MAY 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Wow, we have been asleep at the wheel. MAY has been missing a chat thread. So here it is.

I’m going lots of IFs, varied lengths so far the month. I have also had my weight bounce up, so I will be dong an EX fast this coming week. I’m also comfortable enough now to go back to the fitness center classes I have missed for over year. I missed those classes and people in them, it was great to go back.

How is everyone else doing?

APRIL 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

Haven’t done much this month myself. Was going to Fast last week, but the Wife asked if I would hold off for a bit, since we had just picked up some things, and some that only I eat. … So I’ve been doing mostly OMAD’s here lately, with only a couple days of TMAD. But as she has said before, some reason I always seem to want to Fast after grocery shopping. Not sure why? Just happens. :slight_smile:

But think I will be Fasting some this week coming though. Might start after tomorrow night’s Dinner?

(Bob M) #3

I tried for a 36 hour fast last week, but couldn’t do it. Am going to try again this week,though.


Oh good, I’m not the only one having a hard time doing EX fasts. I have had more breakfasts in the last month, than in the previous 6 months. Stress and sinus meds issues, hoping to get a handle on those soon.


Hello everyone! I routinely only eat TMAD, but really have had difficulty fasting for 24 plus hours. Today I’m attempting to fast and hope to hold off until tomorrow afternoon.

BUT (!) I keep trying to do this day after day and always end up giving in and saying, “Oh, I can fast tomorrow.” :rofl: So I am publicly seeking accountability.

I’ve been on eating this way (KETO) for years now, and haven’t had any difficulty with fasting in the past. Somehow I got in the habit of eating every day. It’s just my mindset, I think.

Also, a 5 weeks ago I had a surprise emergency hernia operation and have a huge scar from my bellybutton down that I’m recovering from. I will finally be able to start lifting “heavy” things on Saturday and will feel more confident about doing outdoor chores once again on our property.

I’d love to hear how others are doing with their fasts. Your accounts help me engage in this mindset and encourage me to push through. :smiley:

(Central Florida Bob ) #6

Because I’ve done Alternate Day Fasts over a hundred times - 3x/week, for six months at a time, a couple of times - I’ve gone through the 36 hour mark that many times. I can’t really give any wisdom about how to get past 36 hours, it’s pretty much normal and painless. My typical fast is 39 to 40 hours.

My usual fast has an eating window from about noon to 8PM and then back into the fast. I don’t really start wanting to eat until close to noon and I suspect it’s just because I know I can. For the last several years, maybe five years, I haven’t eaten until close to noon anyway, and TMAD is my regular lifestyle. If I have trouble fasting it’s in the 22 to 26 hour time slot. Then I usually just drink some water, and sometimes salt and potassium salt with it.

I was just watching a recent video from Jason Fung on “The Five Stages of Fasting”
that has made me think of the trades between doing three 1 day fasts vs one 3 day fast. One 3 day fast is going to be about 76 or 78 hours, while my 3 days of ADF are closer to 120 hours but not in one stretch.

I just restarted the ADFs because while I’ve maintained my weight in a fairly narrow window (say +/- 2.5 lbs.), I didn’t start trying to maintain it strictly until it was borderline too high, and I think my clothes will fit more comfortably if I drop 10 pounds down from where I’ve been holding.

I’m curious about anybody else’s input on the ADF 3 days vs. one 3 day fast.

(Bob M) #7

I think, theoretically, insulin should be lower and growth hormone higher on a 3 day fast.

Maybe the best option is to mix the two? One week of 3x/week; one week off; one week with 3 days straight.

I found that I could do too many 36 hour fasts, and it got so that I was freezing when I tried to fast any time at all. I had to take time to recover. So, I’m not a big believer (anymore) of doing a lot of fasting, without “enough” feasting. The trick is to determine how much is enough feasting.

Right now, I’m just trying to get back to one 36 hour fast per week. That might be all I do, until I do a long-term fast, probably 4.5 days. That’s one I can fit into a week, so eat Sunday evening, then again Friday morning sometime.

(Central Florida Bob ) #8

I honestly hadn’t thought of that, Bob. Thanks!

My thought was that I’d do these ADFs for a month and see where I stand. Then maybe try something different next month.

Considering I’m trying to lose just 10 pounds, I had thought of just doing one extended fast until I get there. I’ve never done any fasts beyond these 40 hour fasts and I know of no way to figure out how many days to expect. I also get cooler when sitting around, although I get warmer with minor efforts. I find that I tend to go to bed feeling a bit cool but then kick off the covers overnight.

(Bob M) #9

When I did my first long fast, after a certain point, it got a lot easier. I know that seems crazy, but it was true. The second day I thought was the hardest, the third not so bad, and then it was smoother.

The longest fast I ever did was 5.5 days, though. I started getting dizzy when I stood, so I bailed on the fast. I did a ton of 4.5 day fasts for a while.

Some people only recommend about a 3.5 day fast (and I’ve done a lot of those too), as I think that’s when your growth hormone and metabolism hit a peak. After that, some are concerned with a loss of muscle, too. I’m not sure about that, but Dr. Phinney is against longer fasts.

If you’re not getting really cold, it’s probably not a big deal. I was getting so cold, I couldn’t touch myself.

Maybe a 3x/week (Mon, Wed, Fri), then wait until Tuesday night to start the longer fast? That would give you Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues to recover. Then fast until Saturday morning? Or you have a normal week, then the 3.5 day fast.

This also depends on what effect you get after a longer fast. I used to eat a normal meal after a 4.5+ day fast, but it wreaks havoc on my system. I have to go to the bathroom a ton for hours. So, I learned ending a fast on Friday night is not good. I end now toward the morning. And I even try some gentle break in (eg, some broth and an egg maybe, then wait to have more).

Not everyone gets these effects, though.


Just at 20 hrs. presently, and think I will just be skipping tonight? So might have something tomorrow, or if not, something sometime Saturday. I really just hate Fasting on weekends, when meal prep isn’t limited due to work and time restraints.

(Butter Withaspoon) #11

After a trigger last weekend (someone gave me something I should have refused), which led to many treats until I lost that ketosis feeling, I’ve decided today is a very lo carb OMAD, finishing early in the evening. I’m here to keep motivated and honest. It’s time to produce ketones again! And to sleep better.

I’ll see how long the overnight fast goes. Last night was a definite improvement over the rest of the week so I feel I’m getting close to pressing the metabolic reset button. Good fasting all!


Wasn’t planning a long Fast with the weekend coming. (Plus I took today off, so it already started) … But I broke at just 41 hrs. today… Dependent on the weekend, may start a longer one come Monday.

(Butter Withaspoon) #13

Checking in helped get me back on track, cravings gone and I feel normal again. Well nearly :crazy_face:


Hi everyone. Trying a fast for the first time. I started 5:30pm last night and am at hour 16. Shooting for 24 hours. I’m only drinking salted water (“lite” potassium salt and Himalayan pink) How much do we need? I think my drink is actually making me a bit hungry. Might stick to plain water for the rest of the day.


First observation: my desire to eat is as much about boredom and procrastination as it is about hunger. Need to keep busy and be social!


Welcome, and good luck. As far as Salt requirements, ‘for me personally’ do 1/8 tsp. of Morton’s Lite, which also has Potassium, along with 1/2 tbsp. of Magnesium Citrate, which provides Magnesium. I do this in a 20-24 oz. bottle of water. … I don’t usually do any, unless I Fast for more than two days, but it does help with leg cramping, at least for me. - If I’m Fasting 3 or more days, I will do one in the morning and one in the evening. - I may still get the rare cramping, but not as much or as bad. But when I find myself Fasting a lot, the leg cramping can at times be more prominent.

As to 24 hr. Fast, or OMAD, I do this pretty much regularly, maybe 50% of the time. So don’t usually use anything. But I do have a tendency to add some additional salt to meals, which works fine for me.


Plan on doing some Fasting now. Wife had mentioned I had some stuff still in the fridge, that only I eat, but took care of that issue. :smile: Not sure how long, but thinking a longer one might fit nicely.

(Bob M) #18

I’ve had mixed results as to hunger. Usually this resolves hunger, but not always.

I usually “eat” salt and add No-Salt to my water, but I’ve also added salt and N-Salt.

I find I have to have some of this even when fasting only 24+ hours.


Presently at 40 hrs. Still not sure if I will be eating tonight or not?


Salt need is very, very, very individual. I probably would think about it after 72 hours :smiley: I eat little sodium anyway while many people drink salty water even for 16/8 and need 3 times as much sodium, apparently. And there are people who are fine without ever supplementing it (they probably don’t do very long fasts and there are other special circumstances when we lose electrolytes, of course). Our sodium intake may affect many things and both too little and too much is a problem. Maybe some people can’t eat too much and some can’t eat too little under normal circumstances…

Hi guys, I do the same, try to do IF and carnivore-ish at the same time with mixed results but nowadays it’s better. I usually do TMAD, maybe with a few extra bites in between or something tiny in my coffee earlier but I try to do it clean and nice, it isn’t that hard, after all.
I still have huge problems with waiting for hunger or other real need, I am just not that type, it seems. But I am stubborn and know it would be better for me. I am adamant not to eat before 2pm at least as I practically never get hungry so very early. It went well today, OMAD has a big chance and if I can do that, it probably will be a 26 hour fast. But I will be happy with a TMAD day too.

I really, really am curious what would happen if I did a longer fast now. I barely did a few 24-48 hour ones since I tried carnivore in the end of 2019! OMAD has a very slim chance on my carnivore. I have many non-IF days too, it makes me uncomfortable, my IF was natural and my old companion, it suited me very well. I understand I needed to get used to my new default woe but I had enough already :slight_smile: But it starts to get better now I think. My more satiating woe helps not to think about food so often. My original keto never could do it. I am too obsessed with food and eating in general, I love reading and writing and thinking about it and experimenting… And it’s a nice hobby to some extent, I suppose but I need more creative ones. But changing and finetuning my woe helps with these mental problems too.

I can’t do longer fasts yet. I just want the occasional fasting day, is it so much to ask for? Apparently it is. I don’t give up, my time will come one day!