March 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)


I had a massive headache for 2 days, and decided to end my fast at 88-89 hours. Even though I did it with a spiritual motivation, still dropped to new low weight.
Thinking of going OMAD for awhile now.

(Lamont Hames) #62

Oh, no…well congratulations. Awesome job! I’m preparing to break my fast at 100.3 hours, in 25 minutes… I could actually go through tonight but I’m board, and the family is looking at me and shaking their heads :smile:

(Jane Srygley) #63

Wow this thread kinda died out… Well I’m back at it and hoping to hang in there today until 4pm. Just an IF but it’s all I’m doing these days and I am only recently returning to this. I do feel really good about it but right now I’m HUNGRY! Trying to hang in about 4.5 more hours. Sounds like an eternity right now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyone else fasting today?

(KCKO, KCFO) #64

I was sick for a couple weeks so I was doing no meals or one meal a day for almost 2 weeks I did the Zorn fast and did a 36 hour fast because I hadn’t been eating and I was finally starting to feel better and I was hungry since then I’ve just been doing IF.

(Susan) #65

I did just the Zornfast this month --I fasted for 96.5 hours from Wednesday 2pm until Sunday at 2:30 pm.

I lost 2 more pounds, so 228 now (actually a tad less this morning but not another pound) for a total of 65 pounds lost so far --98 to go.

I just have only been losing weight by doing about 90 or so hours for months now, so I am hoping when I get the opportunity to start doing a lot of walking, that maybe it will start coming off faster, we shall see.

I hope that everyone will be feeling better, and that no one gets this Virus, stay safe and well!

I do daily 20:4 IF-TMAD --lunch at 1pm and supper at 4:30pm.

(Mame) #66

Sometimes fasting can stress out ones body too much during a stressful time I think.

Anyway I did my one fast this month last week. I am deep into trying to feel ‘normal’ post illness and building myself up health-wise.

Come April, I am hoping to feel well enough to do at least a week of the rotating 18 or 36 hour fasting protocol.

I hope everyone can end March feeling at peace. kcko

(Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast) #67

Today I am starting a fast (water fast, plus black coffee and tea). I would like to extend it to 5 days to get the full benefits of autophagy, but we will see how it goes.

(Brennan) #68

I stopped my weekly 72 hour ~2 weeks ago due to a very unfortunate loss …and then covid happened. So I haven’t been even trying to fast. I’m also considered to be essential at work apparently, so I’m still working everyday (mon-fri).
Until my stress/anxiety levels go down I don’t think do any fasting.

Wish the best of luck to all who are fasting. And I hope everybody stays safe and healthy during these trying times.

(KCKO, KCFO) #69

Stay healthy Brennan. Stress can make fasting very difficult. Just eat what you need to keep you going and being essential. There will be plenty of times to fast after we get over this curve smash down process.

(Susan) #70

I am sorry for the loss you are grieving from Brennan, best wishes and hugs, for healing and peace.

You too stay safe and healthy, and blessings to you =). Take care.

(Vaneeta) #71

Hello Everyone
I am a Newbie who has been lurking and checking this forum from last year.
Actually very informational forum. I know lot of work goes in moderating these forums.
My thank you to all.
Just dived in fasting starting Wednesday March 25. Doing a water fast, hoping to go in autophagy to curb some inflammation. My plan is to go for at least a week (Navratri, Hindu fasting). Today is the 6th day. I am little tired. Staying at home due to COVID. Schools are closed in Toronto, Canada

(Susan) #72

Welcome to the forum, Vaneeta --I wish you the best on your week of fasting. Since you are on day 6 already, you seem to be doing really great =)). That is terrific =).

(Jane Srygley) #73

Hey people! I am fasting until 3:30pm today, 20:4 ish. I have been really motivated but my stomach is bugging me and I was feeling like I might be coming down with something this morning which of course scares the shit out of me right now… I think the stomach thing is mostly just gas from a big serving of spaghetti squash yesterday… plus I got hit with a little work stress when I got here… So yeah struggling a bit with motivation… but I ate too much yesterday and my weight was up this morning so I know I need this! Wish me luck :heart:

Edit: never mind I’m not up for this today. Hope you all are doing better than I am!

(Susan) #74

I have been doing my regular 20:4 --TMAD but a few days I end up doing 23:1 OMAD as I forget to eat, haha.

(Mame) #75

Any one fasting in April? I don’t see the new thread :wink:

(KCKO, KCFO) #76