MOOvember Carnivore


OK we are here now.
new month new thoughts new path new journey and new discoveries.

what ya want out of November to suit you personally?
I know I am ok and cruising and doing fine but I know others are wanting more experiments and changes and that is cool…so tell us how you are gonna do you on ZC this month :slight_smile:

We got a fab small community here and I love that. Great support and good info posted and more…just a great safe place to chat ZC for ourselves!

Rock on MOOvember!!!




2 year carnivore :partying_face:

(Vic) #4

Happy Carniversary

(Judy Thompson) #5

@Septimius what an accomplishment, 2 years! Congrats! I hope to cruise down that very road. Nearly 10 months now for me and have never been healthier or happier with any woe.

Starting day 2 of our trek across half of America. We’re 80 mi shy of Memphis and 100 miles from the great Mississippi. Mimsy is sitting on my lap as usual on car trips, what a great traveler she is! I think 6 years is the perfect sweet spot for a dog and she’ll be hitting that milestone in late December. My buddy :heart_eyes:
Yesterday we grabbed hot dogs at a gas station and when I tasted that weenie I sputtered and spat it out, that was NOT meat! Gross! Some cheep ick with a burnt smoky taste. Hubby ate them both. No taste buds on him apparently.
Later at a truck stop I got 2 more hot dogs. Still could tell they weren’t all meat. I think I’m getting more sensitive to tastes as I go along. Lastnight I ate liverwurst and sharp cheddar slices. Happy for a little Carni purity in the day!
This morning we went to the lobby buffet in the motel, sausage was OK, eggs a little dry but added grated cheese. Travel is still possible but no food is as good as my own!

@Fangs I meant to add, we drove through that whole storm system all day yesterday down the east coast. The mist in the mountains was absolutely gorgeous as @Shinita said! We didn’t have to drive directly into it though, nor would we want to. Hubby has your identical malady. I read your description to him and he kept going yeah, yes, yup, that’s it. No conversation in this car. He can’t hear a door slam lol!
Hope you’re both better soon :heart:


@Septimius: Nice, congrats!

It’s November again. The month when I did my longest carnivore time, 2 weeks (with so little and limited meat, I was determined but never want to do that again)… One of the big goals for this November is breaking that record. Just because it seems easy, we talk about me so it’s a challenge…

My fruity summer/autumn ended. It probably was better than in the previous years but still. I strayed way too far sometimes (usually not with the fruits, they were just a gateway drug)…
But November is way, way safer, it’s my first month with real chances after May. I need to get some results and have a break before something inevitably happens in December. I totally plan to keep even that month modest but it’s December and I am not delusional. My big carni times come later. Or near carnivore but LONG. November is training for that too.

My (more or less vague) goals? I have many. Eating wise…

  1. Limiting my coffee intake but my first day was fog/headache/somewhat disappointing meat, I just can’t focus on it yet. Later. But I won’t drink any until my first meal.

  2. I would like some cute OMAD/TMAD but we will see. I definitely don’t want 4-5 meals.

  3. Well, carnivore and if it fails, carnivore-ish, if it fails, extreme low non-animal net carb, if it fails, keto… That really shouldn’t fail but keto is tricky so let’s avoid that too.
    Carnivore to me means the usual, primarily eggs and meat but I am fine with processed meat, spices and even condiments, coffee, tea, dairy. I focus on my main items and wish to use something else if there is a need but I don’t try to force avoiding them as it backfired in the past.

  4. I want to minimize everything. Fat, carbs, protein, food cost, eating window size, number of times when I eat without any real need :smiley: Due to my overeating tendencies. I do have lower limits but as I can’t go below anyway, it’s still minimizing. If I need more, my body will tell me and that higher amount will be the minimum. And I am a hedonist and won’t overdo food cost minimalization, it’s all about avoiding unnecessary eating anyway. My joy should be maximalized. I don’t like compromises so I want to eat whatever I want, as much as I desire while getting super good numbers (not the numbers are important, actually just that they give me whatever I need. so it’s good I won’t and can’t control the numbers much, I just choose my food, mostly and hope my body will be on board to do things just right).
    In short: I want to train to be a better hedonist!

  5. I do track but only after I ate, preferably the next day.
    I may plan here and there but that’s not my thing. But I probably will try to eat a pound of meat for my first meal, that usually works well… Oh we will see.

I probably want to do explicit experiments later. Now I just take notes and watch.

Alvaro opened some very hard aged cheese from the beef farm! It has EXTREMELY MUCH flavor! A nice one :slight_smile:
We totally needed this after 2 inferior cheeses :frowning: The Emmentaler wasn’t bad for an Emmentaler I suppose but it barely had any salt and it bothered me. Alvaro’s usual (and way pricier than a few months ago, of course) young Gouda was a JOY after them…

But this one… I need to figure out how to eat it, it’s just way too flavorful to eat it alone! Any ideas?
Maybe I can put it into some quiche? But not alone, it would overpower everything else and I want my eggy and creamy flavors too!
I surely make some scrambled eggs with it. That will be my tomorrow one. I started to eat scrambled eggs from 3 eggs for every lunch along my meat, why to stop this? It’s not like I have some very good meat I can eat much of now…

I will bring my data tomorrow. I feel quite full now but it’s early so who knows? But I ate so much meat I probably had enough protein and calories to be fine until tomorrow afternoon… But I am still pants at guessing these so maybe not. But probably yes. My body thinks so too, I rarely feel full. It’s beyond the perfect satiation I like and usually get on extreme low-carb.

(Judy Thompson) #7

Maybe Alfredo sauce for your meat and eggs? Cream, butter, grated hard cheese, heated and stirred together… Easy and a nice flavourful sauce.


Thank you! It is a good idea, I definitely need some sauce for my leaner meats when I don’t want to convert them into sausage meatballs… I just realized during showering that I should have made some mustard sauce (yolk, butter, mustard) for my too lean pork, it worked wonderfully last time!
But I opened a box of cream so nothing is in my way to make an alfredo sauce! I probably will like it looking at the ingredients, I don’t remember ever eating that, maybe it happened in a restaurant but who remembers that?

I enjoy my fattier roasts just with salt but a good sauce makes wonders with the leaner, chewier meat, I cut it into tiny cubes, easier to chew… (I often think about how good it would be to get sharper teeth when one gets crowns. but no, they are thicker and even blunter than my original teeth were…)

I have tracked, it seems I got about 170g protein. Ooops. Maybe the fact I wasn’t hungry at dinnertime meant I didn’t need more food… But I could eat some so I did…
Food cost is a bit higher today due to the smoked pork hock (it was still lovelier than the very lean pork so I focused on it)… No idea about my fat intake due to the unknown fat content of the hock but I ate more than yesterday. And now I am quite full and hope I can pull off an OMAD tomorrow, I am so curious how much food I need there, it would make things more convenient… But it’s up to my body, mostly, I merely won’t eat without a proper hunger or other need.

Somewhat disappointing meat or not, the cats VERY gladly eat up whatever we don’t want. They got some soft fatty skin and I dropped a tiny piece of meat too… They were elated. I never had choosy cats. It’s easy to find cheap plant-y cat food they dislike but if it’s animal, they love it. They don’t eat everything they have caught though but the rodents usually get eaten (with some organs and sometimes a nose or a foot left on our doormat, of course). And fortunately they usually catch rodents. We aren’t happy when it’s something else but we can’t do much about it, they are free spirited outside cats, we didn’t even bring them here except Tofu but she was meowing on a tree as a tiny kitten since a whole day at that time, in winter. We didn’t need another cat but Alvaro couldn’t let her die. She was pretty anyway, we like calicos :slight_smile: If I can’t have an orange tabby, a calico is the second best thing (it has some orange tabby in it, after all). I still admire her looks every time I see her.

While it’s not the cat thread, we bring all kind of stuff here so… This is Tofu :slight_smile: And she totally deserves this lame name :slight_smile: I love her zillion times more than I ever did the food tofu, of course, I still don’t get why people eat that stuff (and I accidentally found a recipe today, tofu bacon! omg. maybe it’s still better than the ricepaper bacon…).

(Karen) #9

Me too🙂

(Linda ) #10

Into another month we go im still keeping it simple meat and fat…I’ve spent two months feasting on fat and moderate protein and getting into ketosis I’ve only over eaten on protein a couple times and both times it kicked me out of ketosis… The plan for november is to stay in ketosis but pull back on the fat, still eat 3 meals of smaller size. The small meals seem way better for me than the two bigger…

@MeganNZ The other day I said I’d test eating beef against eating pork. but what I ended up doing was cutting out butter adding in beef as my meat but keeping pork lard asy fat but cutting back on how much lard I was eating… This is todays numbers …blood glucose 77 ketones 2.6 so im going to stick to this for now and see how it goes… but way different than the numbers than I had been seeing yesterday was 95 blood glucose and 0.9 ketones…

I love this no hunger I don’t even think about snacking

(Karen) #11

Yep 2 years for me too! Time flies and i haven’t regretted a minute of this woe. I really can’t see any other way for me now.

A good day today. Broke through another anxiety barrier and went to the gym … I am a life member but since starting CrossFit I have only used it for the spa. However today I did a lower body workout and will probably feel it tomorrow. Bumped I to an ex colleague who had left the prison service some time ago and joined the police, it was so nice to see him and we had a big hug and a quick catch up.

I came home and grabbed a bite to eat, another mussel and cheese omelette which was lovely.

Then went for a walk n talk with my neighbour. We did 7m and we started out with fair weather and then the rains came and although we got a bit wet it was still an enjoyable afternoon walk.

Then my friend Raymond asked if I could get some shopping and pick up some meds from the pharmacy and what should have taken 30mins tops there and back ended up nearly 2.5hrs. There had been a serious accident on one of the main roads and that being the road outside Raymond’s Community and every road was blocked and it was rush hour! I had to say to myself I am not in any hurry, it i what it is and think of the poor people in the accident and I prayed they were all okay and that it wasn’t caused by some drugged up uninsured idiot as they always come out unscathed! That brought me back to the here and now and I arrived home calm, feeling proud of myself for keeping my cool but very tired! Never got the stuff to Raymond’s so got to drop it off tomorrow.

Ate some of the slow cooked chicken and then fried the skins in butter but although they were crispy they made me feel icky, just too greasy.


Oh a nice long walk! I plan one for tomorrow myself! A tad shorter one but I need to do a long one after my lazy days!

Still mouth watering (I stopped being satiated and ate a bit more meat :frowning: tried not to add too much protein over my 170 but what can I do? I can’t handle lack of satiation even without hunger if I go near the kitchen and I do as the bathroom opens from it)! But I can imagine it’s too greasy. I never have much fowl skin so I only eat a little bit and I eat sponge cake for anything too greasy anyway, they are very good for that. If I know I will have a particularly fatty item, I make them more white heavy.


Great accomplishment! Happy Carniversary!

So your hubby has the head crud also! Yea I am in a tunnel of head crud but luckily this morning I woke up a tad better, feel like it turned a turned a corner. Ear still clogged some LOL huh? what? :slight_smile:

Safe travels! Onto TX! Truck stop hot dogs, yea a ton left to be desired :slight_smile: you are brave even trying them to HA

@Shinita, cute kitty pic. That cat has it made resting like royalty :sunny:

sounds like you are finding a very good sweet spot for you.
3 smaller meals vs. 2 are suiting you better. cool. No thoughts on any snacking, can’t ask for more than that :wink: more power to you!

@Karen18, another happy 2 yr carniversary…great you are doing so well. 7 mi. walk, girl you slay it! and gym workout. wow.
I also have to watch that more pure fat intake. I also can get icky. that ‘just too greasy’ sure can be a thing for some of us!

---------------------this morning I defrosted 2 bigger pork chops. yum
first meal. second, not sure but thinking just a few burgers fried up.

Head still clogged but feel improvement. ‘school crud’ is a hard thing to shake LOL but slowly coming around. taking some OTC meds are helping.

going into MOOvember slow and easy. Just zc chillin’

(Linda ) #14

Awesome congrats for your time on carnivore so good to see you again.


@Fangs: My cats ALWAYS rest like they having the time of their life… If we had some worse temperament or attitude or something, we would be super envious and annoyed! But they are cats, of course they are like that… And all poses are comfortable for them :smiley:

PEOPLE!!! The fog is lifted! YAY!

I took a walk around the pond, just the 50min one as I do my workout today and didn’t want to go for a long yet but tomorrow I will have a looong one in the wildlife park and I visit Pine Hill and bring my camera!

I lost my satiation and got a bit hungry early so I probably will have a lunch. I already made my plate:

Meet my newest (and second) cactus! It’s very, very, very prickly. It stabbed me before I bought it. I repotted it (the original pot was super tiny, it was all cactus root) and it pricked me so many times… But I love its looks.

Depth of field is always tiny, I like that but it is a problem when I try to take shots about my food… I won’t just make a pic from above especially not when I want to show off my new painted skull cactus pot :smiley:

Very, very lean pork in mustard sauce (I will make Alfredo tomorrow, now just a quick simple thing I made before), fried… things (lean pork+smoked pork hock skin + egg + spice), a little pork hock, the mostly fat part to accompany some lean pork… As I ate so much pork hock yesterday that I better let the rest for poor Alvaro who eats it in moderation along with 2 different carbs and only once a day…


Baked beef ribs. Back in the city for work meetings.

Looking forward to where the WOE is on autopilot. When food is not at the forefront of thought. That time where nutritious food and feeding is subconscious and dropping through the clothes sizes.

(Robin) #17

I’m living in a never ending loop chicken sausages… spices the only additives… from Trader Joe’s. I do love them, I don’t get tired of the same old thing (never ever did)… but mostly I am lazy. Pop em in the air fryer, push button, yum.
My next loop may be pork bellies… have some doozies in the freezer.


I hope I finished the day. I didn’t want meat again, only ate a bit of the lean pork, pâté spread on it… It’s my last one and then I won’t buy it again, it was fun in the beginning but I got bored of it. And I surely can do my own pâté even if the last one wasn’t as good as the store-bought stuff :frowning: Almost but not quite.
I am bored of quark too now but I surely will change AND I didn’t even do a very popular and traditional salty spread (with lots of paprika, of course) from it yet! I keep forgetting about its existence…

I ate my 3 sponge cakes with some cheese too, another eggy/creamy coffee (I have whipped cream now. yum) and then I was lost and still hungry. Didn’t want to cook again so I had a half tin of herring (with very much not carni sauce but I accept that for my emergency food. it’s still not a big amount of carbs and I can handle it). I didn’t like it but could eat it unlike the boiled eggs. I NEVER had this. I was unable to even try to swallow that single egg. I had a serious aversion to it. Sigh.

I am finally okay and tomorrow I roast pork chuck and make sponge cakes (I always can eat them, no matter my stance towards simple egg dishes).

No mood to track and it’s impossible anyway. I had some skin, some fatty part of the hock, it’s a mystery - especially that our kitchen scale refuses to measure correctly. It changes its numbers somewhat random. I know it’s due to its “legs” but it doesn’t mean we can fix it. We will try but maybe we will need to buy another. Well it served us for quite a few years…
I probably can live without such a thing but Alvaro is totally lost without it. He needs exact grams and can’t measure with cups and spoons so I tried to figure out that instead of him. I had to measure, with that kitchen scale, it was mildly annoying as it wasn’t cooperative but still wasn’t completely wrong every time… The same food item often has different volume for the same weight (that’s why using cups and spoons for everything is totally insane, among other reasons) so measurements were needed. But I have done it and Alvaro needs to handle the stress of not being able to weigh things in grams. But I get it, some of his food really needs exact amounts or else the end result will change. It’s bad enough that a new microwave oven requires different numbers (for amounts and time) and now a different brand forced him to change ratios too…
I can enjoy challenge and chaos and I don’t care about inaccuracy so I am fine, kind of… But I “like” to track. But it’s good if I can’t as tracking isn’t a good way to live life. Maybe sometimes. And as I wrote, I can’t even guess my fat intake right now.

But let’s see the basics (with guesstimated weights due to the kitchen scale).

Vaguely 490g meat (if I count everything, skin, fat and fish), 2.5 eggs and 3 yolks, tiny dairy. It doesn’t seem bad. I had a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner as usual.

(Karen) #19

@Shinita love your little cactus in the skull painted pot.
I have 2 little cacti just like yours, one is orange one is purple, not sure if they’re naturaly that colour but the look cute and have kept their colour, not faded at all

Did 50 stair runs today as my 15/20min cv then had my usual brew n read and as the weather was dry, albeit a bit chilly, I was able to enjoy reading outside. Love that fresh air first thing in the morning. Then grabbed a bath and dollied up ready for the afternoon tea dance with my friend Liz. Popped Raymond’s meds and shopping off before going to get a dashcam fitted, needs must these days and then straight to pick Liz up and over to Grantham. A shorter afternoon thankfully as she had to be elsewhere before the dance was scheduled to finish. Meant I was able to get home just before the rush hour traffic built up. Didnt really want to get stuck as i did yesterday, not that it would have been as bad because there were no cordoned off roads tonight. Really really learning to be stressfree when in thick traffic and just keep saying to myself it is what it is and I will get home whenever lol makes such a huge difference. Weather turned a bit windy and wet and now a bit gusty, my date palm is getting tossed about but it is well anchored so should stay put. My cowbells are jingling :smile:

So I didn’t eat at all today until I got home from the dance about 5pm and had a sirloin steak and some of the slow cooked chicken. Only the breast left and i am never keen on breast so will have to sautè the rest, couldn’t be bothered to sautè it this evening after frying the steak. Had a bit of cheddar with it and feel satisfied


Just starting to feel the after effects of yesterdays lower body workout, can feel it in my glutes, love that feeling cos it says you’re doing it right.:wink:


Pretty plants!
The seller said that my cactus will grow a lot and if it lives, it may bring yellow flowers in 30 years :smiley:
Good thing I enjoy the looks of my cacti without flower. My other one is bigger but it looks almost exactly as it did years ago. A few weeks ago I looked at it and maybe it’s a tiny bit bigger and looks fresher…? But it’s almost just it was.