MOOvember Carnivore


I was thinking about you yesterday - so good to hear your update.


wonderful read on your post. very entertaining and you found a great source of meat.

find a carnivore in the wild…you had me cracking up on that one :joy:

I was thinking about you also for a few days wondering how you were doing. wonderful update KD and super happy you are hitting your zc stride in full force. Super congrats!!

for me…so first meal of day yesterday: about 3/4 lb of bacon, kiddo got some of it before I could inhale down the whole lb.

food rest of day was a tin of sardines, 1/2 lb. burger patty with bit of melty cheddar and 4 salami slices.

my cheddar. my usual brand. kinda had a weirdo taste I am not liking as much anymore. hmmm. taste change again on zc? I might try another brand for taste value but lately I am not enjoying my bit of cheddar when I do eat it. huh? I think I will experiment on some good cheese and see what is available out there. A store a bit further from me has a ‘cheese wall’ with tons of options, I think one day I will go to that store and see what jumps out at me. But I know I said to myself this cheddar I did love is now not footin’ the bill for me so I feel I am gonna be dumpin’ to the wayside and look around a bit for something else. Eh, no bother on it, only some cheddar LOL It can go if I find I am not a fan as much anymore.

Woke up this morning with low food thoughts again. 0 hunger. So today is going to be kinda a repeat from yesterday. Just not hankering at all for big meat! Just go with the flow.

(Karen) #164

@FrankoBear oh my goodness i have gone green eyed with envy (which wasn’t hard as I already have green eyes lol) that just sounds and looks fantastic. What a find!

@Ketodaisy fab pics and wow to your weight
loss, you must be feeling amazing x

@Fangs me and you with our cheddar lol. The cheddar i bought a few days back, it was only a small block maybe 250g, I enjoyed when I cut the first couple of slices and as quick as that my taste buds changed and i didn’t really enjoy the rest. I finished it, even putting a bit grated in my duck egg omelette the other day but in all honesty I could hardly taste it in it. So yesterday with no cheddar in fridge I started hankering after some… just for different taste in my mouth, not through hunger and I kept saying I would walk to the shop and buy some and then the other me said i can’t be bothered so had the sardines, oh blimey I kept changing my mind, talk about procrastination, but in the end I stayed home without the cheddar and had another 3 small pork ribs which by early evening were tender and ready to eat. (The 3 i ate earlier were not really ready and were chewy and nasty) Desires fixed, no more hankering for rest of the evening! Those pork ribs didn’t have much meat on them but they sufficed and satisfied what by then had become hunger pangs!
Oh and that bacon looks nice and crispy… and I don’t have any arghhh!

A bit of a wakeful night, nothing unusual really but up just about 8.20am. I had been awake at 6 and then 7 so it was good to fall back into a dreamy sleep for another hour or so. Brew n books in the garden per say and then about 9.45 off to the gym for my lower body workout. Was feeling some affects of yesterdays wall balls but doing the workout eased that nicely. Bumped into my ex prison colleague again so got a nice hug this morning. I like a nice friendship hug and he’s a lovely fella.

Returned home and sitting outside again listening to magpies squawking in my ear lol and catching up with you lovely people.

Food for today… I have a large pork shoulder defrosting in the fridge but not sure that it will be ready to cook till tomorrow. Still have left over pork ribs in slow cooker waiting to get eaten, I may put those in the oven with some salt on them to eat hot. Blimey trying to think what else I have in fridge, will have to go have a look… well if I haven’t anything else I do have plenty eggs so may finish the duck eggs scrambled in butter. It is midday but no hunger as yet. Have a great Sunday everyone and catch up again later this evening. Xx


So true that we think, what to eat, but if WE EAT ANY meat we do fine and enjoy it also :slight_smile: and it does the body good!!

yea dairy/cheese!! I am a good cheeser thru all these years and I never envisioned just walking away from cheese but I have in all this time. Hmmm, seems sad to me but a normal body requirement and thought progression now. I will ‘check out fine cheese’ but in the end I might buy one small something but if it don’t google eye me and I haven’t been google eyed on any cheeses I check out even now, it looks like cheese might be going on that back burner for me as a ‘I just don’t want it’ and that is fine but it kinda caught me off guard in a way.

oh yea our tastes change along with texture we enjoy and more…so feel ya on that one!!!

Bumping into work people, cool and yet ya don’t gotta work there no more!! I take it you are adjusting well, kinda finding your new stride in your earlier retirement? I hope so but from your posts seems you are doing fab.

How is Raymond doing? Hope he is healed up and ok for more dancing in the future!!

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Yeah I have settled into retirement and it was absolutely the right thing to do and I have a sense of peace about it all. Keeping so busy a lot of the time though, I think I may have to start turning offers down soon hahahah especially when it means seting my alarm to get up :rofl:

Raymond is still on crutches for another 3 weeks to ensure he heals properly and doesn’t set himself back again. I don’t nag him anymore lol he’s a big boy and has to make his own decisions and start thinking for himself. He tends to rely on me a little too much sometimes. I don’t mind helping him out as friends do but thats where it stops for my own sanity lol. I get a bit frustrated with him and when I get frustrated that’s when my BP spikes and i have to think of my own health. He will get himself dancing fit again before long and we will be able to put this behind us and start enjoying the dance scene again but it has made me realise I am able to move out of my comfort zone and go to some places on my own, which in the long run has to be a good thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I eat 99% carnivore with one occasional plant in particular. Here is one photo from yesterday

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A hard weekend of working 16h a day to get stuff done by Monday morning.

Last friday I wend to the supermarket to buy a pile of meat and that lasted me the whole weekend.

I have a small kitchen in the office space I’m using and tried to cook the meat nicely. Screwed it up mostly, so I ate halve of it raw. God I’m hopeless without my beautiful wife :pleading_face:.

Anyway it was 32£ for 2 1/2 days of food.
Just thinking about this, 5 years ago I would have worked 13h a day and wasted at least £250 in restaurants 3 times a day.

Not that I have a food buget or so, it doesn’t matter. But it goes to show how expensive junk food is compared to real food. (Away from home anyway)

Wel, things are done, time to relax

Good night

(Vic) #169

Looks all very nice.

I don’t see the plant? Is it a spice?

(Vic) #170

Confort zones are prisons girl, get out as fast as you can.

(Karen) #171

They certainly are Vic and so I am doing my very best to shift gear and doing more outside my comfort zones. Conquering anxieties… way to go :wink:

(Karen) #172

Food for today cold pork ribs … they weren’t as bad as 8 expected, thought I would have to stuff them in the oven to heat up. They’re photographed on a side dish so they look bigger than they were. I ate 9 and I think only 1 maybe 2 had a decent amount of meat on them, the rest were lacking somewhat.
Then later I had 2 duck eggs scrambled, which I nearly forgot to take a pic of so when I did remember there wasn’t a lot left. A tin of sardines. Then felt hungry for hot food so cooked up some wings. Again looks a lot but they were very small. Also had a couple of cups of beef stock.


Oh, @FrankoBear, it was a wonderful read! :smiley:

Possible but items may actually change :frowning: I never had that with proper cheese yet though. But if it’s some more processed stuff, they easily change the recipe if I happen to like the original… Good that I prefer simple ingredients - but meat varies wildly too, see my insanely fatty “pork chop” last time but the fat is sometimes soft, sometimes harder, chewier (only lately), various amounts (zero to little) of chewy parts (the cats get happy so it’s fine)…
I don’t even know what they do now that the price caps mess with things, not like the inflation alone wouldn’t be enough…

I keep having 4 hour sleeps, I MUST go to bed properly and NOT waking up too early now as I had enough of being a zombie. I am not sleepy enough to have a nap, no, I am just somewhat useless.

Weather was okay but now comes 5 foggy/rainy/so-so days and finally frost too, probably. If not here, elsewhere. But I didn’t get enough sunshine yet… Oh well, I will appreciate when we get some again.

I will write (more as I managed to write some in the end) about food when I get back to carnivore. Tomorrow, most definitely. (My old fav made by Alvaro is still tasty as always but it’s not quite as awesome as it was in the past, no wonder, I changed much.) I don’t want my usual meat yet, hopefully it will change soon, I will pull it off with eggs, dairy, sausage and my little leftover pork roast tomorrow but I need something proper afterwards (the sausage is kinda proper but still not something I can eat much of) and I don’t even have stew material. So it will be pork roast again, what else? Oh well, there is time until then and a fresh roast is especially lovely. But I really don’t feel much desire towards any of my staples. Fortunately hungry future me is a tad better and it’s not like I need appetite to eat but it helps.

But I need to focus on OMAD, it helps with so many things, satiation, simplicity, time, avoiding food boredom (I have this thing that sometimes I just don’t want to eat the same items for my 3rd meal… and my options are limited especially before a big shopping. and I still can’t seem to do TMAD often. if I have 2 meals, I probably have some more later)…

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Just had a lovely big catchup on this thread, great to read folks trucking along doing their thing. Been glued to CNN for days watching the midterms in America. Not really sure why American politics interest me, especially when I pay next to no attention to what’s going on here in New Zealand.

The meat I ordered came and I had a couple of days of filling up on a lot of beef. Felt great and needed. Feeling pretty good physically and back to sleeping well most nights thanks to restarting my sleep meds. I love sleeping well (and sleeping, in itself!), makes such a difference.

Grace (my 11 year old dog who was diagnosed with deadly splenic haemangiosarcoma 3 and a half months ago) might be a bit off colour at the moment. Refused breakfast yesterday and tummy seems sore when firmly palpated. Milly (my friend Ruby’s dog) has a heavy giardia infection so it’s possible Grace has it too, tho she isn’t showing the classic symptoms. It’s a common intestinal parasite that most dogs keep in check without becoming unwell so I’m just keeping an eye on her for now. Made a pot of chicken and rice for her to eat for a few days jic her tummy needs resting and she happily ate a bit last night.

Milly also has cancer, and according to vets is meant to be dead by now (very nasty anal sac gland cancer, surgically removed almost one and a half years ago). Both Ruby and I decided not to go the chemo route post op with our dogs, tho I’m treating Grace with raw food keto, a turmeric and black pepper paste I make and some supplements. The vet who examined Milly a couple of days ago thinks he can hear something going on in her lungs, with lungs being a common place for secondaries with that cancer. Milly’s cancer being possibly active opens a big can of worms for me because Ruby will have her euthanized longgg before I would if she were my dog. I have to step back because she’s not my dog but damn it’s going to be hard when it happens!! I just hope I can remain a good friend and give Ruby the support she will need, but right now I just want to grab Milly and run. Big unhappy all churned up sigh.

(Michael) #175

Dark chocolate

(Michael) #176

This morning I had the photo as well as pork ribs and a sheep testicle and 10 oz cheese not shown


Yea! I also despise alarms! Daily reminder of the GRIND and the MAN! HA

Super happy to hear he is doing well and yes you can’t control anyone in truth so help but then back off just like ya said when you need to do just that!! Good move to hold your sanity thru his injury LOL

good post on those thoughts about cost of eating out and more…big truths on that one. Super sweet to hear you miss your beautiful wife :slight_smile: You do work alot away from home but at least ya know there is a great home to return!!

Funny you said dark chocolate cause when Cheryl started the carni thread many years ago…that is what I gave up. My little dark choc. sneak :slight_smile: I also think of that and credit Cheryl for getting me off that. :slight_smile: Food plate looks stellar!

Yes that is very possible something changed in their processing. I noticed many items are being ‘re-invented’ cause of inflation rampant they are cutting back sale portion sizes and also re-vamping their ingredients to cut costs by changing ingredients etc…I think you could be right, in some way alot of products will be changing in taste now, so it might not be me, might be them :wink: good point.

Hope she feels better fast and all will be ok for Grace!!

---------------SO eating yesterday was thought to be a leaner type less food day and I didn’t want nothing, TIL THE MINUTE I got starved! So I flash fried a 1 lb. ribeye steak. OMG so good. I love eating when I AM very hungry and truly want it ya know to that level of ‘let me at it’ fast.

that fit the bill and other food was some leftover cold chicken breast I chopped up small and added a teaspoon of mayo to give it some moisture and it was ok…then I finished as dessert with a tin of sardines.

So I feel ‘in flux’ in how much I do wanna eat and again, I am going just by what the body wants. Simple as that. Yells don’t eat much I won’t, it yells FEED ME NOW and darn right I will.

today I have 2 reg. ol’ pork chops to fry up later when wanted.
second meal, hmm, again NO food is calling my name at all but I do have burger defrosted so have a safety net in fridge but have to hit store for some stuff my kiddo wants, will check meat counter for any markdowns and see if I hit on anything.

ZC Forward All!!! Doesn’t it feel like Dec is descending upon us pretty fast :wink:

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Just finished reading and I’m all caught up. Weekends have become a wall to wall zoo, writing and transposing music for students and church in addition to ALL the playing and performing. After church yesterday I went straight to the roadhouse to play, took Mimsy along too. We ordered burgers during our break there, w/o bun and of course surrounded by contraband… No problem ignoring it and the cheddar on top of the burger was REAL. I did use a couple packets of mayo as it was slightly dry and overcooked.
Lastnight I made scrambled eggs with a little polish sausage.

Looking for pics I see I took some Saturday, nothing yesterday.

This morning I was STARVING but the one boiled egg did it for me. I bought some powdered beef collagen on Thursday and have been adding it to my coffee in the morning. No taste or texture is evident so it’s a good thing.
Today we have errands in town and then, students after lunch and for the rest of the evening.


since you are gaining great health benefits and being an energizer bunny you are, how did you keep up when you were eating carby junky crap? I bet you were dragging some days with all you do for your career gigs and more!

I sure wondered how I got thru all the farm work I did…but I also remember the icky sluggy feeling of ‘dragging myself to do work’ when all I wanted to do was sit and eat ice cream cause that was easier than hauling around a more sicky icky body doing the farm work LOL

Now it is like night and day…every day I think OMG IF I felt this good in my 30s and onto this age—wow—how my life woulda been definitely a tad different in goals I did accomplish…well the ease of it truly in that I could get goals handled but being more sluggy took longer, with this ZC speed I got now, wow, world watch out but now my focus is on retirement LOL

omg time flies. I guess each day we choose, sicky icky bloaty sluggy day and still having to move and produce or be on plan healthy and happy and have the vibrancy to tackle the day head on without that grimace :slight_smile: :wink:

ya got me thinking on that JJ…Weee…pick zc vibrancy any ol’ day :100::partying_face:

(Karen) #180

Sorry to hear about Grace and Mills :pray::pray:

On a good note though so happy to hear about your sleep Improvement. Mine is better than it was but only because I no longer have to get up at silly oclock to go to work, I can give myself a big window of opportunity to get my 8 hours in everyday now.

(Karen) #181

Up a little later today, ended up getting up for 20 mins last night as I couldn’t drop off to sleep. Watched a bit of boring TV and then back to bed. I dropped off fairly quickly then, so I was wondering why do I lay there for so long before just heading down stairs to clear my head. I don’t think I even think of anything when I just lay there either! So I ended up with about 8hrs 20mins sleep, about 1hr 45mins awake and I think 35mins deep sleep. I got up about 8.40am and tried to do 50 stair runs but fell short and only did 35 as the cough on my chest seemed to be affecting my breathing. I am still listening to my body at these times and thought well if I want to do the other 15 flights I could always do them later, no Big deal!

Went outside for most of the morning sitting in my garden watching a little sparrow checking out one of the bird houses. I do hope one little bird chooses to live in my garden this year. Read quite a bit and it was quite emotional reading this morning… started Todd Burpo’s God is for Real a day or so ago and just like his book Heaven is for Real, it got me lol just as well I take the roll of toilet paper with me outside :rofl: it was a bit dank and murky out there today, we had fog last night so some remnants I guess. It certainly got my chesty cough loosened upand I was able to rid some of the crap. That fresh air is mighty good, just what the doctor ordered.

While outside I had the pork joint in the oven and had to take a few photos … it was so good, a little charred on the crackling but blimey when I tucked into half of it at 3.30pm it was just what I needed. Had 3 slices of pork after the crunchy crispy crackling.

Before taking Raymond out to buy himself a mattress topper to help him sleep I ate some cooked chicken tikka fillets that I re heated with butter in the microwave. Just like I used to at work. It was quite nice and kept me going till I got home to eat the pork. Bought some cheese when out and about, I bought a pack of individual mature cheddar chunks and also a small block of vintage cheddar. I have had 3 of the individual chunks from 3.30pm till now 6pm. Also had one mug of beef stock… I had forgotten how nice it is to have that as a warming drink. Of course I haven’t needed any since last winter as we have had such a mild and warm spring and summer.