Maybe a long fast, then?



Sometimes I feel great on the first day, feel less great by the middle of the 2nd day and 3rd day (could even be feeling pretty bad by then). I would say sometime toward the end of the 3rd day the energy starts kicking in. As long as I don’t have a headache, I feel better throughout the fast than I do when I am not fasting, but I am diabetic so when my sugar goes down via fasting, I feel better. Everyone is different, and different fasts can be different for the same person. I think the more often you do them, the easier they are right at the beginning.

(What The Fast?!) #22

That’s what I’m hoping for! Lost 1lb on the scale so far, but still up in general. I’d like to drop 7-8lbs, even if I end up gaining a few back. People say they tend to gain about half of it back, but I know Carl talks about fasting/feasting and he has even lost on the feasting days. (I bet if I could somehow magically get myself to poo on the feast days, that might be the case for me too!) :joy: :joy:

(Crow T. Robot) #23

Are you taking enough salt?

(Adam Kirby) #24

My wife fasted for 3.5 days and never felt this awesome feeling. I wonder if there’s a survivor bias behind the wonderful fasting stories… the ones who don’t feel good on it don’t last, lol.


Yes, I am pretty good with the pink salt crystals all day long. Overnight I might get a little low, and some salt in the morning usually fixes a morning headache. I think when my sugar starts making some big drops, I sometimes get a headache that is hard to get rid of. But it only seems to be a problem when I’ve let too much time go by between fasts (probably due to higher starting blood glucose numbers).

(What The Fast?!) #26

Certainly could be!! I also thought - I’ll save so much time by not eating…but all the time I save, I spend on the forums… :joy:

(Khara) #27

Well I just thought of you as I was reading a magnesium article. In it, it lists severe burns as a cause of low magnesium and also constipation as a symptom of low magnesium. I see here now looking back at your posts that you are supplementing with magnesium so I guess this isn’t helpful. Had you already connected the burns with the magnesium deficiency?


That’s amazing about the burns and magnesium.
@yayhowfun Just to tag onto this - people seem to have very different responses to different forms of magnesium for supplementation, with some swearing by - say, mg citrate - and others finding that it doesn’t seem to make a difference for them whereas magnesium ---- really does. (Andrea, seeing how thorough you’ve been with everything else, you’ve probably experimented with this but I thought it was worth a mention…)

(What The Fast?!) #29

Thanks guys! I’ve used Malate and Citrate, as well as a combo of those. I’m currently taking Citrate, but will switch back to the combo after this bottle.

I’m on hour 60 of fasting, down to keto starting weight, 148.6.
When I finish this fast, I’m going to try a high calorie experiment with 75-80% fat. I’ve been reading about many people who are doing so and having great results!

Day 1: 152.1
Day 2: 151.2
Day 3: 148.6


Looks like you are getting some results this time.

As for the feeling great for me it is around 36 hrs. I feel “lighter” and just have a mellow, positive feeling about things in general. I feel the most energetic after doing a strength training session around that time too. I think this varies a lot in people. Hopefully you will find your sweet spot soon.

(What The Fast?!) #31

Hope so! I usually drop a few lbs when I fast but in the past, it has come right back. I fasted last week for about 36 hours and right after that, my weight jumped up 3-4 lbs from where I started, so I’m hoping that the longer fast is different.

We’ll see. I’m really excited to try the calorie surplus experiment, with a very high percentage of fat. I think that may help with my digestion issues as well (fingers crossed anyway)!

(Mark Rhodes) #32

I am also one day three with my plan to eat pork belly tonight. My Days 200,196,192.5 and I usually go back up 1/2 to 5/8 the weight I lost leaving a deficit.

(What The Fast?!) #33

@marklifestyle Whoaaaaaa!!! 7.5 lbs in 3 days??? That’s amazing!!!

(What The Fast?!) #34

Hey fam. 65 hours in. I’m hungry and someone is eating lamb chops nearby…someone tell me to stick it out.


You got this @yayhowfun . A nice big juicy cup of water is sounding good :slight_smile:

I’m learning from you - thanks for sharing your progress.

(Mark Rhodes) #36

Thanks. Like I said my 3 previous 72 hour fast usually net 2 lbs of fat. My Ketonix reading today was 109 PPM. Redlined.:sunglasses: I do understand the Ketonix as being a tool of what I am using versus potential like a BOHB reading but I am out of strips and waiting for them to arrive…plus on readings I firmly believe that higher does not equate to more.

From April to July my Dexascans showed a total 8.3 lb fat loss and a 7.7 LBM GAIN ( I lift ) with a 3 lb overall loss going from 24% to 20.4% BF. Since then i figure I will be 196 with a slight decrease in LBM but a larger decrease in fat. I am going for next scan in couple of weeks.

(What The Fast?!) #37

Ok, ok, ok! La Croix for the win!

Also, how am I bloated without eating in 3 days?!?!? I call it pee belly.


I think this is how it works for me as well… I get better sugars and more energy when fasting…too bad we have to eat!


Some yummy salt on the tongue too, I do that all day, and I’m on hour 47 now…

I hope you can find out what is going on with the increased fat…that does seem odd, but there will be an answer, just KCKO, that’s my theory anyway. Best wishes!

(What The Fast?!) #40

82 hours in, my personal best! I think I may eat today and do another fast next week - can’t wait to jump on the scale and see what it says.