MOOvember Carnivore


99% I am fine. I think it is jealousy pure and simple of not fitting into the little family unit sometimes. Not often, but on vacay when we hit ice cream out and they are having a blast yummy and ohh and ahh over how good it is I can get jelly fast LOL but key being, I been on plan long enough to know it is great not eating that sugar, cause in the end, that sugar is total destruction for me. Just human nature kicks in some times, more rare but it sure is not gone at all in me :wink:

@JJFiddle, Ohhhhhh, lol. didn’t know it came apart and had an inner pot but duh, yea for cleaning I guess :thinking::clown_face: I am far from an Inspector Gadget type HA

Same here. I am a loner type easily and must have down time or alone time and never put me in big crowds. I lover social stuff on my timeline and on the day and hr. I want it, then leave me alone :slight_smile:

Nah. I don’t think that way anymore. If my family can’t eat around me and I do ok on my plan then my plan is useless to me ya know. Like I said to S above, rare I get jealous and feel left out of stuff but if I am in more stress mode, which I am right now handling life stuff for ourselves now, I can get that jelly mode fast. But being on plan means I cope with it, I handle it as it is MY issue. Old days when I transitioned over I told him never buy xyz and bring into house and he did comply, now I had to let that go and let them live their life as they see fit. I can’t be that burden when it is my issue to correct ya know.

Luckily it is rare holiday products and disappear and he won’t buy more of that any time soon. Impulse buy when he spotted that crap and they had their fill too on it so I realize big holiday times and some vacation fun will mean I have to pony up and draw from all my past work on me to stay on plan. So far, so good for me actually. I just like to type about experiences that seem ‘hard’ in the moment but I got thru them. Makes me realize when I type it out how well I did get thru it, more power for my future times I might feel less than and wanna eat the world :skull_and_crossbones::clown_face:

Happy Mrs B is improving and oh boy hope nothing is wrong with Bille!!

we don’t chat eating veg. that is keto plan or lc chat :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ok if ya eat it for sure but we don’t wanna hear it on the thread. I mean this for me ya know in that I need a zc chat thread without veg chat LOL Many ‘ketovore’ types exist out there. heavy meat intake and little bit of veg they do well on, not a darn thing wrong with that. Just this is a clean zc thread so chat away on your meat intake for sure!!

but never too much bacon ya know. I inhaled lbs of it literally day in and day out for like 2 yrs. I did so fine on it for sure. Til I got sick of it :slight_smile:

sorry cheese is a trigger. so many have this issue, I never did. I do well on hard aged cheese. Soft cheese guts don’t like. But it is tough when reg. ol’ cheese can’t be enjoyed on carnivore ya know but some truly have issues with it. Best of luck changing your eating around!!!

yea hit store and they had NO crab anywhere. this is not a ‘seafood dept.’ area in this small local store. It carries only frozen crab legs in bags and it was gonzo. Chatted with my meat worker friend and he said they aren’t gonna carry it more daily…only when it hits a sale will they receive it on the truck for sale times. No one is buying at the high price so it is more useless to stock that item. Huh…HELP! and I asked I saw no lobster tail cause I was that desperate and he said same issue so that got shot in the foot fast :frowning:

So I hit country pork ribs on sale markdown pack. I ate this first yesterday and while delish and so darn fab I grumbled thru every bite pizzin’ and moanin’ it wasn’t crab HAHA Yes I am a child that way sometimes, lol.


second meal was scraps. stole some bacon cooked for hubby he made extra for breakfast, gonzo, 2 burger patties with cheese, then I ate up some salami slices.

eh survival food :wink:

Mission is find crab legs I so want! other stores have it I hope and should put it on sale near holiday season now but those stores are more of a long drive away. I am more rural area and rely on my crappy local stores to buy mostly…but time to expand and commit some drive time to run down my crab legs LOL I will do just that. lazer crab focus time.


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Oh, man… we forget how powerful carb cravings are! Go as low carb as possible for as long as you can for now, just to kill the cravings.

So yeah, you put this is the wrong thread, but no worries. We are close neighbors and friends. We may be carnivore, but we don’t eat our own. :wink:
You’ll do great.


some day ya might :skull_and_crossbones::scream_cat:
what I seen go down on Keto Plan threads :triumph:


Dirty carnivore is fine in my opinion. I’m interested in that approach. But there are readers here who like to create a safe space where they don’t read about carby food triggers. So if I mention medicinal foods like honey or fungi, I’ll use the blur option from under the cog wheel icon. Sometimes I’ll blur text that I want people to read. As I know people are curious as cats.

It’s interesting about dirty carnivore as I just listened to Chris Kresser on the Peak Human podcast and food nutritional density. There is some interesting science around that. And hormesis and phytonutrients. Brian Sanders calls it the Sapien framework. I think sapiens means wise. It challenges some carnivore maxims. So, I reckon it’s worth discussing in a clean eating dirty carnivore context. But we can always open that up in a new topic thread.

Oh, and the way food prices are going, it’s interesting to talk about food nutrient quality and satiety with dollar-value metrics. Is it actually cheaper to eat carnivore due to higher quality and less food mass? So even though the price per weight is higher for animal-based foods, the mass, or amount eaten is less.


dirty carnivore is not real.

it is a very low carb eating plan, or call it Keto Plan or call it the new term ‘ketovore’ etc. but it ain’t even associated truly with ‘real zc/carnivore plan’.

key being people warped carnivore to suit them, just call oneself ketovore or keto plan eater or LC eater and be done with it. No need to muddy up the carnivore waters actually :wink:

everyone wants to warp carnivore. Nope. Not having it in my head terms LOL Carnivore/zc is exactly the plan it should be…dirty it up and you are off ‘carnivore plan’…simple as that in full truth.

now never saying it does not work for many to go onto another plan that includes plants. You can do it ya do it but also know you backed out of carnivore plan and into another plan…and for some reason people feel some shame or something, I don’t know what, but give up the plan ya give up the title of what plan you are doing also. I don’t why one is scared to say they went into keto plan or very lc plan ya know?

people who require full carnivore need it point blank, those who can backtrack into any VLC or Keto Plan or whatever, hey more power to them but get off ‘pretend’ carnivore plan at that point if one is eatin plants.

Term dirty carnivore had its walk in carni for a bit. small bit in that it was referenced when one ate things like hot sauce on meat, or dipped meat in a tad of ranch dressing or used a teaspoon of low carb ketchup on their meat or ate mustard on hot dogs OR ON A very controlled basis, like every 2 weeks went out and ate a plate full or carbs and said screw zc plan today…but eating full meals was rare but they did it, went off plan to do just that, get dirty with plant/grains etc intake… Since SO MANY did OK on small condiment intake since it was so little of it truly and ‘not a meal’ just a dash for tasting and enjoyment on how they could eat their meats and if one did well on it, then it was acceptable…hence ‘dirty carnivore’ showed up but it got replaced…by relaxed carnivore. Relaxed cancelled dirty. Relaxed is one who can use a tad of condiments in their meals and do fine and feel wonderful and are getting the good results they want thru their eating plan. Relaxed includes some small condiments but it never justifies eating plants in our meals. So dirty carnivore is gone, call it like it is if one eats plants in their meals, they are ketogenic whatever title plan they wanna be but it ain’t carnivore at that point.

Dirty carnivore is now basically non-existent out there in carni land chat.

so ya eat plants ya ain’t carni. but if you are relaxed carni you can eat some condiments like a bit of mustard or plant spices that suits one on their roasts etc.

Hey you know me. I follow the jargon in my eating lifestyle :slight_smile: always did, always will :wink:


I reckon people can eat a carnivore diet for treatment purposes and ongoing nutrition. But can keep a coffee or dairy addiction going in parallel. And can use honey or fungi for medicinal purposes as they are not plants. So, if the substance is medicinal or supplemental to replete observed nutritional deficiencies, then it doesn’t cancel the carnivore club card. Carnivory then becomes more a social, sociopsychological, or community navigation needing to be aware of others and their potential food triggers when discussing them.

It leads us into discussion about fragility and/or resilience in ways of eating. That whole discussion about adaptability, some call it flexibility, in eating, even within the animal-based foods.

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Misinformation is the bane of these boards. Here is one of many possible articles looking at protein. I would reference medical journals, but most people skip those as they are not written in plain English, but this link should help understand there is a limit to protein absorption rate, NOT per meal limit or anything like that. The idea that you can only absorb 30 g of protein in one meal is definitely false.


Definitely is better than me talking about fruits in the past :smiley: I still talk too much about carbs I suppose but it’s my life, I am surrounded by them all the time, I cook them and stuff. And if someone mentions some, I can’t resist. But I will try.

But today is nicely carnivore, not surprisingly. Only a few bites of liver and egg after 12 this far, I skipped lunch and will have a nice, meaty dinner. Almost OMAD. Yay.

Oh, interesting. It’s totally about amounts for me. 10-20g anything is fine, even fruits.
Too many plant carbs messes with things though.

Some people can. It’s very much impossible for me. One day I had 60g bacon but it’s actually uncomfortably much.
It’s worth a try and you will see.

Why? Zerocarb requires the least amount of food making from all the even remotely not crazy diets I know… It makes me lazy, I don’t need my cooking skills if it’s just my food and it takes about no effort and working time. You just toss some meat into the oven, wait some time while doing whatever and voila! Food for a week (if you put in enough), at least the vast majority of it. You can boil a few dozen eggs too if you want and grab cream and whatever that requires no work.
I make it a bit more complicated with my sponge cakes but I like baking and cooking if it’s not too long :slight_smile: And I adore my sponge cakes and need variety.

Yay!!! I didn’t stop but I didn’t give my all and I should.
I want to resume my daily walks, I too easily skip it in bad weather :frowning:


But carnivore is about eating animal products only, not not eating plants so it’s irrelevant.


Yes and very ridiculous! :smiley: OMADers would lose muscles and die then and they totally don’t do it :wink:
Not mentioning the few who doesn’t even eat every day for a long time.

It would be weird anyway from homo sapiens, I suppose that we just like other meat eating animals often had food in big chunks and not a tiny bit every few hours, that would have been very unpractical…

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Stair running day today, was up early this morning. Was sitting outside in garden by 9am after the exercise, pill and BP taking ad coffee brewing lol. The sun was shi i g to start with but I was glad I had put my lumber jacket on as the wind picked up and the temp felt colder than it actually was. Read for about an hour or so out there then came inside. Had brunch about 11am, 3 large eggs scrambled in butter.

Took Raymond to do his shopping and a stop off at medical centre then a brew in our regular cafe.

Got home about 3pm and had 4 slices of beef topside and a bit of cheddar then cooked up a steak. It was tasty but a little bit of grissle running through the larger thicker part. Lovely and rare. Still needed something after I finished it so ate 3 small cooked chicken thighs. Nice. Had 2 more about 7pm.

Off to bed early tonight as I have set the alarm for 7.30am. Tomorrow is a bit of a repeat of Wednesday as I have a weights session at the gym in the morning and dancing in the afternoon. Yay!

Forgot to photo the scrambly egg but I can assure you it looked delicious :wink:


Thanks @Karen18, now I can send another comment :smiley:
Hmmm, scrambled eggs, my last one was pretty long ago, I should eat one again… Today I had 2 boiled ones and my usual sponge cakes…

Well that’s true… :slight_smile:
While dirty keto is totally keto, some strict woe like carnivore and vegetarianism can’t be dirtied as they cease to exist then. There is some relaxed version, grey area (spices) but yep, adding vegs just makes it not carnivore.
It’s another thing what terms we like to use but having carnivore in the end kinda hints that it’s some form of carnivore (surely there are zillion examples when it’s not true but some people are sensitive to some of them, I hate the “vegan meat/cheese” terms personally) and it’s not.

I can’t call my near carnivore “keto” as they are extremely different for me. And no idea what is ketovore, still, my mind probably refuses to retain the information or never got it in the first place. So I use carnivore-ish (with very specific and tiny additions so it’s almost as strict for me as true relaxed - I mean spices and dairy - carnivore) and “near carnivore” (similar the carnivore-ish but allows about anything in super tiny amounts).
Mentally it’s very, very important for me that the carnivore is in it. It influences my attitude and I need every help. Or not. But yes, sometimes I do. I may eat pretty okay most of the time without even trying but I have my worse times. And without me trying it would be more.

Oh it makes sense to me… Yes, let’s use it for that. {I continued to read later…} Not every item is carnivore and it goes beyond tea/coffee/spice but just a bit, accompanying carni food.
I still would wonder about the limits on amounts and added sugar content (sometimes it’s hard to avoid it when it’s some interesting condiment we can’t make ourselves)…

But maybe we shouldn’t think too much about it. Though even I do. It’s interesting.

I still just say my woe is “almost zero non-animal net carbs most of the time”. It’s right and it is exactly what I seem to need (with some restrictions. I wouldn’t like to swim in 0 net carb sweeteners. it’s one of my life goals to keep it as low as possible without sacrificing anything like whims, joys, temptations :slight_smile: it goes well, fatty pork is just as awesome, it just takes away my need for such things).

But if someone says they do carnivore, I don’t know how they eat as people just can’t have precise definitions and if they have it, more or less, someone still will use it wrong.

Oh so relaxed allows even condiments? Some kind of them, at least. Or a drop of a higher-carb one is okay? Sometimes I wonder about it but then I just do my best to keep my condiments at the minimum. I use them if I really can’t seem to swallow my “plain” carni food. But that’s rare. (But I have off days so I can just shup it, it doesn’t worth much. But it does to me. I am changing!)

I am usually pretty lost about my woe when I add my fav condiment for cheese, it has lots of natural sugar and some added and it’s so obviously not carnivore but a tiny bit is so very amazing with cheese but I still have conscience problems and I almost NEVER have that regarding food. But I am against added sugar since maybe 12 years and it works so well normally but 1-2 items are just too useful in emergencies. Oh well. I never do things perfectly and it’s fine. But I still thrive to do better. Not necessarily more carnivore as I am fine with tiny extras when they are really justified for me. But I dislike certain things even if I allow them sometimes. Liked added sugar. Ew.

But I stopped eating cheese now so that nasty condiment has no power over me :slight_smile: (The thing is only good for cheese, I almost always hate sweetness with my meat even if the amount is tiny.) It is normal for me but the last weeks were a tad worse. So I take a long break from it and try to forget about it.

I had my dinner. It’s odd lately, I stop eating early but then I almost immediately get hungry again… Eventually I eat a decent meal, it just takes more time than it strictly should… I dislike follow-ups (I still feel unsatiated but maybe it will pass? my body gives me mixed signals). I like to eat and then stop, satiated and satisfied.

Oh I had follow-ups. Second dinner, third dinner… And I was still hungry. No idea why. Fortunately I wasn’t bored of my meat but I definitely didn’t desire it - but was hungry and meat is the best for it, apparently. IDK what is this obsession with meat from my body… Maybe the nutrients, I don’t eat many things (or rarely and in small amounts) I ate on vegetarian keto and low-carb… Still, less meat worked in the beginning. Oh well, if my body wants meat, it gets meat. But it took long for even eating more pork shoulder and bacon to help. Odd.
(I even had a keto dessert in my desperation. I had 3 carnivore dinners first. But stayed hungry. I don’t like eating off-carni things without desire but I ate everything carni I had, even multiple times and I didn’t want them. It didn’t help either so I ate more pork.
I decided it’s a good accountability thing to write down here when I eat off even if I don’t like to do it. My determination and plans for November broke apart but it’s still November and I don’t want to stray much, that’s what December is for… But I actually don’t want that either but I do have some plans for December. Mostly the making food part but I must taste my experiments. But maybe I lose interest, it happens a lot. Thankfully I have carnivore ideas too. But I need making new recipes, it’s my thing.)

Maybe my metabolism chose this very bad time (huge inflation and stuff) to go wild? Because even with my heavier than usual carni days (and my non-carni ones) I seem to slowly lose fat, it’s already 3kg, it’s WAY bigger than my (close to zero) normal fluctuations and the result stays with me…
Maybe my body does some interesting things inside. It better build some muscles too but as my lifting doesn’t go so well (I barely get better or not at all), I doubt it’s significant.

I am in no mood to track. Tomorrow. My meat consumption was high again, eggs lowish again… And the turkey skin is still not crispy, I will work on them later (put it next to some roast or something, I won’t fry it forever in a pan. turkey skin is so much thicker than chicken skin).

I wonder about an air fryer sometimes. But it’s not so important for me. Just for that rare chicken skins? No. I don’t even have space to put things, my kitchen counter is about 6 meters long in total and I use ALL that space and even need my kitchen island. IDK how others do it but me and kitchen space… I have 4 dish drier rack or what (there were 5). It’s not enough. Only one is a proper one (too bad it’s for plates and we have bowls… I put a few on it and it’s filled), most of the others are small, tiny things just drop from the big one so they have their own…

But I would make it work if I really wanted.


easy food day

got a lb. steak to eat first
second meal will be a lb. of shrimp in homemade alfredo sauce.
if I can’t have crab I need some decadent like alfredo in my day :wink:
family doing chicken dinner tonight so if need more I will fry up an extra chick breast for me just in case…always good to have food on hand!

big rain on us now. Hurricane Nicole happened…and it so happens that is my daughter’s name :partying_face::100: suits the day cause she has off from school today for veterans day. Hope she ain’t a hurricane in the house to unquiet my otherwise would be quiet rainy day…nah, she is such a 17 yr old joy to have around :rofl::ok_hand:


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Yesterday was ridiculous, I ate 4900 calories and over four pounds of food. After breakfast (1 pound), I ate a snack of 150g of cheese and this bad boy, all before noon. This ADF is working my fasting and eating muscles.

358g protein and more fat, yumm!


I find I thrive on my high eating days. They don’t come around too often anymore but when they do…oh yea I hound it down and feel wonderful doing just that. Beauty steak pic!!

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I read this article and took their little quiz about my optimal diet and they said to eat 118g carbs a day. For that I discount the article, although he did say protein is good in any amount.


I tracked. My notes are horrible but it can’t change my bad accuracy much.
Over 180g protein, over 200g fat for yesterday… Well I was hungry. So, so hungry :frowning: November record, 693g meat :smiley: And it’s pork shoulders so quite fatty… Still not my total record at 1000g… But I don’t want that often, that was excessive and I still didn’t get over it.

Today I ate half as much as yesterday (but it’s only 6:43pm, I easily eat 3 more meals when it’s this early - but I dislike that and won’t after yesterday) so things get balanced out I suppose.
I didn’t fancy pork roast but ate some. And eggs and cheese. Bacon and sausage. I think that’s it, I behaved today. Except I still drank coffees (eggy, mascarpone-y ones) but that’s normal now, I will stop soon.
And food didn’t tempt me anyway. I slept unwell but I know how to fill the paperworks now and I feel better now.

I changed my “marshmallow” recipe. I swapped the sweetener with mascarpone, IDK why but this trick is valid in my life. The other items were fine, I have no problem with a tiny flavoring :slight_smile:
I already LOVE the jelly-ish fluff but the extra fat and creaminess was so, so very nice :smiley: So it was a bigger success than I expected. Much eggs (3 times as many whites as yolks, both whipped), little mascarpone, gelatin and flavoring :slight_smile: But I will try a neutral one (no flavoring) and if we will have cheese, try the savory kind again. We kind of run out of normal cheese, only hard pieces remained that only Alvaro likes to eat.

But tomorrow we go to the city again. Very tiny shopping but we just can’t avoid it. We need cheese and other things. Maybe even meat, I suspect I need to take a break from roasts and even fried meats so I want a stew now. And I don’t have the right kind of meat for a stew. Especially amount wise. Why did I think I had enough meat for November (if I count everything)? I do eat more than before but it’s not THAT much…
But I have found no good sales this time, odd. Pork shoulder is always on sale somewhere… But we don’t want to go everywhere, finally a visit without too much shopping… It’s not fun, I just like to have food… Maybe a bit fun but I get super tired when we are finishes. Usually way earlier too.


Mine was way lower (still high enough to mess with my behaviour and maybe even hunger, of course) but I got a starving level calorie intake (I am aware it’s my personal problem, many women with my stats and goals are fine with that little) and advice to eat high-carb :smiley: Yeah, sure. I tried that, no thanks… It DIDN’T give me higher energy.
Barely eating wouldn’t do much good at that front either…

And protein isn’t good in any amount, of course but for many of us it’s nearly impossible to eat too much (and I have this even more with eating too little).

But the calculator is pretty odd. It decided I barely need food if I want to lose fat - but I need A TON if I want to gain. The difference was just too much but well, it did write “losing fat as quickly as possible” (without certain problems, it’s untrue though as I would be hungry like CRAZY with 1351 kcal. especially with carbs) while I just wrote I want to lose fat. I am fine with a slooooooooooooooow one :slight_smile:

But there were no questions about my bodyfat (not like I know) or anything about my exercise except the frequency. It’s just some stupid formula using a few numbers while ignoring very important factors, not just the personal ones poor thing obviously can’t have any idea about. Even we may not know them. That’s why experiments are important.

I actually feel for every woman with my numbers who exercise and can’t even use up 1800 kcal, I would sooo hate that. It’s bad enough it’s probably my “not lifting a finger” energy need… According to my very old experiences.

IDK why I do this, of course our energy need and best woe can’t be calculated…

(Karen) #140

Up with the alarm again… becoming a bit of a habit cos I have had to set it for tomorrow morning too!:astonished:

Took my books outside to read this morning before heading to the gym … upper body workout today … then home for a bit more reading and alarm set for the bath and dolly up for the tea dance this afternoon. Had a 2 duck egg cheese omelette before leaving for Lichfield. Went on my own but certainly wasn’t the wallflower lol seemed to be dancing all afternoon!

When i returned home I cooked up a small sirloin steak which was good then ate the last 2 cooked small chicken thighs and then fried the skin in the steak fat with 3 rashers of bacon. Also had a nice mug of beef stock.

(Judy Thompson) #141

@carnivoor2 wow, good day you had in Spain. I can see you wolfing down 4 steaks and a whole chicken!
My brother has a friend whose Dr told him to lose 150 lbs and he is stymied by this. I said, “tell him to eat only meat and eggs and cheese. Tell him to eat as much as he wants and he will lose like a madman.” I think he may tell him that - who knows, we may meet this guy on this forum!

Re relaxed carnivore - yes I believe I’m that. I stopped worrying about mayo months ago and have it on boiled eggs and in tuna. I drink alcohol. And the other day I tried some SF BBQ sauce, though it didn’t sit very well. I don’t know what to do with this pulled pork though, seared it’s a little dry. Smoked sea salt works on some things though to bring out flavor. It’s good, and it doesn’t sully the woe.
Although it’s a tiny bit, these seasonings do add impurities to the zc woe.
Beef, water, salt. How many people do this infinitely? Hard to imagine.

Yesterday we went to the restaurant and I ordered my wings, clean and dry. Just a few on the plate but they were enough (I’d had my boiled egg before leaving home.)

Lastnight I ate a slice of ham with a slice of Swiss cheese.
Today, pulled pork.

We’re getting rain today too, seems to have lowered our bandwidth. I’ll try to post my food pics… Nope. Later on that I guess.

We’re at the seafood joint to play tonight. We went over our Veterans Day music earlier so we’re set - service tunes, God Bless America, God Bless the USA.