MOOvember Carnivore

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Grace went dramatically downhill late yesterday afternoon and I didn’t know if she would make it through the night. I made the heart wrenching decision today to let her go. She was still fighting so hard to live but her fighting was just prolonging her inevitable and not too far off death. A vet came to our home today and euthanized her. It was the best possible death for her. Sedated first so she fell asleep in our arms being stroked and loved and talked to. Then when we were ready the vet injected the IV anaesthetic and she died.

It has all happened so quickly. Ruby and I are heart broken. But I did the right thing by her, my last and maybe greatest act of love.

Rest In Peace Grace.
27 July 2011 - 27 November 2022.

(Michael) #323

Sorry for your loss, and good for you for doing the hard but right thing.


Yes, it’s better to save poor thing from some more time spent in suffering.
RIP Grace! Her memories surely will live on for a long time more…


wow JJ. It must be so satisfying your career in life is to make others happy in your work. Most slug away in cubicles and work for the man but in the end you guys just send out fine toe stomping singin’ music. Love that!

Sending hugs and condolences. I know. Been thru it also with so many horses, dogs and cats and more. It is hard. Just remember all good times :slight_smile: All one can do. You did the best you could for her. Thank you for sharing your journey with her.

------------------------so I ate a little taco meat last night. ugh. only a few tablespoons thank heavens cause I got some heartburn pretty fast. only a 1 Tums correction. bleck. Told family they can’t have tacos anymore for dinner and they said, nope, that ain’t happening, YOU JUST stop taking spoonfuls of the meat HAHA Yes they are right of course.

got 2 big ol’ pork chops for today later and not sure on dinner.

big big rain here. I ‘think’ hubby is thinking eating out…shoot me…so will check on that and always steer toward a restaurant that suits me best or just eat well before. Do have more burger and chicken defrosted so I am covered for today.

first meal easy. second meal possibly up for family changes kinda. Eh, been there done that, will do fine LOL

Any Dec names coming to mind? I had DelishDecember but maybe DedicatedZC’ember? help someone HA


Advent arrived… The very fun FB group I frequent immediately brought some advent wreath ideas from creative Hungarians.
I have no idea if the first is carnivore, it’s not impossible… Unusual not to use rice for those not-sausages but as I already know, originally it was just liver and fat tissue and spices…

Here the first “candle” is even lit, witty!

And some people thought it stupid as it costs as much as a proper wreath… But that’s just some plants for decoration while this thing is edible :smiley: I would choose this. Not the first one, I don’t eat pig feet, no matter how super popular it is now, people cook aspic everywhere! Alvaro’s Mom likes eating pig feet. Alvaro and me want a decent amount of MEAT with our fat, thank you very much…

Fatty pork is frying and roasting in my kitchen now. Just the super fatty scraps as that was cheapest in the little town supermarket but it’s meat and fat just the same, I have no problem with it occasionally. I used up almost all my lard so it’s nice to have more rendered.
So I should come back to carni already. I had my fun, my inner rebel maybe never felt this good… It was so liberating despite I didn’t feel I was particularly limited… Sadly I don’t feel in time that I should relax or change my ways a tiny bit… No, I am fine, fine, fine and then things escalate quickly and I don’t understand (it wasn’t fully like this now, I decided to go off a bit but some part of me was surprisingly happy with it. but I had a sudden chaos before, it comes after some time on carnivore). Some conscious decision is still there (it’s having lunch what is accidental lately… I decide not to and I don’t even prepare my normal food, just eat a few bites because Alvaro does the same… coffee easily triggers some calories and more and more, tomorrow I quit, I run out of my cheap one anyway and I respect my fancy one. they are very good mixed) but I still do things I definitely don’t want. Sigh. It’s hard. And I have no idea how to keep myself from accidental eating. I really will think about my mask idea (wearing mask when Alvaro comes home so I won’t put food into my mouth. it works for berry picking too I think but I don’t do that until June). Of course I try not to make food too early but it’s not always convenient or even possible.

And we still eat the rabbit stew, of course. It improved since yesterday as the too watery liquid became super fun jelly. Aspic. Whatever is the word in this case, I am not sure.


no don’t do this. Do not punish yourself in this way for ‘eating’ in our lives ya know. Now I know this is ‘how I read this’ part but I feel it is more ‘how can I change’ with outside tools like a mask to get what and where I wanna be? good post but guessing a bit at what big info is hidden in it maybe? :slight_smile: I ain’t good at that ya know…lol…but I try LOL

Key being. You aren’t putting boundaries on your lifestyle of eating to make goals you feel you want. Or you can’t ‘find that line’ of how tight can I be without losing my mind over all this dieting crap? I know I walked tons but if this kinda info ain’t you I get it but I feel like you are ‘so straddling’ a line and you are not ever sure where that line ‘should be for you’ in a way. Kinda that gray area of confusion.

S what are your goals. You seem fit. You seem healthy. You seem ok on weight thru your posts but not sure if you have goals I am not sure of now when I read your posts. Goals? I am saying more about do ya got more to lose cause you are shorter? Need jiggle fat gone but that doesn’t sound like you to me. I feel ‘like you are kinda’ there ya know in your health/scale goals and more but not sure on it.

So are you ok in your goals now. If so then you are fine ya know…if you feel ya need XYZ then boundaries gotta be in place on what eating changes suit you for long term to hold whatever benefits ya gain doing just that.

OK JUST CHAT here. Back and forth to know you more and whatta’ want etc and where you are at :slight_smile:

(Karen) #328

So so sorry to hear your sad news. You were with her through to her passing and in time the painful memories will be replaced by the wonderful happy memories of your time with her. She is now pain-free and will have been aware you were holding her in your arms comforting her :heart::heart:

(Karen) #329

:rofl::rofl::rofl: never seen carnivore Christmas wreaths before, so funny but absolutely with you on this one that you can eat them so 8y isn’t going to waste a penny :smiley:

(Karen) #330

Don’t think I posted yesterday!

I had chicken chicken and more chicken but not really the best chicken I could eat. I got up and did my usual read n brew outside before going off to CrossFit for a teams workout with my daughter. Very cough provoking lol but I got there through lots of burpees, barbell work and skipping ! Returned home for another half hour of reading. Finished the book God is for Real by Todd Burpo and started Confessions of a Pastor by Craig Groeschel another book hard to put down. I am also still reading his Daily Power 365 days book. So I ate packet of cooked Tikka Chicken slices microwaved with butter. Then after taking Raymond shopping ate another packet of cooked chicken only this time it was cold and it was thai chicken. I also ate the remaining 5 cold chicken wings from day before and then later ate another packet of Thai chicken reheated in frying pan with butter… better than cold. I had a sneaky feeling all those additives would effect my sleep and they did. I went to bed about 9pm and dozed from about 10pm till just after midnight and then I was spark awake for an hour n half before dropping off again.

Needless to say I had a lay in this morning. I was awake on and off, on the loo etc throughout the night so at 8am I decided I had no need to get up and went back to sleep till 9.25am.

Back outside with brew n books all morning. It was fairly mild at 11° and quite still so i enjoyed all the reading I did. As I said hard to put my latest book down but I guessed this one would be like that as I like the way Craig writes, very straight and down to earth.

So I had another packet of the Thai chicken done in fry pan with butter. Thought if I ate it early in the day it may not affect my sleep so much. Also made a belly pork roast. That was/is, cos I haven’t eaten it all yet, very tasty and tender.

Saturday and Sunday food plus this evenings lovely pink tinged clouds

(Robin) #331

In her home, asleep in your arms. We should all be so lucky to pass that way.


What? I never punish myself, of course not. I just use objects to protect me when I want that protection, it is very hedonistic.
Feeling rightly bad because accidental eating (and suffering the many other bad consequences of it) is the bad way where I actually suffer. I won’t stand that.

My goals? Being a better hedonist, health, energy and proper weight (I am fat. barely but ~25kg extra is much for me if it’s mostly on my middle). And convenience and whatever.
I need my tiny eating window and I really should ensure it instead just struggling, failing and having problems.

I am bad with boundaries and control. I probably need tricks. Or 1-2 more decades, who knows? I have my limits, I never will force myself into what I need or I need to be sneaky about it, hiding the forcefulness even from myself…

But no, it’s not so bad, I did OMAD before, I can start it, it just tends to fall apart but I feel a bit more ready for it to happen. I just failed this week every day and accidentally ate lunch though often small ones as even I can’t eat a big one accidentally. Unless I get super hungry (only the start accidental there but the same result) but I don’t.

It’s pretty bad that it’s glaringly obvious what I need, I just can’t do it as it doesn’t come automatically and I can’t control myself. Sigh. Just a tiny bit so I work with that.

My fatty pork produced a lot of lard and now I have a bunch of fried fat tissue cubes. I ate the ones with meat on them. Maybe they will be fine in scrambled eggs. Wait I have quark, there is a very traditional pasta dish with quark, sour cream and scratching. Pasta has a way better very great replacement, eggs so it’s all carnivore.

(Judy Thompson) #333

An easy zc day here. Sunday, the day of rest! Went to church with an empty stomach and ate a spicy sausage there - spicy so added a cup of coffee with half and half. (I would rather have heavy cream.} No afternoon gig! Chicken and hamburger for lunch, eggs and sausage and bacon for dinner.
Sailing on ZC, happy times.
@MeganNZ Condolences :heart: Grace loved you, you did your best for her; So sorry to lose her!

(Megan) #334

Thanks everyone. It’s a hard time, a lot of crying and missing her desperately. It will ease as the days and weeks pass and I will be left with many wonderful memories and a whole heap less pain. I just took Lulu out for a run. She’s where she always is when I am sitting at my computer, as close as she can get right under my chain and legs. Typical Rottie from what I’ve read.


I went and read again, I kinda took that as a different meaning. I got confused on that post from ya :slight_smile: cool

So your goals aren’t so bad at all. Only 25kg ya want gone and just some more energy and vibrancy with how we heal for health as we dump the lbs and just feel better.

I hear ya on boundaries and that control one requires. Took me a while to get a handle on it too but I have to say only way I made it was with boundaries and that commitment to a plan and stay on it and work thru it and change along as I needed to actually have the lbs. come off. It is wonderful when they do right? :slight_smile: I know when I lost my 60 lbs and still want a tad more gonzo but I feel so much better. Who we are with 40-70 lbs off us is amazing definitely! The body loves it for sure. Any lbs we do get off and keep off is the best darn victory :slight_smile: Rock on!!! \

One trick I did was 5 lbs. off…the just maintain and hold it off, then I went after another 5 when the brain was all in, then once that 10 lbs was off I put all control on never gaining back…working all food around a good menu to eat well, feel great but never regain…yea I had to work at that but it worked for me cause at some point that 40-60 lbs off is so big of a number, but that 5 lbs can be tackled and handled ya know…well just a trick I used to help me :slight_smile: Liked your post!!

---------------busy. chainsaw day on the farm. I got trees growing up into a few of my pastures needing gone, then hit fence line and get a few pines that are growing on my fences, then near my 2 horse barns and goat barn I have to chainsaw down trees that are now a big too big and too close. Yes land maintenace sucks rocsk but sunny day, out me and hubby go to handle it…bleck. I AM SO friggin’ over farm work :wink:
Can’t wait for kiddo in college next year, get this place ready to sell and run, run like the wind in my retirement to the coast in my RV and when I find that beach location we love, buy small…super small home and lot and live great. Done with land now. Too much work…big hard work I don’t wanna do anymore :sunny:

made a small meatloaf for me yesterday. kid ate some of it but got a nice big hunk left for me today along with taylor ham I got and eat up the last 2 pork chops in fridge. food handled.

ZC ON!!!

what we naming Dec? Any carnis got an idea of a good Dec ZC name?


That is what I just can’t do. I try and fail.
It’s good I am a super stubborn one so I keep trying and don’t lose heart… Especially that even this on/off is much better than what I had before. And I believe I am getting better.

But this is a new week. Monday is great for new starts so I have that :slight_smile: I boiled eggs - and realized how stupid was my method. I had a small egg boiling pot for 5 eggs. But it’s small so I can’t keep the water boiling as it comes out. Alvaro said they used a big pot and higher heat… So I tried that. In 10 minutes after boiling I got perfect eggs, proper firm whites, not dry yolk, even runny in the middle if I take the eggs out right away. Not 1-2 mins later… And they peeled great, these eggs were benevolent but maybe I can expect that in the future. No tricks were required…
I didn’t eat rabbit yesterday (just liver and kidney - kidney is meh, liver is mild and tender) so I still have some (and a tiny bit of liver too). And my fried fat and roasted pork.

2pm and I am very satiated so I will focus on avoiding accidental needless eating and all will be well. If I eat properly late, I can eat well and then I just can’t eat at midnight, so very satiated. So the midnight eating is a problem that gets solved easily. I merely have to skip lunch. I am not hungry at lunchtime so it should be easy. If I just FOCUS during that little time. As I am in the kitchen at lunchtime, it hardly will change.
It probably helps a lot that I run out of both my cheaper coffee and milk or cream (I have an unopened package but city shopping is far away so I don’t open it willy-nilly). Coffee is a gateway “food”. First I add something (cream or egg and butter) and sit down to the table, then I nibble on something nice… And then I have a small lunch (if I manage to get hungry, a bigger one) and that mess things up.
I was careful, only cooked and baked for Alvaro, didn’t add anything to my soup or even warmed it up, that is my other good gateway food…
I boiled some eggs but that’s preparation and I am used to not eating it up too early. Not even the fresh, warm soft-boiled eggs and those are only good warm… But I am satiated.

I didn’t weigh myself lately but I just sewed my home pants (with pockets! they are essential but some of my pants still don’t have them. I plan to make some, it shouldn’t be hard but it’s a jump from my usual tiny fixing socks level) as it kept slipping. All my pants feel as they did at 72-73kg so I managed to keep that :slight_smile: Considering how much I ate lately and how inactive I had, that should matter a wee bit too, it’s very good. I always was wonderful at maintenance but short term losses are a bit different. But I kept them. Yay. And now I see a chance to lose more fat. If I focus. I don’t like that much, it’s tiring but it’s just for a few days and then it probably will be almost automatic? Or it’s my huge optimism again.

I definitely have no problem with small fat-loss :slight_smile: I have problem with zero for years (and stress gain). When I went keto first, quite a few years ago, I was 69kg. Last year I was 75kg. But I changed so, so, so much! I often think I met a big door at 69kg. With so many locks. And I just kept opening the locks (sometimes they got locked again but I could open them easier then if I had in a good phase). Some took years. The door was still locked but I saw I made progress. And anyway, it was never only about fat-loss for me. Keto was the change where I just saw no benefit beyond fat adaptation. But it was still needed to be able to change more and I seemed to feel it so I stubbornly went back every time I strayed off. Carnivore has instant reward so it’s easier. Though it has its own hardships occasionally. The too easy satiation, the boredom… But it gets better as time passes, I change and learn possible solution methods.

Stubbornness can do a lot. Maybe not alone, I am too good at keep trying but not giving my all (I do that with painting :frowning: I need more passion as I am not driven enough)… But it’s a good start.

Gloomy day again but we can’t have sunshine all the time, can we?
Cold too. I should collect leaves but I don’t wish to be outside… I am so bad.

We will use the chainsaw too soon (well, Alvaro will, I don’t touch it often since I managed to hurt myself. TWO buttons need to be pressed simultaneously and I still managed to hurt myself, amazing. Alvaro did that too, once, he even needed the hospital. he never used it in slippers again. I couldn’t learn anything from it as I have no idea what I did wrong but I just avoid that thing - or FOCUS for that few seconds I use it), I gave up on a plum tree that never had fruit while its leaves just make my already problematic leaves collection even harder (it’s lmost always wetness and coldness, the first portions are fine as it’s October, sunshine, warmth, rare rain so the leaves were easy to collect but now?). So we get that out. We have other plum trees to cut out (not disease resistant, bad idea here but we got them when we moved here), some thujas as well… And we always have A TON of wood to burn, it never will happen. The rebuilding of the house produced a lot 11(?) years ago and we still have very, very, very much of that. And I used up a lot for DIY things like benches… And there are always some trees to cut out… Or at least branches. Oh well, I realized some must become nice soil, we lack that anyway :slight_smile: It just takes a lot of time for big branches.
Our property is so tiny but it’s full with trees and we burn thorny vines too (it took a lot of time for me to smart up and use the smaller ones to make soil). Cooking outside is all about burning as much stuff as we can :smiley: But it’s an uphill battle, at least it seems so this far.

Erm sorry I try not to rant about it anymore. I know it’s so tiny, not big work but it’s still much for us. Not the work but all the wood we just can’t burn, it bothers me a bit. Not so much since I realized they will rot and give me better soil :slight_smile: Not like I use my tiny veggie patch for much… And the flowers in it are happy anyway.


Just ate a big chunk of roast lamb. Couldn’t eat all of it.

A carnivore day in photos

I didn’t eat at lunch. Yay. And I even got the bigger meat off from a bone for Alvaro… And licked my fingers :slight_smile: And it was already 15:30. But didn’t eat just drank. Good.

I kind of lost my satiation just now. It’s 4pm. I wonder when I will get hungry if ever.

(Karen) #339

Alarm set early this morning, 60 stair runs and outside for half n hour before picking Raymond up for a physio appointment. Breakfast at Sally Army 2 fried eggs and double bacon and a rummage through the book shelf. Bought 3 books and a waterproof coat for walking at £7.50 cheap at half the price!

After dropping Raymond off I returned home and neighbour invited me for a walk with her doggo so after a slice of that pork belly i cooked yesterday we went walking for about 3.5m around the ature reserve.

A bit later I had another couple of small slices of the pork, the last packet of Thai cooked chicken heated in butter and some cheese… and just had 3/4 tin of sardines.

Early night tonight. Oh and only up once through the night for loo last night … see if I can match that again tonight

(Karen) #340

Turkeylicious Treatymeaty Dishy December

(Robin) #341

Want to know more about that Tai cooked chicken. Did you make it? If so, how?