Matthead Pizza. Dare I say it?


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Made this a couple of times and love the recipe!

I made one small tweak. I didn’t have Xanthum gum laying around so I substituted chia seeds as a binder. Ratio by weight is 1 to 1. You want to mortar and pestle the seeds and add boiling water in a 2 parts water to 1 part chia seed and let sit for a minute or so. Here’s the site I got the substitution from:

I refrigerated and froze the pizzas prior to the last baking step and am trying to stock my freezer with these. But I keep eating them too quickly! Ones that I have tried from the freezer and fridge still taste great.

(carl) #62

Perfect ratios, @matt! Made 3 crusts. Testing them in the brick oven at Daddy Jack’s.

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(G. Andrew Duthie) #64


What’s the thickness on that crust?

(matt ) #65

Very nice @carl!

(carl) #66

I used 175g mozz, 85g almond flour, and 40g cream cheese, per @matt. 12" crust is about 1/4" thick. Too thick. The best one was using 60% of the volume for 12" crust


Great instructions …love the pics! I’ll give it a try.


I have been missing pizza since I started, so I’ll definitely be trying this soon!

(David) #69

Superb recipe. Didn’t have the gum but it was still superb 1st try. Even my kids loved it (till I told them what was in it). A terrific addition to the recipe for health.


I’ve tried a couple variations of the original fathead but wish it were crispier. I haven’t tried carlshead yet, but was also reading of others using psyllium or xanthan to replace the cream cheese. This mattshead version looks interesting since it uses xanthan and cream cheese but no egg.

I will be trying this one next! Any other evolutions or tips people have learned since last comment would be appreciated! I don’t have a pizza stone but would probably get one if it made a big difference.

(Clare) #71

Excuse the picture from my former (bread making) life, but in answer to Brenda’s query about ricotta on pizza this is a type of Pizza Bianco. Actually this one is a Flamish made with sour cream,leeks & parmesan , but you could make it with ricotta & bacon. Might give it a go on a Fat/Carls/Matt Pizza base later this week.

(matt ) #72

I added psyllium to my last attempt and it was great. It was about 1 Tablespoon. I need to repeat it and document it


To clarify, all ingredients and portions the same as above, but ~ 1 tbsp psyllium in addition? You think it improved it even more? Can’t wait to try this on next pizza night, thanks!

(matt ) #74

The full sheet pan is a double batch so that would be 1 tablespoon in each batch

(matt ) #75

This is one batch with 1 tablespoon


The crust was really good and no sogginess in the middle


When you read a recipe and realize you have ALL THE INGREDIENTS! :tada::tada::tada:
And then you realize you need a rolling thingy. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:
And thennnnnn… you wonder, what would happen if this recipe were baked on a pizza stone instead? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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psyllium husk or psyllium powder?


(matt ) #78

I have the husk but I grind it into powder

(matt ) #79

I use a crab cracker to make mine flat I found it easier than a roller but it takes time.

I also don’t use a pizza stone any more. Just a sheet pan for a double batch or a round pizza pan for a single batch. I also don’t use a microwave anymore I just run it through a food processor


@matt, this is helpful. Thank you!