Maybe a long fast, then?


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@MelTar answering you in this thread. :slight_smile:

Broke my fast with bacon, eggs, butter, spinach, and coconut oil coffee - I definitely could have gone another day, but I figure I can do another 3 day fast next week if I want. I was listening to an episode of Fasting Talk last night and Megan said that there aren’t any further benefit of going longer than 3-4 days (meaning the benefits are the same on each day after I think). Plus, we were sitting down to breakfast as a family and the bacon got me. Hahaha.

The main reason though is that I’m eager to try this hyper-caloric, super high fat experiment. I’m going to feast for the next couple days and then drop in another fast if it feels right. I didn’t really feast before this last so it was a bit of a struggle. Next time, I won’t make that mistake!

Breakfast was about 62g of fat and I actually had a BM right after which NEVER happens to me so I’m STOKED and can’t wait to see what this experiment brings!

Why I Didn’t Get Fat From Eating 5,000 Calories A Day Of A High Fat Diet

Wanted to mention, sometimes when you fast for more than 36 hours, the first meal after can result in some extra time in the bathroom. So whatever you decide for next week, I would not break the fast right when you are getting on the plane

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Good stuff, Andrea. :slightly_smiling_face:


Have not gone past 6 days but my best days were always Days 4 and 5

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OH MAN!!! Maybe next time. :slight_smile:


With the stomach issues, started listening to the Low Carb Leader Podcasts, he has a few gut episodes that may be worth listening

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Thank you!!! I am downloading now for my next bike ride!
Wait - which episode???


I am listening to 40 which is on FOMAPs, I doubt that is you because you should have felt better on zero carb if it was. Although I have not heard the whole and she started mentioning something about fat when I had to shut if off, I like to listen in the car.

There is also 20 and 54.

Unrelated is Episodes 42 and 44 on Epigentics which I loved even though it has nothing to do with your issues but everyone should listen to

How do you listen on the bike? I do not wear headphones while biking, I would get too lost. Do you play it on a speaker?

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Hahaha, well my rides are looooooong and I go the same routes. I put one ear bud in and listen. I keep the left ear (closest to the road) free.

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Yooooo…for once in my life, I’m having the OPPOSITE of my usual bathroom issues. I’ve been in there 4 times and it’s not a delightful situation. However, I have to say…I think I’ll take THIS problem over constipation/impacted bowels! At least I know the scale won’t be up tomorrow! Hahahha.

Ok, but seriously, it could be…the additional fat I’m eating today, OR maybe my gut has finally started working on its own and the digestive enzymes and HCL are a bit too much for it??


Hahaha, I love your bathroom enthusiasm!
I definitely have the constipation issue and it doesn’t seem to matter how much water, salt, magnesum citrate PLUS slow mag that I take…I take milk thistle and vitamin D3 as well, and ugh…it can be forever. really makes me a bit cranky and freaked out too!
I wish the fat would work that well for me, I would rather that too, at least once a wekk :wink:
I wonder about the “longer than 3 day” fast.
What you mentioned in an earlier post reminded me that I think I read the same thing in Dr. Fung’s book (which I happily have loaned to my sister-in-law).
I’ll have to go back and listen to the Fasting Talk podcasts.
Happy your felling so good! :wink:

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Well this has been what I’ve eaten today so far, so like I said…either too much fat (which is what I’m experimenting with) or maybe my fasted tummy was not ready for all that HCL.


Did you eat all day or get these macros in a smaller window? I heard the bacon breakfast, so I know you started early. Just wondering, because I like to eat so much, it’s easier for me to eat in a smaller window.
I know the whole CICO debate, but I can eat far more than I can or will use!!! It’s another issue, but I’m aware of it, so…


Great to hear you’re making progress Andrea.

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That was breakfast and lunch, I’ll be having dinner tonight as well. I’m practicing real feasting for once!!! I’m shooting for over 2100 calories, I’m around 1500 now.


Sounds lovely! (I’m still fasting…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but the temptation to eat is beginning to creep in, hahaha!)


I think it was the fast. I will never forget the first long fast I did where I forgot to take psyllium fiber an hour or two before I ate. It was not pleasant but constipation is rarely my problem and it certainly was not then. I was at a restaurant with 7 other people who were ok. I had grilled chicken salad with dressing so it was not the fat


I don’t know if there’s a clear theory for why this happens, but a significant subset of people get diarrhea when breaking a fast. It seems to help when you start with something small 1/2 - 1 hour before the meal that breaks the fast, and I think it generally gets better over time. There are probably threads on here about that…

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I think starting small is a good idea, though that doesn’t come with a guarantee. Sometimes it’s like the digestive tract goes into overdrive, after having been taking a rest. I’ve had stuff literally “go right through me” - doesn’t take long for it to get out of the stomach, and then the valve between the small and large intestines is obviously open, because Hellooooo…

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Yeah I’ve fasted before and never had this happen, so I wasn’t too worried about it. Also - I totally blanked on breaking it with a handful of nuts 30 min before my meal. Oops!