March 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)

(Brennan) #41

Me too, got an interrupted 5 hours of sleep last night. But I do feel great and even fairly well rested.

32 hours in only 40 more to go!

(Mame) #42

see @Brennan you weren’t alone!! :wink:

and you are both inspirational and awesome

(Brennan) #43

I love salt, salty salt salt!

37 hours in!

Thanks @cervyn

(Brennan) #44

55 hours in… Awake at 4 am, I guess 6 hours of sleep well have to do
¯_ (ツ)_/¯
Can’t sleep may as well do some yoga :grin:
Hope everyone has an amazing day!

(Mame) #45

So I have been ill (actual 'flu - don’t panic people) this week so it’s been an odd one. yesterday though for the first time in quite a while I didn’t ‘feel’ like eating and my body didn’t need food either. It was lovely having my mind-body in sync like that. :heart_eyes:

Anyway at ~24h fasted I took blood measurements:
bg=78, bk=2.3, gki=1.88 Haven’t seen that low of a gki for 3 weeks so I am pleased.

Wondering if it may happen again today… kcfo

(Brennan) #46

~61 hours in and I am low grade grumpy today. Not hungry, definately not hangry lol just finding everything just a little annoying.
Only 6 hours of work left :man_facepalming:.
Think I’ll break after work with a cup of bone broth and have supper around the 69 hour mark.

Those are great numbers congrats! Glad to hear you’re feeling better.


(Mary) #47

I somehow woke up in the “fasting zone” on March 2 and started an as-long-as-it-feels-good fast which lasted 8 days. I probably pushed it a bit as by day 8 I was pretty frantic to eat. Not a good place. Spent 2 days eating high fat and am now 36 hours into my next fast.

It’s great to have somewhere to come to to discuss this!

(back and doublin' down) #48

Has turned into a Fasting Friday for me. I’m thinking the heavy fasting in February was not a good thing for me. My appetite is all over the board. Feeling heavy and inflamed today, hence the fasting.

Mary, I admire you being able to jump right back in after a long fast. I’ve come to find my digestion is really slow, so maybe a move to ADF will be my next shift.

(Susan) #49

I am not fasting till the Zornfast, but I am doing OMAD and cheering you all on.

(KCKO, KCFO) #50

Day 3 of a fast. Sinus issues no desire to eat. Coffe w hwc is all. Had to miss a meetup of the KKBs really bummed me out. Feeling a bit better today.


(Mame) #51

Well I was planning on fasting starting Sunday eve until when ever…but now I am not sure.

It’s a weird week, I am still ill, not horribly but some. and my body is stressed from that and of course the whole virus situation.Also I will be mostly working from home for the foreseeable future which always makes it more challenging for me to fast…less distraction.

But what the heck I can see how it goes. Luckily I don’t really feel much like eating in general. If the fast leads to more stress then I will end it.There is always next month.

(Jane) #52

Sorry you have been ill. Did you get tested to rule out COVID-19?

(Mame) #53

No I did not get tested as I had a classic onset of flu systems and I know (because public health is my job) that I was not the best candidate for one of our limited tests at that time (this was 10 days ago after all). Thanks for asking. :pray:

Also we are encouraged to be good public servants and if ill for any reason to work from home so I did. In fact I still am. We are all working from home when feasible.

So I have been fasting for about 17 hours, which is still just my normal daily not eating time… but I don’t feel hungry or stressed so I will keep on not eating as long as I don’t see a stress response.

Just took my measurements: bg=88, bk=.9, gki=5.4
BK is low for me, although still in ketosis. I did have a number of LC treats over the weekend, that might be the reason.

Anyone else going for meal-less Monday? kcfo

I hope everyone can take good care of themselves and loved ones. And manage stress as best they can. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

(Mame) #54

Ok, starting to feel like I can make a plan for the week. Enjoying the fact that fasting feels easy-ish. right now.

so ~24h fast today, then tomorrow I will not be working from home so may go to 30+ could be longer again will play it by ear as there is no reason to add stress to my life.

numbers at 21h: bg=71, bk=2.6, gki=1.5 this is just 4 hours past my last measurement. quite a change …

wishing all well this day.


After some unusual struggles lately, finally I am back doing IF, at least…
Two more days, the second should be a nice OMAD lunch - and then ZornFast! I don’t plan anything, we will see what my body and mind will be able to handle (without any force and suffering, that’s not my style). I feel they are quite willing this week but it may change.

(Susan) #56

I have been fasting for two days now, after saying I was not fasting till the Zornfast. It was an impromptu fast, just because I didn’t take anything to work to eat yesterday and haven’t eaten today. I don’t know how many hours but I think I will break it tonight.

(Mame) #57

so nice!

I am at about 22 hours and feeling fine, will take blood measurements when I am home.
Not hungry, yay and I was even able to shop and it didn’t phase me…

bg=77, bk=2.5, gki=1.7

Will probably keep going until tomorrow at some time.

kcfo folks, best wishes to all!


Hubby and I started fasting this past Saturday night at 1030pm., not so much for health reasons but rather a prayer/fasting segment. Not sure how long we will go. The stomach growling is a bit distracting, especially at work. The most difficulty I experience is when trying to sleep.

Given that we are both working full time, we are trying our best to cope. I am nearing the 84 hour mark for the fast, ketones appear to be quite high (according to the little color guide), and weight has hit a new low. I feel slightly more energetic today, as is the norm when I’ve fasted for long period. The 4th day seems to be when the tables turn, and energy levels begin to surge. So, for now, I shall continue indefinitely.

Any tips on getting more sleep? I’d love to hear from anyone that might have some insight!

(Lamont Hames) #59

Hey me too! I’ll hit 96 this afternoon. I feel good overall and operating off little sleep. Hitting new LOWs, and just broke through a stall. I was in Ketosis for about 3-4 weeks in a row and kicked myself out last week (too many nuts and carbs increased to about 50+ avg per day. I also let my daily workouts slip. I keep measuring, but ketones still reading low surprisingly. I know I’m fat adapted. Over the last 4 days, I‘m doing well by keeping very busy. I am eager to hit goal weight (225) and as of today, I’m 30 Ibs away. Like you, should I dig deeper and push another day, or back off to strict Keto for remainder of week and beyond? I’m reading everything from the experts. But I like connecting with people who’s on a similar path. Best of luck!


Good luck, everyone!

I had a nice OMAD lunch not long ago and I do my ZornFast now! We will see. The worst possible outcome is me doing OMAD for multiple days and it’s better than what I had before. But hopefully I can do it way better. Only if I don’t get tempted or hungry or anything, of course, I don’t force things. Just a little bit if I am in the mood :wink: But a good start helps most. I ate well and feel ready and determined.