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All that lovely brown color. Did you use a sirloin cut? Thanks for sharing.


I believe so, but my Wife picked it up so can’t say for sure. She had cooked up the meat and Onions for me while I was busy wrapping up some other work I was doing. … She usually picks some up here and there to make Steak and Cheese’s or Stir Fry with it, but I only had the one pack to work with. All other steaks that I have were frozen in the Deep Freezer, so used the thin sliced package she had bought.


Made these before, but never posted them. Wife saw one of pics of the Tuna-melt patties and said she wanted some of the Cheesy-Chicken-Fritters I do for lunch today… So I went ahead and made some up today…


This is another quick, easy meal that hits the spot and not a lot to it. Once I make up the mix, I simply scoop a nice portion, place it in the hot pan (Medium Heat, but definitely more hot than warm) w/ Butter and use the spatula to press it down and form the patty. I then I cook them for 3 to 4 minutes on both sides. (I like my stuff crispy anyway, but these you pretty much have to, else they stay on the soft side)

  • 2 Cans - Chunk White Chicken Breast (20 oz. - 10oz each) (Carbs <5)
  • 2 Cups Mozzarella Cheese (Carbs- 16 … 2 per 1/4 Cup)
  • 2 Large Eggs (Carbs 1 - 1.5)
  • 1/2 Cup Ragu Classic Alfredo (Carbs 4)
  • Sea Salt - ? I just add some, so to taste
  • Black Pepper - Again, to taste
  • Roasted Garlic & Herb (Grill Mates, I love these seasonings)

Opened and drained the two cans of Chunk White Chicken Breast…

Placed it in a bowl and added some Seasonings…

*Added 2 Cups Mozzarella Cheese, Ragu Classic Alfredo Sauce and the 2 Large Eggs *

Decided to pull out the hand mixer this time. Mixed it all up, which also helps break up the Cheese

Placed Butter in the hot pan, added a good sized scoop of the mix. Then using the spatula, pressed it down and formed a patty.

Depending on the heat of the pan, I usually cook these 3 - 5 minutes on each side. They stay a bit soft, so you have to cook them up until nice and crispy, but they don’t seem to ever burn.

They come out pretty good, have a great taste and are quite filling. I actually find the consistency to be that of Tuna-Fish, but without the fishier taste. This was the first of my Wife’s two see ate. :slight_smile:

Of course, mine were better along with Bacon, and some Cherry Tomatoes from the Garden. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wanted something a little different today, so started throwing stuff together shortly after 9am to have for lunch… Started with some Knockwurst I had thawed out and went from there…

Knockwurst-Mushroom Casserole

1 - 24oz. Jar Rao’s Marinara Sauce (Carbs 35)
1 - 4 Pack Uncured Knockwurst (Carbs 4)
1 - 8oz. Pack of Mushrooms (Carbs 8?) Guessing here
2 - Cups Mozzarella Cheese (Carbs 16)
1/4 Cup Parmesan Cheese (Carbs 2)
2 - Med/Large Scallions (Carbs 2-3?)
Seasonings: To taste
Garlic Salt

So about 65-70 Carbs or so for the whole dish. Which was baked in a 7" x 10" baking dish…

Put the Rao’s Sauce in the pan, and added the sliced up Knockwurst. Plus added the seasonings…

After this cooked up for about 10 minutes, I added in the Mushrooms, then Scallions…

As you may have noticed, I was quickly running out of pan space, so switched over to a larger pan…

I let this cook for about 30 - 40 minutes? (Wasn’t paying attention really) But this allowed the extra oil & water to cook out, so it tightened up some, but you could take it out around 20-25 to keep it a bit wet.

Then moved this to a 7" x 10" glass baking pan, and added the Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese…

I then baked it at 400° for 28 minutes, but that’s because I had lost track of time and wanted to see how long it would take to brown up. So for those not wanting to brown up this much, 20 to 25 might work. I do personally like mine on a crispier side, and it wasn’t burnt or hard, but the image does make it look dark.

I ate 1/4 of it and added some Ham and some Cherry Tomatoes from the Garden…


Decided to give it a shot to create a nice wrap this morning. For the first run, it wasn’t bad. But will keep working with it, since I kept it simple/basic to begin with. (I find sometime less is more and keeping it simple is always an extra plus) Decided to try and keep it wrap thin-ness, not wanting it too thick.

Two-Egg Sour Cream Wrap:

  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Tbs. Sour Cream
  • 1 Tbs. Almond Flour
  • 1 Tbs. Almond Milk
  • Dash of Sea Salt

Meat or fillings of your liking…

I actually tried 2 Tbs. of Almond flour on the first one, but cut it back to one, to see what the difference was. So it worked with one, so no need for the extra. Though it didn’t rip or tear on me, still think it may need something to help give it just a little more body/strength to it overall. I also didn’t use anything in the pan, but butter would probably help crisp it up some? Might try it next time, but the bare pan worked.

First sliced up a piece of London Broil, that was Sous Vide for about 4 hours. (Not my favorite cut of meat but the Wife and Son like it, and I had cut this one into three) so they had theirs with Bacon/Eggs.

I actually cut it into smaller pieces, but took the pic after slicing it. Set it to the side for now…
IMG_5297 IMG_5298

Cut up a Scallion, 3 Cherry Tomatoes and some Lettuce. - Started mixing the wrap ingredients…
IMG_5304 IMG_5301

Poured mixture into the large frying pan, letting it form itself. Note: I did not use anything on the pan and it worked fine. But might try Butter next time just to see the difference. Sorta looks like a large Pancake.
IMG_5302 IMG_5320

I did flip it after it set up, but flipped it back before moving it to the plate. Tried this on both sides…
IMG_5309 IMG_5312

Had tried Mayo on the first one, but decided to shoot for more Sour Cream on the second. Both worked well, but I think I prefer the extra Sour Cream. Plus I realized I only needed half the meat, so made two.
IMG_5314 IMG_5315

*They came out pretty good, and as mentioned, you can see where I tore the first one some, trying to use a rubber scrapper to make sure the edges were loose. (Which they were) but my large spatula was in the sink and I didn’t realize this until I needed it, or course! :crazy_face: I also tried adding some Psyllium Husk to the second one (1/2 tsp.) but can’t say it was needed, or did much? But I was hoping it might just some extra strength/body to them, but they still wrapped up pretty good and didn’t tear. I was also hoping the Sour Cream would knock the Eggy taste down some, since most usually say they don’t like that. I do not really care personally since I do like eggs, but I can see some dishes being less appealing with the Egg taste though. So if I can help lose that, I will. … Plus I can always just wrap some Scrambled Eggs with some meats for added Egg taste. :slight_smile: :+1: *
Note… I only used tooth pics, because I thought it might unroll, but it actually didn’t. But held up well…


Looks great. Thanks for the details.


You’re quite welcome. … I also do this so I too remember just how I made them myself, so I can tweak them more if needed. But also in case anyone is interested in trying them, I like to provide the details so they know how I made mine. - Like with my Cheese Cake thread, there had been quite a few folks who now use those recipes and seem to really enjoy them and have made some nice looking cakes. :slight_smile:

(Tracy) #149

I make a similar cheesesteak pizza. I have found that preshredded cheese has too many carbs for me due to the potato starch so I make a crust out of egg and cream cheese. Since starting Keto, I have really put my imagination to good use and come up with foods I never would have tried before. I rarely cooked at home before Keto, now I never eat out.


Thanks, Tracy. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of all the stuff they use to keep the Cheese from sticking together either. (sometimes corn starch) We’ve had some talks of just shredding our own, even though the pre-shredded is convenient, you can never really know how much you’re taking in. We’ve just had an issue finding some larger portions of Mozzarella to get in big block form. But I’m sure we will eventually find a place nearby where we can purchase some. :+1: … Feel free to share any recipes or suggestions, I’m always looking at (and enjoy) creating new recipes. Always appreciate any input folks share. - Biggest thing I’ve found, is that I’ve not used some of the Keto-Friendly stuff others use, so when I’m informed of things other have good experience with, I don’t mind trying it out. Such as using Glucomannan Powder to thicken sauces, which has worked quite well since @DiMo suggested it. :slight_smile:

BTW, Hope you’re doing well and staying safe, Diane. :wink:

(Tracy) #151

Have you ever tried black soy beans? I know there’s lots of talk about soy products not being the healthiest. These beans literally just taste like regular beans with only 1 net carb per 1/2 cup. I use them in chili and it’s about the only soy product I ever use so I think it’s pretty harmless. You can only find them at organic grocery stores or Amazon.


Tonight, I just sort of winged it on anther idea. Saw some BBQ Chicken online, and thought I liked to try something. Plus the Wife had some Chicken Breast thawed out and with no real plans for it…

Bacon-Laced Saucy Chicken

** Chicken Breast (3.5 lbs. - 5 pieces)*

** 1/2 Cup Soy Sauce*
** 1/4 Cup Brown Swerve*
** 1 Tbsp. Liquid Smoke*
** 1/2 Tbsp. White Wine Vinegar*
** 1/2 Tsp. Sea Salt*
** 1 Tbsp. Ground Mustard (actually forgot to add this?)*

** 6 - slices thick cut Bacon*
** 1/4 Cup Brown Swerve*
** 1/4 Cup Worcestershire Sauce*

1/4 Cup Almond Milk to mix 1 Tsp. Glucomannan Powder to mix to thicken.

Took a full pack of Chicken Breast, 5 pieces, and cut them up to nugget sized pieces…
IMG_5328 IMG_5329

Cooked up 6 slices of thick cut Bacon… (TBH, this Bacon kind of sucked. Wife picked it up, but not our regular brand, and also had that strip of skin on it, which gets so hard you can’t even chew it. Cut this off wherever it was predominate… then broke it up into little pieces after cooking it up, slightly crispy.
IMG_5331 IMG_5332

Put the cut up Chicken into a frying pan with just enough Butter to coat the bottom for sticking…
IMG_5334 IMG_5338

Prepared the two mixes notes above…
IMG_5335 IMG_5337

Added the mix with the Brown Swerve, Soy Sauce, Liquid Smoke to the Chicken once cooked up and drained. I wanted to make sure not to cook the chicken too hard, like I do for some other recipes…
IMG_5342 IMG_5344

I let this cook up for a bit, while I starting cooking up the Bacon, Brown Swerve and Worcestershire…
IMG_5346 IMG_5345

Then I mixed in the Bacon mix, to the Chicken. I then took 1/4 Cup of Almond Milk (Don’t really like to use water, so Almond Milk worked well) Quickly stirred in 1 Tsp. of Glucomannan Powder, stirring it up real quick and immediately added it to the Chicken and stirred quite often while it thickened. I believe the longer you leave in on the heat, the thicker it might get. I just can’t say how thick? I took it out, when it was nice and tacky, but not too thickened. I’ve cooked similar dishes a bit too much and it’s too thick.
IMG_5347 IMG_5349

But it came out pretty good, especially being a first attempt and just winging it. The Wife said it actually reminded her of General Tao’s Chicken, both in taste and texture, so I’ll take that as a win. :slight_smile::+1:


Ya know, I think I’ve heard others mention using them, but I haven’t. But will definitely look into them. We actually make Chili ourselves, and we just try to watch how many Kidney Beans we take in, but probably still take in a bit more than we would like. :+1: But we also don’t make it much to be honest, but we have always enjoyed Chili. Especially in the Winter months, my Wife really enjoys it. But the only thing I hate is when I was growing up, I got into the habit of eating Chili with Buttered Crackers, and would eat quite a few at that. … I know that wasn’t good ‘for me’, but it was definitely good ‘overall’. :slight_smile:

Thanks again


Another one I want to add here… Decided to pull out some Dungeness to make up some Crab Cakes

Dungeness Crab Cakes

  • 8 Dungeness Crab Clusters (Yielded 2 lbs. meat)
  • 1 (4 oz.) Bag Pork Rinds
  • 2 Tsp. Old Bay
  • 1 Tsp. Ground Mustard
  • 2 Tbsp. Parsley
  • 1 Tsp. Red Wine Vinegar
  • 1/4 Cup Mayo

I cooked them for about 4 minutes on each side, on medium heat, to get a nice crunchy crust on them…

Cooked up and then picked 8 Dungeness Crab Clusters, which yielded 2 lbs. of meat. (Um, I did eat one since I had just eaten something, and well, I love Crabs. :slight_smile: + :crab: = :partying_face:

IMG_5413 IMG_5416

I used one 4 oz. bag of Pork Rinds, which I minced in my mincer, this gave me about 2 Cups fine grind.
IMG_5419 IMG_5421

I added the two Cups of Ground Pork Rinds to the Crab Meat and mixed well…
IMG_5424 IMG_5425

I wasn’t sure how many Eggs I would need, but ended up at 4. I didn’t want to get an Eggy taste, and the mix was still pliable but still needed to be a bit wetter…
IMG_5426 IMG_5427

Note: I normally mix all the dry ingredients together, but since I was working this up on the fly, I didn’t this time so just made sure to mix very well as I went…
IMG_5429 IMG_5430

Once mixed, I used a ladle to scoop out a nice ball of meat. These were around 7 to 8 oz. each, which made a nice sized patty.
IMG_5431 IMG_5433

Even though I used my large pan, I was only doing one at a time, since I find it easier to flip them. Plus, I made some for the Wife and Son, before I made mine, so it worked out better for all to eat while hot. I cooked them about 4 minutes or so on each side to get a nice crunchy crust on them…
IMG_5439 IMG_5437

*They turned out damn good. And I of course had made Dungeness Crab Cakes before, but never really broke it down or recorded a recipe for them. But I generally use the same ingredients as I did here (give or take depending on what I have on hand). But I wanted to make a full recipe for the record since *



Decided to try something new this morning… I wanted take some thick sliced Ham, Cheese & Bacon and encase it in some sort of wrap or similar. So this morning I tried an Egg based encasement first. It did come out pretty good, but I think it will be even better with something more doughy like. So though this works as is, I will be trying to create something else I can make up to be used to pack all the stuff into in one shot. But here’s how I made this one this morning and can always use it as is

Ham/Cheese/Bacon quiche?

  • 20 Eggs (8 bottom, 12 topping)
  • Thick sliced Cheddar Cheese (To your liking)
  • Thick sliced Ham (To your liking)
  • Thick sliced Bacon, cooked crispy
  • Oregano (about two Tbsp.
  • 2 Cups Mozzarella Cheese
  • 1 Cup Almond Flour (1/2 each portion)

Had the Wife pick up thick sliced Ham and Cheese, and we already had Thick Bacon. Which we then cooked up before I started mixing up the batter I would use. Lined a cookie sheet w/ Parchment paper.
IMG_5452 IMG_5454

Mixed the Eggs and measured out 1 Cup Mozzarella Cheese and 1/2 Cup Almond Flour. Mixed the flour in, but left the Cheese out to sprinkle on top to make sure it was even…
IMG_5457 IMG_5458

Poured the batter into the cookie sheet, and made sure the batter spread out all the way. I then added the Mozzarella Cheese and used a fork to push it down into the batter…
IMG_5460 IMG_5461

I baked this lower batch for 8 minutes to tighten it up some, so I could layer on the Cheese & Ham. … Then I pulled it out of the oven and started adding the Cheddar Cheese in a big layer first. But so it didn’t overflow, I added a piece of Aluminum underneath, after the Wife suggested it might help with this.
IMG_5463 IMG_5464

Then added a layer of thick Ham, and a layer of Bacon…
IMG_5465 IMG_5466

Added one more layer of Cheddar and mixed up the top batch, which has a little more then the bottom and poured this overtop to encase the center layers. I also took a square plastic top and used it to push this down some, so the top batter would cover it better…
IMG_5468 IMG_5469

I then baked it at 400° for 30 minutes. Came out pretty nice and browned up…

None of it remained, after the three of us had two slices each. It was pretty good and is a good way to just put all the stuff together to cook as a unit. The Cheddar Cheese the Wife picked up actually tasted just like the Craft sliced Cheese, but was actual Cheese of course. But it had a nice rich flavor…

What Did You Keto Today? Part IV
(Jane) #156

Made these tonight but cut back on everything since just the 2 of us. Delicious. Thanks for the recipe!

(Laurie) #157

Re the black soy beans … I used to put them in chili all the time. To add a bit of texture, and because chili with just hamburger looks like dog food to me. Where I live, about half the stores seem to have the black soybeans. And also Amazon and other online stores.

I no longer eat beans or tomatoes, so no more chili for me. Sometimes I cook hamburger meat with Tex-Mex spices but no sauce.

Thanks for the recipes, Dave.


@Janie You’re quite welcome. I do enjoy them myself and it makes for something nice that’s also a bit different from the norm. :slight_smile:
@islandlight Thanks. We haven’t been able to locate any in the stores near us, but did look them up on Amazon. We had planned to purchase some, but I haven’t ordered any as of yet. We’ve still been using Kidney Beans, but also making sure not to use too many, or consume too many the same days. :slight_smile:

Haven’t been on-line much here as of late. - I had a pinched nerve or something in my lower back that was bothering me, so I’ve just spent some down time mostly, heating pads, etc. But I do need to add in the Coconut Cheese Cake I put together a couple weeks ago. Need to tweak it some, but it actually came out pretty good. :+1:


Wanted to drop this in here, since I’ve been making it here and there, and my Son has been eating them with me. … And tonight, I got the wife to try them, and she ended up sharing my plate full with me.


  • 6 Eggs (Medium, but I’m looking for small, but can’t find any)
  • 3/4 lb. Ground Hamburger
  • 1 Cup Rao’s Marinara Sauce

Cooked up 1.5 lbs. Hamburger (My Son was joining me, so made double) - You can strain it if ya like, but I actually like letting mine cook until the fat is re-incorporated back into the meat…

IMG_7924 IMG_7925

Added in the 1 Cup of Rao’s Marinara Sauce, and let that cook for a couple minutes to heat up…

IMG_7926 IMG_7927

After the sauce heats up to the meat temp, add in the eggs. I try to use a spoon, to press in a depressed area for the Eggs to lay in, but this is actually a large pan, so the mix wasn’t that deep… Once covered, I cook them for 8 minutes. This makes sure the Eggs cook through…

IMG_7928 IMG_7929

After 8 minutes, the Eggs are cooked through and the surrounding meat is cooked into the Egg mix as it tightens up. But even with 6 in the pan, I usually have some meat/sauce still not incorporated, so I just spoon that into the center of the plate. You can see the color difference of what is incorporated…


It’s quite filling, as well as easy. And now my Wife likes it too, so will probably be making it even more…


(Jane) #160

Forgot to take a pic but looked just like yours except I only used 5 eggs. Was delicious and so quick and easy to fix.

Thanks for the recipe! I added a dollop of sour cream to mine.

(Jane) #161

Hubby said it looked like “an egg pizza” :laughing: