Maybe a long fast, then?


(What The Fast?!) #61

Yeah I think it was just my body being a little shocked. I went to the bathroom 3-4 times yesterday - this NEVER happens to me. Honestly if I go 3-4 times in a WEEK, I’m stoked; it’s usually only once or twice. I’ll take it, happily!


TMI perhaps, but today after ending my nearly 4 day fast, I’ve been frequenting the bathroom, hooray! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Wonder what the weight loss could be!!! Yep, there has to be some change after being constipated for days, hm?

So, as for EF, I’m thinking at least one more 3 day Fast this month, but maybe just a 36 hr fast this week. I really like the power of fasting on reducing BG and insulin, so I’ll continue to pursue that avenue.

How’s everyone else fairing on EF?

(What The Fast?!) #63

I like the increased ketones! I’m up at 149.0 today, so 2.4lbs up from my lowest fasting weight of 146.6. I’m finally back home after a week and a half of traveling, so I’ll continue the feast today and then maybe another day or two of fasting later this week.

I’m back to no BM’s, hopefully that resolves soon.


My weight bounces around and doesn’t change too much with a fast either.
I’d love to get to a lower body weight set point…if possible. perhaps in a year’s time or so, if I’m fairly consistent. I think your body needs to feel “safe” after all of the past metabolic craziness of starving/bingeing and repeat.

(What The Fast?!) #65

I don’t have a pattern of starving/binging, but I get what you mean.


Oh gosh, no, I didn’t mean that you had that pattern :wink: I have had that pattern over many, many years. So, it’s my body that needs to feel safe from the craziness one day…sooner rather than later, I hope.


@yayhowfun, how’s this new approach going for you? I have to say, you are one determined woman with a great attitude so I’m always interested in your self experiments!


Ditto what @gatita said. Your determination is inspiring, @yayhowfun.

(What The Fast?!) #69

Hey @gatita and @MelTar - thanks for the encouragement!! Here are my last few days:
Cal. F/P/C
2600cal, 237/87/30 (some guessing in there)
2034cal, 181/80/24
2113 cal, 185/82/24
1956 cal, 17/75/20
1793 cal 162F/68P/23C

Weight was 146.6 at end of the 3.5 day fast, I gained 3lbs back (not surprising) the first two days, then have stayed about the same since. I may do another couple days fasting before Hawaii…we’ll see.

I did hella lunges and squats yesterday at the park and can barely walk today…I wanted to ride today but there was NO WAY! :stuck_out_tongue:


What are you using to get your fat grams in?

(What The Fast?!) #71

Breakfast is usually eggs and bacon (more bacon than eggs), with keto coffee (MCT and butter). I usually make a salad with a lot of olive oil and either goat cheese or a buffalo mozzarella. I’ve had wings a few times and make them in a wing sauce with butter. I also add things like labne (middle eastern yogurt/cheese with low protein/casein). I avoided dairy for many months but have added it back in so I’ll do HWC as well to get in some fat. Also, pecans or macadamias - but I don’t ever have more than an ounce of that per day. Pork rinds if I need/want a snack.

I just discovered adding HWC to bone broth too. It’s DELICIOUS. Keeping protein down is difficult.

(Doug) #72

:+1: Here’s to that! :smile:

Eating most of the time in hotels, it’s common to find scrambled eggs and bacon on the buffet for breakfast. Most people take 2 or 3 pieces of bacon. So here comes Doug, taking 2 or 3 scoops of eggs, and then maybe 30 strips of bacon. Hey - they’re thin!

(What The Fast?!) #73

Hahaha. Since I’m trying to keep my upper limit for protein 75g, bacon is a lifesaver. Eggs pack 7g of protein per egg, but I can have a whole bunch of bacon!


Prior to this last fast I lost control and after dinner made myself the keto egg nog recipe someone recently posted. Its 2 cups of HWC, 1 cup coconut milk and 4 eggs plus swerve and spices. I meant to only drink one cup but drank the entire pitcher. That has never happened to me on keto, not sure what was up but started the fast the next day, Might have been the swerve now that I think about it. I was not hungry having had a salad with chicken and dressing for dinner. Had no problem getting the fat in that night. Easiest first day of a fast

(What The Fast?!) #75

I bet!!!

(What The Fast?!) #76

Oh heyyyy!!!
I’ve only been doing this for about a week now (I’m on day 7), so no significant scale or inches change yet…but I have an NSV to share. As most of you know: for as long as I can remember, I’ve had major bathroom issues…and with keto, it’s worse. I only “go” 1-2x a week and it’s painful, impacted, and all-around not awesome. I take extra salt, LOTS and LOTS of magnesium, but still - issues. Anyway, for the first time in AGES, I’ve had a :poop: 3 days in a row. THREE DAYS IN A ROW. This is a huge NSV for me. Granted, I’m still taking loads of magnesium and taking digestive enzymes and HCL with each meal…but still - a huge win. I’m going to keep an eye on this and see if it continues.

I did have an alternative doctor say to me once, “if you’re not pooping, you’re simply not eating enough…” I didn’t believe him, but maybe he was right!!


@yayhowfun Am I right in seeing two NSVs here? One being the daily poos, second being that you’re eating more daily calories with no increase on the scale?

(What The Fast?!) #78

2lbs up from my fasting low, but no gain since I started this experiment!


I never thought about it this way!

(What The Fast?!) #80

Y’all…I’ve :poop: SIX DAYS IN A ROW. Who am I? This is amazing. …Granted, a couple of those :poop: have been watery and without a lot of substance, but I’d so much rather that issue than the opposite! All the added fat seems to be a game changer for my digestion. Now…let’s hope it starts to affect the scale!!

I still need to dial in my magnesium intake - I have been taking 1200-1400mg of mag citrate so I’ll start to reduce that and see what happens.

Wish me luck!