processing, though I am open to being convinced, if someone has evidence.

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Hello and welcome Diane.

It’s difficult to seperate fat from fiction (pun intended) when doctors have been taught for years that fat is bad for us and then they preach it to us. It’s actually fat and sugar that’s bad for us and if we eliminate the sugar part of that equation, saturated fat is not the demon that most of the public believes it is.

We can blame Ancel Keys for starting the campaign against fat back in 1958. He did a study that concluded that countries where people ate more fat—particularly saturated fat—had more cases of heart disease. The problem with this study is correlation is not causation, and Keys neglected to account for many factors that could also contribute to heart disease. Keys cherry-picked his data, conveniently excluding whatever didn’t fit his hypothesis. In fact, the countries he studied that had the highest rates of heart disease also were the countries with the highest intakes of sugar and refined carbohydrates. Was it the fat or the sugar? Turns out it was the sugar!

Not only did the AHA buy into this saturated fat theory, they soon started warning the public and we still hear those warnings today.

Dr. David Diamond PHD has a very interesting video on this subject.

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Nutrition’s Stalin, you mean?

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Several studies have been done to show that saturated fat increases cardiovascular risk and failed to show it. One of them was the Minnesota Coronary Study, with Ancel Keys as one of the researchers. The results were “so disappointing,” according to Ivan Franz, the principal investigator, that Keys took his name off the study, and Franz failed to publish the results for 16 years. When he finally did, it was in an obscure journal that very few nutrition researchers read. The data tapes from that study were found in Franz’s basement after his death, by one of his sons. Malcolm Gladwell did a very interesting piece for public radio on the discovery and the reanalysis that was run on the tapes.

Other large studies that have also failed to show a correlation between saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease are the Women’s Health Initiative, the MRFIT study, and the Framingham study.

And yet we still hear “experts” claim that not only is a ketogenic diet unsustainable, but it will kill us, lol! #ARTERYCLOGGINGSATURATEDFAT

I’ve been keto for nearly two years, so far. #NOTDEADYET

Will the fear-mongering ever stop?
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Thanks. I will listen to these when I have the time. Do I really need to try to get to the suggested fat macro? Or is it more important to keep carbs down? I’m having trouble with that as well.

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Macros aren’t stretch pants. One size does not fit all. Use the macro to get an idea of what you should eat but let satiety be your guide. Eat until you are full, try not to snack but make it a fatty snack if you must. Where ever your macros end up, they end up.

Absolutely, that’s the most important thing. Here are some other tips to make things go smoothly:

Keep net carbs under 20.
~You can likely start a bit higher and work your way down but 20 is a good honest number that will allow you to eat plenty of vegetables along with fat and protein.

Use a carb tracker like
~so you can accurately track your carbs. It tracks many other things but this is the most important

Feed yourself plenty of fat and fairly moderate protein
~These two things are your best friend in regards to keeping hunger and cravings in check. You should not gorge yourself on these things but eat until you are not hungry. It’s very important to not starve yourself, so eat when you are hungry.

Keep your electrolytes up.
~At least 64oz (2liters) of water and 2+ teaspoons of salt per day. We don’t retain either of these very well on a ketogenic diet and those two things are paramount for reducing/preventing the Keto Flu

Don’t stress and get plenty of sleep.
~Growing, healing and losing weight work best when we are relaxed. So try to get 7-9 hours per day and don’t obsess with what keto is not yet doing. Most likely it is doing plenty of good things for you that you’ve yet to notice.

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Thanks for the advice. I really think vegetables are important so I want to incorporate a lot of those in my diet. I started using to track my carbs, etc. Is cronometer better? Do you have any suggestions for fat snacks? And, one more thing can we subtract our fiber grams from our carbs? If so, that will help my carbs be lower.

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I agree it is difficult to move from low fat. Its like your world gets turn upside-down. I was like this is to good to be true. I eat a fatty breakfast but also add a table spoon of mct oil to my 1st cup of coffee for an instant 100 fat boost. I even do this when fasting now. It’s colorless and tasteless. Now I have a question. I don’t carry mct oil when I travel because I am afraid of a leak. Does anyone just place butter in their coffee? I like black coffee so the heavy cream is out for me.

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One teensy like isn’t enough. Love, love, love this. Also, sorry, but I’m gonna have to steal it!