Meat Chewin' June - June 2022 Carnivore Chat


Oh my, when will I read this all?
I just skimmed the article. Oh numbers, they are individual and 1000% more quicker than keto is still stall for me who never lost on keto :smiley:

After an initial detox period, most carnivore dieters experiment and add back some veggies, nuts, and low-sugar fruit.

But that is no carnivore. Hey, it’s way more relaxed than my carnivore-ish! Unless nuts mean half a peanut as I did that sometimes but it’s actually doesn’t fit my definition, I am just that bad.
Low sugar fruit is lemon, right? And not much. Still not carnivore but carnivore-ish since I realized giving up fruits won’t happen and why would I restrict myself needlessly?
So… Whatever fits into 1g carbs a day or something*, that’s okay for me - if I have a good enough reason. Not just willy-nilly or every day.
*approximately, it’s not like I measure my plant on carnivore-ish. Or not often. It’s negligible.

I might not finished my day yet so no words and photo about my food. It was LOVELY and simple though :slight_smile: It’s still sooooooooooo easy. Not getting bored of meat is just the best. It’s so, so, so easy and enjoyable this way. It was sometimes a struggle and often straying out of necessity when I couldn’t eat enough meat.
My egg gets lower though. It’s fine, I surely will desire it more again… Now it just would be a problem if I wanted many eggs and lots of fatty meat and lots of dairy at the same time… That would be massive overeating of fat. Or stopping due to satiation and being not fully satisfied. Instead of that mild hell it’s all right for me now.

But my activity dropped a bit, I should change it back.

(Linda ) #22

I so agree about eliminating foods. adding in about an ounce of cheese into chaffles resulted in stomach cramps bloating and a blind painful pimple on my chin lol…
So I stopped with the bacon and Chaffee after yesterday’s breakfast and dived back into rib eye steak. instantly felt better. So todays food meat and fat…(and coffee)

I started reading the fat of the land and then fell into reading about du pont diet and although they allowed a single serving of carb as a second course of a meal the main meal was meat and fat eating as much as you like til not hungry… they used this diet for du pont workers to get them healthy…its based off Dr Blake Donaldsons plan but put together by dr pennington
What I find interesting is why or how we seemed to lose all this knowledge? in our medical history …


Such things are so not informative as I have no idea if that contains 3g or 30g carbs… (I can imagine 1g and 100g too, actually. Serving means nothing at all, it’s quite individual. And there are carbier and less carby carbs. Rice or pickles? There is a difference!)

What does it mean, 3 part of lean meat, 1 part fat? I don’t know the volume ratios for fat and lean meat - and it’s a huge range as meat can lose water… Or is this weight? I don’t know why diets say things I can’t interpret, why not grams? Not like it matters, fat ratio is very very individual, mine heavily depends on my actual phase and my energy need. I can’t eat too fatty or else I will inevitably overeat. I thought fatty meat works, only added fat is bad but nope, I overeat very fatty meat too. Pork chuck is my fattiest option in bigger amounts. It’s fine as it’s more than fatty enough for me. But if I suddenly had a way higher energy need, I could eat tons of fat easily. It would be nice. It’s a bit sad to keep myself from eating fat but I am kind of pleased with my modest amount so I can’t really complain. And I can go overboard if it really troubles me. Maybe I will make a fatty birthday :smiley: I should start to train myself to take out the already rusted in place brakes in very very rare occasions… I can even deliberately go for fat, as an experiment but with joy as my main goal so not forcefully or unnecessarily. I don’t like pork shoulders much so I wouldn’t eat that. But more butter and cream than usual and my fav fatty pork items? That sounds nice. That’s a plan. It will be towards the end of July.

I shouldn’t comment on specific diets, I dislike them all except if they are for specific people who are happy with it as it suits them. I am never among them.

I had way more cheese than usual today (well okay my usual amount is zero…) but I made 3 cheese pizza today (it only took a few occasion to stop making my own version at the same time and being perfectly fine with eating my roast) and 2 of the cheeses were special :smiley: Gorgonzola and cheddar. We always have an open packet of Gouda and I find it very boring so basically never touch it. I didn’t need the cheese sampling, per se but why to left out? Cheddar is AWESOME and super flavorful, a little goes a long way! Gorgonzola is “worse”, I mean I can only eat a tiny morsel per bite of food as it’s nice but way too flavorful for me to handle not very much diluted. I can eat cheddar alone, it’s just very flavorful and a morsel is enough that way. I had it with sponge cake (my bread. I start to think it’s the perfect bread, hands down. even if it’s not bread but I use it like that) while I ate the gorgonzola with my scrambled eggs.
I ate maybe 600g pork chuck… Didn’t track yet but it wasn’t a particularly low-cal day I suppose… Especially that I ate lots of cream… But my eating window was quite big as I just didn’t get hungry after lunch. I ate 4 hours later or something and it is a very long time for me but happens on carnivore sometimes.
I don’t say I couldn’t have eaten more pork chuck roast… But I survive until tomorrow (when I just skip the eggs and eat as much meat as I want).

I made pork soup too :slight_smile: The cute sized (I don’t meat small, I mean decent, not big but almost) pork chuck was nearly 3kg and had lots of bone so soup was unavoidable. I kept forgetting so I made it in the evening and will eat tomorrow. Yum. I planned to eat some and give the rest to Alvaro who would put vegs into it… But no, it’s MINE. He doesn’t want it anyway so it’s okay. He will make something with beans and lots of vegs… He just can’t appreciate the delicious simplicity of my current soups. I made so, so, so many veggie soups in my life. They were nice but complicated as they contained various ingredients. My soup contains pork, salt and water. It’s not good enough with chicken but pork is great. I hope. I never had such a big bone, I only made turkey/pork soups after my not so great but edible fowl ones. But the bone had a lot of meat on it so it’s probably pretty nice. And if it’s not the best, it still can become a delicious egg pudding or two.

Tomorrow I really try to stick to my meat and add only as many eggs as I really need (pretty low nowadays) and be wary of cream (sour cream included but I learned to eat little of it most of the time). Obviously no added fat. Probably still TMAD… And I will figure out if pork chuck is too fatty for me on TMAD. As I probably can’t avoid many TMAD days.

Coffee… I drank it as I have whipped cream and they are too good together :slight_smile: It’s coffee or cocoa, I am not sure which is best for me at the moment… BUT I only drank water until 2:15pm, it’s something. My first coffee never happened until noon this week. I should last until 4pm I think… I will try harder. But I have more important goals now.

Okay, my plate from today. Yay, I almost stuck to a single (and not even big) plate! I should make a challenge from it! This is all about simplicity as I obviously can put 4-5000 kcal on a single plate without any particular effort. Never tried but seems very easy. (I could do 10000, maybe 20000, I have a big plate and I can build a tower…)
I never was the one plate person. I was the multiple meals with many courses type but carnivore and my eventual changes simplified my eating. YAY! Tracking is ridiculously easy - except I have no idea about the fattiness of my meat and right now, the raw weight either as the bone interfered. But my educated guess should be enough :slight_smile: It’s not really important but I am curious and want to compare days to figure out things.

So, my plate. I ate 2 more sponge cakes and some cheddar and a few coffees with cream and a little sour cream as well but I never know these things in advance. That’s why I sometimes make my photo the next day but I need enough leftovers for that.

This is a smallish plate. My piece of meat looks so small and it’s 600g in raw weight… Well okay I didn’t eat it all but only because I had eggs as well and I ate early. Not a real challenge alone for dinner OMADs I am sure. I will try that if I manage to skip lunch.

Guesstimation says ~1800 kcal, cool. Okay so I don’t overeat with pork chuck on TMAD when Carnivore Quick Satiation kicks in. I had high hopes for my fav cut, fattier ones don’t work though, I know that already.


Thanks! I love various flowers but very dark ones are rare and special :smiley: Yours are nice too, not super dark but velvety and I like that color too :slight_smile:
I never mow down a plant that has super tiny flowers but they are almost BLACK! Surely talked about that and even looked up the name, I won’t now. Or the one with interesting shape… Or any with even remotely pretty flowers… They aren’t “noble” plants and they just grow in the grass but I like them so I keep them even if it makes my life a tiny bit harder when mowing the lawn :smiley: If I can call my grass that, it’s not pretty enough everywhere to call that I think.

I keep forgetting to make photos of my flowers but I will… Did I say the troublesome unkillable (I don’t know the right word for it now) honeysuckle is in bloom? It’s still not oh so pretty but now it’s okay. But I have pretty flowers as well and some new ones have little buds already…

Oh and I must tell you our blueish black bumblebees are WAY bigger than your big bumblebees :smiley: They are really huge and pretty common. Maybe 2 weeks ago I was very close to one for hours, I was reading on the terrace while the bumblebee diligently made a big hole in some wood I had there but it was abandoned in the end… The name is violet carpenter bee, up to 3cm. If yours were at least this big, then sorry, I saw big pansies ages ago and my size sense isn’t so good anyway. But ours are probably bigger. But it doesn’t matter. It’s huge and lovely! :smiley:

(Linda ) #25

The 2nd course was from what I read low carb as in under 50 grams but not low carb food… the 3 to one was described in fat of the land to be 30 ounces lean meat to 9 ounces of fat. Which works out to be 10 ounces of meat 3 ounces of fat(cooked) 3 times a day. But your meat is not restricted…if your hungry you supposed to eat more…

Just as a test I pulled out some rib eye fat trimmings and some flanken ribs I cooked 3 flanken ribs for breakfast for lunch I cooked 3 more threw some fat at it which I grilled and ate first…
I couldn’t finish my ,2nd meal and im still stuffed
I dont think I could fit in a third meal if I tried.
It sure stopped me in my teacks

(Daisy) #26

Today was a very interesting experiment. One I think I’ll have to tweak slightly if I ever want to be productive again :joy:. I am on a mission to eat slower and today definitely passed that mission. My game plan was to make one food item at a time, fully eat that food item, setting my fork/spoon down between each bite, then make the next. I’m a very busy person, which is why I usually scarf a full day’s meal in 12 minutes. But I decided to try this. I started with a bowl of bone broth jello at 7:48 am. 20 minutes later, when it was gone, I made 2 eggs in camel fat. 20 minutes after that, I had too many things to do to eat anymore. The next opportunity I got to eat wasn’t until 12:51. I made a bison burger and topped it with a pad of unsalted butter. 30 minutes later, I started the next one cooking. That took another 25 minutes to eat, then once again I was out of time to eat. (I was working the whole time I was eating. Taking one bite, putting the utensil down, working for a few minutes, then taking the next bite). Was gone or busy again until 8 pm when I was extremely hungry again. I considered another bison burger or 2 more eggs, but then I remembered I had a few ounces of raw, frozen steak in the freezer. I set it out and began slowly working at it, again while multitasking. 45 minutes later, it was gone. I’m not going to say I’m full, but I’m comfortable. It’s very low calories for the day, but I want to keep up the experiment for a bit and see how it goes. Tomorrow will be next to impossible to eat like this. I’m going yard sale-ing all morning, then working on the roof the rest of the day. I don’t even know how I’ll fit in a 12 minute scarf meal (which obviously I don’t want to do). We’ll see how it goes…
image image image image image image image

(Robin) #27

It’s remarkable when you can take the time to eat your food. Not eat your thoughts, not eat your feelings, not eat your to-do list. Just eat each bite full and be fully into it.
I try to do this more and more, with more things than just eating. Being retired certainly helps. I have time.
And covid brain is forcing me to concentrate and focus and be present. A surprising silver lining.


But chicken breast/lean fish lean or lean pork lean? And pure fat or fat tissue?
Protein and fat grams would be way more clear to me :frowning: What if I don’t want to eat fat tissue and lean meat but fatty meat? I can’t just take it apart.

Yep, I saw that, that part is fine with me.

Rare almost no sleep night, I already had coffees and a very little food (mostly egg whites), I tend to do that when I mess with my sleep, I can resist if I just wake up too early but I honestly didn’t even try now, my stomach already felt off in the evening (not food related but food helps).

My proper, very meaty meal will come much later. I just drop the usual “few eggs first” thing and go for my meat. Maybe I wrote that yesterday, I don’t remember. I just know that pork chuck roast is what I want today as well, as much as possible, I am not in an eggy mood but I eat some whipped cream, yum.

This very proper week with no sweetener (my past had them too often when I just couldn’t stomach more meat or other savory carni food) did what I expected and now almost everything is sweet. I made pizza yesterday and licked a very tiny amount of tomato sauce from my finger, I didn’t think just did it automatically. It was SUPER SWEET. Okay, I know tomato can be disturbingly sweet, I can’t eat the really sweet kind since ages and I love the sour kind best but it was sweeter than ever now. I would need a ton of meat with it to be able to eat, eggs hardly could cut it though egg stew still may work. But I just don’t want it ever since quite long. RIP my desires and joys regarding it. It was nice while lasted. And I have the same with onions. They were the two vegs I thought I keep and sometimes they appear but not because I want them just they are too important parts in some dish I make for both of us. And even then, the amounts keep diminishing as they start to be way too sweet. No problem, I can just use sour cream if I want to make a creamier dish :smiley: Sour cream is awesome ~ And I need to enjoy the hell out of the tiny amount I can afford.

And it’s possible my body doesn’t find eating cream ideal. I felt such things with lactose before but then I just drank 1 liter of milk in a short time without problems so it’s not THAT easy… And cheese never was a problem, not even the ones with lactose. And a small amount of sour cream is fine too.

Is there such a thing that lactose (or even EGG… unbelievable) in a liquid feels off sometimes? It’s different in a solid food. Or as soft-boiled egg. But I make an egg milk and it may or may not feel a bit off.

Wow. You need no variety and you can eat super quick and super much… You have multiple superpowers.
I can overeat on any woe I am able to follow (at least for one day) but I need TIME for that. I can eat much in 30 mins and much more in 3 hours but even that is often less than what I need for a day… Though I suppose I could do better if I chose my items so, still wouldn’t be that effective.

I always found 1-2 hours to cook and eat in peace, it’s pretty important for me. If I arrived home at 9.30pm, I started to cook then, it’s better than any other way, I needed my peace. Once I fell asleep and ruined a pot… (I had some food during the day as I needed that as well but my main meal was freshly cooked at home and not in a hurry.)

I don’t know how long my meals are lately… Pork chuck roast is super quick to eat but I have a too long time when I just don’t know if I should stop eating already or not. So I wait a bit to see what happens and try to decide what to do.
I surely would feel unsatisfied with too quick meals… But of course, we are very different circumstances and priorities and everything.


not sure what a teacks is but it sounds like it dead stopped ya HAHA

@Ketodaisy I also found when eating slower and stopping a bit and finishing I am less hungry against if I woofed it down in a flash. I am a woof it down person :slight_smile: I try to eat slower but I can’t truly seem to change that in me unless I focus on it, and truly, I am so over focusing on my food intake and more since I ‘did it all’ and it almost drove me nuts HA but that is me now…but yea, I noticed a diff. when my mind was on ME and food and slower eating. cool

--------------leaving tomorrow for 5 days at the beach. yes my RV fridge is meat stocked to the ultimate!

today is simple
chicken breasts and NY Strip steak

I am in a ‘ZC feeling SUPERIOR mode’ right now and those of us who are carnivore ‘get this’ truly on what I am saying :slight_smile: All zc ducks in a row and feeling fine!!!


I tracked. I have NO idea about my calories without it, I proved it again, not even after several years.
I thought I ate well. Guesstimation says 1360 kcal and I ate much fatty pork, many coffees with cream and well, yes, not very many eggs… I didn’t get fully satiated but my appetite went below zero so stopped.
I thought I will be hungrier in this sleepy zombie state but no.
But it’s true that I only had one small meal after my super tiny breakfast… It had more than a pound of fatty pork but that’s not many calories… Even my protein is below my safe 120g limit now… It rarely works especially with this super low-cal but if I can’t stomach more food, I can’t. Maybe later.

We had lots of rain, it’s good, my garden plants started to look a bit miserable, watering them just isn’t the same.

(Karen) #31

Yes he was at least 3/3.5cm … the pansy is 8cm width. Thats why I was so surprised. I have lots of different bees visit the garden but most are much smaller. Even last year when I had the bumble bee nest under the crooked slab (before the guys came to hardscape) they weren’t that big, perhaps 2/2.5cm and I thought they were big lol I just love them. Between me and my neighbours we rescued a small bee today. The weather changed and although forecast 17° the sun went behind the clouds and the temp dropped quite significantly. This little bee got caught out by it and was very tired and drowsy so I gave it some sugary water, it soon perked up and eventually found the strength to fly off. Yay… love a happy ending.!!


Okay, that’s big then. Good for you :smiley:
We have a 8cm long hawk-moth too! :smiley: I saw it once!

Our spiders are usually smallish though. The biggest is 10cm with kind of straight legs but I never saw that. The biggest common spider is 1.5cm and quite pretty.
Oh well, it’s not all about size. The hummingbird hawk-moth is totally awesome and while not tiny, not huge either. But lovely and I made good photos of it (I love my summer lilac, it’s a butterfly and hummingbird hawk-moth magnet).

Yay for saving lovely insects! :slight_smile:

I walked a bit in the evening. I almost melted. Woe me.
But I saw a blue heron! And egrets, seagulls, ducks, coots and swans. The full set. I only would have been more lucky if I saw another kingfisher, ours is very beautiful. And there were tiny frogs everywhere near the big pond!

I am satiated now, I hope it stays with me and I won’t get hungry early tomorrow either. But I will start with my broth. poor thing, I finally made it and keep forgetting about its existence…

(Karen) #33

Bit of a strange day weather wise. My phone weather app has predicted rain every day this week and every day has been sunny Nd warm till today, still no rain at least not what you could call rain, a little spitting and it was all over. It has put me on tenterhooks all week, do I water do I leave it???

Brunch about 11.45 finished the other half of the legless chicken reheated in butter.

A snack of 2 small slices of smoked belly pork and 2 small slices of cheddar about 2.45 and

Dinner at 6.40pm 6 Chinese style chicken thighs that weren’t that brill but I am them all, as you do, would be rude not to. Was filling up so took nearly an hour to eat them all. Just would like them cold out of the fridge… Best bit was the skins which I used to hate.

(Robin) #34

Oye, those crispy thighs! :heart:

(Judy Thompson) #35

So interesting, me too! At first I just didn’t like the smell of deodorant anymore, used magnesium oil. Then a little later I realized I didn’t need it. Hair doesn’t break off and I don’t need as many showers and hair washes. I’m waiting to see if melanin restarts and I don’t have to dye it as often - not ready to go white!

Easy day, lunch was a couple hard boiled eggs chopped with mayo and then a slice of tenderloin. Tonight we played a duo for a Bolivian violin student’s extended family graduation party and they served BBQ - just grilled meat, I got a chicken thigh, some steak and a sausage and a bottle of water. They gave us a HUGE chunk of the cake. I can’t believe dh is going to eat all that and not get sick. I offered to give half of it to a neighbor but he seems protective of it, lol


Heart, my heart. 3 am tachycardia. Probably atrial fibrillation. Woke needing to wee at 3… am. Usually I sleep from 10pm to 7am. Well and deep. But I have been staying effortlessly on ZC plan. The whole 2MAD, NoFUN, 2 coffees, winter sun regimen. Even taking magnesium supplements morning and night. When I get too good, too well in the groove, no cravings, no distractions, it seems I hit a place, I suspect chronic low insulin, where I will have a ‘heart attack’, a crazy arrhythmia.

Mrs. Bear cracked her molar tooth on an olive pit last night. It’s cracked right up the centre of the tooth. It’s a long holiday weekend here. I was worried about her. But she’s off to teach yoga this morning.and says she will sort it out next week. I broke a molar tooth once. It’s not as gentle as she suggests.

3 am wake up. Like a hyperactive frog disco in my chest. Light-headed when I stood up in the dark. Took two magnesium citrate tablets and Mrs. Bear made me hot super salty beef bone broth. Mrs. Bear finds any saltiness nauseating. The bone broth is salty. We add a salty stock cube. Americans call that a bullion cube. Then I add extra pink salt to the edge of taste tolerance.

I calm my breathing and then start sipping the hot liquid. The notable thing this time is that the drink is hot. So it can’t be gulped down. It’s a sipper. The act of sipping regulates the breathing. It’s one reason having a hot cup of tea is meditative and soothing for so many people.

You can do the breathing without the tea as a yoga meditation. Try it. But the bolus, the hot stream of sipped liquid, slides down the food pipe. You can feel it from the back of throat, entering the chest, sliding past the heart, between the lungs, and into the stomach. That mindful following of the swallow could be considered a yoga nidra practice. It lines up with the posts on mindful eating. The warm liquid was like a soothing internal heart massage.

About half way through the big mug, the one holding the potion, not the one holding the mug, my heart beat left chaos behind, and returned to a calm 60bpm.

The best I can work out is that I unfortunately lose too many electrolytes in the process of regaining or maintaining my health. Some carnivores will take a small honey dose after their last meal to get an insulin response to retain electrolytes through retaining sodium, and also retain body water. I don’t do that yet.

Eating in a surf and turf (fish and meat) manner may mitigate some electrolyte loss. Marine carnivore foods are mineral rich. So I’ll be eating some surf and turf while surfing this current body weight loss wave.

Some cited notes on “clean carnivore” “beef only” carnivore and magnesium depletion risks:

Keep calm and carnivore on.

Previous episode:


According to that info, I rarely get enough magnesium - but no one knows my actual needs so maybe I do. I had some baby cramp this week though. I did absolutely nothing, it was so minimal. (Why I have some Mg pills then? I don’t know. I had 150mg Magnesium on vegetarian keto maybe in every month? I am not that supplementing type…)
But it turns out (not surprisingly) that focusing more on meat and less on eggs does good to my nutrient intake. Poor eggs are great but have little Mg, Vitamin C and calcium.

I have an off day today and go low-meat sparing my leftovers until I can buy more (not like I don’t have much in the freezer, mind you)… Low proper meat, I eat sausage and liver now. And the pork chuck in the soup that I can’t track.
Nice soup. I finish my leftover whipped cream too, this is a coffee rich weekend. Tomorrow will be stricter even in that regard…

(Robin) #38

These hearty adventures of yours are scary to read… even tho I know you’re still ticking, because you are writing. And poetically, at that.

Your description of how a swallow of a good hot beverage can soothe your very soul, makes me happy. I try to live in that space as much as possible.

I don’t have any heart issues, but since going ket0, then carni, I know that I need a large glass of good salty water with magnesium citrate. If I forget to do this, I get leg and foot cramps in the night. So I rarely forget.

I remember you time these affairs of the heart, so you know when you should seek help. But it sounds like you and your heart are old friends who know each other’s temperament. I am always amazed by these stories. Thanks for sharing.

(Linda ) #39

Scary scary stuff I noticed I been gettingotr cramps lately but er just had s whole lot of rain maybe that’s related…
Thank goodness I don’t have heart issues or I’d prob add the carb needed back

(Vic) #40

My dauthers were baking cake today.

I can’t stand the smell anymore, its horrible. To say that I used to love it :unamused: