April 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane Srygley) #1

I’m doing IF until 4pm today and starting the ball rolling on the April 2020 thread. Hope everyone is doing well :heart:

Any other fasters out there today?

March 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)
(Susan) #2

Hi Jane --it is 2:27pm here and I haven’t eaten anything yet, 0 calories, only one glass of water, but that is pretty normal for me, hehe.

I normally do TMAD --20:4 IF -lunch at 1pm and supper at 4:30 but I have been very busy here today and so I haven’t even made a coffee or tea yet. I will now wait until 4:30 to eat when I am making supper for my husband too, so today will be an OMAD and probably about 700 calories or less, some days are just like that.

Thanks for openning the new thread!

I would really love to do a 5 day fast -but with my family around all the time atm, I find it too difficult as I am mega stressed.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #3

“Fasting and KETO work great together. It’s the same thing anorexics do except with KETO we call it fasting so it’s healthy.”…
JP Sears :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face:

(Jane) #4

Started a 36-hr fast with hubby last night after dinner. So about 12-hrs in so far

(Jane) #5

Took some blood measurements at about 15 hours in. Typical for this early in my fast.

BK: 1.2
BG: 82
GKI: 3.8
Boz: 68

(Jane) #6

Made it past the first ”wave” of hunger that usually hits around lunchtime. Then I usually get another one around dinner time. But nothing I can’t ignore.

I’ll probably wait until noon tomorrow to break since I won’t be hungry in the morning so that will give me 40 hours of fasting.

The best part about fasting is NO DISHES and not having to figure out what to cook! :smiley:

I noticed I was hungrier earlier this time but we’ve been taking advantage of a steady supply of eggs from my and having breakfast a lot more than usual

(Mame) #7

I think of yours and Allie’s beautiful eggs. I miss having a steady supply of fresh eggs. Although I have plenty.

I am not fasting but I know the frustration of not being able to post in a thread due to forum rules so I thought I would ‘weigh’ in .

I have been having bg of 96-101 the past couple of days. Seems odd…stress maybe?


(Jane) #8

Thanks Mame - now I can post again!!

Yes, I would say stress is raising you blood glucose.

I am 26 hours in and hunger waves gone so should sleep ok. Will break tomorrow around mid-day. I might have a BPC mid-morning so that technically breaks my fast then. We shall see.

(Susan) #9

That is great Janie, congrats =).

(Jane) #10

Breaking in a couple of hours so I decided to take one last set of readings.

BG: 87
BK: 3.1
GKI: 1.6
Boz: 28

If the theories are correct I should have gotten about 12 hours of autophagy in this time around.

KCFO everyone!

(Mame) #11

nice numbers! @Janie

I thought it was so interesting that you said you were having an easier time to fast at home away fro co-workers food. It’s usually the opposite for me. Easy access to the kitchen seems to make it harder… But who knows! maybe post pandemic I will be able to fast with ease no matter how close I am to my kitchen.

It could happen…:grinning:

(Jane) #12

Double-edged sword. Easier to do a short fast at home with no food smells but I would rather do longer fasts but hubby doesn’t have the fat stores to do it (unlike me). So I takes what I can gets. :wink:

(Jane Srygley) #13

What’s that?

(Jane) #14

A ratio Dr. Boz uses


(Jane) #15

Ugh. Had delayed bathroom issues breaking this fast. Took 2 Immodium AD this morning to stop it.

Didn’t start until 10 hours after I broke so I don’t think it was related to how I broke it since had 2 meals - lunch and dinner - before it hit.


(Jane Srygley) #16

I’ve had the delayed reaction thing. Definitely sucks! The ratio thing is really interesting. I am always over 80 because my ketones almost never go above a 1 and my bg is usually in the low 80’s. When I did a 3-day fast, my ketones went really high but that’s the only time it happened.

(Jane Srygley) #17

Fasting until tomorrow morning assuming I make it through. I saw this video yesterday suggesting that regular fasting could be beneficial in a similar way to regular exercise. I was thinking that my best day to fast could actually be Wednesdays. I don’t like the ADF thing because it… I dunno. It just feels too JUMPY if that makes sense. One day per week seems like it will be a nice, cleansing reset for my body… and midweek seems really perfect for that.

Here’s the video:

(Mame) #18

Interesting. I don’t know that it is true for me though. I find for myself that changing things up is what get’s my body ‘going’. As soon as I am in a very consistent pattern, my body adapts and the ‘results’ diminish. I know that IDM has also found this to be true for a lot of their clients.

On the fasting front I think I will do a couple of OMADs Thursday and Friday as I have work duties that will actually take me out of the house. After all I don’t want to be too consistent. :wink:

(Mame) #19

Had a ~26 hour fast yesterday and then had a meal where I did not overeat.
would love for this to become a habit!
took numbers right before breaking the fast…
bg=77, bk=2.4, gki=1.78

Today may be another omad…I have to go into the office this afternoon.


(Jane Srygley) #20

I envy those numbers! Great to hear!