MOOvember Carnivore


Little rabbit, fatty pork roast, eggs, quark and sour cream.
I had 2 meals way after sunset, a bigger first dinner at 5pm and a small second dinner at 8:30pm. Good enough. I don’t like this pork enough (and had other things to eat) so I couldn’t make a big enough first meal. Maybe tomorrow, I ate all my leftover soup and other leftovers so it will be easier.
I had a bit over 8 eggs and maybe 300g meat. But it was mostly very fatty. And dairy, of course.
Okay day.
I am tired, maybe it shows, I can’t even write much and it’s good as that wasn’t my intention.

(Karen) #343

Nah I bought it cooked. When I was working I used to always pick up the cooked chick slices either spicy or tikka … never bbq or anything with the word sweet in it lol. Well these thai ones I got from The Company shop cheap and thought they would be useful for quick brunch meals. Not sure I will bother again. I didn’t check carbs, prob too many tbh! They are okay a quite tasty but I am thinking I just need to buy a load of steaks next time … takes same amount of time to cook… 2mins! :wink:

(Judy Thompson) #344

Hahaha! Lovely, Karen. I vote for that.
This morning we did our usual shopping that we do on Thursdays, even though it’s Monday. There hasn’t been time lately with the Thanksgiving holiday and the week before, something else came up, so it’s been tough getting errands run. This Thursday, the new freezer is being delivered. Wednesay is my birthday but we’re working at the restaurant so we won’t be eating out that day. So after the freezer is delivered we can go into town and I can get my wings and we can celebrate :wink: -whatever. Hubby just likes to eat in restaurants is what it really is.

After shopping I put lunch on for him and seared 2 slices of pork butt for us. I opened a can of little oysters and cut a boiled egg in half. It looked nice but the oysters were icky, I didn’t finish the pork til later between violin lessons. But this was that kind of day. I was sleepy and just not very hungry.
Tonight, I had some braunschweiger and slices of cheese. They were filling. I’m ready to turn in now!


so cool you have that reserve to walk so near your home. Do you walk to it? I used to walk from my house all over and ride my horses straight from here too but we got ‘just enough’ new homes and all huge farms sold out that my trail connections are all fenced off and gone. Sad actually. I now have to drive to any nice parks etc. to walk. I so miss, out the door, right into a great trail.

Happy Bday to come JJ. I thought you were a Dec baby like me but I looked up Wed and it is last day of Nov.

yea, your hubby wants to eat out to celebrate you…I so feel ya on that too!! I am Dec 7 bday and I heard hubby and kid discussing the kind of cake THEY want to eat on my bday since I give no input and won’t eat it, yet they buy for themselves on my bday. Come on :partying_face::scream_cat::rofl:

Yea not an oyster fan for me either. But always good to try something like that, never know, one day ya might hit a favorite!

--------------------SO DID TONS of chainsaw tree work in pastures and around barns. Only tackled around 3 acres and cleaned it up fine. Will tackle the other acres next week. I truly forgot how hard big physical labor you don’t wanna do is!! But worth it cause I looked from my back porch down along the backside of my red horse barn and saw it open…no trees growing, no brush and it was open, and wonderful and a pasture again :slight_smile: But took longer to do cause I wanted to ‘spot cut’ and move faster and hubby doesn’t do anything 1/2 azzed, so he tackled all the brush and trees on a big level.

but ohhh later in the evening I felt that twinge area of mine near my sciatic nerve area. stiffen up. I did get caught in big limb in a big clump of tangled pasture grass while dragging tree trunks to the dump pile near the fenceline and I had to do that ‘stupid dance’ and you try to keep from falling but twist, bob and weave, mangle yourself all to keep from hitting the ground :slight_smile: I got untangled but felt my back area ‘strain’ and bit and OHH yea felt it last night.

this morning only a bit of my butt area and into my thigh is kinda numb. sciatica BS plain and simple. Will survive as usual :slight_smile:

today is dog to vet first thing for appt.
then home to do…eat something…then pick up kid at 12 from school cause she got dental cleaning.

then on way home from that cleaning gonna stop store and buy me some kind of great steak to eat. My freezer is getting very low on steaks now. I need big sale on something. I do not like when my beef level gets low.

I like TreatyMeatyDishy’Dec. Gotta shorten it to make it fit in the title line HAHA I say we go for it!!


I had lunch today. I baked cake and made my sponge cakes and some other stuff that would be too complicated to explain (starts with a paleo quark replacement)… So I really welcomed food at 3pm.

About a pound of meat, little rabbit but mostly super fatty pork (and I cut off so much fat from the 70/30… I suspect it’s fattier than usual. or I got used to leaner meat, who knows?), maybe 2-3 eggs and not much more (one sponge cake contained sour cream and cheese :)). Oh and coffee with 2 yolks in it, I needed the whites for the paleo stuff.

It’s hard to decide when to stop eating, I just did it at some point. But it was a decent sized meal. No idea if I will get hungry later. It was a bit early for OMAD but not impossible…

Gloomy day. I need to go to the village tomorrow, it’s good as I neglect my walks. It’s so cold outside and I haven’t gotten used to it yet… Sunshine would make a difference but no sign of that :frowning:


Hi everyone. I thought I would join you. Dinner today was nothing elaborate, but both filling and tasty.

We had a lovely walk into town and our boys enjoyed the christmas lights, they are done very nicely each year but I thought they looked even better this year, I even started to get into the christmas spirit a little🙂We’re putting up our christmas decorations on the 6th, and our boys are looking forward to transform the house into christmas. Am looking forward to attend their nativity play at school and christmas concert. Our youngest have been practising his songs.

I feel you on the cold Shinita. I still go for my morning walks but expect it’s going to get harder in the winter and I’ll be more reluctant no matter how much the beautiful countryside tempts me.


I tried to eat a few bites for lunch and I did but now I am super full… But everything to avoid night eating! Tomorrow I go for OMAD and really try not to eat anything before sunset for the rest of this year. I don’t ever get hungry so early anymore, I just find eating a fun thing and get tempted.
We entered the weeks where the sun sets before 4pm. I better make sure I get up early so I get some sunlight. Even on gloomy days it’s better than the darkness that comes too soon…
My poor solar powered self. (I would die up north. I can’t even get drunk properly and what else to do in long darkness, without sunlight EVER for weeks at least?) At least I am not bored of winter yet, that usually starts in February.
I want a little snow first. But if it doesn’t come until then, I don’t want it in the middle of March like years ago… Not fun.

Cold is fine, I walk and get warmed up quickly… But I just look out, see the gloom, feel the cold and has a hard time to decide on a walk. Just because I had too ugly weather and sleeping late skipped on my walks… I NEED my walks but it’s too easy to stop sometimes. Maybe I am too unwell emotionally.
Whatever, I go back to walking and won’t stop! I have power walking and hopefully soon a stationary bike for the rainy days!
(Today I had half of my workout, upper body. I am weak as a kitten as usual. And WHY is my right triceps 2.5 kg higher than the left? 7.5kg vs 5kg so it’s very significant.)

Cold is still zillion times better than the hotness in summer. I may complain a tiny bit here and there (and it’s not even -20C, just 2-8! but I am not used to it yet, it matters a lot) but I am aware it’s nothing as bad as it was in summer.
My room somehow was 17.3C today, for a short while… Maybe we should set the A/C higher again. And I shouldn’t forget about the heating in Alvaro’s room (it gets one hour a day and it helps my room a bit too).

(Karen) #349

Yep I can walk to the reserve. The reserve is literally less than 10 mins walk to get to and there are loads of different routes around it so there is always something fresh and new if that’s a big deal to people. Not to me I am happy whichever route I take whether its well worn or one I have never taken … the routes change over the seasons and there is always something different to see.

A lot of our trails and paths over farm lands etc are protected so I feel sad to here yours have been fenced off, such a shame. I feel blessed to have so much on the doorstep. Having said that I live on a very busy road, but thats just how I like it. I love being on my own but I like to know there are people around me.

Well up earlyish this morning. Sat outside for about an hour or so reading. Got yet another book to read, all about the founder of the Salvation Army. Quite a nice little book written in story form. I have almost finished confessions of a pastor but it is yet another book I will most definitely re read at some point, its been a marvelous read.

Went to the gym and did an upper body workout and followed it with a spa. Been a very me me day and I have enjoyed a bit of a ‘loner’ day.

I ate the last slice of pork belly before the gym and when I finally got home again near 2.45pm I put a huge packet of pok chops reduce to £1.45 in the slow cooker for tomorrow and I dibidually bagged up 8 bags of bacon portions. Got 6 steaks in the fridge and 4 packets of chicken wings. Nice trip home via The Company Shop lol.

Ate a few rashers of bacon as I was packing them. Followed by a Rump steak i had got out the freezer first thing this morning and I now have one of the packets of chick wings in the oven. Supper lol



These wings seem tiny ones. But pretty :slight_smile:
Like my scratchings. But those are all fat so I am not sure what I will do with them. Maybe I store them in the freezer until I get some leaner pork.

My perfect satiation didn’t last so long. Tomorrow I stuff myself fully, wait a few mins, do it again and repeat a few times (and of course, not a single bite before sunset). I start to get serious about OMAD. Only the first day is slightly hard if I do it right, I usually get a few days afterwards though I never did it without carbs I think. But I have fatty meat now, a big enough meal should be easy!


Glad you joined in! We all just eat the meat and seafood/fish and fowl we like and we love carnivore pics of meals for sure :slight_smile:

Hang around and chat up with us. We are a strong zc herd here, lol.

Christmas spirit. Sounds like the lights and more are getting you a bit going, still not happening around here yet. People are just getting stuff going. We kinda move slower down here in the South I think HA

--------------well I made a 1 lb…93/7 burger meatloaf. meatloaf is only egg and shape into meatloaf :wink: I thought I took pic of it but nope, doesn’t seem to exist? oh well.

hit store earlier. no steak. no sales at all. but new sale paper came out and they are putting Tbone steaks on sale for $7.99 and yes I will be grabbing quite a few of them for sure. Probably hit 2 stores and wipe them out. Seems the meat depts keep saying they only get ‘so much still’ and then ya gotta wait on another truck to come…I will ride around and grab all I can from the 2 stores near me. Hope I load up well.

so came home and ate burger. done deal.

kinda wanna eat something now but I kinda got a headache which is super rare. I just never get headaches so I am thinking more sinus issues from being in pasture yesterday doing all that work in the weeds…?? might not bother eating more. Sinus meds and go watch tv and veg out. If hungry I might just hit up some tuna and mayo later.

back/leg area better. drugged up some and then put on some of that icy/hot stuff to help. seems improving so happy on that. I don’t like being crooked when walking ya know LOL

zc strong all!


Fasting blood glucose = 5.6mmol/L (100mg/dl) this morning.

@Fangs, probably more of a carnivore ‘pack’, than a ‘herd’. I wonder what the collective noun for a group of carnivores is?

These past two days I’ve been out in the sunshine, down at the beach, long soft sand walks that result in buns of steel. Walking with Billie the Labrador and Mrs. Bear. The daytime maximum was about 34’C (93F), so I’ve been doing some ocean swimming. I’ll just note here that a 3.5m (11ft) white pointer shark visited the beach yesterday. Now there’s a carnivore for you! Has anyone done the ‘eat like a shark diet’ :smile:? It was spotted by the shark patrol helicopter. These small white sharks are the more dangerous ones, as they are just at a size to feed on marine mammals.

I’ve been out in the sunshine with shirt off doing chores around the homestead, so my tan is developing. I’m feeling the power of cholesterol to Vitamin D conversion in my skin. No further heart problems.

Air dried raw beef is my go to for eating. I dropped into the ‘wall of meat’ South African biltong shop on the weekend and got some choice cuts. Mrs Bear, who once was a vegetarian, loves biltong. I think this biltong will be central to my eating for Christmas meals. It’s great for training Labradors as well.

The eating has been in the ZC groove with 2MAD, eggs and bacon at about noon, and then lamb or beef at night. Mrs. Bear and I took our nephew to a wildlife documentary film in the city on Saturday night, so we were fed by sister-in-law, that meant eating some rotisserie chicken and some smoked salmon. Last night was lamb chops and a playing card slice of pan-fried sheep’s milk halloumi cheese.

Things are much more relaxed now. Work commitments have eased right off, hence the beach days. I am again master of doing the work required on my own timetable. Last week the students had an exhibition evening of their work. I needed a new belt as my blue jeans (the good, going out pair) were falling off. I took the old belt to the gentleman’s outfitters in the nearby country town as a reference. It was quite a good handmade leather belt that I had made before I went keto about 8 years ago. I had to punch a few more holes in it since it was made. So we measured the belt against a selection of new belts, and I selected a new one. I tried it through my jeans and the last available hole was about 6 inches too far along. ‘We’re going to need a smaller belt’, said the storekeeper.

Clouds outside my front door after a warm day:

Billie when she hears Mrs. Bear’s car arriving home:

(Megan) #353

It was my birthday yesterday and I ate a lot of cake (part of a parcel of birthday presents sent by Ruby’s Mum and Nana). I didn’t particularly enjoy it after the 1st slice but emotionally and eating disorderedly ate quite a bit more. Feel somewhat sick and out of sorts this morning which is good. It shows me how yuck my body feels if I eat a lot of sugar.

Hating myself for letting Grace go is starting to ease a little. Logically I know I did the right thing, and the best thing for her, but grief is fighting with logic. I’m hurting soooo much. I can’t believe she’s gone. It’s happened too fast. My mind hasn’t caught up with the events of the past week and a bit and I’ve been stupidly going around telling myself and others I’m going to be one of the lucky few who will get a full year before the cancer takes her, to the point I was actually believing it because she’s such a healthy full of life dog.

(Michael) #354

Tomorrow is last fast day, so another big eat today. Second meal was bigger than my plate. Weighed in at an even 1.5 pounds for the flank steak. I did add 2 ounces of bone marrow to that meal, and while I could have finished, I gave 5 ounces to my dog as a treat.


Plus 10 oz cheese


Forgot to take pic of rest, but dinner was Salmon, sardines and non carnivore treats.

Totals were 352 g prot, 293 g fat and 29 carbs for 4168 calories. New PB with 222.5 % of RDA for magnesium in todays meals.


“Do It December” ZC - do it in December. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.


Birthday greetings Megan.

That is a great lesson. Many aspects. There is no ‘bad’ in responding to grief and memories of food-linked comfort. We can empathise greatly with that response. Going off plan - the plan to pursue a healthier life - is not the problem. Staying off plan after a triggering event is the problem. Getting back on plan can unleash some body and mind rebellion. But you, we, know that feeling good while on plan is the ongoing goal.

When a pet is put to sleep the people hurt. Grace does not. There are some key things in what you described that are important. You were present. Even when people attend these things they can be dislocated. You were present. And that was not for you. It was for Grace. To be there and being in contact as she was sedated, while she was sedated, is so important. She could hear and smell that you were there. She could feel that familiar touch. It was a great comfort for her. Even though it brings huge heartache for you. You are a wonderful person and deeply caring. You will recover well from the acute grief, even if you don’t want to. People who do not stay have more of a struggle. Vets know these things about human animals.

Get ready for the haunting. Grace will be around you. It is the remaining connection. You will hear her breathing. You will catch a glimpse of her muzzle under your paw. They stay with us.

We had a little cat named Audrey. Her breed was Burmilla. She was a lovely cat with a pink collar and a ‘Hello Kitty’ bell. She could stalk silent in the garden with that bell. But she used it as part of her vocabulary when dealing with her humans. She would strut a gait that would make that bell jingle and add a few meows. After she left. Mrs. Bear and I like to think she went to Paris to open a high fashion bikini shop. She was a super model-ish cat. She was old enough as she had turned 12 years old. We always ‘send our pets off’ to places we loved and lived so they can live on there and in our memories. After Audrey left we could hear that darn bell. We could hear her jingling through our city apartment. We could hear her purring on the bed covers. And I am sure I could feel the weight of her on my ankles. We didn’t mind. It was nice. Then, about 7 years later, I was packing boxes for a move to another state. In the process I found a small tin box and wondered what treasures lay forgotten inside. Wrapped in tissue paper were a pink collar, a small yet elegant name tag, with a “Hello Kitty” bell. And, OMG, when I lifted that collar from the box the sound had me blubbering, burst out crying (I’m crying a bit now remembering, and it’s nice). :cry: Feeling stuff is OK.


Freezing cold today, am definitely feeling the hunger more these cold winter months. Went for my usual morning walk, struggled to keep warm. Was going to head to the shop as I’m all out of bacon. But once sat down in the warmth with a warm coffee in my hands, the desire to head out again was just not there. So I fried up a packet of chicken mince which needed using up, I always end up making the same buttery chicken nuggets, ate about half

and put the other half in foil for later. Well that was the idea but of course I ended up eating it all Have to use up the pack of chicken thighs too so will do that later. That should provide a meal for tomorrow morning at least. If I don’t get my lazy bum out to buy some bacon later though it much prefers to stay here where it’s nice and warm.

Sorry about your loss Megan. I remember losing Ajax when I was young, just a teenager. Ajax was the family dog. I stayed with him on his last night, and I grieved for him when he was gone, but I remember thinking, as he had suffered plenty, that he was in a better place. I had plenty memories of him, and they stayed with me after he was gone, but grief is like a wound, it’s raw and hurts a lot in the beginning but later fades to a barely there mark, doesn’t mean when we look at the mark we don’t remember but the pain that used to accompany the memory it fades.




@FrankoBear, omgosh you are so right. we are a pack. the herd I was thinking, hmmm, maybe I was more hungry than I thought, thinking prey time, eat the herd HAHA

I loved your post. TALES OF THE LEATHER BELT! I so enjoyed reading that. You are so changing.

ya know I can ‘easily read’ the different people you are when work stressed and the heavy on your shoulders vs. who you are at home, in your environment and with Mrs B and Billie!! I am sure you ‘feel it’ too :sunny: I know that double walk in our days in life for sure.

I still like TreatyMeatyDecember cause I think treat ourselves to the best meat we can ‘since it is big holiday’ season for many of us :slight_smile:

@Karen18, ohhh you sound like my mom. She loves busy. People to see and watch and be in that action and I am polar opposite, off the grid type with NO one around ever LOL

How many yrs you live in your home at this area? Sounds like it truly suits you very well!! The fenced off comes from the big farms which were very big being sold off over the last 35 yrs I been here more rural and now even tho home building is on bigger acres with the house ya know it is now more of a ‘grid’ deadlock of getting to there from here kinda thing, ugh. progress and more ain’t me. Off to find a dead end coastal town with like no tourism and live on the beach in quiet.

I believe FB has that. I want it. :wink:

Lucky pooch but I bet that pooch eats very well just like you in your home :100: What kind of dog do you own?

you are fortunate you can do some carbs. I can’t. your 29g IF I ate that would be into the 100s before I was done HAHA

me too. defrosted my last thighs from the freezer for hubby. 6 pk so will eat 2 for me. Not a fan anymore but darn I ate SO many thighs back in the day and loved them, so 2 will be enough for me and hubby can handle the rest! I love chicken prices are holding lower still but darn if they didn’t go up a good bit but not like the red meat line.

I am not a cold person. I shut down. I am so envious of FB’s 93F as we flip sides. I got his cold now and he got my beloved summer hot weather, lol. Cold is just so nasty. Like I know I can always cool down but sometimes I can never warm up :wink:

great zc pics!

-----------------so massive giant rain out there. socked in. no Tbone shopping for me this morn. ugh. waiting for break to maybe hit stores if I can and load up Tbones. I NEED big beef and I will get it but so chilly out and damp and icky and monsoon rain happening I am hunkered down.

Tbone on menu if I get to store…if not got 2 pork chops gonna handle and got taylor ham and got 2 thighs for tonight when I cook for others. Got easily burgers frozen that I can flash fry fast of course as always on hand back up :sunny:

ZC all the way…we don’t jiggle, or is that jingle? in December. Oh wait we will Jingle for December for sleigh bells but we all ain’t ‘gonna JIGGLE’ cause we are Carnivore and handling that issue :100::partying_face:

(Michael) #360

@Fangs pooch is 125 pound cross of Cane Corso, bull mastiff and husky. He is SOLID muscle at 1 years old. 29 carbs sounds like a lot, but I include carbs in meat, over half of that total is glycogen within meats, so you would call those zero while I say 15 carbs :wink:


@Naghite… oh you include carb count on any meats and organs sure do hold some ‘carb trace’ so yea I get ya…that 15 is almost doable to me. I put ‘me at 10g carb’ intake from ‘other sources’, ie…the crap’ at my limit so your 29 has sure reduced down to great in my eyes!! thanks for explaining!

Wondering. how can you get ahold of thymus and much more ‘exotic’ cause I don’t have any of that available around here. You must be in an available eat all the critter location on store shelves??

when we processed our hogs and beef back in the farm days I was not zc so I passed all ‘that try to eat all’ extras and now I can’t get my hands on any of it since I shut down our livestock farming etc.

just curious on it.

WOW looked up ‘your big dog’ Cane Corso and with masiff and huskey that has to be a looker…and the name? If ya ever get a chance a pic would be fab…we LOVE carnivore dogs here!!