Meat Chewin' June - June 2022 Carnivore Chat


Thanks for meating us here. Direct from marvellous May.

Carnivore on, carnivore strong.

Last month we touched on food addiction discussion, and the low inflammatory way of eating.

Can you hold steady for 30 days? Tell us about your experience. What has been the main change? What surprised you?

Welcome to the June 2022 Carnivore Challenge and Chat :blush: Book yourself in for repairs.

Meat Chewin' Carnivore JUNE!
May the Meat Force be with you! - 31 day Zero Carb Carnivore Cruise

2 lamb shanks (thanks) baked in a cast iron oven atop the woodfire stove. There is something gorgeous about naked flame cooking. It somehow seems gentle. Still NoFUN (No Food Until Noon) and 2MAD. Sparkling fresh rain water and what I now correctly call a coffee addiction.

Last night the evening sky was deep purple. Winter is here. The sunshine is rare. The First Nation’s people here call this season, “Makuru”.

For discussion: Carnivore is a woman’s world?

(Robin) #3

Fabulous welcome and intro! June is busting out all over!
We rang in June with 4 inches of rain last night. And continuing on today. Thankfully, my fridge is full of various meaty delights and a roast is in the slow cooker.
Let’s do this!

(Judy Thompson) #4

@FrankoBear What a great article! A very good intro to carni for anyone wanting to learn something about it. Glad it’s available without a subscription and without waiting in a grocery line :smiley: Also at the end of the article, a few quick recipes.
Today will be easy. Duck eggs scrambled at some point and when hubby gets home this afternoon we’ll go to the brewery and have some supper - usually a bunless bacon cheeseburger. He’s really looking forward to getting back.

@Karen18 I notice you eat a lot of scrambly duck eggs. The one I fried lastnight reminded me that the whites can be quite rubbery if not monitored while cooking. They are different from chicken eggs in cooking… but delicious!

(Karen) #5

I always under scramble my eggs as I like them moist and I always break them into a cup to beat with a fork first before chucking in the saucepan. I guess fried they would be a bit more firmer than a chicken egg. I used yo eat goose eggs too, you 9nly needed one to make an omelette but very tasty. I just like eggs full stop hahaha. I will probably stop eating duck eggs for a while shortly, thats sort of how the trend goes. They’re more expensive but I supposed its all relative, I don’t use as many in one go so it may even the odds x

(Linda ) #6

Today being June. Task for the month keeping it simple husbands gone off so no one else to cook for.
So todays food bacon in chaffels (egg and 2 pinches of grated cheese) 8 slices of bacon and 3 eggs used to make 2 meals 2 cups of coffee with 1/2 pack electrolytes and 1 tablespoon cream in
Since the bacon is open I’ll prob stick to bacon and chaffles for next few days to use it up.

(Judy Thompson) #7

Duck eggs scrambled with grated sharp cheddar melted over them.
Later a few slices of the pot roast heated.
A restful day, gave a speech, writing some music for students. Waiting for hubby to get home.

(Robin) #8

Man, now I need to remember to get bacon tomorrow… great idea to put it in chaffles

(Judy Thompson) #9

Yeah chaffles! I used to make them on keto, this way would be better, not so stuffy.

Tonight at the restaurant:


I’ve found a carnivore diet helped with other cravings too. The mental aspect is amazing!

Nowadays I add some fruit and fibrous root veggies like aliums because tasty, but still in ketosis 24/7 on a diet of mainly tallow, fatty beef and fermented dairy (aged Gouda and homemade kefir with heavy cream).

And still clean and sober for over four years now. 5/5, would recommend


Thanks for the share. I’m still wondering about food sources of fat soluble Vitamin K2. My gut instinct is that fermentation might provide it. In the carnivore WOE, it makes me think of fermented dairy (cheese, kefir, yogurt), or fermented meat (salami style sausage). It looks like have more study to do.

From 2015:

She began questioning why the last few generations of people have had more narrow palates than those in the past. What she discovered was that our diets in the last decade have been deficient in Vitamin K2 in particular, an essential vitamin in the development of bones and facial structures. The is a very intriguing conversation that will uncover the importance of Vitamin K and explain why everyone needs to be on some kind of supplementation to provide Vitamin K to their diet.


I think @Azi Linda or @JJFiddle Judy… It may have been @Ketodaisy Daisy said something about dental calculus in the May thread and taking Vitamin K helping to clear it up. My nutritionist confirmed the same thing happened for her on a low-carb diet and supplementing Vitamin K2.

It also brings in to consideration the addictiveness of cheese (casomorphins - there is opioids in dairy). I had just “eased the cheese” and it is too easy to add it back on 2MAD. If body fat loss is a goal in eating carnivore, dairy and cheese can be a hurdle.

(Daisy) #12

Yesterday and today’s meals! Yesterday was a huge eating day again. Hopefully today will be normal.



“thanks for the share” Hmm… that sounds familiar :thinking:

Yeah, the vit K2 thing is partly why I eat the aged Gouda. It’s one of the best sources for the stuff. Plus it’s really tasty, I love the little crunchy tyrosine crystals.

I’m Dutch and it’s surprisingly affordable over here, even the locally sourced no additives cheese from the nearby cheese maker

also talks about vit K2 and dental health


today is taylor ham and bacon first meal
tonight is big steak and shrimp later

omg prices are skyrocketing worse around here. gas almost $5 a gallon, you got to be &*^&% me!

a few of ‘my luxuries’ took the hit like internet and cable went up more than I would have thought and other services got jacked.

big time re-evaluation on my food purchases etc.
my wallet is starting to truly scream bloody murder.

time to hit my household budget and hard now. I want more money to go to my food intake then to other ‘crap’ out there HAHA

ok, b’ing and m’ing time over! wee…into the pool I go!

(Karen) #15

So is this our follow on from ‘May the meat force be with you’ i am so so confused. Seems silly to have 2 going.

Ah well it looks as though it is so here we go.

Middle of last month I had bloods done because of starting this ‘indapamide’ slow release diuretic to aide bringing the BP down. They checked for all sorts of regular stuff and they contacted me to make another bloods appt in 2 months which will be 13th of July or there abouts without checking my diary. My potassium levels were on the high side which could be a result of the ‘indapamide’ but i also looked in to other things that can increase the levels as I have not had this problem before. Coffee can be a factor, drinking 3 to 4 cups a day! I must admit that when I reintroduced coffee I did get a bit OTT on it very quickly … my addictive nature coming to the fore. I stopped drinking the stuff a good 5 years ago but recently had an overwhelming desire to drink it again. Anyway last few days cut it down to 1 mug in the morning so we will see if that makes any difference. Can’t think what else would have caused it. I tend to cut down on water when I drink coffee so having dropped the # of cups throughout morning and have increased the water consumption so hopefully that will flush my kidneys out and bring the levels down again. Apart from the meds its the only change I have had since the previous bloods were taken just prior to Stroke and there was no probs with potassium then!

Also @Fangs i am in a meeting with the #1 Gov on 13th June for my Ill Health Retirement. Sonner than I expected but I am getting representation from one of my POA colleagues so hoping it will go okay and I won’t be forced to make a decision there and then. I think I will need a couple of days to think things over once I know what he is going to offer as a pay off. Eeek scary times!

Well I thought I was alright after getting through yesterday without any Big D trouble and got through the nights wee trips no problems, no excruciating pains and so was booked on to CF this morning.when I got up and started stair running I very quickly thought bugger I need the loo and i need it now. No big pains, a semi D and a very icky ugh feeling in my tum. Then I was staying close by the toilet for next couole of hours and went about 6 /7 times! Been fine since then.

Spent whole day in garden, obviously cancelled CF but pottered doing odd jobs. Amazing how odd jobs can take up your whole day! First thing sat a watched the birds and one enormous bumble bee! A real beaut.! He was more than twice the size of the bees on my lavender tree!

Brunch was about 1.15pm. I had put some chick thighs in the oven and gone back outside as I knew they would be about half n hour and I could smell these bad boys were ready as the smell wafted outside and under my nose!

Waitrose Tikka thighs absolutely beautiful!

Returned to garden and continued doing this n that. Got my new garden hose all connected up and novelty of novelties it made light work of watering everything.

About 4pm I took out a brew and a small side plate of smoked belly pork and cheddar. Didnt think I would like the pork belly as its not my fav cut but I was pleasantly surprised though don’t think I could have eaten any more in one sitting.

Came in doors about 7pm as i was starting to feel a bit drained and made a couple of beef burger and may make a couple more. They were just cheapy ones but they were nice and i added a knob of butter on them.


Yes, welcome to June. :sunflower:


This painting spoke to me about the SA*D (diet). *Australian. It’s blurred because it’s cake.

Not sure the blur is helping much.

4 smaller pasture fed chicken eggs and bacon cooked on the wood stove. Coffee addiction still in play = Moka pot long black with cream x 2 dosed at 3 hours apart (9am and 12noon). NoFUN, 2MAD. Beef ribs going in the cast iron oven over the wood stove flames this evening. Rainwater 10 supplements and hydroxychloroquine.

I was a bit achy in the joints last night - I had sardines in olive oil for dinner (1 tin ~ 75g fish).

(Judy Thompson) #18

I’m looking up indapamide in my nurses drug handbook and it looks like it causes low, not high potassium. There may be a couple of these “considerations” that might enlighten some things going on with you as a result of this drug.
Beautiful food and flowers.

@Ketodaisy flanken ribs are gorgeous!

Lastnight a repeat of the pedicure and hotpot night dd and I did for Mothers Day, but different locations. This hot pot offered a chicken broth base which I was happy for, and stuck to chicken, brisket, pork and prime rib with an egg, a shrimp, and a crawfish thrown in. Kind of an ugly food. Used a spiced oil for my dip as it seemed the most harmless. No stomach upset this time so I must have gotten it mostly right!

Talking to dd I was telling her what a fantastic elimination diet this woe is for me, as whenever I eat food I’m intolerant of, I feel it with either D or headache or exacerbation of arthritis & sciatica. All I have to do is think of the last foods I ate and I’ll know what to avoid.
A lot of these foods are ones I’ve eaten all my life with no clue, because I was eating such a wide array of foods. One thing I know is salmon for instance. I’ve always loved it but now know better.

(Heather) #19

@FrankoBear I can hold steady for 30 days! :grin:

My main change is I made my husband hide my scale. My addiction to it was strong for the first couple of days, now I don’t miss it at all! I was really surprised! It never really moved much (up or down), so I know that as long as I trust the CV process, my body will do what it is supposed to do.

I am still doing well on staying away from eating processed foods and dairy. I have cut down significantly on my egg consumption. I was thinking it was potentially causing me inflammation. Has anyone noticed a difference between eating store bought eggs and farm fresh eggs, when it comes to inflammation? I’ve heard that egg whites can cause that.

@Karen18 I’ve been struggling with getting good sleep at night as well. I just don’t seem to feel very rested. I really don’t want to do any supplements, so I’ve been trying to increase my cardio a bit to see if I can wear myself out more. It seems to helping some.

What has really surprised me is that I don’t need to wash my hair everyday any longer! I can go 4 days with just rinsing it in the shower and then I “wash” it with just conditioner. I’ve found it is much less dry and I am losing less strands. I also don’t need deodorant!

I’m still doing my weight training with some cardio interspersed. I’m not on the scale, but I feel thinner and my clothes are looser, so whatever I’m doing is working.

The carnivore benefits just keep on rolling! I absolutely LOVE this lifestyle! :heart::heart:

(Karen) #20

Thank you @FrankoBear x

@JJFiddle thank you for that insight on Indapamide. I guess it could be the excess coffee but as I said I have dropped it to one cup in the morning and then drinking water and one brew of loose tea (earl grey/tai/sencha rose green etc always black) i haven’t had any increase in weight … if anything probably lost some this week with the Big D :roll_eyes: I always take the diuretic in the morning but not with food as I don’t eat till much later.
Food looks and sounds very tasty glad it went according to plan and no upset tum, wouldn’t wish my week on anyone!

Could very easily have cancelled CrossFit again this morning, very wakeful night, no Big D but this morning tum starting that icky feeling again. Went to loo and fortunately what I did was much more manageable and didn’t have to stay near a loo. Cant believe a body can do that much. Since going carnie my once/twice daily bowel movement became once a day or two or three days!

So I gave myself a good talking to Nd started stair running and then off to do a bank holiday Hero WOD at CF. I can honestly say it was harder than the previous times I have done this particular Hero WOD and I supposed that was to be expected having had a dicky tummy all week and the crazy lack of sleep but I still was able to get finished first as I am relentless with those air squats and power through the whole 300 without stopping which meant I got out on the last mile

20220603_155139 20220603_155157 20220603_155111
For all it was hard it felt so good to be back in the game and I have felt good all day :smiley:

Returned home via The Company Shop and there were thankfully some good deals today. Shelves had much more stock on the shelves. Picked up a couple of packets of cheapo pork sausages with 0 carbs so should be okay for my tum. They had some bigger Lincolnshire sausages but as I mentioned in a previous post the diffence in carbs is they had 8g carbs!
Also got a couple of packs of braising steak so will slow cook them, 3 packs of pork chops, 4 packs of cooked chick slices for work meals, 2 packs a bacon and some cheddar. Think that was it. Most went straight in the freezer.

Decided to dig in to the whole cooked chicken that I bought on my slightly disappointing shop trip there the other day, for brunch and this is what I found when I opened it!!! :hushed:

I mean to say … its legs were missing! How very rude!! So brunch was no chicken legs, half the breast and one wing chopped up and reheated in butter with a bit of jerk spice.
Quite tasty but I had to save the wing and skin till last as the breast was little too dry for my liking … always used to save the best bits till last.

Pottered around the garden doing more odd jobs, not sure whether I have many left lol then at 2.30pm had a couple of slices of smoked belly pork with a couple of slices of cheddar.

Took this photo for @Shinita as I know she love the dark goth style flowers. My recently planted bedding plants that came via the post.

I also have some berries now on the loganberry (think it is that one they don’t look like rasps) and one solitary gooseberry hahaha not bad considering they’re fairly newly planted just a few weeks ago. Not posting pics just in case it set some peeps off wanting them. I am donating them to my daughter for her to munch as I want to know if they’re any good.
Now it is time for my chicken tikka bad boy thighs, hope they’re as delish as yesterdays😃