Mike's Keto 20% Vanilla Yogourt

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #1


  1. 60 grams: Liberté Méditerranée Plain 10% Yogourt
  2. 23 grams: Dairyland 33% Whipping Cream
  3. 10 grams: Nutiva Organic MCT Powder
  4.   7 grams: ON Gold Standard Vanilla Casein

Preparation: Thoroughly mix and stir the ingredients in a bowl. Enjoy!

Nutrition Information per 100 grams:
Fat 20 gr / Protein 7 gr / Carbs 2 gr / Calories 223

If you can eat only 100 grams of this you have a hell of a lot more self-control than I do! :yum:

PS: in case anyone is interested the macros for this are:

  • fat:protein grams 2.78
  • fat:protein calories 6.25
  • carb:totals grams 7.27%
  • carb:totals calories 3.93%

Note: the carb ratios are based on total solids, ie 29 grams.

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