MOOvember Carnivore


I always forget not all mayo is carnivore :smiley: I only made a carni version from yolk and lard (and it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay eggier than a normal one but the normal one is insanely fatty if you ask me).
I should do it again… Not like I particularly like it but I forgot what it was like and I am curious.

Meanwhile I watched food videos (about various fruits) and got hungry (maybe not connected, I really ate little during the day and while sometimes a high-cal previous day make it be okay, usually not). So I had more roasted pork and eggs. Oh it’s nice, I get hungry, eat some bites and it’s fine again. My very hungry days are the bad ones.

We will have nice days if the forecast is right so I plan to do some garden work :slight_smile: I planned and should have done a few things earlier but I can’t do certain things when everything is wet and we had a too long period of that. Or I was occupied with other things, mentally/emotionally. These weren’t easy times.


Staff training day yesterday. Coffee breakfast. Provided lunch was based on bread and pastries. I was able to extract some ham and cheese to snack on, and had a small cup of a lamb stew that had recognisable meat in it.

Last night was baked beef ribs. I felt very tired and was in bed by 6pm.

This morning, after 15 hours of sleep, I woke up with mild soreness in muscles and joints with skin prickling sensations. It is like a very mild version of a vaccine reaction.

It might be a virus (Mrs. Bear has had a cold). It may have been something I ate. It could be both. I didn’t feel very hungry on the training day. But I had managers there making sure everyone was being fed, as they had organised the catering. So, I felt employee-bound to be seen to be eating.

Back on plan today.

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Usually you have to tell at least 50 people that Carnivore is worth giving a try before 1 will even consider it. Over the last 5 years I know only 2 people who actually turned their life around and are now healthy, beautiful, strong, skinny. Inspired by my WOE.
It is extremely satisfying. I hope your Brothers friend is inspired by you.

Its OK to do this I guess, but I’m with you. Relaxed Carnivore is Enjoyable and improves the quality of live (health).
As for “Infinitely” …Never ever. I would not close any doors and always venture towards ways of living that improve quality of life. If that means becoming a fruitarian, I will do that.
(Not very likely :grin: )

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How do I make that ?

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Hi Frank,

I’m all for investing time in teambuilding and training.

Not impressed with your Managers.
I always know what my people needs are, including their diet.
Its not even a kindness thing, I also know what the needs of machines are or any other asset.

How on earth are you going to be a good and efficient Manager if you don’t know what you are managing ?


They asked for dietary requirements and I ticked the “gluten free” option. It didn’t result in much adaptation, or others collected it earlier in the queue.


good point you make. never worry on small condiments one might use when they need it, do well on it, enjoy it to make this lifestyle fab for us. It is not our meal. It adds to our taste and texture of our meal. But as we go along we drop alot of these condiments and spice mixes as the body starts to hate them :slight_smile: I dropped tons.

We find our zc balance easily as long as we eat well. Do for us on spice mix and some mayo or some mustard for taste. Nothing wrong with that at all…and it will amaze what ya drop and can’t stand and what ‘little’ we hold onto yrs into this lifestyle :wink:

Most of us are relaxed. We need it for our lifestyle but we can differ OH SO much on what our bodies allow us to handle so if we read someone uses hot sauce on meat and think, omg that would kill me now LOL we can’t jump on it cause that is the little taste it takes to make them enjoy carnivore while eating a full meat meal.

SF BBQ sauce. I had to dump it. None were good to me. too tomatoe tasting and my guts ain’t a fan of tomatey things. I find ‘rubs’ that are for pork, chicken and beef the best buy…if we enjoy that tad of mix…gotta spend alot of money to walk thru what ya like and don’t like on those little darn bottles HAHA ugh…but in the end the label is key on those. I saw many that were 0 carb but said sweet and smokey and boom, one sprinkle and I could taste the sugar and yet I buy one that is Beef Magic and 0 sugar taste and love a sprinkle of that stuff sometimes on a steak.

We thinly walk the condiment line in carnivore :slight_smile: great post JJ!!

I would never do that anymore. Ever. Oh yea I did in the olden days, now I do for me point blank. I am not a ‘deli fan’ of meat anymore so that I wouldn’t want to eat----but that is me!!!----but I never like someone typing out they felt BOUND. You are not. You have real choice here. You allergic to shrimp and company puts out shrimp only, gonna eat some and die? Nope :wink: Work on you for change of thoughts on who you want to be and live by your personal convictions ya know…hey I am a massive work in progress on that in my life now but ZC clarity shows me so much also that my future is all about me and no duty bound anything when it comes to what I eat for sure. OK JUST More of a me chat than a you chat HAHA

Oh I read the other post, ya hit gluten free. I would have penciled in I eat only fresh meat. WOW they woulda had to deal wtih me being that social outcast LOL Ya did fine but something could be lurking from getting some bug that Mrs B got or ? change of seasons bugs that are around and get us, I got the ‘school bug’ happening in my life :wink: ugh
Hope ya feel better.

------------------------WOKE UP in a super NO hunger mode. Woke up very content and that feeling of I ain’t eating much today. Don’t require a steak or pork. Brain is on low food. Day will start wtih 1/2 lb. of bacon. Ohhhh yea, or maybe the whole lb? We shall see.

Brain on tuna and mayo and a few tins of sardines…huh? who knows LOL

Brain is thinking a 3-6 egg omelet later with some melty cheese it…huh?

It is like I am wanting just lighter fare and have forgotten what I do eat when I want lighter meat foods :ok_hand::rofl:

Season transition. Horrible weather here. Hurricane weather and lingering. Cold coming alot more. My sun is less, my gray days are more and my activity is lower…ohhh, lower activity…ok could be why the body is saying don’t feed me, it doesn’t need it…well duh :thinking::star_struck:

I do have burgers defrosted as just in case I require a hit of meat that is heavier so got my day covered the zc way I feel like eating today.

Rock on all!


Tiny shopping but we still visited 3 supermarkets. I didn’t find the cheeses on sale. But we found our usual Gouda. It finally doubled its price in the last year!
Alvaro says he heard the price cap on one type of milk (2.8% fat, UHT. who drinks that awful stuff?) caused the cheese prices to shoot up. Or it’s an excuse, whatever, prices are crazy now and the price caps causes other prices to go up instead.
The gouda was 25% cheaper a few weeks ago. Sigh.
Oh we found a cheaper gouda. It looked bad and just like the young gouda we tried once and it was tasteless compared to the normal one. And our normal one isn’t very aged either… Just a normal, half-hard, tasty one, not super flavorful but pretty good. It’s the cheapest good cheese.

A few of my big favs (not extremely expensive cheeses but above normal Gouda level unless they are on sale) were only 10% more so we bought some.
And I try to avoid them unless it’s just a too good idea in the moment. It’s not like I need any cheese when I am happy with my meat and eggs.
Butter is about the same price as before but it should be, it already did its 100% raise… Not like it stops items but still.

Egg price went seriously down due to the price cap. We didn’t check the greengrocery yet, the egg lady is above those rules, of course.

We are moderately curious about potatoes as they got a price cap too but we didn’t check them out yet. Alvaro expect them to disappear but maybe not yet. Later when storing wouldn’t worth the trouble…
Even Alvaro eats them so rarely that it doesn’t matter sooo much to us. But we are curious what ripples price caps make.

And I totally forgot to buy some price capped or other pork. Oh well, I still have some just not a stew material. (Chuck surely makes a nice stew but it’s awesome as a roast so nope.)

We mostly bought dairy, 8 chicken… quarters, you folks say? It’s called whole leg here… Some carbs for Alvaro… We spent little but now I have sour cream and greek yogurt and even quark, I so missed my creamy dairy items, quark is just useful, Alvaro helps me to eat it and it had a nice price. Dairy prices are so crazy that I can’t resist a good price of the items I actually regularly eat.

Alvaro’s mom fried chicken thighs for us. Nice from her but I start to have serious problems with the used inferior oil (she buys some cheaper one now… no idea if it makes a difference). It was too salty as well. Sigh. But I was hungry. Totally forgot to bring my own food, actually. (I ate worse, this November is a mess sometimes, I need some reset.)
I don’t even use any added fat for chicken thighs. I just roast them, it has enough fat.

I am not into meat right now but hopefully it will change soon.
Oh I bought sausages too, the usual soft ones and my fav raw kind that one needs to fry :slight_smile: That’s amazing when good. And this one? Only pork, pork fat tissue, salt and spices according to the label. WOW! They do it as they should…? Wow again. Sadly I neglected to read the label of the other sausage :frowning: It has MSG and I HATE that. It has dextrose too. I need to be more careful. But that sausage is useful, Alvaro came home tired and hungry and asked me what he could eat… Sausages, I said and he replied it’s a good idea and ate two. 1 minute in the microwave oven. Yay.
It’s more like some emergency food for me when I got bored of my more proper meat and eggs. very satiating so good even when I am hungry for some more food. When I want something dessert-y, I eat my sour cream or greek yogurt and when I want something different, well I have multiple options. Couldn’t resist to buy another tinned fish despite its non-carnivoreness (I didn’t see a single proper one except tuna but I have a whole jar of tuna and I don’t want tuna often) but it really comes handy in emergencies and I never experienced noticeable problems due to it. I try to avoid eating such things but sometimes it’s the least evil I can have.
(And I eat way worse things anyway but it doesn’t matter, my missteps and my planned, consciously bought items are in two different world. My basic attitude is super important.)

So I am kind of prepared now. Except I lack some nice pork shoulder to convert it into a good stew when I am bored of simpler dishes. I will check out the village shop soon.


I am usually a simple one when it comes to my food (I just have zillion different simple things at once and sometimes I feel I neglected my cooking hobby or want something else. but the default is simple). One egg yolk, a little lard (10-20g? I don’t remember but I have a hard time to imagine anything TOO eggy. but it’s very, very individual), mix. With a spoon, I don’t overcomplicate these things. Probably salt too. (Me being me, if it’s not good enough, I probably add mustard but then I can just make my mustard sauce, without any lard.)
And it’s probably nothing like mayo but I have very vague ideas about mayo, I saw and even ate some kinds in my life but Mom never made any and all the kinds I saw were pretty different…
I am pretty sure that the one coming from a tube is not something I would want ever.

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I personally always say I am carrnivore and require animal and animal derivatives … it works although they aways ask if I want sides with it…I think in future I will answer yes please, sides of bacon, eggs and cheese :sweat_smile::rofl:


A perfectly valid answer. I wonder when I will reach the point where I automatically will say such things and wouldn’t get for a minute WHY the other person looks like if I said something weird.
Maybe they won’t. I usually keep a good company. And the steakhouse that I still haven’t visited but I will one day, totally have eggs and bacon as side dishes. And they have a 21oz steak option. Lovely.

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I sometimes have mayo on tuna but always wish I hadn’t bothered. Its one of those things I fancy now and again but it is never as nice as what I envision it to be. I have also gone off deli meat… it does nothing for me and I end up picking at this and that if I do eat it. I don’t mind cold sliced beef but rarely eat ham, chorizo or salami these days unless I see it reduced and buy it on a whim … again I usually regret it. Cheese is also having that effect , I fancy it and after one or two bites think ewww shouldn’t have bought that. Strange how are taste buds are constantly evolving.

(Karen) #154

The 21oz steak sounds good to me , I wouldn’t need any aides or eggs and bacon with a steak that size :grinning:

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Up with the alarm this morning, BP and pills 5aken and sat up fr a brew with my books. It was mild outside which is lovely for this time of the year, in fact the day has been fairly warm and sunny throughout!

Went to CrossFit for first ime in 3 months! Did a pairs workout with Sian which opened with a 2k row then 3 rounds of 60 wall balls, 50 push ups, 40 toes to bar, 30 box jumps finishing with a 4k bike erg. After the first round I thought that was it, I was thinking oh that wasn’t so bad considering i hadn’t done any CF for 3 months, I was hoping that was it lol but Sian kept saying No Mum its 3 rounds not 1 :rofl::rofl::rofl: :confounded::confounded: I am still coughing but hope that it will bring up all the crap on my chest!

I returned hone straight after CF, well straight after I had chatted to a few peeps lol. I went back outside, finished one of the books I had been reading and started a fresh new one… with another coffee.

About midday I cooked up 2 big sausages and 1 duck egg. Then later in afternoon, chicken wings which were quite tasty. Then I started feeling like I wanted something else so had a tin of sardines. They were nice. I have been slow cooking some pork ribs and just tried 3 but they are really ready so I will leave the rest slowly cooking away. Not sure I will eat any more this evening.


I wouldn’t need sides with such a big steak either I guess (unless I am exceptionally hungry) - but I fancy a smaller one with the sides, I do like my variety even during a single meal… A really good steak probably could be an exception, I had a nice day with only beef and a single yolk, after all… But I wouldn’t be sure I could eat the 21oz one. Probably yes, if not quickly, slowly and if I visit a restaurant again, I won’t make it quick, I like a nice atmosphere… I still would be safe and eat a small one with my beloved eggs and bacon first. I think. But if I visit the place when I have an established OMAD and I consider the money probably well spent, 21oz would sound good. It’s not a rare amount of meat for me to eat if I don’t have my other items. I am just unsure about beef, it’s chewier than my normal meat. So I would start with a small one.

I pretty much dropped my deli meat too, it didn’t last long and wasn’t serious. I keep my sausages, that’s another matter but they are just for the times when I need them. As long as I happily munch on my meat with some eggs and other things, I don’t need processed meat or cheese. But I still need them at this point, not every day but sometimes.
I kind of like my cheese (more if I eat it rarely) but I wouldn’t finish even a small, 250g block without Alvaro… I just don’t want so much cheese. Just a bit here and there for variety. I don’t think I fancy cheese nowadays, I just still need some bites, I had enough meat and cheeseless egg dishes and actually can eat cheese and egg, it’s even okay/nice but I don’t eat it because I desire it. I want satiation and see no better option. I really forget about it when I can just get satiated with a bunch of pork chuck and a few eggs. But I still rarely can eat only meat and eggs, boredom comes before satiation. I hope it will change. I try to have multiple kinds of meat and egg dishes but I still need dairy here and there. But usually not meat but the creamy, dessert-y kind.

I aim to do it simpler. It’s tiring to need my level of variety when I don’t even actually want the processed items, I just can eat them easier than my normal food and I need that. Maybe I need some training instead of using everything I have too easily? I just worry about hating meat for some time if I borderline force it on me… I don’t know how and what I would eat then. So I am careful.

(Daisy) #157

Checking in!
I’ve been doing really well. I came out of the extended fast and into the 80/20 protocol. It helped me to hold the weight loss pretty steady and I enjoyed all the carnivore foods. I also had a few days of super high protein that would set me back some pounds. Finally I decided to go raw lion and I lost a good bit more weight. I’m sitting at almost 22 pounds lost in the last 4 months. It stalled out over the last two weeks, so I brought in some cooked foods the last 2 days. Here are my last couple days and the same meal I’ve eaten we very day, every meal for the 21 days before the last two days.


In response to having “sides” with a meal. How about some real biltong? I explored a new roadside business that has set up on the entry to the second major country town as I drive to the city. The proprietors are South African. That is key to this story.

It’s an unassuming little shop. Sort of ‘tacked on the end’ of a large liquor warehouse store.

First thing, the young guy serving at the counter was healthy. Broad shoulders, bright eyes, well muscled, great skin and white smile.

He clocked that I was Australian. The other customers that came in were all South African.

This shop had a wall of meat.

One side of the shop was all air-drying cupboards with insect-proof mesh doors you could see through. On the other side of the mesh, inside the cupboards, was all air drying beef. Mainly biltong, but some droevoors as well. I selected a big chunk of plain beef with a nice line of yellow fat running down it. That advice was given to me by a South African friend.

“The plain one is the hardest one to eat,” he said. “Most Australians will go for a flavoured biltong with different seasoning rubs.” I said I wanted to test out his shop and his wares. The plain one would tell me best. He asked, “Before I sell you this, I will ask, what do you normally eat?” Hmmm, I thought, interesting. “Oh, I’m a carnivore.”

“Good,” he said, “ Do you want this sliced to eat straight away? It will give you the best flavour if I slice it.”

“Yes, please,” I said. He took the chunk of meat, hefted it, gave it a friendly squeeze, and carefully placed it on a cutting board. “Hmmm, yes, this is a good one,” he said to himself. Then to me, “This is a good choice.” I told him about my South African friend, a thin wisp of a young lady, blonde hair blue eyes, does yoga with all the vegans, he flinched, but is the strongest in the class, as she is a carnivore. She tried the way of eating because her husband, a chef, went carnivore to lose weight and to cure depression. It worked. She said it just felt natural to eat in a carnivore way, it was how she has been brought up in South Africa. But she said her mother would take her to the butcher in their town and walk through all the hanging meat, always looking for a good piece of biltong with a nice fat stripe. He nodded and sliced the meat expertly and with care.

“So you’re not into plant-based?” he asked.

“Not at all,” I said

He weighed up my bag of meat. It worked out to be slightly cheaper than a large rib, half kilo, steak from my butcher. The meat mass seemed about equivalent. But with slow air dried beef biltong the nutrient density is higher. The beef is not fast oven dried like beef jerky.

“I will bet you that you do not get out of the car park driveway before you start eating that,” he smiled.

I collected the proffered bag, it was weighty, and already had tell-tale grease appearing, and opened it to take my first piece of raw air-dried beef. Let’s just say the best I could do after some chewing and a swallow was to mouth a silent,”Wow!” He laughed.

What a tonic to the corporate lunch of the day before. That first taste was like that scene in Pixar’s Ratatouille film where the food critic tries the food and it unlocks a long lost memory of goodness.

Oh man, does this air-dried raw beef taste fantastic. Within a few slices one knows the feeling of satiety and repletion.

This shop will be a regular stop on the city drive. I hope his business does well on the edge of this plant-based driven world.

I’ll have to admit to having a few more pieces after taking the photo for this post.

(Vic) #159

It’s always cool to meet Carnivores or carnivore minded people in the wild.
It’s rare.

I make my own Biltong from beef. A skill I picked up from a south african long time ago.

Dare I say that south africa is the most carnivorous country in the world. Mostly due to lots of hunting in the white communities.


This could be read in different ways :slight_smile:

I asked an AI app to draw a “white hunter” for me:

(Vic) #161

Ow dear :blush:
English is not my native language.

I mean to say that The white communities do a lot of wild game hunting in season. Biltong is a traditional way to preserve the spoils.

hope that was better :grin::smile: