Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023


It’s time to heal. Carnivore ZC eating nourishes a depleted human body. Often we start and we don’t want the great feelings and health improvements to stop.

Quite a few of the group have been eating this way for some time. Maybe we could start this month’s challenge with some reflection on how people’s carnivore eating has changed and adapted to their improving health?

Here is a historical flashback:

Did you ease the cheese? Has the full cream left the scene? Are you mixing surf with turf? Have organ meats caught your taste buds? What foods have you found locally? Are you now eating intuitively in tune with your hunger signals and free from cravings? Are eggs a staple? How have flavours changed? How often are you getting sick as compared to before the change?

You don’t have to answer all, nor any questions. Just come inside, You are welcome here. Come in and tell us a story.

Marble-ous Meat Munching May! - ZC Carnivore 31-day Challenge - 2023

There were a few weeks, back in June 2022 when coffee (mainly) or any food did not taste as I had remembered. I caught COVID in the first week and complained about it thoroughly last year. So, I ate for texture. Interesting to see @Karen18 try for some eggs. Last June we chatted about the richness of duck eggs. I found the texture of eggs scrambled in butter with salt to be consistently satisfying. Whereas eating some meats had lost their allure, especially if they were lean, or accidentally over cooked. Saltiness was a path to follow. Bone broths were good for healing recovery.

It is cold and flu season here. Mrs. Bear had a cold for a few weeks, as did my 81 year old T2D mum/mom. I looked after mum/mom through the worst of it (when she was bed ridden) because I was up in the city for work. My two city slicker brothers stayed away, both saying they did not want to catch it. But older brother was smarter by saying he thought he had a cold and didn’t want to make mum/mom worse. For a little while there, last month, I tried to convince myself I had a sore throat (at least). There was that week where I slept like the dead for a few nights in a row. Maybe that was my way through? People at work were taking sick days. But I just couldn’t catch the dang thing. I could have done with some time off. Deep down I am grateful, as being unwell is no fun. I was eating on and off plan as well. That triggered heart problems. But staying basically on plan seemed to provide my immunity with all the ammo it needed for repeat exposures to the lurgy.


It was still May but I decided to write about my midnight eating here… I am good, I don’t tend to do that lately but some reasons are serious. (I could have some new rule but I would break it anyway.)

My satiation still wasn’t fully fine… And I had fresh pork roast… And I suspect I had lower meat days again? So the usual thing happened. I had another meal at midnight, it turned out that my “leanish” pork might have been very lean on the part I ate for lunch but the rest had hidden and less hidden serious fat deposits! It was pure bliss!
So, 1.4 pounds of meat for yesterday (guesstimation says 185g protein). Not even zillion calories as I ate a bit too little for lunch (and it doesn’t matter that I seriously overate the previous day, it may or may not matter when the next day comes. especially when my body decides it wants a very meaty day) but no deficit for sure as I had no walk yesterday either.

So now I have some super fatty pork chuck, some super fatty fresh ham and not even very much of these… Stupid tiny slabs in the local supermarket. Alvaro brought me this lovely fatty 824g piece, it’s not enough for me for 2 days when I am in this meat loving state! Oh well, I go and buy another tomorrow. Until then I have hake fish, a little pork tongue and even chicken and pork liver. It will work but I would prefer simplicity with tons of proper pork with the right fattiness. I wonder if the price cap will finally go away and I can buy bigger slabs… I really like fresh ham when it has some fat in it. I like even the tender, juicy lean part, I just want fat with it. And I can’t cook it the same way anyway so sometimes it’s a tiny bit dry, it’s probably due to different muscles, even the color is different. The pink parts (even after 2 hours) tend to be the nice, juicy ones.
I probably could wax my low-level poetry (I read so, so much and learn big words, I just can’t use it actively or it would require a long time, I just come and write moderately quickly here as it’s not a novel. oh I would be a stressed writer, I would want it to be good but writing is so hard. I rather tackle drawing hands and coloring skin and those are super hard for me. if I wrote, that would be tiny things, just a little idea that one can read in a few minutes. I did that in my darkest times, they were quite depressive but fantastical and dramatic too. I usually have more or less healthy coping mechanisms) regarding my beloved pork for a long time… And it’s mere supermarket pork. How on earth it can be so, so, so delightful? I couldn’t eat tastier food if I spent 10 times as much money on it! It’s just perfect (when it gets as fatty as what I ate last night and the leftover is the same! just tiny. I want more!).

So I just try not to eat now. I skip lunch and then we will see. I will use extra whites, cottage cheese and sheep quark today for lean stuff. And my fresh ham has lean parts too, I use the almost pure fat parts to fry my eggs. It should be fine. After yesterday I am supposed to be fine without a whole lot of meat… I can’t just eat it all up often, I can’t easily get much more and it is unnecessary waste of money and energy. It may be fine occasionally but maybe I really should focus on getting enough meat all the time. I didn’t feel I need it (and had a pound of meat the previous day too)! It just jumped on me.

Maybe it wasn’t the meat but the low-calorie of my lunch. Only 1400-something kcal, I rarely can do OMAD with that. But I still didn’t fancy something very fatty. I still don’t. I am in the mood for leaner meat. And it’s good, I usually eat way too fatty even when I try not to.

Scylla and Charybdis :frowning: It’s so hard to eat the right amounts. But maybe it gets better as days pass and I better don’t stray away again but I am me so I probably will. I shouldn’t stray away too far then, that works. I would be very happy with some nice meat and little else for a while though.

My plan for June is to eat lots of properly fatty meat first, it easily may solve my biggest dietary problems and I may be ready for this at this point.
I messed up my carni plans for January-May but it’s me, maybe next year. I am sure I will be better then. But unlike my original fruity and other plans for June… I still changed a lot so I just continue and it’s not improbable that I will do it better this month than in the previous ones (but the bar isn’t very high, I really messed it up regularly. I had wonderful close to carni times but they didn’t last very long somehow).
The off times showed me that I keep losing interest and joy in some in the diminishing set of carby things still in my life. I start to lose track, English is hard. And they say it’s super easy. Ha! It isn’t. And my mother language is Hungarian, a truly difficult language :smiley: But it’s super fun when we glue zillion little things together into one word… English IS hard, I see so horrible grammar even among fanfic writers with big words and solid ideas and basically good style…

So my desires align more and more with carnivore as time passes and it’s probably key for a hedonist who hates restrictions (the kind that feels restrictions. and not the very temporal ones, I love my strict experiments when the mood hits. except my only very low-fat day, that was horrid. and my 8 hour egg fast too. but I still got information and joy out of them, only the eating part was awful). I just need a long time to reach my goals.

And now what @FrankoBear asked… (Of course it got loooooong…)
Yes, I changed a lot. I still have my off times and tiny extras but the base of my diet, that changed a lot.
I started with super tiny meat. Sometimes I only had smoked meat and chicken liver and went below 0.25 pound of meat, well that was tricky, that was too low even for me. Oh once I run out of meat and stubbornly continued with carnivore (and it was kind of proper at that time) and managed to get egg aversion for a week :smiley: Only ate 6 eggs a day during that time… yeah, I still had problems with supermarket meat and I kinda still have, I just ignore it as I can’t get fancy, very good meat (it’s not just money, I couldn’t buy meat from a farm more than once per a few months. unless I believe one hypermarket about selling farm meat, maybe. I could buy deer but I don’t want deer all the time).

But those were just the very early times. I started to buy supermarket pork and turkey (oh I haven’t eaten turkey since ages! I am in a better relationship with chicken now) but I still couldn’t handle a whole pound of meat a day. More like half. Of course I had meatier and less meaty days but my average was small, I got the majority of my nutrients, protein, fat from eggs and dairy.

But that style kept me fat. Meat is better at satiation than dairy and even eggs, at least for me. Except chicken, that’s awful at it. And possibly fish but I never ate much fish.

I realized it’s not good enough so I worked on keeping my dairy consumption low, at least the really high-fat ones. The low-fat stuff like quark and now cottage cheese, they seem to be much better at satiation. But they definitely don’t add a ton of calories in mere minutes like sour cream…
So I had quite eggy times. And eggs proved to be not satiating enough. But they are very, very easy to eat galore and that has disadvantages.

But time passed and I easily could eat a pound of meat, what’s more, I missed it when it went lower and just like yesterday, I had these very meaty days when I felt the irresistible pull.
And meat is wonderful for satiation. I still can overeat if I add a bunch of low satiation items or my eating window gets too big but if I focus on (not too fatty) meat, that’s good. Probably very fatty meat and little else would work too, I need experiments…

So I ate more meat but still zillion eggs. That changed recently, now my egg consumption dropped and if I keep at it and don’t overdo certain items, I may be able to eat at a deficit. But that is very little food so I should keep it for a single meal or close.

And now I really desire simplicity. Not just what I had this far, it would be nice, convenient, probably helpful for fat-loss… It can’t help if I don’t really desire to do it. But I have that now. I just want a proper amount of proper meat and I can make it work.

I had bigger success with a tiny eating window and eating the right amount, enough meat, not too much fat in the last weeks. I want to continue but without stupid off times. Sometimes I keep it carnivore-ish but still eat too many times… But it start to get better. My relationship with food changed again, I don’t feel the need to eat just because it’s time and eating is nice (I like that but it’s not a strong compulsion anymore), I eat when I need to eat. Usually. I had some great days without lunch skipping and it’s very convenient to eat at 3pm already but sometimes it’s better to wait, I will need to figure it out. I just can’t have the same style of days. Sometimes I get satiated way too easily so need another meal, sometimes 2 or 3, sometimes I eat over my energy need in one sitting…
But I am close. I am very hopeful I will have a breakthrough in June.

The amount of my fresh fruits are negligible so they can’t interfere (I currently pick and feed them all for Alvaro. it’s best for both of us). My best, most raging season got killed by disease. It’s still tragic :frowning: Even if helpful to my carnivore-ish plans (I couldn’t resist them nearly as well as I do it with my non-favorite strawberries that are super pretty but I get to enjoy that). My poor trees look horrible. Almost everyone’s do.

It didn’t LEFT but yep, the amount of it plummeted. As it should. Too fatty, not satiating… I do use it here and there, I still love it but learned to keep it low.
Cheese is different. I have phases. Sometimes I eat a lot but I try to keep it low too when I am not particularly into it. It was very helpful for a long time but now that I really love meat, even in big enough amounts, I just don’t need it much. A little bite here and there should do.

But I brought in milk (after decades of almost none). And then I brought it very regularly. Alvaro buys a whole liter every weak and we have some in a box too as the weekly thing only lasts for a short time, it’s raw milk. He uses up some of it and I try not to drink the rest at once. I wasn’t so good at it in the first few times but now I got the hang of it. Animal sugars are fine for me but milk is way too easy to consume and it’s not satiating, not protein rich enough for that.
I suppose I will a bit bored of it eventually, it’s still pretty new for us to have it every week.
Cream is more useful and I don’t get a lot of fat consuming it. But I won’t open a box of cream every week…

Organ meats are a fixture. I need them regularly. But I shifted from chicken liver to pork liver. Much nicer since I realized I can fry it properly, no idea what I messed up for the first time but it turned me away from it for a long time (because most of my childhood pork liver was hard and somewhat bitter too. I don’t understand, if I fry it, it gets tender and nice tasting).
Still couldn’t try spleen, it must happen.

I ate pig farm pork but we still didn’t start to buy it regularly for some reason. It could be a very occasional thing anyway. But we should go back to buying smoked things in their shop. For a long while we neglected that, I don’t know why, I was happy with supermarket stuff and their is very salty but not all to the same extent… Their smoked ribs are even cheap, I don’t understand but lucky me!

I make my lard now, I got it (for cheap) in the pig farm shop in the beginning (and once from a farmer’s market). It’s super expensive now but I don’t need it.

The future will be a bit different again, our village has a tiny farmer’s market now! I couldn’t check it out yet, Alvaro visited but a bit late and the meat seller was in the process of leaving already.

And I want to get my stuff together already… I trained, changed, got used to eating a proper amount of meat regularly, I learned a lot about myself, I had phases… I feel ready for another jump.

IDK what is intuitive eating. Mine is a mix between my vague plan based on knowledge (I know I need a lot of properly fatty meat and some eggs every day, I try to balance out leaner things with fattier ones and vice versa) and eating whatever I fancy at the moment. The first is still eating whatever I fancy just for a whole day (I really would miss meat or eggs later) and I still can’t eat what I dislike…
Thankfully I mostly lost my compulsions and wanting to eat without any need. I still have my zero appetite with huge hunger combo occasionally though. But I am experienced and keep a variety of food at hand.

I need to have MORE ready to eat roasted/fried pork in my freezer though. And these tiny slabs and my serious meat consumption don’t make it easy.

They didn’t I think… I suppose my sweetness perception is still changing but it’s extremely slow, I am not even sure… I rather lose the NEED for sweetness when it comes to my desserts. So it’s not sweet but why would it need to be? :slight_smile: It’s good as I still adore my desserts. And fancy them except when I probably can fill myself with some lovely properly fatty meat. That is effective and better than desserts as long as I don’t get bored of it. I hardly do if it’s really properly fatty, too lean stuff is worse.

Now I do my best to be scarce for a while… Maybe bring some flower pics later :slight_smile: We have a lot of new, again and it’s black locust blooming season too. And elderberry. There are hundreds and thousands of elderberry bushes around here… Wild roses too, they are flowering as well.


WOW the ‘changeover’ from May thread into June.

I wanted to chat with Karen and JJ and SecondB and Shinita and others but cross chat on a closed May post to into the new thread just confuses me LOL Yes I am lacking here.

SO HI TO ALL carnivores and chat up June now.

@FrankoBear, nice start to Meat-Chewin’June! I knew when I came onto this site I picked the right carnivore name–Fangs-- I will definitely be chewin’ the meats! I looked up June last year, first post. I ate taylor ham and bacon and ate a nice steak and shrimp. Moaning about prices increasing too! OK I do all the same right now still, HA…but dropped the taylor ham. I found the product taste has changed just enough where my enjoyment of it is now not what it used to be so bye bye man made product, throw in more man made bacon, well, hmm, I have cut back on bacon intake too.

So what is holding for me. steak and shrimp. bacon eaten reduced by alot. no more taylor ham needed. OK that was my diff. from last year to this year…not bad huh? kinda same ol’ zc person :slight_smile: I like that. What I like most in comparison is I am not ranting or raving about having dieting nightmare situations, no vicious cravings, or ‘dieting insanity’ like the old me…I like last years comparison :wink:

Here is my naked bone I fried up for me to eat. Walked away a bit and darn almost overcooked it but I would not have cared, I attacked it anyway…Gave my kiddo the meat part and I saved the big ol’ bone for me to fry a tad and chomp on…again name came on strong, Fangs, cause YES I gnawed that baby to the core of that bone HAHA
Along with that I made a nice sized cheeseburger patty. ALL YUM.

second meal a big fat pork chop. I mostly love thin cut chops. But hubby loves fat fat fat thick chops so I bought a pack of 2 and they were huge and so thick…and yes, I do love a thick chop, I ate that bad boy down easily :wink:

Today got NY Strip steak defrost as first meal. Second. Hmm. I got that pork loin I need to use but also gotta feed family something, so might just do some chicken for me and give them the pork…so for me chick or pork, see how it unfolds in who wants to eat what on their carby side of the equation, lol.

ZC strong in June 2023 all!! We have such a fab group of people on this thread, it is my honor to chat up with ya’ll!


Eating when eating is needed due to hunger signals. Eating what it feels like is needed to eat. Sometimes that’s an 800g steak, sometimes it is a cup of bone broth. After it’s eaten we nod and think, “I needed that.”

Intuitive eating is an incredibly dangerous thing if one has a food addiction or suffers cravings. Intuitive eating might best be thought as nutrition seeking.

After all the chit-chat about seasonal colds, I had chicken soup made of chicken and beef bone broth, salt and chicken thighs. I ate some liver pate because I felt I need it, and after I thought, “I needed that.” I ate about 100g of local full-cream camembert because soup takes awhile. One of the longer prep time ZC foods.


(Karen) #6

I am not sure much has changed at all since last year. I am pretty consistent and keep plodding on. I love this woe and content to carry on. I just do me.
It has been interesting to find what actually tastes okay and what tasts disgusting since getting covid. Everything pure such as eggs and meat have been fine but cheese, especially the softer brie and goats … well into the bin yuk. Also tea and coffee are still tasting ugh but i have had the odd one or 2… mainly drinking water. The first day, even water was yuk but i knew i must push through that horrid taste and the more i drank the more i got used to it and now it actually tastes fine. Sausages were okayish and burgers were edible. Condiments taste metallic and pretty yuk. The chicken was alright but yesterday felt a bit icky after just one so rest landed in the bin. How awful would it have been if i was on a plant based diet :astonished: everything would have tasted bad and rancid (which of course is how it tastes anyway lol)

I have had a constant horrid smell in my nostrils like a chemical smell and it is driving me crazy as i keep sniffing things to see if it is eminating from the worktops, the floor, the greasy pan …???

My daughter dropped off some eggs and a bunch of flowers last night, into my porch and i have eaten 3 scrambled eggs this morning… the only olive oil used for this was a tiny drop to stop the butter burning … i sniffed the butter as it was melting and yay it smelt beautiful, that was a result. Added salt and it went down a treat. I have been craving eggs since i ran out making that first omelette and the scrambled eggs didn’t disappoint :slightly_smiling_face:
I decided to get started back stair running this morning albeit just a few to begin with… 12 flights and although they weren’t easy i got them done and its a start. I will do more tomorrow. Got on with some more wardrobe clearing and just a break to eat the eggs and i will go back up and do some more. Got to be ruthless!

So what will i be changing … we will see how long food is tainted by covid. My birthday month and getting taken for another world buffet dinner on the 17th… thats actually my sons birthday but we are taking him to a bus rally on mine, 18th, so swapping our birthdays round​:slightly_smiling_face: it is good to feel confident that all the lovely meat and shellfish dishes will still taste devine :wink:

Food pics for yesterday… i think … losing track of the days a bit. No egg pic … forgot… still a bit of brain freeze there :slightly_smiling_face:

I got the lamb ribs out of freezer last night as i am sure they will taste fine so will cook them a bit later. Not venturing out today… give myself another day before i risk contact with people. I would hate to pass this on even though i am sure i wont be contagious now. I am sure some people wouldn’t give a damn about passing it to others but there are some very selfish people around and some that just cannot cope to be on their own too long … it is actually the opposite for me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Robin) #7

Hi guys and gals… I’m happy to see June here. The last few months have been a coaster of various health issues. For a while, I tried adding some greens and nuts just to see if a less restrictive diet helped. It didn’t and I sure wasn’t happy.

I seem to have found the right doc and he strongly endorses my carnivore ways, plus it appears he’s found the cause of my issues. And how to treat them.

So, I’m back and in the groove again. Wheeee!




@FrankoBear Thank you for kicking off Meat Chewin June! Hope your Mum and Wifey are both feeling better after their illnesses! Hopefully, its wasn’t too serious an illness! (Much of the head cold stuff in our area is allergy related. Pollen and other such stuff floating around here causing all kinds of nasal and throat issues.)
Got to thinking about what changes I’ve made to carnivore as the months have progressed. Having fallen off the wagon for a while, and coming back to carnivore, I’ve eliminated the HWC in the coffee - which is a big step. Also eliminated cottage cheese, and plain Greek yogurt. It feels like too much dairy hinders my efforts and results. Whittled down the meals (mostly) to one big meal a day(OMAD). Work schedule kinda messes with that, so, I do OMAD as much as possible.

I’ve noticed that weight loss is much slower than before (which is somewhat disappointing), but have noticed much less joint pain than expected after some long, hard days’ work. As of today, I am 8 pounds down since early May. At some point here, my body (and will) need to get their act together and start planking again. VERY difficult with the foot situation still, and working all the extra hours on concrete floors has really not been ideal. It feels as though the foot progress has gone backwards. But vacation is coming soon, so, I will be happy to ride in the car for hours and rest the feet.

Slowly but surely, the body is moving back into what I had trained it to do a couple years ago- and that was eating ONLY when hungry. Might be a day or two or three days between meals. I called that intuitive eating (maybe wrong terminology) but, that is what I recall naming that process. Eating only when the body says “eat”.

As for foods on the menu currently- cooked ground beef, salted. Eggs galore. Currently, there are around 70-80 eggs on the kitchen counter- that need to be processed one way or another. So, that will be something to tackle before work today. Again, not much in the area of dairy…maybe just butter and little hard cheeses from time to time. Had sauteed up some chicken in butter and garlic salt, then, dipped it in butter again to eat the other night. Good stuff. Need to get some chicken thighs with the skin on- and crisp up those bad boys! A meal of thighs and skins has been on my mind for a few days now.

It was 93F here yesterday- which is insane. On May 1, we had a snow storm. May 31 …93 degrees and scorching hot sun. Boggles the mind! Today is another hot one, so, heading outside to hang the laundry, water the cows and birdies, work in the garden, and maybe give our friendly cow a good head scratch. =) She’s such a baby! LOL!

Oh, so, decided to pull the car into the garage yesterday after work. As I got out, noticed a loud squawking noise (We have a gigantic tub in the garage where the baby turks and chicks reside). But,the squawk wasn’t coming from there. It was elsewhere in the garage. Checked all over the place, happened to look down----and there he was! A baby turkey sitting in the garbage can squawking at the top of his little turkey lungs! LOL! He sat perfectly still and let me reach down and pick him up. I scolded him for flying the coop, and set him gently back in with his kin. He went right for the food and water. No idea how long he’d been in the garbage. Poor thing.

We let the cows out to mow the lawn- which they do a fine job with during the day. At nightfall, they decided to wander into the old horse pen and huddle. They snuggled right up, and sat there happy as can be until morning. They are out grazing on the east side of the yard currently, mowing down grass and weeds around the garden. Lovely creatures.

Washer machine just sang its little tune, so I’d better go grab the wet stuff and hang it outside! Have a lovely day all!!!


wonderful insight! Your personal growth thru this lifestyle has been a massive pleasure to follow on all about you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Robin) #11

What a nice story…. Every bit of it. Thanks!


I still wish I could get proper, sharper teeth to chew meat… It’s good I prefer tender pork and even softer things though I have knives and small bites are fine… The cats can eat almost everything, except big bones, of course…

I ended up eating lunch, I got hungry. Not a big one, not all of these and some more items (finished my pâté with my sponge cakes and had dairy as well):

I think I don’t want much pork roast in the very near future. So good I have options.

Indeed and you are a very fine one too :slight_smile: Your enthusiasm is really charming and I like your tolerance. I keep hearing about horrible carni places while this is a lovely nest.

@FrankoBear: It’s still not quite clear to me especially that I MUST ignore my hunger signs sometimes… Hunger or lack of it isn’t always reliable…
I definitely follow my urges and only compulsions are bad ones (but they are diminishing and I never had a super bad case unlike some poor souls).
But sometimes I only want to feel satiated, I don’t desire food, any kind. So some intellectual invention may needed.
Oh whatever, it’s not too bad what I normally have now.


By the way, I have in a better relationship with water now. I could drink water all day… If I could get rid of my urges to have coffee and other things… My big thirst and fine well water helps and now it’s even hot…

Oh I haven’t talked about another change, saltiness. I have different days but the trend is that I handle salt less and less. I need it but very little for my meats, even less or none for my eggs - and my eggy desserts are too salty sometimes. I often wonder how long will I be to eat cheese alone… Most processed meats are already out that way but good paired up with something not salty.
Good thing meat has very little sodium, it never will be too salty. And eggs are fine except when they are desserts.
I really can’t stand too salty things, whatever it means for me at the moment. Unsalted is way better. It was long ago when I noticed I don’t find unsalted meat inedible. It’s not ideal, sure but it IS edible. And way better than an oversalted one, alone.
But I still love salt just in moderation.

Alvaro brought 30 eggs and we had a record week, we only consumed 30 eggs!!! it’s SUPER low. We could go lower from our normal about 70 a few times when we almost run out of eggs but 30… And we weren’t even in a super egg sparing mode, I baked cakes and I needed sponge cakes (I don’t consider them cake due to their neutral state. I used to eat a fragment of them sweet in the past but those times are long gone) for my stew and pâté. Theoretically I could go lower but maybe I would miss my eggs. But Alvaro less so so I can reduce his egg consumption a bit more… We will see. He brought 30 eggs and it should be enough for the next week. It suits my plans, I can eat eggs like no tomorrow waaaay too easily but more meat is better for my modest feeding. I don’t have a big experience with it so I should focus.

And it’s the next day so I know how much I ate yesterday. Well about 2000 kcal again, 147g protein and a cute amount of fat (less than the protein, it’s low-key success :D).
A bit above a pound of meat, it felt just right.

And I am a bit grieving as it may be nothing to you but someone apparently ate our first wave, just ripened, big and wonderful strawberries!!! I was looking forward to pick a bowful for Alvaro and enjoy their exquisite beauty… The first ones are the big ones. And there were many. And there were almost none last years… Buying it and losing? Not a big deal. But they are OURS. I was looking forward to have them, I painstakingly weeded the patch (there is everything there. various weeds, bushes, even tiny trees…)… I have very very close ties with my fruits. I am still super sad when thinking about the diseased trees.

But an hour passed, I read and wrote on the forum and feel much better now. The trees are way worse.

It’s almost 3pm, no appetite or hunger, really… So I skip lunch, probably. I roasted fish. Much better than trying to debone it raw. Pie is a silly cat, not liking fish while all the others LOVE the stuff. And they only get the part we don’t eat but they still act like it would be something amazing.


Not a whole lot to report today. EXCEPT… The MOJO is back! :joy::two_hearts: So HAPPY!!!

Woke up this morning, and WOWZER!!! Have dropped just shy of 10 pounds. Brain fog gone. Energy went through the roof. Bloating is gone bye bye. Feeling absolutely stoked today!!!

Coffee today. Hard boiled egg w a TB of butter and salt. Not the least bit hungry.


@SecondBreakfast: Congrats! :smiley:
Brain fog is an interesting thing as I never understood it. My brain was the same on high-carb, low-carb, keto and carnivore. It is foggy sometimes, it’s life and I am a zombie in the morning and lack of sunshine can be a problem.
But lately I feel my brain hasn’t those affected times… I don’t know what is the reason but I like it :slight_smile:

I still don’t have sooo much energy though it’s not my main problem, I have enough to do things. And I probably never will have much enough to really want to go and do things. I do have when I feel a bigger urge than the normal about zero but it’s not the high level one people talk about.

I just tracked. 2MAD, IF 21/3 today. More than a pound of meat as usual (pork roast, fish, a little pork tongue and sausage), ONE egg just because I feared I will miss if I keep it zero… 130g protein and fat.

Alvaro brought a bigger piece of fresh ham today (they forgot about their 1kg upper limit rule again…), we both will eat it tomorrow. Alvaro tends to cook a bunch of vegs in the weekend that totally fails to satiate even him so he needs something with it and the lean pork is just perfect for him. As usual, he will get the leanest parts and I get the fattier ones and we both will be happy with this.
We have 30 eggs for the next 5.5 days so we keep the eggs low. He cooks something that requires 3 eggs at every meal but it’s fine if we are modest otherwise. Much depends on me, the main egg consumer. Our old egg consumption was 10 eggs a day and I usually ate 7 eggs on average… And he would be fine with less but I cook the lunches and some breakfasts and my cooking tends to be eggy… He cooks eggs too but he would eat less without me.
My egg consumption successfully dropped lately and that’s good, meat is more satiating and I really want to lose fat now. And be perfectly satiated almost all day, that’s neat. I had days when I wanted to eat too much meat and eggs and they couldn’t fit into my day (I don’t mean my ideas about my macros, I couldn’t eat as much. appetite is a weird thing, can be way more than my needs. or way less). Maybe it only happens when I neglect something, I don’t know. I suspect it’s the case with meat, lower meat times end up triggering a high protein meaty day. I aim to avoid multiple lower meat days in a row, it goes well right now. More than a pound of meat a day should be enough.

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Woah! How awesome!


Alvaro found even the half-ripe fruits missing from our strawberry patch and he saw a badger hole nearby… :badger:
I like animals and never had a problem with them eating some fruits but I want Alvaro to enjoy them too and I wanted to pick and look at the biggest beauties anyway!!!

Oh well.

Last night I was borderline hungry but lazy enough not to visit the kitchen so I wasn’t even in danger. The kitchen at night is dangerous even if I have zero plan to eat. Only full satiation when I can’t eat helps, OMAD does the trick… I still don’t know if I want to do OMAD or a smallish eating window will work but it probably will depend on the day. It’s a bit uncomfortable to force an early dinner sometimes so I usually don’t do that and end up a bit later meal… We will see. Longer term changes things, that’s why I never could do OMAD. It started okay, I just needed a big meal but then my meals gradually diminished, sometimes I got hungry early…

I want to see the badgers at least if they made our main fruit season (due to the disease in the trees) in June almost null and void…!
Once we had a house marten nest in the tiny building for the well (the “water house”).
And there used to be bee-eaters nearby and I always just heard their sounds and never saw their beautiful bodies. Bee-eaters and kingfishers are my favs appearance wise. Rollers are pretty too but I never saw one before I started to watch webcams, one has 5 eggs in a nest, I am looking forward to follow how the babies develop :slight_smile:
We usually just see pheasants, deers and foxes. But I haven’t even seen foxes since several months! I wanna see a golden jackal one day…


Worked last night, and it turned into a zoo for a bit. Normally, with my foot issue, I have to sit down a few times during a 4-5 hour shift, and rest it. Only managed a 5 min sit down in the office to do some work on the computer. No coffee break, no snacks, no nuthin’! Ran my tail off, and felt absolutely energized after I punched out.

Eats for the day were pretty sparse. 2 black coffees, 1 hardboiled egg w a TB of butter and salt in the afternoon . 2 of the same when I got home.

Went to bed around midnight. Woke up before 6am. Absolutely could NOT sleep (thank you, Mr. Rooster!), so got up a few mins after 6am w the doggies. Processed foods out of the freeze dryer while the coffee maker was producing the elixir of life. MY husband and kiddo are still asleep, so I’m thinking about going out to play in the garden.

We have dinner w friends tonight, so, I’ll have to figure out what to prepare. This might be a good time to sort that out. Sorry if I’m rambling a bit, but this newfound energy level has the mind speeding all over like the Roadrunner! LOL!


Alvaro showed the (probably) badger holes. All 3, 10 meters from our garden.
And we still found some fruits for poor Alvaro. Very little and the future looks even more bleak. Oh well. He will survive. And my carnivore-ish isn’t exactly endangered in June, after all.

We took a walk, it’s still hot. Of course we did it around noon, not our plan but it happened.
We saw lovely flowers and I got hungry but it passed after we got home. I cooked and baked for both of us and now I am quite fine. 3:15pm, not satiated but not really hungry yet. I plan a low-fat day in my world as I have lovely leanish pork (but it had so nice fats in it, I fried all the fattier parts for me and 4 super lean slices for Alvaro) and I am well into carnivore-ish with a small eating window so even my past plant carbs can’t interfere anymore and eating my food in a little time helps too.
But we will see.

We found a litter of kittens. They seem to be well adjusted, healthy and plump, it seems there is a female cat who hooked up with Piskutek (it’s sponge cake in the language of some neighbour country, very similar to the Hungarian one, piskóta but funnier. we tend to call all light ginger cats and similarly looking other animals Piskutek), a tomcat who is often lurking around even now that we have no “proper” girls. He is quite pretty but I am biased as I love ginger cats and the pale version is even more exotic. Piskutek has some white in it though and it’s pale but still ginger.
The babies are either like him (but with little to no white) or the most wonderful color for cats, some pale tan…? Beautiful! If I had 2 cats less, I would want her. As of course she is a girl too…
But we don’t know what will become of the babies. Now they clearly get milk from their Mom, they are plump, healthy and in the pretty phase. Very tiny kittens has no eyes or tails or ears… :smiley: Well, they have but they are closed or super tiny. Okay, it’s adorable too but I like them when they have everything and they are lively.

But I came home and Ginger showed she is still an adorable little kitten… Tofu took at least 3 years to grow up, she is the biggest now… So Ginger may be small for a long while too…

That would be great in Alvaro’s books (and bad in mine, no matter when I go to bed. 3am-6am is sacred for me, I can’t function well if I don’t sleep then). He is napping now, he woke up very early, no idea if it was before 4 but definitely way before 5 as he had his breakfast at 5am and he never does it right after waking. He had lunch before our walk at 11… I may join him for dinner as my first (and hopefully last) meal…
He has so big problems with sleep, falling asleep is fine, he can do it in my room and then he leaves 2-3 hours later, he would have his bathroom break anyway… But waking up around 4, that’s bad. I told him to meditate, it may help, not like I know much about it. But I did a tiny meditation and it was so, so relaxing… But I am loads better to ignore reality with its problem. I often need it to feel okay. And it’s not hedonistic to be stressed when it doesn’t help and we need sleep. I know it’s not that simple but I have my hedonistic self-protective inner selves. I think he has the disadvantage of not being able to sleep so easily too, night shifts were horrible and needed biomelatonin. If I lack sleep, I sleep any time of the day.

Food stuff isn’t triggering to me. But if it comes to coffee… :smiley:
I see some leftover coffee in the morning? The day is doomed regarding my coffee quitting (or at least not drinking until 2pm or something) plans… And if I read about coffee, I start to desire one. Even though I don’t even like it now,. Well, black. I am unsure if I should open a box of cream… If I do, I WILL drink coffee for days for sure. If I don’t, I almost surely will drink coffee but less tasty and possibly more…
Maybe I should have a proper talk with myself about coffee…


Guesstimation says 80g fat, 118g protein, 6g carbs :smiley: And I was even mildly active.

OMAD between 4 and 5 pm, I started with 400g leanish but not that leanish pork fried in some lard (it was unnecessary, it turned out as I used the fattiest parts), it was super good! :smiley: I had ONE egg, a piece of sausage and some cheese… Perfect satiation, I wasn’t really hungry ever (except on my walk but no big deal) and my meal easily satiated me immediately… Wonderful.

My numbers aren’t surprising, one meal and using mostly leanish pork is very effective :smiley: A pound of meat was eaten.

I need experiments, I wanna try to repeat this!

I make meatballs from the leftover very lean meat (I simply fried all the fatty pieces, I was thorough…), some bacon and a yolk tomorrow and share it with Alvaro. He got 4 slices of lean pork for his veggie dish (he can put all the chili into it he desires now that it’s just for him… I did try a bite as I am a curious one despite not wanting mexican veggie mix at all, never liked that one - then promptly drank a few glasses of water… I do like spicy. a teeny-tiny bit. Like, a tenth of what he uses) but he makes another veggie dish tomorrow (he tends to do that) and he wants more. So I give him a quarter of my meatballs. I have various sausages and roasted pork chuck in the freezer, after all (some more fat won’t hurt, today was special, I can’t handle it that low for long I think. I never did). I still do my best to use as few eggs as possible and I like my currently low amount of dairy.
Oh I forgot, I did opened my bag of cream so I have that in moderation. About 20g for today.

So things are good now. I keep this meat first and not much other things later approach, I already know it’s the best but things got into my way I suppose… But freshly fried not too lean pork when I haven’t had it since days? Hard to resist and I actually want not to resist… I could have eaten more than the 400g I had. It was sooo good.

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Better late, than never.

Going ZC this month (It is the morning of June 4th here in Australia)

Lived happily, healthily for a few years keto- then once I needed to stop losing weight, I couldn’t. Which then has set off the last 2 ish years of unsettled eating. Ugh. Late last year got back on the horse, fell off and am now quite heavy for me (74kg) , have constant hunger, BGL’s that as a healthcare worker I would be unhappy for my patients to have, joint pain/injuries, some neurological ‘stuff’ going on and feel like utter garbage.

I know ZC will be a case of me riding out a week or two of struggle, but I can’t keep feeling the way I do physically, so will just have to get through it.

I am going to commit to logging on here each day so I feel like I have my people around me.